May 1, 2024

Save the date for disappointment: June 5, 2026 MOTU "will hit theaters"

 Since they're using the angle of Adam being raised on Earth and getting isekai'd to Eternia, I'd rather have no MOTU movie other than the Dolph Lundgren one. I'm just mentioning it because we have another disappointment coming. Why do they keep messong around with the formula and turning it into crap!?

Conan + Star Wars + Shazam! = MOTU. Is that so fucking hard? But watch how excuses will be piling up on 2025 as the project once again fails to leave development hell.

Seriously the whole He-Man raised on Earth thing makes Scott Neitlich seem like a competent writer. Now I'm doubly pissed because I gave Neitlich a compliment... sure, it's a backhanded one, but still a compliment.

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