Oct 11, 2011

It came from the Toychest: Reboots can be weird at times

DC rebooted their universe (halfassedly) and things are a bit confusing...

This second video pretty much covers my thoughts on Returning Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.

If I like Oracle so Much, Why am I reviewing a Babs Batgirl figure? Cause it's Freaking Barbara Gordon as Batgirl!

I think that I might've gone a bit overboard with the Batgirl Clips... but It's Batgirl!
1= bad and 5= good...
First, this Batgirl seems to be a repaint of her DC Superheroes Counterpart. My figure came with her right limbs ULTRA Warped! Now with that said I'll move on to the actual reviewing.

Since she's a DCSH figure at heart, her articulation is roughly the same as a DCUC (cause DCSH was Mattel's first attempt at copying ML) One weird thing that I must note is that she seems to either lack articulation at the waist, or I got another Mattel figure who lost a POA due to Frozen joints...
3.0 (If the joint is stuck) 3.5 (if she lacks that POA)
Paint and Sculpt: Being a DCSH figure gives Batgirl some advantages that their DCUC brethren do not have... (Hint: it sounds kinda like: More detailed Scuplt!) Her right hand is molded to hold a Batarang! The paint on her is 99.9% flawless. The only slop that I could find was on her face. Also I think her hair could've been a tad more reddish... This IS Barbara Gordon...

A Stand and a Poster... No Batarang!? Dammit Mattel! She has a hand sculpted to fit a batarang... you should've given her a Batarang!!
Overall: 3.33
Warped limbs, no Batarang, possibly stuck joint... If she TRULY lacks that POA, then she'd get a 3.5
Poor QC is what keeps bringing these wonderful toys down...
and then they wonder why Club Infinite Earths didn't sell enough subs... There's no need to be the Worlds Greatest Detective to figure that one out...

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