Oct 27, 2011

Beavis and Butt-Head's second coming... huh huh I said coming!

Today was the first Episode of Beavis and Butt-head since uh, 1997 huh huh! The question is was it worth it? Let's find out!
Ok let me start with the Noticeable changes: NO Disclaimer...

This is missing from the new show...
They seem to be slightly smarter... but still dumb enough to be Beavis and Butt-Head...
Everything else is good old school Beavis and Butt-Head. They still poke fun at videos, but now they also do MTV shows as well... Sadly the videos seem to be much more abridged this time...

They poked fun at this...


A bit of this, although it almost felt like ASS KISSING Jersey Shore...
They did a True Life Addicted to porn session, but I can't find a video of that episode...
and a video that I forgot to catch the name of... something with a kid and a bunch of monsters and stuff...
They even managed to make fun of this OUTSIDE the couch segments

Other than a few recent references it's just like we've traveled back in time to the mid-90s!
If you loved B&B in the 90s, they haven't changed one bit... (Mike Judge sounds a bit off, but it's been roughly 14-16 years since he's worked on B&B) So far Beavis and Butt-Head do not suck!

Oct 25, 2011

Hey What The!? Looks like Beavis and Butt-Head are geniuses

Compared to these guys:
Alrighty before I give you a list of dumbasses that Make Beavis and Butt-Head look Smart, here's a small warning:

OK, Dumbass Number 1: This thief who tries to carjack a car and locks himself in! How the heck do you lock yourself inside a car and have NO WAY OUT!? That's INSANE!?

Dumbass #2: China's Goverment! They're trying to limit Entertaining Television and promote more Educational and Cultural TV. While I agree on limiting some of the crap shown on TV, but Seriously? Stopping the bootlegging/media-piracy capital of the world? Hah! Unless the whole Goverment goes on a crazy mega-censoring spree... It's not like some of the weird/strict policies hasn't come back and bite the Chinese in the ass...

Dumbass #3: Obviously MTV, for killing the Music, now they have to rely on Beavis and Butt-Head in order to bring back old fans and convert them into Snookis

The only winner here is VH1!

Pop up Videos has made a comeback! HECK AND YES!!

Oct 20, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: Stand back! There's a Hurricane coming through!

Just cause I used The Hurricane's tagline, doesn't mean I'm actually going to do a review of THAT Hurricane... I've already used that type of joke with Raven, Question, and Leech... I really need new people writing the comedy bits! I can't *bleep* work like this! Whoa! for a moment there I felt like Christian Bale...
Looks like I can't keep beating around the bush... THIS is what I'm going to review...

well, the MOTUC version of him, anyway...
As always 1 = bad and 5 = good...

Hurricane Hordak IS pretty much Standard Hordak but with something similar to the Filmation Arm cannon!

Here he gets a 3.5

Paint and Sculpt:
Ooh... the part I did want to avoid is inevitable right now...

I think it was more of a ball dropping sound...
I mean for all the crying about tooling budget that Mattel does, yet they bothered to spend tooling money on a new armor for Hordak to replicate a Vintage dial that NO LONGER WORKS! Not only that, but as I said in the linked post, they're doing it wrong! The arm cannon looks cool, the hurricane attachments look awesome... his Thunder balls look veiny and...that sounds so freaking wrong... his sword-like pincer thing looks like it even has points of articulation... (it does not)... So aside the dial, everything is awesome, sculptwise...
The paint is OK... Except the Vac-Metal parts. I WAS OK with them on the Mo-Larr review, cause it was on the weapons and Mo-Larr was an Exclusive for SDCC. While I don't Have
Preternia Dissguise He-Man, I'm OK with Vac Metal ON The Cosmic Key... Heck! I want a Vac Metal set of swords for He-Man and She-Ra! What I'm NOT OK with is Vac Metal on MOTUC Armors... They kinda look... Tacky. HH's Armor clashes with He-Ro, Bow, She-Ra, Randor and any other character that wears golden armors. OK, so I Hate Vac Metal Armors, I'll deal with that later... (Except if we get a God Skeletor)

but one thing I can't stand is the flaking off. My Hurricane Hordak was flaking gold everywhere... A few minutes after handling him I kinda looked like this:

Not Cool, Mattel, Not cool at all. At this rate, we'll get Buzz saw Hordak and HH would just be partially de-Vac-Metallized.

I should've gone with a: "Looks like our killer is... From Mattel!" joke.
He has the 3 attachments just like you remember. Sadly, they don't Spin just like you remember... Mattel kinda forgot how to make a free turning drum inside the arm. Other than that, he's got nothing... Best part: Roboto's pieces and Trap Jaw's pieces work on him... so in a way, he has access to 10 Accessories! Shame that they didn't add an Extra Hand...

He gets a 3.33 Mostly cause of the severe flake off... I had to take matters into my own hands. I decided to give him a new paintjob... First I needed to get rid of the remaining Vac Metal... Otherwise the paint would flake off... A Hot Wheels collector/customizer told me that oven cleaner ate Vac Metal. So I ovencleaned the heck out of him. Here's a tip: Wear gloves!
Tip #2: HH's Torso is black underneath the Vac Metal, while the armor is gold.

A slight Paintjob change later has made me LOVE this figure A LOT MORE!! Even the dial looks a lot better in black!

Oct 16, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: He sucks... No really, he does!

Look, Kurt, I know that every time that you hear that someone sucks;it does NOT mean that we're talking about you! Besides, aren't you supposed to be playing Lex Luthor down at TNA? I'm gonna talk about MOTUC LEECH! Whose Action feature in the 80s was sucking! That's why he Sucks! Kinda like Real Leeches but this Leech is a slug according to Mattel's bio...
I think I should move on to the revies, cause the big red bat on his chest makes him a hordesman and we kinda know about the Evil Horde...

He's a Male MOTUC figure, so he has the standard Articulation. Yes he sports a new Torso piece, but the Articulation is the same. He cannot look up due to his head sculpt, but his suction cupped hands HAVE Extra articulation!! (Like Bow)
Paint and Sculpt:
Sculpt: He's Pretty Much Vintage Leech, Running through the Classicizer Machine. Thank the Toygods that his Suction Cup mouth was lost in the process... (Wish I could say the same thing about the dials.) My Leech luckily has very little slop. Noticeable slop spot is on the back of his head, but since the head looks glossy it is almost invisible when light hits him...
He comes with a Horde Crossbow and a Suction cupped Net... I dunno if the Crossbow is supposed to look like that, but mine looks a tad asymmetrical. The Net... I'll be honest, I sent it straight to the MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONah! cause it didn't do anything for me... also that's treading into Netossa Territory... what's next Snout Spout trying to Steal Clamp Champ's thunder?

Overall: 4.33 Leech is an AWESOME Figure that helps bolster the ranks of the Horde... (Mantenna, Mantenna, Mantenna!!) and he looks FREAKING SWEET!! Yes some people (myself included) would have preferred a second head looking like the Staction, but the whole Head Ban and Anime Hyper Detailed crap would not allow it...

Oct 15, 2011

IT came from the Toychest: Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba

No it's not Simba or Lion-O... It's Chief Carnivus!
Chief Carnivus, he's a 200X Character, leader of a humanoid cat Tribe, the Qadians... like the cat headed Palace Guard...
-Oh... Still, who is he?
He's a friend and ally of Randor. He was turned into a SnakeQadian hybrid by King Hssss...
-Nope, still don't get him.
He's Mattel's way to poke fun at the Thundercats, the same way Stonedar and Rokkon poke fun at the rock lords and the Meteorbs do so to Transformers...
-Why didn't you say so in the first place?
Cause I made that part up? In any case, Chief Carnivus is representing the 200X Era in MOTUC, like King Grayskull, Zodak, Marzo, and the Faceless One... That's 5 figures, while New Adventures only has Optikk and Val Kilmer on the 17th...
Chief Carnivus, he's a good guy, a Lion... No, this review will NOT have any Goofy/Pluto Chief Carnivus/BattleCat jokes...
As Always: 1 bad and 5 good...

Standard Male MOTUC figure based on Beastman's body... But his legs feature the new furry piece for "boot wearing furries" (Chief C, Grizzlor, etc.)
Paint and sculpt:
As I said, he shares the Beastman buck but with a few new pieces.
He's got 2 Gripping hands: Right hand that can grip normal stuff and a left hand that can grip stuff with a thicker handle (like Whiplash's phallic spork). His feet are brand new and slightly more Cat-like. His loincloth is new and has a sort of snaky cat thing on it... could be reused for the 200X Hssss! (I guess)
Paintwise he's a bit sloppy. (Mostly on the rivets though, but that's almost expected.)
a Two pieced Armor (Cape + Armor) A Sword and a Shield:
The Shield apparently is inspired by the Central Tower of the Vintage Eternia Playset... Cool!
His Scimitar-like sword... Just look at it and tell me that you can't see the resemblance to another sword...

The Cape and Armor are "Generic looking" so that gives them plenty of customization options!
He gets a 4.17 cause he's a LOT better in person than the pics make him look. The Thundercat fan in me kinda wishes he had a Dagger version of that sword as well...

Oct 13, 2011


Phoenix Wright is coming to ULTIMATE MVC3!!
I want to squeal like a Schoolgirl in a Bieber Concert...

Yes, I know, I can't squeal like a Schoolgirl cause I ain't one and I will never be caught on a Biebr Concert... but you get the idea...

It's official... I NEED THIS GAME!!
It's a short post, but it's FREAKING PHOENIX WRIGHT!!

Oct 11, 2011

It came from the Toychest: Reboots can be weird at times

DC rebooted their universe (halfassedly) and things are a bit confusing...

This second video pretty much covers my thoughts on Returning Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.

If I like Oracle so Much, Why am I reviewing a Babs Batgirl figure? Cause it's Freaking Barbara Gordon as Batgirl!

I think that I might've gone a bit overboard with the Batgirl Clips... but It's Batgirl!
1= bad and 5= good...
First, this Batgirl seems to be a repaint of her DC Superheroes Counterpart. My figure came with her right limbs ULTRA Warped! Now with that said I'll move on to the actual reviewing.

Since she's a DCSH figure at heart, her articulation is roughly the same as a DCUC (cause DCSH was Mattel's first attempt at copying ML) One weird thing that I must note is that she seems to either lack articulation at the waist, or I got another Mattel figure who lost a POA due to Frozen joints...
3.0 (If the joint is stuck) 3.5 (if she lacks that POA)
Paint and Sculpt: Being a DCSH figure gives Batgirl some advantages that their DCUC brethren do not have... (Hint: it sounds kinda like: More detailed Scuplt!) Her right hand is molded to hold a Batarang! The paint on her is 99.9% flawless. The only slop that I could find was on her face. Also I think her hair could've been a tad more reddish... This IS Barbara Gordon...

A Stand and a Poster... No Batarang!? Dammit Mattel! She has a hand sculpted to fit a batarang... you should've given her a Batarang!!
Overall: 3.33
Warped limbs, no Batarang, possibly stuck joint... If she TRULY lacks that POA, then she'd get a 3.5
Poor QC is what keeps bringing these wonderful toys down...
and then they wonder why Club Infinite Earths didn't sell enough subs... There's no need to be the Worlds Greatest Detective to figure that one out...

Oct 6, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest: Another Titan... GO!

Well, here's my next figure from that random raid at Marshalls... Raven!

Not that Raven...

OK this one is more acceptable! DC's Raven is the figure I'm going to review, but you already knew that...
One thing that bugged me is that she came in the Validus wave instead of the Trigon wave... It would've made more sense to have Raven and Trigon in the same wave... I think I should get on with the review part: As always 1= crap, 5= good!

At first look Raven has the same Articulation as a standard DCUC. For some reason her ab crunch seems very limited. She has abnormally tight elbows. Noticed her right leg has the "Frozen joint" syndrome that plagues the DCUC...

Paint and Sculpt:
This is the confusing part: While the DCUC use the "buck system" (so they can reuse parts), Raven has a LOT of new parts. Some work, others, not so much.
Her skirt works like a MOTUC Loincloth, but with really soft plastic.
Her hood is sculpted in a way that it looks like it's a part of the cape in many angles... (does not look like Skeletor's bonnet)
Her hands even have her rings sculpted. (paint's a bit sloppy there)
Now the first piece that bugs me is the Torso piece. It looks like it was made for Starfire... (who is supposed to have a huge gap of naked flesh to show cleavage, yet the toy has the "uniboob" buck for well covered chests...) Raven looks like she painted her dress...
The other piece that bugs me is her cape. I know that in the comics it flares up like that to give her that "Raven Wings" look, but in plastic it looks off!
The paint is OK on the figure, aside the bits of slop on her rings.
Accessories: Just the Validus leg, and a Pin... 3.0 (2.0 comes just for the pin...)
Overall she gets a 3.5 I blame the lack of character specific accessories and the few sculpt issues. At least her QC is not as AWFUL as the Martian Manhunter.

Oct 4, 2011

Shedding Light on Illumina

ho is this Illumina and what does she do?
Illumina was a character made for the 200X Comics by MVCreations
Illumina is the Blue Lady in the Picture... I don't know the Cat's name...
This is all the Info I could find regarding her:
Little is known about the blue-skinned warrior named Illumina. It is known, however, that she is a descendant of the Gar refugees that came to Eternia after the destruction of Infinitia and that she was a member of the Guardians of Grayskull (a secret sect devoted to the preservation of Castle Grayskull’s secrets throughout time).

At one point in her life, Illumina was known as one of the strongest proponents of anti-Eternian sentiments amongst her fellow Gar. Accordingly, she was a fierce proponent against efforts to integrate the Eternian and Gar peoples. What remains unknown, however, is what (if any) role Illumina had in the ruination of Captain Miro’s planned union with the mother of Keldor and the subsequent Gar massacre instigated by Count Marzo and other segregationists. Whatever the cause, with age Illumina’s views changed and she eventually sought atonement and repentance past for misdeeds.

At the time when the Mystic Wall was created she was on the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia, which effectively trapped her there. Fortunately, in addition to being a great strategist and possessing formidable fighting skills (especially with melee weapons), she has the power to control light and can even blind her opponents when those other talents are not enough. Prior to being caught on Dark Hemisphere she assisted Dekker in the teaching of Duncan.

Although a heroic force, it has been said that she was very cold blooded. Also, a common misconception is that she is in some way related to Keldor; however, beyond their shared Gar heritage there is no connection between them. Similarly, many believe her mount to be a descendant of the Battle Cats of old, while, in fact, her white-furred companion is an entirely different species that is genetically closer to the blood-thirsty Panthor.

That's pretty much all the info I have on her. She's from Keldor's race, the Gar, but she's not a relative of the fallen Prince of Eternia... (who later became the OVERLORD OF EVIL! *Gasp Spoilers!*) She has light manipulation powers... (Probably that's why her name is Illumina) Her ride is an Albino Panthor, and she trained MAA.
Now why am I talking about her? Oh yeah! Mattel... Just as I did with Josh, I'm doing the same with Illumina. Why? Simple: This is the only Obscure character that Mattel has been tossing Hurdles to stop her from getting made. Kinda Like Donkey Kong...

Yeah kinda like that...

Where were the "demands" for 5000 Customers for The Green Goddess, Vikor, Gygor, Demo-Man, or any other Obscure character (Concepts, Prototypes, etc.)?
What's with the:
We certainly can get to her one day, but do fans really want her to bump another figure like Ram Man, Frosta, Flogg, or even Dragstor?

Putting her against a heavily anticipated core character seems like a fair choice...
Now the thing that grinds my gears is the following: It takes 5000 to be slightly more than a "Vocal Minority" but it takes 1 to be the Majority!? WTF!?
Did 5000+ people ACTUALLY Requested Vikor, Demo-Man, or Gygor? Methinks something Fishy is going on here...

Compared to Ram Man who would require ALmost 100% new Tooling, Illumina seems like an easy choice to make for a budget balancing "filler spot"

From a Tooling Standpoint, she could reuse a LOT of Parts! (So would her Cat...)
If we throw Illumina through the Infamous Classicizer Machine She'd only need 3-4 New Pieces:
Dress (2 Pieces, IF they use the new Female Body)
Her Cat would need about 2-3 New Pieces:
Head (If they don't reuse Panthor's)
Thing on its Forehead

Logistics would not stop her from getting made... Vikor had a LOT of new parts tooled compared to what Illumina would need (New torso, head, right Bicep both arms, Loincloth, both boots, cape, Sword, Shield, Ax...) yet he looks like he shares a lot of parts with the other figures.

Is her Story too convoluted for her to fix in MOTUC Canon? Like I said on the Josh Awareness post, Mattel can make whatever story they want with Illumina... They made Gygor into an evil Ape that Evil Lyn released. They split Zodak and Zodac into two characters. King Grayskull and He-Ro worked together... although they're a bit redundant, since BOTH Were the Power Source for He-Man... but you get the idea... If Illumina's original Story is too complicated they could "fix it" cause her one appearance was a page in a comic... (as far as I know...)

If Logistics is not the issue, canon is another non-issue, the popularity issue is not a real issue, cause we've gotten characters AS obscure or more obscure than her made. Then WHAT IS THE ISSUE!?
Does Toyguru HATE Illumina? Does he have a Beef with the people behind her creation?
Honestly, I have NO IDEA, but the Question would LOVE to dig deeper on why Mattel is so hellbent in stopping Illumina from Happening! Sadly I'm not the Question... so I'm staying in the dark. Hopefully Mattel's MOTUC team would reconsider their stance on Illumina before skipping her for the Wind Raider Pilot from a Model Kit Box art... (No offense to fans of the Blue Pilot, but that guy is so obscure that he doesn't have a name or a backstory...)

Why do I want Illumina?
Look at her: She's got this Elven Warrior vibe to her, she Rides an Albino Panthor for crying outloud. We have, robots, bee men, moss men, mer-men, cat men, ninjas, cowboys, giants, Firefighting Elephant Cyborgs, Lemon-Lime Apes, Time Travellers that look like a Rob Liefeld creation, why can't we have a female Elf-looking Warrior?

If you want to join the campaign of 5000 for Illumina you can check out Facebook's Illumina group! Please, don't let this cool looking character be lost due to the ridiculously difficult goal set by the Toyguru.

Oct 1, 2011

It came from the toychest: Dog carcass in alley this morning, tire tread on burst stomach

No, it's not Rorschach... It's the Real deal, the Question...

I found a DCUC Question for $7.99!! Wow, I miss the days when Action figures were under $10.00! but I'm going on a tangent here... Yes, I found a DCUC Question and another figure for a review. I'm not a huge fan of the Question, but since he IS DCU's Rorschach, though a bit less violent, I couldn't pass him up. Without further ado , here's the review!
1= crap and 5= good...

It does seem that the Question HAS the same POA as a Normal DCUC (such as Batman...) but there are a lot of things with his sculpt that make many of those points a bit useless.
His head is on ball joint, but he cannot look up or down, only to the sides. The coat interferes with most of his movement. (More on that later.) His feet have a VERY SMALL RANGE OF MOVEMENT...
2.5 (due to sculpting issues that limit the Articulation... Otherwise he would've scored higher.)

Paint and Sculpt:

On the paint Department this figure seems almost flawless... (since most of it is molded in the correct color, there is very little paint to apply. There is a TINY bit of black paint on his left ear, but it's barely noticeable. Now on the sculpt. Full of 4Horsemen goodness... Question is TRULY FACELESS... The only two things that bother me with his sculpt are related to the coat itself.
The coat is well sculpted but, the issues are:
The suit seems to be a bit too low.
Why are the coat and suit one piece? IT HINDERS THE Whole Torso Articulation and part of the legs!
Collect and Connect Piece... should not count and that's pretty much it... and that's why he'll get a lower score... At least 1 Character related accessory would've been nice...

Personally I blame the sculpt issues AND the lack of accessories that made the question lose some points. It's a really cool figure even with it's flaws.