Jan 29, 2023

What if McFarlane could make Metal Gear Solid figures once more?

 Hear me out, I know in the past McFarlane made Metal Gear Solid statues with bad articulation and brittle plastic. But now McFarlane KNOWS how to do better articulation AND can provide accessory packs to complement the figures. So he could pull off a couple of waves with key characters.
Let's use the Original MGS as an example.

Solid Snake:
There are 2 main versions of Snake:
Sneaking suit and tuxedo. Each version can have 2 additional variants:
Infinity Bandana, Stealth Camo. So we have 6 versions of Solid Snake that have 3 figures with shared tooling.

Sneaking suit could come with spare hands, and SOCOM with suppressor.

Sneaking Suit with Bandana gets a different head with different expression. Extra hands and FAMAS.

Sneaking Suit with Stealth Camo has the same expression as Normal Snake, but in translucent green plastic. Extra hands and a NIKITA Launcher.

Tuxedo Snake gets extra hands and SOCOM without suppressor.

Tuxedo Snake with Bandana gets extra hands and the STINGER Launcher

Tuxedo Snake with Stealth Camo gets extra hands and 2 grenades (1 chaff, 1 normal grenade)

Gray Fox can be made in 2 figures:
Standard Cyborg Ninja with sword and alt hands
End game Gray Fox (open helmet and Arm Cannon) with removable left arm
Standard version can get a stealth Camo variant. Yes, I'm purposely skipping the Red and Blue "Spider-Man repaint".

Otacon has 2 versions:
Normal and stealth camo. The latter is saved for a say, Amazon exclusive 4 pack (more on that later) Normal Otacon carries a stealth camo prototype as his accessory.

Vulcan Raven would be a "Larger figure" release due to his ammo pack and an excuse to make a wolf for Sniper Wolf and some ravens. (The animals are added to justify the larger price tag)

Ocelot needs only his revolver. No removable arm or anything. 

Meryl gets her Desert Eagle.

Psycho Mantis gets 2 versions: 
Normal and Stealth camo
He'd include a flying stand in both figures. Stealth version gets one of the statues and a vase, while visible version gets an alternate unmasked head and the psychic ball.

Sniper Wolf is in her Winter attire gets her Sniper Rifle, a bloodied handkerchief molded to the shape of her face and a wolf pup.

Liquid can easily get 2 versions:
Trenchcoat and coatless.
The coatless version, we're saving for later. Let's focus on the coat version:
Alternate Master Miller head with removable glasses. Alternate hand that can hold glasses.

Well, that covers most of the important... Oh yeah! Stealth Otacon! He's part of a $100 4-pack:
I know what you're thinking McFarlane figures are $20 each, why would a 4 pack have the same cost as 5 figures?
That is why: the 4 pack is meant to be a nod to Solid Snake's capture.
The 4 figures are:
Shirtless Solid Snake with Ketchup pool.
Ocelot without the trenchcoat and a new stump for his right arm.
Stealth Otacon with a Ration and Ketchup bottle.
Johnny Sasaki with FAMAS 
The Torture Rack is the "5th Figure".
This big pack could be a McFarlane or Amazon exclusive. 

In case Walmart or Target want an online exclusive multipack, I got them covered:
I have 4 of them:
Pack 1:
Battle atop Metal Gear Rex:
Shirtless Solid Snake
Shirtless Liquid Snake
Meryl with bandages on the areas wounded by Sniper Wolf.
Meryl comes with removable orange vest.
Liquid Snake and Solid Snake come with alternate hands and a FAMAS per Snake.

Pack 2: 
Hand to hand is the basis of all combat. Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon!
Solid Snake
Grey Fox

Here we get the Spider-Man repaint for Grey Fox. Same stuff as normal release.
Snake gets a chaff grenade and alternate hands.
Otacon gets a pissed my pants repaint.

Pack 3: 
I'm no Rookie!:
This is Meryl disguised as a Genome Soldier with FAMAS
Solid Snake with SOCOM
2 Genome Soldiers with FAMAS 

Pack 4:
Sniper Wolf vs Snake Communications Tower Sniper battle. It's a 2 pack of Solid Snake (Tuxedo) with PSG-1 and Sniper Wolf in her Olive outfit and PSG-1

And there you have it, what could be a Metal Gear Solid Line by McFarlane... what's that? The accessory packs?
Alright, here we go:
-PAN card
-PAL Key (3 versions)
-Chaff Grenade 
-Stun Grenade
-Flash Grenade
-Cardboard box
-Thermal Goggles
-SOCOM without suppressor 
-Gas Mask
- Statue for Psycho Mantis

The only things missing are some Genome Soldier variations, and the rest of the codec people (Campbell, Naomi, Nastasha, Mei Ling, Houseman), a naked Johnny Sasaki, Infiltration Snake with flippers and SCUBA diving gear.

Jan 28, 2023

Ugh! Disney/Fox, stop dragging the rotten corpse of The Simpsons!


There's no real reason to keep dragging thos show around. People have claimed that the show started going downhill between seasons 9 and 10. Yet soemhow it has reached season 34. 35 and 36 were the recently approved seasons.

Again, why!?

The show has lust its luster to the point that Family Guy (another show that has been going way past its expiration date) became the better written show. Yes, I know what I said. It shows how far The Simpsons had fallen.

It's often the case with successful TV shows that they kind of inadvertently live on past their prime. It's best to leave the audience wanting more. - Author: Vince Gilligan

With The Simpsons, we've seen a show go past the sell by date, the expiration date, and the Good Lord, I had forgotten this thing was in the fridge since, 1989!? I'm surprised it hasn't achieved sentience and tried to eat me! date.

We need 1950s Disney to come and put The Simpsons out of its misery... but 2020s Disney will try to reach the 1000 episode milestone or 40 seasons, whichever comes later.

Jan 27, 2023

I want a TMNT fighting game...

 A real fighting game, not a Smash Bros. Clone. Hear me out. I'm not talking about a Tournament Fighters 2 with the Turtles having Street Fighter styled moves, where Michelangelo spits fireballs from his mouth and the Shredder can summon lightning bolts from his claws. I'm talking about a more "realistic" TMNT fighting game. Like say: Raphael can use Shuriken and caltrops as his projectile moves, while Donatello can use flash bangs and smoke bombs. Characters with guns, like say: Rocksteady would have Gun special moves, but his main fighting style would be using the knife in a CQB style. Casey Jones would use balls and Hockey Pucks as his projectile moves.

There will be "crazy fighting game styled" moves, like Michelangelo using the grappling hook to either yank himself across the screen or bring an opponent to him a la Scorpion, Rocksteady would have a Rhinoceros charge attack. Leonardo could have a Dragon punch attack with his swords. Baxter Stockman could summon Mousers as a distraction to set up a flying attack. You know, moves that you could expect the characters to do in the  cartoons/comics/non-fighter games. "Believable" going back to the Michelangelo examples: it's more Believable to see Michelangelo using the grappling hook as a long range attack/zipping across the screen than him vomiting Hadoukens. 

With that believability, some other things must come:
The Turtles would have very similar movesets. Like say, their kick and weaponless attacks would be similar, since they're trained under Splinter. The same thing would be said about Shredder and the Foot Soldiers. While Shredder would have more Traditional ninja weaponry (and a Thermite Grenade Secre Super desperation move as a nod to Mirage), The foot Soldiers would use a bit more tech in their attacks, because they're robots. In the case of Splinter, since he was part of the Foot Clan, his moves would also be similar to Shredder's, but integrating Splinter's cane sword and for some special moves his rat tail. Unlocking the Hamato Yoshi skin, means losing the tail special moves.

I don't see the game as a traditional fighter with "rounds". I see it as a 1 round game with multiple lifebars, kinda like Darkstalkers 3, but closer to DBZ Budokai.

Roster selection and the game's visual style is an important thing. I said I wanted the game to be Believable. At the same time it should use the Vintage Toyline as a HUGE inspiration.
The game should have most of the vintage toyline CHARACTERS. Movie 3 characters, Usagi, Panda Khan, and random variants (ie, Star Trek Turtles) being the exception. 
Usagi and Khan would be out until everything legalese gets cleared. Movie 3 stuff is put because screw movie 3. The only life action stuff would be Tokka, Rahzar, Super Shredder, playmates-ized movie skins for the Turtles, Shredder, Splinter, Foot Soldier, April, and Casey. 

You're wondering the same thing I am: How can we have a "Believable game"and keep the Toy aesthetic?
In  my "Believability" argument, I'm trying to get rid of some of the fighting game zaniness, which clashes with the vintage toyline, which is extremely ridiculous and zany.  Rat King's specials would be Rat related like using the Rat Hook for a swinging kick attack, or his projectile attack being shooting a rat from his ratbow. His super move would be obviously getting swarmed by a mischief of rats. Ray Fillet could have a supermove where he thros Scarfish at the opponent's face, blinding them while Fishstick plants some dynamite on the opponent, sending them flying towards Ray's barb ready to Stab an opponent.
Stuff like that. Donatellow would summon the Pizza tosser and pelt the opponent with sewer covers painted as pizzas.

Now, I mentioned the Secret Super desperation moves with Shredder. That would be something that not every character has. Some characters, mainly bosses would have an SNK styled super secret move. In Shredder's case, when he's in critical at his life bar and has a full super bar, he can pull off a Thermite Grenade. If this grenade connects with the opponent, it's a 1-hit KO. But, it can be swatted away and if it hits Shredder, it can KO him. It could induce a double KO if both players are too close to each other when the move is pulled off. Pizzaface tosses one of his pizzas straight for a 33% health recovery if he's able to eat it on the way down. Opponent could hit the pizza and nullify the health recovery effect. Things like that.

But of course this is all a dream... if only we could get a kickass TMNT AA or better game.

Jan 26, 2023

Shipwreck is coming!!

 And he looks glorious. It seems that Hasbro gave up on Fortnite-ifying the figures and just making Marvel Legends sized Normal GI Joe figures. Best part is that Shipwreck is coming in all his Village People Reject Glory!! No Badass Navy SEAL Shipwreck here...

This is just all I wanted for Shipwreck... but more than a badass Navy SEAL variant of Shipwreck, I want this as a variant:

A Running Away isn't the answer variant Shipwreck... I HAVE BEEN Asking for this variant for some time.

But with the trend of "green packaging" buyong online from a trusted retailer is the only solution.

Jan 24, 2023

Injustice TMNT: Could McFarlane make them?

 Todd McFarlane, Creator of Spawn, and big boss of McFarlane Toys can make Injustice toys, since we've seen some in his DC Multiverse line. He can also do TMNT toys based on the Seth Rogen movie... meaning that he has contact with the Nickelodeon folks. So, what if, Todd got on the phone with the Nickelodeon people and told them about Injustice 2 and how he makes the toys for the characters in the game and woth the Turtles being in the game, if they can give him the OK to make the Turtles from the game. 

I would just be happy with the standard outfit for all 4. It would also be beneficial for McFarlane since all 4 turtles look exactly the same save their weapons. This makes it a godsend for parts reuse.

Here's how I'd do them:
Leonardo would come with the Katanas and Pizza Slice.

Donatello would come with his Bo Staff, the rest of the Pizza and his "Roomba" weapon.

Raphael would come with the sai and pizza box

Michelangelo would come with his nunchucks and skateboard. 

But this "wouldn't be enough" and I need to be a bit of a dick to the collecting community. So how about making the 4 Turtles in their basic suit a McFarlane exclusive AFTER a set or two hot the big 2 as exclusives.

Target online would get the Epic Set variation of the Turtles, seen on the pic above. For the Walmart online Set, I'm  thinking a combination of gear (same for all 4 turtles.)
Solid Strategic fists, Reinforced Radical half Shell, Mighty Killer Legs of Manhattan, and Hardened gnarly look of Manhattan to create a pseudo MK Ninja Look for the Turtles. The reason I'm going with online 4 packs is to avoid "expensive 4packs peg warming at retail" and getting all 4 turtles in One fell swoop is better than hunting (and failing to get them all).

It came from the Toy Chest: McFarlane Pew! Pew! 2: Electric Boogaloo

 I WAS going to save it for the Advent Calendar, but there are other things that I could use on the possibly last BIG Time 24 day Advent Calendar from Nefty's House of Rants. I'm going through the backlog of toys to clear them ASAP. Like I'm waiting for Dino Thunder Black to review all 5 DT Rangers and make a Sentai themed week or something. But let's talk gunz... part deux.

Like I said in part 1, I'm not a gun aficionado, so I have no idea what most of these guns are. I know a few of them but it's like basic video game/movie knowledge. Remember that that most of my gun knowledge comes from Metal Gear because I don't play Call of Doody or other FPS games.

One of those rifles seems familiars

It appears Spawn might be carrying a M-Series looking rifle. The other is a FAMAS looking rifle. 100% sure I am not, but like I said before, I am not a gun aficionado.

One of these guns reminds me of Solidus... FN90, I think.
The other looks like reuse but it's a brand new sculpt. It's larger and has a small stock which wasn't in the previous pack. This one suits Spawn.
I believe the one on Spawn's left hand is similar to the MP5 or the Sub machine gun in GTA Vice City. The other one is most likely a FN90, which I know as the Presidential gun of Solidus Snake.
Forgot to crop this pic with the smallest revolvers.

These look like 38 revolvers with one of them being the short barrel version. If I recall correctly they used to be standard cop guns, but then again I'm not a gun expert.

Now we know that Lex Luthor has a 2 inch pianist.
This Ridiculously large gun is meant to be for the larger figure of Frankenstein.

Wait that's a Walther P38...
Why do I know this gun?

Of course you know that gun, you donut... -picture it in Silver, with a stock and sight.

-Wait! Megatron!  That's Megatron without the other stuff! I can't believe I didn't notice that until you pointed it out! Thanks, me!

-Don't thank me. Thank Frank Welker! Whose voice popped in my head when I grabbed the guns...

-So, did it yell: "Starscream" at you? Or was it: "Prime!!"?

-Let's move on, shall we?

-Come on! Don't leave me hanging!!

- The Wleker voice in my head said: "I am highly disappointed in how badly Fred and the rest of the mystery Inc. gang are being treated in HBO Max's Velma!"

-So you put your own words in Welker's mouth to share our opinion in Velma?

-No. I only subconsciously magined what Frank Welker WOULD SAY if asked to share his thoughts on Velma. If it were my words, it would've been something along the lines: Mindy Kaling deserves to be kicked in the cunt for making such a shitty show. No, I don't mean this as a butthurt Scooby-Doo fan, but the show in general is shit! The only likable character is a beta simp mangina. The only reason he's likable is because he's the only character who isn't an absolute piece of shit. The worst character of all is Mindy.

-Uh, don't you mean Velma?

-I know what I said, and Mindy Kaling is not playing Velma. She's just playing herself to fulfill some fantasy about banging Daphne from Scooby-Doo.

-Did we purposely meandered into a Velma review in the middle of a toy review to avoid giving it a full blown rant?

-Next gun!

Nefty we slipping... another uncropped pic?

Red Hood is holding a very Sci-Fi looking gun... reminds me of Earthworm Jim's. I wonder if this is a placeholder for Blue Beetle's BB gun...

I don't know whose gun is Luthor holding, but it feels like it's well suited for him to use on the Alien.

A Sniper Rifle?

Big ass Sniper Rifle... Has Todd made a Deadshot? No? Then Bloodsport, Deathstroke, or Red hood could use this...

A machine gun... wait, is this the FAMAS?

Now Deathtroke has yet another thing to pump people woth pew pew holes! But I'm not sure if this is the same gun I used with Spawn or another one... wait, it's another gun... I really I'm not suited for these gun reviews. I need a gun expert here.

I wonder if it has infinite ammo.

A machine gun with a drum barrel... by the way we're going I might have to beg for Todd to contact Konami to see if they let him make Metal Gear Solid figures.

Holy crap, Todd DIDN'T REUSE the John Stewart construct!!

I still can't believe that McFarland didn't reuse the Green Lantern construct for this pack. I mean that minigun was close to perfection. But this one is really good too! It would have been understandable if we had gotten that gun in gunmetal gray but, decided that he wasn't going to reuse so we got a brand new minigun.

Nefty-kun VO: When I was talking about popping, Harley, I was talking about black cherries...
Harley: Mr. N, You're so silly! I popped that in college!!
Nefty-kun VO: I wasn't talking about your anal virginity either. Harley, I was talking about popping the pits out of these black cherries to make weaponized black cherry pies for The Joker... He hasn't been the same since The Bat Lost his voice.
Harley: It's almost as if he's dying from a broken Heart!
Troy Baker VO: Will you two shut up! Or I'll...
Harley: Sorry, Mistah J!
Nefty-kun VO: I got a golf club, Joel and I was invited to the WLF Abby pro-am tour! In the NEFTYVERSE, YOU ARE MY BITCH, JOKER!!

It's a ridiculously sized revolver with a cork in the front. It's obvious that this is meant for a comic book styled or video game styled Harley Quinn. I wonder if we'll be getting Injustice 2 versions of her soon? I know I heard rumors that an Injustice 2 Supergirl is coming.

Mattel Alfred has a blunderbuss;
Your argument is invalid.
I'm not sure but I think this gun is also meant for Frankenstein, but since it's on the smaller side it can fit with the six inch Mattel DCUC or DC Multiverse figures. Dear Todd McFarlane, we need a freaking Alfred figure like yesterday!!

Final thoughts
This pack is nice as well, but I felt that the first one was slightly a bit better in the variation of usable guns. While the guns remain mostly monochromatic, the colors are a bit brighter than the first accessory pack. Hopefully pack 3 will be more interesting.

Jan 23, 2023

Raphael as Shredder: a rant

 Back when I did the Nightwatcher rant, I mentioned Raphael as Shredder... it's another day, so let's rant:

On the Image TMNT, Raph ends up finding the place where Shredder's armors were made and he donned a makeshift Shredder armor to stop a battle between the Foot and the Mob. This would make for a decent variant. As long as it isn't a naked one-eyed Raphael with Shredder spikes and helmet. I know that technically, he was that, but that isn't too Toyetic. Part of me wants to make a "new" Raph as Shredder. A different part of me wants Raph to wear Shredder's clothes like the vintage toy:
Shirtless, bandaged forearms and shins with the spiked armors while wearing black pants and a cape. The third part wants precisely what I dread, which is a naked Raph with Shredder armor. 

So, let's tackle all 3 potential versions:

"NEW" take on Raphael as Shredder:
New Torso inspired by the 2012 Shredder's armor, but Turtle shaped. New forearms and legs with bandages like vintage Shredder 
New Turtle feet wrapped in bandages. 
The color scheme would be Black for the sleeveless bodysuit. Grey for the bandages and Torso armor with red for the helmet and spikes. Because 1980s Playmates logic. I would prefer red bandages and torso armor with silver spikes, but toy logic trumps Nefty logic.

Raphael wearing Playmates's vintage Shredder outfit:
Like the previous potential version, new forearms, shins, and feet with bandages. A New Torso would be required for the Shredder pants and bandaged neck. The helmet and spikes should look like Vintage Shredder's,  but in Raph proportions. Using Vintage Shredder as reference: Blue would be red on Raph. Purple would be gray on Raph and  Black would remain black on Raph. That means grey cape, bandages, and "diaper" with red blades. Red helmet with grey mouthguard/mask. Reuse the Sewer Samurai Leo hands. Adding new Vertical Hinged gripping hands.  

Image accurate Raph as Shredder:
The only reusable parts would be biceps and thighs. Everything else would have to be new to accommodate the Shredder spiked armor and helmet.

For accessories in all 3 versions:
I'd start by reusing the Kunai, Shuriken, and Cat Claws from Sewer Samurai Leonardo. 
I would add a pair of Jitte, since Raphael is Raphael. A second One eyed Raph head. Both plastic and soft goods capes.

We have official confirmation that Season 6 of cobra Kai will be its last

 As much as I enjoy my Karate Telenovela, it's excellent that Cobra Kai will be ending this season. It's better to end up in a high note and not be a rotten zombie begging for death like say The Simpsons. My main gas is that the final showdown will be between Johnny Lawrence, Daniel LaRusso, and John Kreese. I'm not too sure and how the kids storyline will go because it kind of felt completed at the end of season 5. Let's be honest here: Just like Boruto and Girl Meets World, we're not here for the kids. We're here for the Adults. Since I mentioned Girl Meets World I must point out that Johnny Lawrence's kid was in Girl Meets World as well. Which means he's been in two shows that get killed earlier than they should've. Maybe season 6 will give us the Hillary Swank reference we may not want or need, but kind of hope for since she was part of the "Mr Miyagiverse".

Not gonna lie, I have the biggest nerd boner right now! Well it's no secret that I am a sucker for the Karate Kid, so of course I'm excited about the final season of Cobra Kai.

Now I'm going to use some Snydertard logic for a crazy conspiracy:
2023: Cobra Kai Season 6... 2023: Street Fighter 6... Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence confirmed as DLC characters for Street Fighter 6!! Would be the craziest dream crossover.

Jan 20, 2023

It came from the Toy Chest: Hang Ten Sewer Dude!


Cloacal Surfer Michelangelo is here. I got him for less than retail at Entertainment Earth. He's the Michelangelo variant from the disguised turtles wave. The other figures from that wave are Leonardo the sewer samurai, Raphael this space case and lastly Donatello the undercover turtle. Out of the four we've gotten two of them, Raphael will be coming soon. For some reason Donatello hasn't been shown and I'm waiting for that figure. We have two Donatello variant figures coming but none of them is the undercover turtle. Enough about that let's talk Michelangelo.

With Michelangelo being there more fun-loving Turtle of the group it would make sense to have him being in a sporty fun activity. That's how we got sewer surfing Michelangelo. 

Our green dude has a standard Super 7 articulation. Surprisingly the added animal friends don't block the articulation as much as I expected. He doesn't feel that loose and the big flippers allow for better stability.

Paint and sculpt:
This isn't a faithful recreation of Vintage with added articulation... This is actually a MOTUC version of the Vintage figure. Paint and sculpt are updated to more modern standards, while remaining close to the original. I do have a few nitpicks: The yellows were supposed to be neon green, his flippers are a bit too thick and the left one is missing a hole where his Crab could be plugged in. The surfboard is missing the holes to plug the crab and the orange star thing. These inaccuracy issues bother me, but not enough to deteact points 

Removable glasses
Extra hands
Extra head
Surfboard with removable leg strap for Mike.
The crab
2 star things
3 pucks of wax
2 nunchucks
Vintage styled rack with most of his accessories in orange plastic.
Like I said earlier, I miss the ability to plug stuff to the board and figure. I had to paint eyes on the crab since it was unpainted. I chose black eyes because I remembered seeing crabs with black eyes.

I'm worried about the colored nunchucks being ridiculously soft. They're a bitch to put in Mikey'd hands. They're almost as bad as Slash's.
They're cool looking but nearly useless.

Mike gets a 4.83  as his final score. He's a great figure. They went above and beyond on the figure for the most part. I honestly miss the ability to have the crab surf with Mike. I don't mention the second head too much because it is a little bittersweet. It looks cool and funny, especially for inappropriate photos. At the same time it might be an ominous sign. Wacky Action TMNT may not happen... if they don't,  I wish we could get an accessory pack with the Wacky Action Accessories for the Turtles.

Jan 19, 2023

After playing Injustice 2, I can see the potential of a Netherrealm MOTU fighting game game

 Netherrealm Studios are known for Mortal Kombat and Injustice. They're no Capcom or SNK, but they can pull off decent fighters. An Injustice type game would be more suited for MOTU than a Mortal Kombat styled game. So, in Injustice 2, the TMNT are 1 character. You can use all 4 turtles, but it depends on the Weapon you equip them with. Katana = Leonardo, Bo = Donatello, Sai = Raphael, and Nunchaku = Michelangelo. Special moves and some basics change between each turtle... Let's take that idea and apply it to MOTU.

We have He-Man:
Using the Injustice style equipment settings we have:
Torso gear
Arm gear
Leg gear

In Injustice, your gear has multiple reasons for existing: 
Altering character stats, Cosmetics, Enabling alternate moves.

OK using the Injustice style equipment settings we have Headgear:
For He-Man's case it could mean Hairstyles:
80s Toy, Filmation, New Adventures Ponytail, New Adventures Mullet, New Adventures Helmet, 200X hair, Revelation savage hair, etc.
Torso gear:
Iron cross harness, Asterisk harness, H harness,Battle armor, Thunderpunch armor, Flying Fists armor, Snake Armor, Rebel Cape (87 movie), NA armor, NA harness, 3DCG Armor to name a few.
Leg gear:
Furry Boots with furry underpants, Furry boots with loincloth, Rebel Trunks with armored grieves, Laser Boots with trunks, NA Tights with future boots, Snake greaves, 3DCG Tights, etc.
Arm gear we have:
80s toy, 200X, NA, Filmation, 3DCG, Rebel, savage, etc.
Weapons is where the fun starts:
Here we have a couple of disciplines
Vintage 80s to, Battle Armor, Savage would be the main looks to benefit from this discipline.
Sword and shield:
80s toy variants, NA, 200X, Revelation would be the main styles to have this discipline. 200x gear having the "greatsword effect" meaning slightly increased range and power vs loss of speed.
Sword only:
Filmation, 3DCG, 200X variants, NA, and Revelation would be the main styles. With 200X and 3DCG having the "greatsword effect"

I talked about different moves and stat changes with gear. OK, with Snake Armor bracers, He-Man unlocks the Snake pinchers, a grab move that can reach the opponent from half screen and bring them towards your fist for an attack.
Flying fist Armor replaces the normal He-Man super move with an attack using the vintage spinning mace toy.

In the case of Skeletor, the Dragon Blaster armor would replace a magic blast type of move with the Dragon's mist.
The Weapon disciplines of Skeletor would vary between Havoc staff, Sword, Dual Swords, and staff and sword.

Like in Injustice, some loadouts and palettes can unlock other characters. Like say, using the Staff of Kar-Tor, swaps Zodac for Zoadk. Swapping Zodac's gun for the strobing Rifle unlocks Strobo. Like in Injustice, these unlocked characters get invisible perks from the rest of the gear and have only one look. In Faker's case, he'd be a specific palette for He-Man that the game recognizes as Faker with special gear that only he can use (Skeletor Harness and Battle Armor specifically)

Adam would be a separate character from He-Man.

For King Grayskull, I'd make him a DLC. He would be based on the Revelation version. A trophy/Achievement would be unlocked by having KG fight a He-Man wearing Revelation Savage hair, Rebel Armor and everything else being 200X. The Achievement/Trophy would be called Facing the Past King. A nod to King Grayskull originally being a Long haired He-Man.
Sadly Mattel wouldn't approve of my other Trophy/Achievement idea, which would be based on the previous situation, but reversed. I would've called it: Once you go Black...

Storywise I'd like a completely different continuity inspired by classic lores (basically Everything before Netflix's 3DCG series). Mattel should clear the stuff that would be needed to be cleared in order to access She-Ra stuff and have it as a "huge DLC"... kinda like one of those Witcher expansions
The idea is to have MOST OF THE "AVERAGE ADULT HUMAN SIZED AND SHAPED" characters from the original MOTU line to be playable as the base game... except Sorceress for plot reasons. Orko and Gwildor for Size issues. Then via updates have a few random characters (Palace Guards, Skelcons, etc.) available and unlockable through gameplay. Themed DLCs like Tales of Preternia, Memories from the Great Unrest, Rise of the Snakemen, The Liberation of Etheria (assuming the She-Ra stuff gets cleared if not, Hordak's Revenge would introduce The Evil Horde). All of this is just to achieve the "DEFINITIVE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE VIDEOGAME" if it does well and can get a sequel, then good, but if it doesn't, at least we have the most badass MOTU fighter possible (developed in the west). Personally, I'd prefer a Capcom fighter, but I can't see Capcom interested in MOTU.

Metal Gear Tactics work in real life

I kid you not... using somersaults to move around, hiding inside a cardboard box, and using silly disguises, marines were able to defeat an AI controlled robot. 

We have seen prank videos mimicking the Cardboard box trick.

But to have Actual Military pulling off these Solid Snake Bullshit is ridiculously glorious!

But we may need all that training if Hideo Kojima ends up becoming an AI.

Jan 18, 2023

Play vs Display: an action figure rant

 This rant only applies to the Loose Collectors. MOC collectors aren't the target here and their ways, while not my favorite choice, I'm trying to respect it. I don't get why you want to make a room look like Toys R Us or a Kay Bee Toys, but whatever...

My issue is loose collectors. There are two types of loose collectors: The Displayers and the Players. At the end of the day we all Display our toys, but it's the way we do it what I want to tackle. But before I go in deeper, I need to be more specific on my terms:
MOC Collector: person who collects Mint On Card. 
Displayer: person who collects loose but might as well be a MOC collector. Basically they place the toys on their shelves on a neutral pose. (Standing with arms down if the sculpt allows it.) In some cases, the accessories are displayed around the figure or on a rack. These displays tend to tell a story in a way how Museums tell a story. Depending on the owner, you might see displays of Character evolution across toylines, or evilution OF the Toylines themselves. Using X-Men as an example, you could see a display of the ToyBiz pre-Marvel Legends and a display of X-Men from Marvel Legends. Another collector might have a Wolverine display with Mattel's Secret Wars Wolverine, some Pre-ML Toybiz Wolverine figures, ML Wolverine Figures, Hasbro ML Wolverine figures, the Play arts kao Wolverone, etc.

Player: person who collects toys but "plays" with them. I don't  mean play like we did as kids as we dreamed that we could do like the kids in the commercials with their awesome backdrops. 

This type of collector wants to display their toys in dioramas twlling a different kind of story. An "in Universe" story. Using X-Men as an example, due to the video above. This type of collector puts the toys in dramatic poses, like having Storm hanging on fishing line to simulate her flying firing Lightning at a Sentinel with Colossus and Wolverine (the latter being supported by an action figure clear "flight stand") in a Fastball special pose. Nightcrawler (stuck with blutac) trying to pry off Juggernaut's helmet as the latter is walking towards Professor X and Cyclops.

Obviously, I'm biased towards this type of loose collector, since I'm one of these. At the end of the day these are (somewhat overpriced in some cases) toys. By definition, toy is an object for a child to play with. I disagree with the "Meant specifically for children" part or the definition, but the "play with" part is spot on. If you're a loose collector and don't tinker with them or have some fun with them then you might as well be a MOC Collector. What's  the fun of taking the figure out of the package and putting it straight on the shelf? I just can't  see it... 
I know Simpsons did it first.
This Homer Simpson Tribute took about 10 minutes to do. Most of the time was looking for the pieces and the blu tac for the pizza slice.
Posing the figures and Taking the pictues took less than 2 minutes. 

I don't expect Everyone to have some kickass dioramas like the toy commercials. I know how difficult that is, hence I've been making noise for more accessible dioramas and accessories throughout the years. I've even shared some DIY tips and ideas because I enjoy the notion of epic displays.

But there is another type of player, one braver than I am, one who takes action figures in the wild and uses forced perspective to make action figure photography. They don't play in the same sense a kid plays, but they are closer to actual play. I dabbled in it.
If you know you know...
But I was terrified of standing in front of a pub at 7:20 AM on a Saturday Morning with Square Enix action figures in the wild to take these pics... the figures were 13 inches away from me on an empty parking lot away from any grates or anything that could make me regret this, but I was still shitting bricks. I don't know how people go into the woods, beach, ponds, etc. To photograph their (sometimes ridiculously expensive) toys. 

I GET the action figure photographers. They tell a story through their lens and their careful posing of figures. Mostly, because like me, they use Playing as a way to tell a story. It's the Displayers, who I don't fully understand.
I get that their displays are far more organized than a diorama display. (These CAN be chaotic when multiple characters get involved.) It's the setting and forgetting of figures what bugs me. Every once in a while I tinker with some older figures. Especially if related to a toyline with a new addition. For example, TMNT. I started tinkering with them again after getting Sewer Surfer Mike. HELL, I even got the Slam Mobile out of storage for the pic way up above.

What's the point of taking them out of the package if you're not going to use them... I am assuming your toys packages have a window. Because I totally get getting your items out of the "green packages" from Hasbro.

In any case, you should collect however you like. I'm not saying you must collect my way. It's just that I don't understand not bothering to put the figures in a cool pose. Like Cyclops preparing to shoot an optic blast, Superman with his fists on his hips, Mega man aiming hos Mega Buster, Phoenix Wright in OBJECTION!! Pose, Son Goku charging a Kamehameha, etc. Everyone in an A pose is just boring. I know that "lack of space" is the justification, but it looks weird outside an  Iron Man armory display.

Jan 16, 2023

Nightwatcher (TMNT 2007 Raphael) a rant

 Raphael has had a couple of "secret identities" throughout the multiverse. I could point out the time he pretended to be Shredder.

It wouldn't be a bad variant figure, but I'm not here to suggest yet another Shredder that happens to be a turtle. I'm not going to lie and say that I'm not curious at what a vintagized Raph as Shredder shredder would look like.

Nope! Bad Nefty! That's a rant for another day! We're here today to discuss the Nightwatcher, or how Raphael pretends to be a Batman knock-off whose shape has a familiar profile.

I can't quite put my finger on who does he look like but Somebody once told me...
Seriously, the Nightwatcher has a Shrek-like shape. But hyper emo vigilante Raph seems like a good variant for Super7. I mean, he wouldn't be THAT hard to do, right? 
Let's see if we can "vintage Playmates-ize" Nightwatcher!

Obviously, the masked head is new. The second head could be a normal Raph head. Personally, while not Movie Accurate, I would like a Raph head with no bandana and Dark make up like Robert Pattinson's Batman. With that said, I'd expect a vintage head. (Heavy Metal Raph head would work for the unhelmeted head.)
Hands and feet could be from Raph the Space Case. 
Everything else would have to be new. So it could be made with a little battle damage to have that Playmates feel. But if Super7 wants to capture the Playmates feel, they could sculpt the thighs like TouchDown Leo, the arms from shogun Michelangelo of all figures with new shoulderpads.

For accessories he's kinda easy:
2 black manrikigusari (chained balls)
2 manrikugusari with real chains.
2 black Sai
1 extra head
4 extra hands
Onion and squid ink pizza slice... 

Personally, I'd prefer a Nightwatcher Raph over Space Case. The reason is that Space Case feels more like a Donatello variant than a Raphael variant. Not to mention that it's the best variant from the 2007 movie. Then again his competition is Leonardo with a soft goods cloak and Cowabunga Carl. 

The importance of Burne, Irma, and Vernon

 I know that plenty of TMNT fans recognize their importance, since they probably have an affinity towards the cartoon. I do too, which is why I keep pushing for them. But it's not just "they were in the toon" why I push for them. From a Narrative standpoint, they do have a role. Some more than others.

Burne would be the most and least important character depending on what angle your universe takes TMNT. If your TMNT is on the Mirage-esque clandestine battle between The Foot and the Turtles with every fight happening in the shadows, then Burne is an unimportant character... On the other hand if your TMNT is more TMHT with the Turtles fighting crime and stopping rampaging Mutants and Krang's invading forces, then Burne's importance as a character soars. It's rather obvious that Burne is meant to be A TMNT version of J. Jonah Jameson. You don't need a Reporter April to have Burne Thompson being a thorn on the Turtles's side. Probably because he hates Ninjas or some other excuse could be the reason why he hates on the TMNT.

 In the NEFTYVERSE, if we get Burne, his Hatred for the TMNT stems because his first wife was assassinated by Ninjas. So, anyone who identifies as Ninja is a threat and a Menace to Burne. He's OK with the Mutanimals and the Punk Frogs, but not the Turtles when they're ninjas... because when The Turtles disguise themselves as Samurai, Surfer, Astronaut, and Flasher (or whatever variant I end up getting for Donatello), Burne has no issue with them. It's his Extreme distaste towards Ninjitsu, which makes him hate the Turtles. He's a workaholic and slightly irritable. He acts like the big mean boss, but he cares about his news crew, from the anchors all the way to the interns. He tries to push them to be their best.

Vernon might seem a bit redundant if you have Reporter April. He can work as a rival to April, but he works even better if April isn't a reporter. Without Reporter April, Vernon would become the TMNT liason and somewhat of a brand manager since he'd promote TMNT Merchandise after rebranding them as the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. He does the whole helping the Turtles more out of greed than because it's the right thing to do.

Now the NEFTYVERSE Vernon, let's start with him being Bisexual. In my child universe he was gay. It stemmed from past views that in hindsight were ignorant and sexist, which associated cowardice with feminine behavior. He's still a coward, he's greedy, but despite his flaws he has his moments of doing what's right for the right reasons. He's more interested in being a talk show host than a reporter, but he's only being a reporter to become the next Geraldo. Also, his misogynistic attitude is borderline cartoony, but it's mostly due to him trying to appear as "the alpha".

Irma is actually the easiest character to work with, since she can easily work with whatever direction you want for April. If you go for Reporter April, you have the Toon as a source. Non-Reporter April, Roommate or neighbor who sometimes wonders what's going on with April. Things like Weird noises coning from her apartment, she coming and going at strange hours, etc. 

In the NEFTYVERSE, Irma will be April's former college roommate, who got April a gig as an intern on Channel 6 after her stint as an intern at Stockman's went under. April used her journalism minor to climb the Channel 6 ladder. Irma climbed the ladder in a different way. No, not the way you're thinking, but more in a Daddy's little princess gets what she wants. By making her dad Burne's boss, I get the freedom to have Irma act as Secretary, Receptionist, and any other random role she wants to play, as long as it's behind the cameras. She still needs to work, because Daddy is only ensuring that she has a job. She still needs to pay her bills and everything. Something something her dad wants Irma to understand responsibilities and not to fully rely on Daddy's fortune.

Yes, Irma is still promiscuous. She enjoys her sex life and it's probably rooted in Daddy issues.
She seems a bit ditzy and out of touch due to her privileged upbringing clashing with her "real world education" from April in their college days. 

Sure, I've spent a lot of time saying How I would use them. I'd say more than giving a justification on how they could be used. This is because I need background stories for EVERY character I display... including customs that are meant to be the toy equivalent to movie extras. That's just me. But the easiest answer is:

Some examples: 
Burne and Vernon getting jumped by Foot Soldiers with the Turtles watching from a nearby rooftop.

Casey Jones handing Irma her Purse, as if he's returning it after beating the goons who stole it. 

Vernon and Irma getting intimidated by The Rat King and his rats.

Since I want my displays to tell a story, I like to have pieces that help me do so. Sure, I could customize stuff, but I want official product to take center stage.

Jan 15, 2023

Capcom is auctioning life sized statues of Chun Li and M.Bison

 No, Chun Li is not a cast-off type of statue. The auction for each statue started at roughly 200000 Yen, roughly 1500 USD. The Chun Li Statue is roughly 5'7" and weighs about 154 lbs.
Also, that roughly seems to be her size and weight in games... bonus random fact, Ming-Na Wen, Mulan, Book of Boba Fett, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and obviously, Street Fighter, is 5'4" with unknown weight. 

The Bison statue is 5'11" and weighs about 132 lbs. Which is lighter than what the game Bison weighs. (About 30-40 lbs. Lighter) 
VG Bison is shorter than the Best Actor to play the role, the late Raúl Juliá, who was 6'2". Weight unknown, but probably closer to the statue's weight at the time of filming Street Fighter than the VG Bison weight. I am mentioning all this to have some filler, because:
Capcom is auctioning life sized statues of Chun Li and M. Bison is a Self Explanatory thing.
I could always make a Tuesday Reference as filler.
I could be an ass and Reference the Other Chun Li movie, but we don't talk about that one.

If you're rich enough you could have Chun Li and Bison gracing your living room. This is something I can't have for 2 reasons: first one being money. The second one, let's say I'd have Bison standing in front of the Living Room window that faces the front of my house. Keep in mind that in Puerto Rico most windows are aluminum louver shutter styled windows. This means that it would be something like this:
My living room isn't that bright and having a shady mofo staring at the street would be creepy.
 I honestly don't know what I'd do with the Chun Li statue, but the Bison one has more potential.

Jan 14, 2023

Scott Neitlich is lying once again

 I thought that after he quit/got fired from Mattel (heard 2 different versions of the story) that I wouldn't have to hear much from Scott Toyguru Neitlich. Well, apparently he's been starving for attention by attacking Super7, announcing the end of MOTU origins and Masterverse since the get-go. While, yeah, I'm not a fan of both lines, I've sampled some fogures and decided they're not for me. Hell, I've mellowed out on my stance on them.

He's been consistently peddling a story that Mattel loses MOTU in 2023. Isn't there an upcoming cartoon on Netflix? Said toon is supposed to have tie-in toy products... Not even going to mention the Live Action Movie that was leaving development hell recently.

Basically, he has been acting like a stereotypical disgruntled ex employee. It seems that he's mad as hell that MOTU is doing far better without him than it did with him.

But when even Pixel Dan has to get into the whole fray and call Toyguru's bullshit out, well, Toyguru fucked up!

Sure, Pixel Dan does the professional thing and doesn't say any names, he called out Toyguru's bullshit by stating the video is not true. 

Now before anyone says that I'm siding with Pixel Dan here because of my "anti-Neitlich stance", just shut up. It's a matter of credibility. 
Who would you believe:
The guy who has an actual positive relationship with current Mattel to the point that he's the unofficial MOTU Ambassador, or a former brand manager who left the position nearly 10 years ago and has a youtube channel with plenty of videos attacking his former employers.

Obviously, the answer is not the guy who is desperately trying to cling to his 15 minutes of fame that were over nearly 8 years ago.

Scott Toyguru Neitlich is not a credible source of information. Especially when it comes to what replaced his magnum opus. Now giving Caesar his dues, Classics is the Best MOTU line made by Mattel... mostly due to the 4Horsemen sculpts, which made the toys appealing. 

Jan 13, 2023

Odds and ends January 13, 2023: Eddie Murphy just dissed the Fresh cuck...

 At the Golden Globes, Murphy made a speech that ended in mocking Will Smith and the infamous slap that made him look like a total assclown.

Damn... he also made a possible jab at Wesley Snipes too! I missed this Eddie Murphy.

I don't like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and disagree with most of her political views, but I kinda agree with her on this instance. Banning the dumbass term Latinx in her first day of office. My disdain for this term is because it's dumb and unnecessary. It sounds like it came from a White Person who doesn't understand Romance Languages. It's unnecessary and redundant because LATIN AMERICANS ALREADY HAVE A GENDER NEUTRAL TERM FOR LATIN AMERICAN. It's called: Latin American. Easily abbreviated to LatAm. It's even shorter than LatinX in both Spelling and pronunciation. Apparently, the official pronunciation in Latin-X as if it was an offshoot team of Latin American Mutants in Marvel.

I understand the GOP's idea behind this and I disagree with it. The whole doing it to pwn the libs and hopefully cater to the LatAm vote is not exactly the best reasons to do so. I'm only glad that the dumbass term is being killed somewhere. 

Vince McMahon is back as Charmain of the Board of the WWE. Stephanie McMahon quits and now Vince is selling WWE to Saudi Arabia... It totally sounds like a WWE Kayfabe angle, but apparently, it's real. I don't know what to expect from this. There are rumblings about various wrestlers walking away from the WWE if this sale to the Saudis is real. 

SUPER WHINY BITCH, James Cameron is at it again... man, instead of being a big Hollywood director, he whines like he has a blog with an audience of 20 and killed Mattycollector...

“Enough of the streaming already. I’m tired of sitting on my ass.”
 James Cameron...
Really, Jimbo? I'm pretty sure that movie theaters have these things called seats, where one sits their ass in. But he means more people going to the theaters... I get it. I kinda agree with the sentiment, but here's the thing: Going to the movies has gotten way too expensive! I'm only going to the movies to see movies I REALLY WANT TO SEE in Theaters. But Ferngully knockoff 2: Furries got wet,  I'll wait it's on Disney+ and I'll watch it on my cellphone, because
Yes, the Terminator clip was on purpose. 

Also, while the SFX warrant to watch Ferngully knockoff 2: Furries got wet at the theaters, I am PURPOSELY AVOIDING AVATURD 2 BECAUSE IT IS AVATURD 2. Because it is YOU who needs my butt in the theater far more than I need to watch your 3 hour turd, Jimbo. Much less raise the ticket price to nearly $20 to have either the Imax3D or 4DX experience. I'd rather watch it at home, where I can watch it lying down, on the Porcelain throne, or I can watch it at my leisure. I can pause and stop at any time, I can rewind or fast forward it. Or better yet, wait until the DVD release and watch it for free at Walmart.

Jan 12, 2023

Mattel is making a Preschool Barbie

Trying to get them while they're young and all that. Normally this wouldn't be an issue for me, seeing I'm not Barbie's target audience. Whar bugs Me is that THEY'RE MAKING THESE DOLLS ON A DIFFERENT SCALE THAN NORMAL BARBIE DOLLS!! If the kids "outgrow" their My First Barbie dolls and move towards standard Barbie dolls, they can't share clothes... unlike duplo and LEGO which are compatible with each other. The Standard Barbies are 11.5" while the new My First Barbie is 13.5". That's like putting Figma Phoenix Wright next to NECA Biff Tannen. 

The other changes they made, I kinda like:
-Better arm and leg articulation. I always welcome articulation on toys.

-Softer bodies... No sir, I don't like it! I'm worried about the longevity of these dolls. While softer bodies decreases the harm potential when they get weaponized, it could also decrease the lifespan of the doll if the plastic rots too fast.

-changed hand sculpt to make it easier to change outfits. I absolutely love the idea, but I don't like the wording used by Mattel's representative, Lisa McKnight on the article:
McKnight said the doll’s hands feature a distinctive design change. “The hand is closed, so the thumb is not detached. We did this to make it easier for little hands to dress and undress the doll,” she said.

 Barbie already has a ton of issues with parents claiming she's a bad role model for girls. Now I can almost see how some groups will twist this into saying that Barbie promotes a libertine lifestyle to kids because Mattel made the dolls easier to undress or some bullshit like that. 

I see some mentions about using velcro instead of buttons, variations in skin tones, but I don't see anything about F-A-T Barbies. I wonder if they sold well... also there's no mention of Ken either.

Jan 10, 2023

Snydertards are getting crazier...

 Recently, the Snydertards have released a new campaign called Sell the Snyderverse to Netflix. The reason is that they dislike the fact that James Gunn is the DC equivalent of Kevin Feige, a role they hoped it was given to Zack Snyder. They even have the delusions that Snyder's wife, Deborah Snyder has been in meetings with WB in order to get the Snyderverse to be produced outside of WB and DC.

My reaction can be summed up like this:

It's incredibly stupid to think it's incredibly stupid to think that Warner Brothers would just give up their biggest IPs to a competitor, much less share then with a disgraced director that pretty much destroyed said IP.  They're trying to argue that the movies were only profitable with Snyder and that everything else has sucked...
This chart is flawed. It only looks at box office numbers not taking outside elements that influenced latter movies. Not to mention that The Suicide Squad was a 2021 film. So even the chart may be wrong.

Everything after 2019 was hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Less people were going to the movies, many movies were getting quick releases on streaming or in some cases Simultaneous releases. Why go to the movies when I can watch them at home? This is not just for WB. Everyone was feeling the blows from COVID, including theaters. So yeah, it's a bit unfair to compare pre-pandemic box office to mid-pandemic numbers. 

The only profitable "Snyderverse movie" was Aquaman which made 1.148 Billion with a 205 Million budget. It also had the least involvement from Zack Snyder. A huge chunk of that money was made from thirsty shirt sniffers that were flicking beans at a shirtless Momoa. Now let's ignore the Fluke that is Aquaman, since no other DCEU movie came close to making that kind of money, let's look at this chart that removes Aquaman:
Without Aquaman, you can see how "the Snyderverse" was crashing down.

Aquaman, freaking dude who talks to fish did far better than Justice League, whi Snydertards claim it was a Whedon film (it isn't, will come back to this later. ), and Batman v. Superman, which was a Snyder flick. The worst member of the justice league, known as a perennial joke, was able to beat DC's Holy Trinity: Batman and Superman, the top two comic book characters of all time! Also Wonder Woman Who is not at the top of the cultural zeitgeist, but is DC's THIRD BIGGEST CHARACTER. The movie of the guy who talks to fish outperformed them all! This was in no one's Bingo cards. Batman v. Superman and Justice League were supposed to breach the Billion dollar barrier but didn't for a couple of reasons:
Main one is the Second rate Michael Bay who can't make a coherent movie in 2 hours or less.
BvS made 872 Million DESPITE Zack Snyder.
250M was the budget for the movie. Now some folks say that for a movie to be profitable it needs to be either over 2 times the production budget. This is what I've heard the most. Others say that it needs to be over 3 times the production budget.
If It's over  2PB, then BvS was profitable as it made 372 Million over the 2PB threshold.
If the threshold is 3PB, it still made a profit, but not as impressive. 122Million profit sounds paltry for a movie featuring BOTH Batman and Superman. 

Man of Steel had a PB of 225 million and it made 668 Million in Box Office 
Using the 2PB and 3PB we can see that it made
With a BO of 668M minus the 2PB of 450M we could say it had a 218M profit.
Now if we have to use 3PB, the results... well,
668-675 puts it in a NEGATIVE 7 Million. 

Now let's look again at Aquaman:
PB 205 Million BO1,148 Million.
Using the BO- 2PB= Profit
Aquaman gets 738 Million as Profit.
Using the BO-3PB = Profit
Aquaman gets 533 as profit. 

With 2PB formula, MoS couldn't fully find a sequel with its profits. Using 3PB formula, the movie is in debt... Now BvS fares a bit better, since the 2PB formula yielded enough profits to fully fund a sequel. The 3PB formula can't fully fund a sequel.

Now let's tackle the problematic one:
Justice League a movie that Zack Snyder sank.
The excuse here is his daughter died. Had his daughter NOT died, his final product would've been just as bad.
Without Joss Whedon, the movie already had spent 270Million for PB. Let's add the extra 70 Million used to complete the Snydercut. That's 340 Million for a 4 hour movie. That means cutting the amount of showings in half. Adding an intermission, because 4 hours without peeing is murder on the bladder. Also the 20-30 minutes of trailers. You'd get about 2 showings per day.

So, using the BO-2PB= $ formula, the movie would've needed to make over $680 Million, which would be really hard for a 4 hour R rated movie. 
Usong the BO-3PB= $ formula, ZSJL would've needed to make over 1.02 BILLION in order to turn a profit. Zack Snyder's most profitable movie was BVS... which didn't reach the Billion needed and that was a PG-13 movie that was running on the already problematic over 2 hour runtime. A Rated R movie with nearly twice the runtime as BvS would've been catastrophic for WB.

Now Joss Whedon was tasked to salvage the JL movie and was only given 30Million to fix the Snyder mess. He had a huge uphill battle without on the flexible Warner Brothers not wanting to move the deadline and asking multiple demands to change things in the movie. He also had an uncooperative cast that was fighting him every step of the way. I'm not saying that Joss Whedon is a saint, but with the demands from the studio and the actors fighting him no wonder he was such an asshole. I've also stated that many of the arguments to attack Whedon, make Snyder look bad. Whedon "reshot 3/4 of the movie with 30Million" while Snyder filmed like 10 minutes and needed an additional 70 Million to complete the Snydercut.
Looks like Whedon is more effective at directing movies while balancing a budget.
"Snydercut and Josstice are completely different from each other". Only if you look at the differences. If you look at the similarities, over 80% of the Theatrical version is in the Snydercut. Also, when you have 2 extra freaking hours of content, of course it would be different to the one edited to fit a specific running time. If Snyder wants to prove his movie is superior to the Theatrical version, all he needs to do is: Zack Snyder's Justice League: 2-Hour cut. Then if Joss Whedon changed so much if the movie, why is Zack Snyder's name still attached to it. The DGA didn't deem Whedon's changes worthy of getting the title of director. Also, Snyder didn't try to get the movie Alan Smithee'd.

Applying the BO-2PB =$ Zack Snyder's Justice League: Theatrical Cut aka Josstice: the profit is only 57.9 Million.
Using the 3PB formula yields a NEGATIVE 242.1 
So we can see why Whedon might have vanished from the face of the Earth... and the controversies didn't help either.

Basically, if you look at the gross numbers without taking in consideration other factors, the profits shrink significantly. Zack Snyder wasn't as profitable as his fanbots believe.

If it hadn't been for the Aquaman fluke, the DCEU would've been put away to pasture in 2018. Now, everything after JL was a mad scramble with Affleck quitting due to personal issues. WB feeling betrayed by Cavill's Mustache and disappointed on Superman's poor profitability...  then there's the whole Cavill wanted a bit more creative control for Superman (in order to make a more Classic Superman and not the diet Injustice Superman that Snyder made). Then there was the Snydertards and their boycotts... while not a Huge factor, their presence was felt. Shazam and Black Adam show that the numbers of DC fans aren't that big on their own on movies that they WANT to watch WITHOUT The Pandemic getting in the way. They just didn't bring forth the Casual Crowd. Why didn't they?

 The main problem is still Zack Snyder.
Zack Snyder drove the casual Audience away.
Whether it was Jonathan Kent saying that it might be OK to let children die, Batman going from I'm going to kill you to We're BFFs after Superman said Martha, or when Discount Mark Zuckerberg offered some Bear Grylls approved drink to the senator. Maybe it was killing off Superman in his second movie robbing the Death of Superman arc of any significance and then claim that it could happen again because the real Doomsday is in Space. There's too much bad shit in BVS to scare most folks worse than Bat Nipples and Asses.
That has been the main problem with DC movies. There's no clear direction from the directors or the studio. Now for some reason, certain folks who think that giving the keys to DC to Zack Snyder is a great idea...

Now this is the part where the Snydertards play their gotcha with:
"ThE sUiCiDe SqUaD fLoPpEd" 

Yes, yes it did. Came after Birds of Prey, a movie that was REALLY BAD and Wonder Woman 84 which was bad, but better than Birds of Prey and the really pretentious title about Harley Quinn. With a Snydertard boycott, Simultaneous streaming release, COVID-19 Pandemic in full swing, and general audiences didn't care much after the Previous Suicide Squad movie sucked. But despite all that, Gunn had a much better grasp of the characters and made Polka Dot Man's death much more impacting than Snyder did with Superman. 

Netflix wouldn't touch this with a 39½ foot pole.
Mainly because the Main DC character IPs would be ridiculously expensive. Not to mention that WB would be extremely dumb to sell them away. Biggest example for why they shouldn't sell IPs: Spider-Man. 
But, if WB somehow sells the rights to movies about DC's main character IPs to Netflix, it doesn't automatically mean that Snyder would get to direct. For all we know, Netflix could bring back Joss Whedon to direct... OR they could add all the inclusion that Snydertards use to complain with Marvel... Yes, I'm aware that I kinda have that in common with them. I believe in being faithful to the source Material, they... well, I'm not sure, since they whine about inclusion but ignore the Jason Momoa playing a white blonde dude in the room. Isn't that the "evil race swapping" they're so critical of? 
But I digress... Netflix is gonna Netflix and it's highly unlikely that ASSUMING they get the DC IPs that they'll deliver Big Studio level films. Especially, with Zack the Money Pit Snyder...
Army of the Dead cost about 90 Million and only made 1 Million... Now that's a MEGAFLOP!
For those who are counting.

Also, Terrorists shouldn't get what they want...

This is what the Snyderfans support... I don't know about you but that kinda sounds like inciting violence or something worse. No one with common sense would want this kind of people on their side.

Snyderverse is dead...

... and give Gunn a chance. If he blows, then whine away.