May 1, 2024

Odds and ends May 1st 2023: All my grandparents are gone

 My mom's mom passed away this weekend and I found out about it yesterday. I'm not sad or anything. It should bother me that I didn't feel a thing. I mean it's not like I harbored a grudge against her because she stole my vintage MOTU toys to "donate them to Charity" and was always eying my collections. Or how she always fought with my mom and aunt, who were the ones left to clean up her messes. Literally, my aunt told me, "Nefty, you know your grandma, she's dead." My reaction was literally: 

I know it makes me sound insensitive. Thing is she always wanted to live free as a bird. But her freedom came with a price. Mental scarring done to others. Mental scarring that was passed unto me. Now I'm dealing with the sins of the mother and the sins of the grandmother in addition to MY sins. I should be angry with her, but she's dead, so what's the point? In any case, may she rest in peace.

X-Men 97's Latest episode had an Amazing Cameo. No the cameo was Spectacular. Maybe I should say it was a Friendly Neighborhood cameo. 

The episode was really cool, dealing with the Aftermath of Genosha. Nightcrawler fights with his swords and it was AWESOME! But I bet the rumblings for a continuation to Spider-Man TAS will begin to become loud.  

Keeping the Spider-Man theme going, on May 14th, it's going to be Webbing time! This means that I might have to review it and do a play by play... as penance for Rebel moo 2: Mr. Crocker's Boogaloo. 

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