Sep 30, 2013

Sep 29, 2013

Why I dislike John Cena...

I think that I should point out that I'm talking about the Wrestler, not the man. I do respect him for the charity work he's done with groups like Make-a-Wish Foundation. My dislike of John Cena involves his role on the WWE: "being a Hulk Hogan ersatz". Which can sum up most of why I dislike him. Not to mention that he's basically the embodiment of all that is wrong in the WWE Right now: The PG-Era...

At least THIS Cena didn't suck as much as CURRENT CENA:

The "Vanilla Ice" Cena, Doctor in Thuganomics was a bit of a lame character, but was somewhat entertaining. If I recall correctly, he started as a heel...

He somehow ended up as a face and it snowballed all the way to "Hulk Hogan II"-ville

This video shows the beginning of the end for the WWE... Cena's Face turn was the second worst thing to ever happen... Not turning him back to a heel is THE worst thing that ever happened to the WWE. Cena works better as a heel. Yes, he is still unlikable, but You're supposed to like the Face and hate the Heel... except on current WWE where the Heels are more likable than the Faces... Having Cena turn heel would be a refreshing thing to the WWE. Even the Original John Cena turned Heel...

I wish we could just put Cena and Hogan in the ring and let them duke it out...

It would be like a mirror match... Cause let's face it, they're VERY alike...

and they can be pretty boring on the ring...

If I wanted to see Hulk Hogan, I'd watch TNA... Heel Cena is way better than Face Cena... Of course that with his current popularity and success, a heel Turn would change the character a lot... Then again, the WWE would need to take a heel Turn and return to a near "attitude era" state

Sep 28, 2013

200X Head: My picks

Mattel said they were looking into a 200X Headpack ... yay!

Before I start, I'll use this pic as a reminder: 200X Heads in MOTUC should look more like the He-Man on the left, (Classicized) not the one on the right. (Straight up 200X)
Here are my Top Picks:

-Buzz-Off: I've always stated how MUCH I HATE the vintage Liza Minelli meets a balloon vampire head... We NEED that head... It's already sculpted and all that.

-Snout Spout:  Another one who suffers from Vintage Head Hate... The 200X Head would make him look badass (I know because I acquired a custom 200X Head for mine) but that's not the point. The 200X Head will give us a Snout Spout without trunkrot.

-Teela: Yes, she'd be better off with a Teenage buck, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Castaspella's Ponytail is to blame on my revived desire for a more 200X Teela (Repainting the Bikini Teela head isn't enough for me.)

-He-Man: Before anyone mentions the fact that the He-Man head's biggest difference would be the hairstyle, then now you know why I want that head... Also, If they make the head a bit closer to the New Adventures head with the 200X Mullet, we can get a Movie He-Man by using the Santa King Grayskull Harness. (If you're good at swapping loincloths then Yellow Snakeman and Kobra Khan have a perfect Loincloth for your He-Dolph.)

-Skeletor: Demon Fangs on the Skeletor Head AND a hood that does not look like a baby bonnet? Hell and yes!

-Keldor: Before you mention that we have a Keldor in Classics, let me finish. Keldor: the Melty Face Edition. The ONE EXTRA HEAD WE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN SINCE THE BEGINNING...

-Duncan: Man-at-Arms spent a lot of his time in 200X without his helmet. Duncan without Helmet... I can dig it. (Ram Man, Zodak, NA He-Man and Flipshot are part of the "unhelmeted looks" trend)

-Grizzlor: It's basically Grizzlor with a faceguard... This one is unlikely to make it due to the hair... If Mattel was smart, they'd have the Horsemen make a faceguard that could be slipped on Grizzlor.

Honorable Mentions:

-Hordak: His 200X Look was a bit closer to MOTUC Horde Prime than the vintage version. Then again, more people are inclined towards a Filmation version, but that Staction kicks ass!!

-Captain Randor: The Full Captain Randor figure may not happen, BUT a Crownless Randor head would be sweet... Besides we can pop that head on the Toy Randor and make a "Classicized" Captain Randor.

-Clamp Champ: Some like the 'fro... others think it's too dated... The Staction had a more Modern Hairdo for the Champ.

-Snakeaneck: I'd rather have a full figure like SMAA so I can make a true 200X Mekaneck... but since that won't happen a Rattlor neck and a new head could work for Snakeaneck...

-Marlena: Her 200X Version isn't as popular as her Filmation version, but Alternate looks and all that... (Nothing to do with her voice being the same as Princess Sun-butt)

-Clawful: Muppet Eyebrows should be no more for him... (This one is easy to do... just a repaint of the old Clawful head)

-Adam: A Slightly younger look for the prince could work... (As a worst case scenario... a Slimmer buck would be optimal for this)

-Sy-Klone: Not so much a head, but a Modified Helmet. Something that looks more Samurai-like.

Of course I'd hope that this Headpack rocks so I can get things like a Filmation Headpack, General Headpack (with an Extra Hydron head that looks like Tom Cruise)

Sep 27, 2013

OJ Simpson is the Next Cookie Monster...

OJ Simpson... You might remember him from his Football past, or

but let's face it, you guys really remember him for this:

and the whole murder trial that followed...

And that he got away from those charges... Years later he was arrested for armed Robbery in Las Vegas... so, OJ's in jail, right? Well, he got busted in Jail for some contraband... Oatmeal Cookies!!
Any Similarities to this guy are purely coincidental.

This kinda feels like kicking a man when he's down... He may/may not deserve it (depending on your stance on the Murder Case.) I mean the guy is already in jail. Even the OTHER inmates are making fun of him. (Also, I'm pretty sure that they call him Nordberg just for kicks... I guess Cookie Monster will be his new nickname...) In a way, it's sad how life took a huge turn down the crapper for him. Maybe it's Karma, or maybe Fate dealt him a crappy hand, but we're making a huge issue out of this!? It's sad... Then again, I AM commenting on it... so I am contributing... Then again, he got busted in the joint for smuggling cookies... This is the sort of ridiculous news that do not happen often!

Sep 26, 2013

Pacu Strikes back...

Remember Pacu? You know, the Ball-Eater Fish... Heh, he almost sounds like a Yu-Gi-Oh! card... I activate Ball-Eater Fish!! Well, Pacu is now in North America... They caught him in New Jersey.
 Their teeth aren't even made for cutting flesh, but for crushing these nuts, William Fink of the University of Michigan told CNN:

and this quote made me lose it... I know it's a BIT Immature but, we're talking about an alleged testicular munching fish here... Then again, Pacu could star in Jersey Shore: the Next Generation...

Bieber's got a Mentor now...

Yup... Twerkie Mile is now Bieber's Mentor...
and she says no one takes him seriously... Gee I wonder why? She even references Vanilla Ice... I'm sorry Mile, but he may play the drums, or the guitar and he can have the voice of a choir of angels descending from heaven; but if he keeps behaving like a snot-nosed brat, or the BIGGEST DOUCHE in the Universe, then NO ONE WILL TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY!!!
Then again, Miley should know about not being taken seriously, since no one has after she's tried TOO HARD to kill the Wig that made her famous. But it's OK cause apparently HER Mentor is...

I'mma let you finish, but Mister Feeny was one of the best mentors of ALL TIME!!

How insane can this train wreck get? Kanye West mentoring Miley who in turn is Mentoring Bieber...

But wait, there's more...

Bieber used to walk with Mayweather to fights... (Mayweather fights, not Bieber fights, cause those involve him hiding behind his army of bodyguards while they take care of the situation and pretend he is a savage beast that they're holding back.) Yes... I said Used, cause if Floyd Mayweather has his way, then Bieber is out and somebody else is in...

Mayweather is a GENIUS... He wants to walk with people who are VERY hated just to make you root for his opponents. Clever guy!!

Speaking of wild things... Did you know that One Zoo in England is banning Animal Print clothing?
Well, it MAKES Sense... Animal prints COULD make animals act weird.  Wearing Zebra print near lions makes as much sense as someone wearing a Jack Daniels costume at an AA meeting.

Now that we're on the Wild and Stupid ideas, some Asshat stole a truck and rammed it into a bunch of cars; got busted and now he's blaming Grand Theft Auto for his stupidity.  Again, Normal, Stable people can distinguish between reality and fantasy. Unstable people are set off by anything... (I mentioned this before and made reference to the McNugget Rampage.)

Sep 25, 2013

Did I have a Fangasm for Fangasm?

Damn my Traffic Accident Mentality... No matter how bad it looks, I HAD to look. I want my hour back. Seriously, it's like they got the most stereotypical of the nerd stereotypes. Of course the show has tons of Stan Lee Ass Kissing...

The show reeks of Geeksploitation... Using geeks for entertainment, but in a laugh AT the geek mode...
but there is ONE positive thing about this first Episode...

Skeletor and Orko Bobbleheads!! (also, George Takei)
Did I have a Fangasm? Not at all... I only watched the whole thing so I could rant about it. Can't believe I'm saying this but I miss Whiners of Cosplay...

Sep 24, 2013

Agents of H.O.L.Y.C.R.A.P. That's AWESOME!!

Which would make this rant super short. I freaking LOVED Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Methinks that the show may tie to the movie-verse better than I expected...

Remember this?


So, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is pretty cool. We're seeing the Marvel Universe from the POV of a group of S.H.I.E.L.D Agents. we may not see Big Name Heroes *cough* Avengers*cough* and if we do, they'll be cameos; but we're getting a glimpse at the Marvel Universe through the eyes of Coulson's team. Of course the show is a Whedon show... So, awkward humor is here to stay... Not everyone likes it, but I dig it...

So, this episode was pretty much the Origin, but there is something going on... They have dropped hints that something's off with Coulson... I'm sure that True Believers ...
Like Most Dudes and dudettes who read Marvel Comics can figure out what MIGHT be the thing that may be off with Coulson.

I'll be honest, the show was pretty good... Of course, I need to see at least two more episodes, but the Pilot got me hooked... Unlike recent Animated Marvel Stuff... I totally lost it when the episode ended and I was shown this:

Yeah, I love the Mutant Enemy animation...

In any case, I'm soo watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Sep 23, 2013

Miley, you suck at Twerking!! Or so thinks Diddy...

Yeah, THAT is a piece of news... You need to be able to move each cheek independently, according to Diddy... That's all she needs to hear right now after the whole Break-up with Liam Hemsworth...
Sadly, he had no comments about the Venom Tongue thing...

Billy Ray is still her father, but he still is protecting her. Which it's pretty obvious since he's her dad and all that. Sadly, it sounds more like a weird Episode of Hannah Montana. Seriously, his response sounds pretty much what I'd expect to see in Hannah Montana than something from real life...Probably life imitating fiction

Water on Mars... Safe enough to Drink...

or not... if you're a Whovian... I needed something cool like Bowties to counter the excess of Miley Related rants...
I mean the only thing that could top this is Harry Potter playing Freddie Mercury...
Nope, that ain't happening! yet... The previous choice was Borat...

Duck Dynasty shirt causes Highschool freakout... Seriously, this one beats the Fresh Prince of Freakouts! Political Correctness making the System look like idiots. Let's ban all the Sport teams shirts, or Superheroes, or Wrestlers, or Actors and Singers from shirts because they'd be offensive... Seriously!?

Sep 22, 2013

What is it with MOTUC and BALLS!?

Seriously? I mean. I got two Santa King Grayskulls and now I have two blue balls of power...
Procrustus came with a bigger yellow ball... Glimmer is coming with a clear smaller ball...
What gives?
OK, I know that King Grayskull has the orb of power. Procrustus the Star Seed and Glimmer the Moon Stone... They look like 3 plain marbles to me...  THAT is the issue. They are plain, vanilla balls!!
I could have bought a bag of Marbles for a buck-something and get the same thing. Not to mention some red balls for something Horde, Some Trollan Magic balls or something...
Speaking of Trollan Magic Balls, 200X Orko's Ball looked cool. With the energy crackling around it and all that. With a little paint that ball would look impressive. Now THAT is a ball... Perhaps if the Star Seed and King Grayskull's ball had been more like that, I'd be more excited about them.

All this talk of balls and no reference to Dragon Ball Z?  Need to fix that!

I mean of all the extra accessories we could get we get a ball... Hopefully we'll get some cool accessories with other figures that are not plain old spheres...
Though some would prefer something more Egg-shaped...

But seriously, BALLS!?

Speaking of non-ball related stuff. Mattel is FINALLY looking into the Female Crotch Problem in MOTUC... Glimmer won't be exempt of the Weird Crotch Flap that looks like an Adult diaper, but future ladies might be spared... (Or Mattel design can make it worse... Remember, they Purposely reversed Stinkor's forearms)

The thing that bugs me is this: Kobra Khan, Bow, Flipshot, Slushhead, Strobo, NA He-Man, Generic Snakeman (Bert, the Yellow one), Snakeface all have waist twist and their Crotch flaps act like pants, bikinis, leotards, etc. But with the females NO ONE knows how to make it work...

I think I'll stick to rambling about the balls, or I'll go on  a rant full of obscenities... Only 5 more months for me to get Glimmer...

Sep 20, 2013

Subs are Open again!!

I normally would not be peddling Matty stuff from rant to rant, but, I forgot to do that during the Jack is back rant... But the Subscriptions are open until the 24th of this month.

If you want Two Bad, Modulok, Glimmer, Hydron, Blade, Scorpia, Battle Lion, then you should consider the sub... Available on Mattycollector. 

I know not everyone likes the sub...

Not those subs, the MOTUC Subscriptions... but think about it: Two-Bad's asking price on the secondary market is around $80-$100-ish. Modulok's going in the $100 range, so is the Unnamed one.
About $300 + shipping on 3 figures... Then there's Blade and Extendar... There is a Snakeman coming as well. Even if you are a "Vintage Purist", you are better off getting the sub.

Two-Bad will NOT have Day of Sale. Mattel WILL pull the same tactic again. It's a dick move, but Mattel makes the rules. If you CAN afford the sub and CHOOSE not to, then don't complain if you can't get two-bad, and any other character that Mattel makes no Day of Sale stock for...

Jack is back!!

Finally, the Enemy Numero Uno of videogames has returned!! He's still with his same old Games are evil crap, cause Jack Thompson can't be Jack Thompson if he doesn't do his games are evil and gamers are mentally impaired crap.

Original Article where Jack gave a reply

Here's Jack Thompson's comment (quoting it in case it gets deleted)
Call of Duty had EVERYHING to do with what this guy did. Finally, the massacre pigeons are coming home to roost in the board rooms of the video game industry. And I am assisting those pigeons. You can count on that. Jack Thompson, still the industry's worst nightmare. I wrote Take-Two this BEFORE we knew of the game causal link in the Navy Yard massacre: John B. Thompson, J.D., M.A. 5721 Riviera Drive Coral Gables, Florida 33146 305-666-4366 September 16, 2013 Strauss Zelnick, Chairman C/o Legal Department Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. New York, New York Via Fax to 646-536-2926 Re: Illegal Sales of Mature-Rated Grand Theft Auto V to Kids under 17 Years of Age Dear Mr. Zelnick: As you know, I appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes more than eight years ago to alert parents, that Take-Two the company of which you are the Chairman of the Board, fraudulently and thus illegally markets and distributes its Mature-rated video games to buyers under the age of 17 years, in violation of your own industry’s standards as set forth by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Tomorrow, GTA V, the latest sex-filled murder simulation iteration of your Grand Theft Auto games, will be released. I see in today’s news that your company is “investigating”’s alleged distribution of GTA V ahead of the September 17 date. Far more troubling than this early release is the fact that Internet retailers like routinely sell M-rated Grand Theft Auto games to young customers in restricted age groups without attempting to verifying their ages whatsoever. The mere use of a credit card does not constitute, as a matter of law, verification of its user’s age. This commercial practice in which you participate at your own retail web site constitutes a fraudulent and deceptive trade practice by you and your company. As you know, you and I met several years ago face-to-face in your wealthy friend’s condo across the street from Central Park, and I simply asked you to stop marketing and selling your Mature video games to children. I promised to stop all efforts against your company if you simply lived up to video game industry standards in that regard. You refused. You promised instead to destroy me in front of our host who brokered the meeting, Rev. Larry Poland. Last month an eight-year-old boy in Louisiana shot and killed his grandmother after training to do so on one of your Grand Theft Auto video games. I didn’t conclude that—the prosecuting District Attorney concluded that. A day of reckoning is come, Strauss. Here is what is going to happen: Some kid to whom your company marketed and sells the GTA V murder/porn simulator will kill someone, and the surviving family will sue your company for the copycat killing. That suit will get through all the fabricated, lying defenses erected by your lawyers at Blank Rome and other firms, just as a plaintiff finally broke through against Big Tobacco and its lying lawyers. It is going to happen. It is not a matter of if but when. So congratulations, Strauss, for shepherding GTA V to tomorrow’s release of what all experts are predicting will be the most sex-filled, the most violent, and the highest grossing (no pun intended) video game of all time. But while you are sowing the wind, you will, I happen to know, reap the whirlwind. Consider yourself warned. Personal regards, Jack Thompson Copy: Rev. Larry Poland, significant others

That cute wall of text is Jack's Post. It seems like the real deal...  there is a follow up post where the e-mail exchanges between Jack and the writer of the original article, where Jack calls gamers "Mentally impaired".

I find it funny that all these shootings are being blamed on videogames. Anyone who's fired a real weapon, knows that a gamer with zero gun training would not be able to use these weapons correctly. I can say by personal experience that this is true and I wasn't using an actual gun... (It was an air rifle, but the recoil hurts like crap.)

We've seen the D-Eagle fail videos

or Shotgun fails

The thing is that UNSTABLE PEOPLE would be the ones that would do these mass shootings. Videogames COULD be something that sets them off, but a book,a TV show, McNuggets, ANYTHING CAN make an unstable person snap! But an Unstable person + Real weapon training (Pressing the Circle Button to shoot is not real weapon training) is FAR MORE DANGEROUS because of their Weapon Training than because s/he played videogames.

The only thing I agree with Jack Thompson is that the Ratings should be enforced more. Sadly, this relies more on PARENTS doing their job as parents... Something many are unfit to do and want the Government, Schools, TV Shows and Videogames to do their job for them.

I'm not saying Guns are bad. I' saying that Videogames are not these "Mass Murder/Porn Simulators" that people like Jack Thompson want us to believe.
Seriously, If we were to believe Mr. Thompson, then I'd be an excellent Attorney since I've recently Replayed the Phoenix Wright Games. I am a decent Mario Gamer, therefore I'm a decent Plumber, go-kart driver, and tennis player!! To fix Toilets all I need to do is step on Turtles!!

Then again, do I need to repost the video where the police instructor shoots himself in the foot?

Sep 19, 2013

What's with the 200X Hate?

I've seen a lot of venom spewed towards October's Lord Dactys figure and Next Year's Battle Lion simply because they are 200X Characters. Sure they use other excuses as well. "Not Classicized enough" still stems from their 200X Origins. or "Toyguru promised completing vintage, what's He doing here!?" or "He's not A-List!"

I'll take MOTU classics for $500, Alex!

The MOTU Classics line began with this Character 
Who is King Grayskull?

So, the Line began with King Grayskull, a 200X Character. which means that like it or not, 200X IS a part of MOTU classics. If 200X is a part of classics, then WHY the @#$%! do we still get anti-200X whining!?

OK, Complaining about ANY ERA being included in MOTUC Classics is POINTLESS!! MOTUC Classics is an Anthology line. We ARE Getting ALL 4 Main Eras in the Line: Vintage (Which we've gotten a lot more than all the other eras combined), Princess of Power, (The New Adventures of) He-Man, and 200X Masters of the Universe (Reboot). We've also gotten extras from other sources: filmation, DC Comics, Mattel's Mini Comics, Ego-Projects(Half of the 30th line), and the Golden Books.

All eras have been included... Like I said before, other eras have more representation than others.
The insane thing is that 200X in classics is NOT about redoing the vintage characters, but instead bring characters from that era that never had a Toy before (Zodak being the exception, but Mattel made him a separate character.)

Besides, how many 200X Characters we've gotten/will be getting in the line: not counting Lazy Repaint Evil Lyn.

-King Grayskull (4 versions: Gray bracers w/brown cape, bronze, clear blue spirit for Mattel employees, Silver bracers with "santa" cape)
-Count Marzo
-Faceless One
-Snakemen 2 pack
-Battle Lion

that's 9 figures out of the whole line... We are getting 9 Filmation figures in 2013. Not to mention that ALL the POP Figures are done in the Filmation Style, Marlena, Shadow Beast, EP Randor, Palace Guards are very Filmation-like as well.

So, that's the "Too Much 200X" in the line... (that's almost twice the figures NA has...)

Now Toyguru DID say that 2014 and 2015 will focus on completeing the vintage line PLUS A-Listers form Other Eras. Translation: NA and 200X are getting shafted, except for those characters that Neitlich likes.

Now on the Classicizer Machine and other Bull... I'm well aware of the Classicizer Machine, since I was an unwilling partner in it's creation.

Now when People talk about having 200X in MOTUC, they mean something closer to the He-Man on the left: Made with Vintage parts but adding new pieces where needed to catch that 200X look. In He-Man's case: a new head with his 200X Hairdo and a new harness.

The one on the right is a DIRECT Translation of 200X (blocky bodies, excessive detail) which is NOT what people in favor of 200X are talking about.

Long story short: Left pic: What 200X fans mean about having 200X in MOTUC. Right pic: what anti-200X people think when people say having 200X in MOTUC.

Let's take a look at Dactys...

I'll admit that his armor, specifically his shoulder pauldrons are a bit too 200X... due to the sharp angles. But since he comes from the cartoon, he is not as detailed as a 200X Toy, for animation purposes. Now his proportions in the cartoon were a bit weird.
As you can see, Dactys is NOT a DIRECT Copy of his MYP Look. He DID go through "The Classicizer"... It's more of a "close enough" kind of thing (which is the rule with 200X)
Hell look at it this way:

Head: New
Torso Armor: New
Loincloth: New
Tail: New
Hands: New
Feet: New

Torso: He-Man
Abs: He-Man
Wings: Draego-Man
Shoulders: King Hssss
Biceps: Mosquitor
Forearms: Skeletor
Thighs: Whiplash
Shins: Skeletor
Upper Boot: Skeletor

For a guy "who doesn't fit", because he's "Too 200X" he's using a buttload of Vintage parts. Sure, the head, Armor and Loincloth were what we expected to be new (the loincloth is here mostly because of the tail)
sure Mattel could have taken the Lazy way out and make him more of a kitbash. Cause many Vintage Characters were kitbashes, Stinkor, Randor, Clamp Champ, Scareglow, etc.

forgot to make the thighs look more whiplash-like.
The new pieces used here are:
I replaced his armor with MOTUC Mosquitor. (the clear piece is painted in solid maroon, so you don't see the inside.) For the wing holes on it. I swapped his hands with Mer Man's and his feet with Whiplash's. Let's be honest: It works, but it's not REALLY Dactys. It has more of a Custom vibe than an official Figure vibe. Why settle for "If I squeeze lemon juice in my eye, he looks Just like the character" when we can have a "close enough"(without squirting lemon juice in your eye)?
I LOVE that the Fourhorsemen Make new pieces when they could get away with kitbashing, just to make the characters look better than a simple kitbash.

Now let's move on to Battle Lion... the most controversial 2014 figure since Glimmer and Hydron... Cause VINTAGE PURISM!!

Yes, Battle Lion is a 200X Beast. Among the Beast items from 200X he is A-List... What? You would have preferred getting one of the ABC-Giants from Buzz-Off's Pride? (Azdar, Bezdar and Chazdar if I recall correctly) and he has an advantage over slightly more popular Vintage beasts:
Battle Lion going through the Classicizer Machine = Reuse the Battlecat buck, new head + tail and you have BL...

Stridor, Mantisaur, and Nightstalker are 100% New tooling. Right now we have the following characters that require tons of new Tooling:
Two-Bad (Seems that only his right bicep and thigh are reused. OK the Loincloth is reused as well.)
Modulok is 100% new Tooling
Hydron is using a LOT of new Tooling Torso, Shouilders, Biceps and left thigh seem to be the only reused pieces.
Blade has a lot of new tooling.  The unnamed one is rumored to have a lot of new pieces in him.
There are some characters needed that do not use that much new pieces. This is where Battle Lion comes in.

Now if Clawdeen had been the one shown instead of Battle Lion, we would have had an even bigger controversy. Pink Lion, something something gay... Pink Lions don't make people gay.
PoP Horses would have caused the same reaction...

Is Battle Lion a MUST HAVE for me? It wasn't until Last Sunday... Not only he was classicized, but I'm so switching his armor with Battle Cat so BL has a more Vintage-like armor while BC looks more modern. (I can't change helmets since BL's can fit on BC, but not the opposite.)

There is still another $38 slot. What's not to say that Stridor, or Nightstalker isn't that item? I mean If I were Mattel I'd do one on 2014 and the other on 2015.

Then there is also King Grayskull... He NEEDS His Battle Lion the same way He-Man NEEDS Battle Cat.

Just because some characters are from an era that you don't like, does not automatically make them unneeded or totally unrequested dudes. I've ranted about Spector BECAUSE he has no previous role in MOTU until he was forced upon us. I've ranted about Nepthu because he was forced upon us. Unlike Spector, Nepthu HAS some historical importance. It's just that there are far more important Filmation characters than him. Making Shokoti without Masque is OK cause we're getting Nepthu... I've defended the Meteorbs, the Movie characters AND the Energy Zoids BECAUSE they HAVE a historical importance. 200X IS a chapter in MOTU and I am GLAD that we're still getting some love for it... (Yes, NA needs a lot more love as well)

Sep 18, 2013

NYCC's New Adventures 3-Way Deathmatch battle!!

Yes, you heard me... Mattel is giving the NYCC Attendants a chance to decide WHICH NA Figure gets made...
The choices are:
From the New Adventures Comics: Darius
From the New Adventures Cartoon: Mara
From the New Adventures Toyline: Tuskador

A picture is worth 1000 words... Well, this pic shows what I think of this poll.

Seriously? A poll that has a huge effect on the line is made on a con where not everyone can go to... "Sorry European fans, we know you're HUGE supporters of New Adventures, but since you can't or won't spend over $1000 to come here, your opinion is worthless!"
This poll should have been for Subscribers. They are "the lifeblood of the line" yet, this is a huge F-U towards them!

If the poll had been a Deco Poll, then using the con wouldn't leave such bad aftertaste.

Now let's move on to the choices.

The Leader of the Galactic Protectors in the Comics (Master Sebrian served a similar role in the toon)
He was unreleased as a toy.
He seems to have plenty of parts already made.

Let's see:
Head is obviously new, so is the Torso Armor, Normal Torso and abs, King Hsss left shoulder, he-man right shoulder, He-Man biceps, Bow forearms, NA He-Man hands, Icarius crotch, Trap Jaw Thighs, Geldor Boots, and Keldor Cape.

That's 3 new pieces counting his weapon. and not counting a second head.

Sebrian's Assistant who became a warrior in the cartoon. Her role was "the Teela".  She had a toy prototype, unreleased.
Based on her Cartoon look (The warrior version) she has a few parts already made...

Head is obviously new, so is the upper part of her dress. The bottom could reuse Glimmer's (Granny Panties strike back!) The shoulders from Scorpia, Biceps and forearms from Adora, Teela hands, Teela thighs, new boots, Teela feet.

about 5 new pieces on her. (counting a weapon)

A Galactic Protector who looks like he could ave worked on the Vintage Line. He had a toy in the 90s.
He could be made by kitbashing as well.

Head and Torso armor are new, Shoulders would have to be new as well (unless they make the shoulders a pauldron and add the MEF Shoulders underneath.) Right forearm blade, new left forearm mirroring Blade's right forearm, Horde Trooper hands, new tusks, new, loincloth, King Hssss Thighs, trap Jaw Boots.

He requires the most new tooling, even when kitbashing him...

No matter how I look at this poll, it's messed up! If we were to choose between NA Characters the poll should have been: Sebrian or Darius since their role is similar...
I hope Mara wins because it breaks the Fest du Sausage that is NA, Tuskador has no need to be on this poll. Should we make Tuskador is not a question. He fits MOTU better than say, Nocturna or Kayo. Darius could have worked as a Traveling con Item. He's only 3 new pieces... Seriously, I sometimes question Mattel's moves with the brand...

I'll be honest, If I were to vote; my vote would be for Mara.

-She breaks down the Fest du Sausage that is NA.
-She has her important role from the cartoon and she HAD a prototype toy
-Darius is so easy to make that he could be a Travelling Convention Item for Mattel.

Sep 17, 2013

Odds and ends 09/17/2013

Did they really break it off or is this another chapter of the rocky on-n-off relationship?
I, of course I'm talking of Twerking Girl and Thor's Little Brother. Cause poop got serious when she unfollowed him on Twitter the other day... Mmmmhmmm!

Arrow is coming back on Oct. 9 and they're still using Shirtless Oliver Queen as promo stuff. I've ranted before about this, but it's CW and they're pandering to teenage girls.

Somebody stole a Little Pony!? No, not those ponies... I mean a real live Little Pony... they're even saying that the Mafia is involved. Great! Now there are Mobster Bronies...

Holy Guano Batman!! There's been a bunch of rumors about Douchey Mc Doucheypants... aka Justin Bieber going to be Battfleck's Boy  Wonder... I think these are just rumors and it's Bieber trying to stay relevant in a post-Twerkgate era. Nothing More.

I just noticed that all four news tidbits were arranged in such a way that the Bold letters spell DASH!!
In any case, Don't believe the Bieber as Robin crap until we see Bieber in the Green Bikini and the Pixie Boots.

Sep 16, 2013

Nerf toys for GIRLS!?

Really? We have gotten to the point that girls need Nerf guns SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR THEM!?

Let me put on hoop earrings and tons of makeup to talk about this crap.
It's sexist crap! It really is! OK, so Nerf's main target audience is usually boys

It has been for years, and I've seen plenty of girls buying the guns and actively playing. Which would defeat my point at first glance. If girls already are buying the existing guns, bows, etc. then WHY DO THEY NEED Nerf Weapons SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR THEM!? (BTW, that Heartbreaker Bow requires more strength to fire than I expected) There's a few things that bug me about that... Just take a look at the commercial...

Am I the only one who sees a "Hunger Games" vibe to the ad? Like they're trying to make little Katnisses put of you if you buy the Rebelle stuff? Obviously the Rebelle is a portmanteau of Rebel and Belle... Cause it's for girls, you know! They need to make it Ultra obvious with the girly name, colors, and designs that look like pop art that is tacked on some boy band poster, cause it's for girls! The thing that bugs me is that instead of making commercials for Nerf products that embrace both girls and boys alike, we're separating them. Instead of going forward for more gender neutral Nerf stuff, we're separating the rift. THAT is what pisses me off... I'm sorry, but it's just backwards to have Nerf fall into the sex-segregation trap in the 21st Century...

Sep 15, 2013

Power-con reveals:

Yesterday, I may have seen a bit negative. I wasn't. It was just pointing out that the huge amount of stuff that we're getting in so little time can scare people with more limited toy budgets... but on the other side of the coin, we ARE getting a buttload of MOTUC stuff...
Now for an Item that I shall not own:
fan's face was censored for privacy reasons. No, that's not MISSING NO. with a Grayskull!

BEHOLD!! Castle Grayskull's box!! It's Big... It's way big...

Here's a transcript of the Bio:
Long ago, in ages past at the end of the Great Wars the Cosmic warrior He-Ro joined forces with King Grayskull. their combined might became a beacon of hope, bringing together the greatest warriors from across preternia. Together, this band of warriors became the first Masters of the Universe, fighting against the Horde and the Snake Men invaders. Heroically sacrificing himself to save King Grayskull's life. He-Ro passed his magical sword to the King, ensuring only those with great strength, courage, wisdom and compassion would wield the sword of He. To safeguard the sword's power source and protect the Kingdom, King Grayskull ordered a great fortress to be erected. With the help of the giants, this mighty fortress was constructed first from a single enchanted stone, which was sculpted into a giant Power Skull. Later, towers and walls were erected around the Skull Stone and the fortress was protected by the magic of the Elders. After the King's death, his fortress would remain, fading from memory into legend, but always protecting the hidden powe of the Universe and the secrets of Eternia from evil. 
Now, guess what I think of this Bio:

The Bio sucked all the mystery out of the Fortress of Mystery and Power... also known as Castle Grayskull.

Now here's the rest of the reveals:
New Mailer Boxes... More Eco-Friendly... Hopefully they'll be sturdy as well... I still have nightmares about Catra being sent in a lint bag.

and production samples of next year's first four... Hydron's armor looks a bit bulky... Modulok looks sweet... Granny panties pseudo-skirt on Glimmer!? Two-Bad is cool...

Alright boys and girls:
The Club Eternia sub will reopen on Sept. 20th until the 24th. If you want to buy a 2014 Two-Bad at non-secondary market prices (Two-Bad is going for about $100 in the secondary market) Here's your chance.

April Figure: BLADE!! Yes, the first of the Movie Figures is coming in 2014!!

May Figure: Scorpia!! Another Horde Lady will grace my shelf this May...

Q2 Large Scale Item: BATTLE LION!! King Grayskull's Mighty Steed will come this May. He has a more 200X Look to its armor, with Paw Knuckles and the Sabretooth Helmet complete the look.

Also, Mattel may be looking for fan input on a Head Pack... Based on 200X Looks... HELL AND YES!!

Also, a little red shield was put on Display... I'll give you a hint:!!

Sep 14, 2013

Overloading Q4... WTH!?

So, due to some logistical issues, I have to skip Sky High and the Sky Sled... "It" happens. Sadly, Mattel is hellbent on squeezing wallets dry. Before I get a " There's this new concept called saving money..." reply, put your stupid comments in your pocket... Before you complain, it's a reference to a
REALLY life-changing movie...

Q4 is a Bitch!  The 3 months + the Black Friday to Cyber Monday sales and Mattel's "fun games" can make some wallets cry.

This year is special: Horde Troopers and Castle Grayskull are thrown in the mix.
More fun if these were evergreens...

Next month we have:

Club Eternia:

-Mantenna (Pushed back from September)
-Lord Dactys: the actual October Figure
-Horde Troopers: THE MOTUC Army Builder set!!  We've been waiting for them since 2010 when they mentioned Army Builders.

That Right there is 4 Figures... Straight after a month of an "army builder small vehicle". Not only that, if you also have Club Filmation, then You're also getting Nepthu. October just became a 5 Figure Month...

Then there's the Weapons Pack #4... The one that completes Bow and Rattlor... This WP will be available via Early Access and could possibly have no Day of Sale if it sells out through Early Access.

Then, there's the Horde Troopers. One set is very likely to be NOT ENOUGH for some people...
Now you see where I'm going through? October is a 3 Order month... The Sub(s), Weapons pack, Extra Troopers order. OUCH!!

Then comes November...

and that means for people who preordered it: Castle Freaking Grayskull... + the Sub Figure(s) Geldor and/or Sea Hawk depending on which sub(s) you have.
Then enter the Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale, where Mattel makes you  spend more on shipping with their little games. Let's say you want characters X Y and Z...
Get X for one hour only! Then the next hour they sell Z, then 2 hours later they sell Y...
Guess what? you're paying shipping 3 times!!
Not to mention Strobo and Kool-Aid Hordak may show up either on November or December...

At least December is a bit peaceful this year... with Castle Grayskull's limited Day of Sale stock, the December figures, Standor, possibly Strobo and Kool-Aid Hordak...
so, December has become another 5 figure month...

No matter how we slice it, Mattel is throwing a bit too much at us at this time. With "The Holidays" coming, it gets a bit tougher. In 2 months we have 10 figures. That scares people due to the money involved. And I thought that the FFM Month was bad...

Sure saving up helps, but Mattel should not overload subscribers (who can't avoid being hit this October with the 4-5 figures in one blow) Y'know... a better spreading of the items helps those with more limited budgets... Then again, some people might hold back on their trooper and sky sled purchasing due to the Castle... or if "It" happens... It royally sucks when "It" happens and the toy budget decreases due to the unexpected monetary blow caused by "it" (and I mean things like medical emergencies, Car problems, important appliances breaking down like the refrigerator, heater, etc.)

Mattel should seriously consider making Evergreen Horde Troopers. Unlike the Palace Guards, these WILL Sell... and it will give people a chance to double or triple dip!

Sep 13, 2013

Odds and ends: Friday the 13th (of September 2013)


Hey! It's Friday the 13th... I Had to make a Jason Voorhees reference, the Rebecca Black song seemed appropriate.

Apparently, K-Stew is now an Escort... She got paid half a million to spend 15 Minutes with a Middle Eastern Prince. The money was donated to charity, but that IS one of the definitions of Escort:
A person, often a prostitute, who is hired to spend time with another as a companion.
Now, I'm not saying that she IS a Prostitute, but if people who dislike Miss One Emotion read this article; they are more likely to make that connection. (Whether it is for comedic material, or just to slam her.) The thing that bugs me is that we get no info on this Mysterious Middle Eastern Prince with really awful taste...

  Really? 'Twerk' is a valid definition in the Oxford Dictionary now?

You said it, Derpy!! BTW, Derp was added as well...

Speaking of things that went wrong:

Season 4 starts on November 23... Same day as The Doctor's 11th Regeneration... there's a lot of stuff going on on November 23rd... you have been warned...

So, as I mentioned on the Tommy Wi-Show Rant, Modern Stan Lee sucks compared to Past Stan Lee.
It basically boils down to this:
Past Stan Lee created Spider-Man, the X-Men, Hulk, Ironman, Avengers... Modern Stan Lee created this:

Not to mention that Stan Lee has become a brand himself. Which means he now "whores himself out "for attention, almost like a teenage girl who takes 'selfies' in her underwear in her bathroom while making duckface for likes on Facebook... I still admire Stan Lee for what he did for comics in the 20th Century. It's just that instead of being excited for Stan Lee, now I just roll my eyes and try to guess what's the latest thing he's pimping out, or begging for Twitter followers. Then again, he is Kinda involved with Fangasm!  This is what bugs me about Modern day Stan... If you want to pimp some crap and need some nerd and geek cred; get Stan Lee! and it's very likely that this December I'll be buying that MOTUC Stan Lee, because it's Stan Lee... See? even I am not immune to the Crap + Stan Lee = Nerd Money!!!

So, while I think Modern Era Stan Lee pales in comparison to Past Stan Lee, I am thankful to his contributions to comics, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.

Google Chrome has a plug-in that Makes Miley Cyrus "disappear"... That would kill one 1/8 of this blog right here!! The Plug-in blocks Miley Cyrus, Twerking, etc.  Making the word Miley turn into ##### is a cute novelty, but there are sites that will put Miley news whenever they have nothing to write about... *cough* Nefty's House of Rants! *cough* Wait... that doesn't work if I'm ranting here... D'oh!
In any case, if you want to add this plug-in, feel free to do so...

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, AFFLECK!!
Batffleck won't be a campy Batman like Adam West... He'll be more jaded and brooding than Bale... Hopefully he won't be barking like Bale says Warner's Kevin Tsujihara... Something something a movie on the 'Potterverse' but it has nothing to do with Harry Potter... I'm not a fan of DC relying on the Bat-shaped crutch, especially on a Superman film, but I'm curious...

Sep 12, 2013

Heroes of Cosplay? *updated* with pics

Methinks that a title change should be done ASAP! Seriously, they spend so much time on the drama and faux drama made in the editing room. The cosplay itself takes a back seat to this drama. Sci-Fi channel (I refuse to use their newer name) is making the cosplayers seem like a bunch of bitches and drama queens. Also, it sucks that there's a shortage of male cosplayers on the show. This could lead to accusations of sexism by some people... (Oh wait! That person who I'm thinking of is OK with Cosplaying... but Videogames, now that's where the Sexism lies!!)
If the show focused more on the costumes and the way they are built; it would be a lot better.

Seriously, when a competition has kickass Cosplay like a Guyver with Light up chest similar to this one

but we're focusing on "Comic Book Costume" made of paper... something's wrong here.

Heck check these MGR: Revengeance Raiden Cosplays

Hell, Even Adam Savage from Mythbusters has made some impressive stuff for cosplay...

But noo... That is lame!! NOW THIS is what Cosplay is all about...
Any comment I make will make me look 20%  pervier in 10 seconds flat!
What? I ran out of Rainbow Dash quotes!?
Costume Quality is good, but is not AS Accurate to the character.
Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying eliminate female cosplayers and focus on the men. I'm saying: Eliminate the drama Bullcrap and focus on what's important: THE FREAKING COSTUMES!!! Heroes of COStume PLAY... If I wanted to see a bunch of girls whining, bitching and loaded with Drama, I'd watch The Real World...

Also, screw the upcoming Fangasm! It reeks of Classic Reality TV... I expect Frankenbites to blow out the drama...

Sep 11, 2013

being internetless sucks.

Yesterday I was internetless. It sucks! Depending on my average intelligent phone for internet i s not that great. I've been hearing rumors of Jackie Chan's death and other stuff that I can't verify. I'm surprised that I'm able to rant with the phone. I hope my ISP fixes the internet issues ASAP cause I wanna be able to rant this Friday...

On the other hand, my evening and night involved more TV. I wish heroes of cosplay was less bitchy cosplayers and more about the costumes. Also the lack of male cosplayers makes it sexist... Will rant in depth when the web access returns to me!

Sep 10, 2013

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Gameboy review.

Damn my previous Attack of the Killer Tomatoes review... It made me play the GB game...
But this review will be written, cause Technical issues and video reviews for games won't work with me. Like I already mentioned in the NES Review, the GB game has Wilbur Finletter trying to stop Gangreen's plan. Tomatoes, Ruling the World... STUFF!!

This game is a pure Side Scrolling Adventure game. The object of each stage is locate a can of Tomato Soup (or Juice... not sure right now) and reach the exit before Time runs out... Yes it's a timed game... Yipee...

So, before I use another person's let's play as a reference here's the Controls

D-Pad is for movement.

Start is to throw swords (these are limited and you find them through the levels. It seems 9 is the Maximum)

Select is for using Chad's Skaetboard while on land. On air it deploys a Parachute. (You can only carry one at a time.)

Jump is the B Button... Wait What!? Yup! It's one of those games that doesn't believe in B = any non-jump action and A = Jump... Many deaths I suffered due to this "Quirk"

And last but no least, the  A Button is for Attacking. You kick when standing, crouching or jumping... To Punch it's Up + A...
The controls can be a bit unresponsive at times.

The person on this video is playing the game with a cheat device... I don't blame them... the game can be a bit frustrating. Also, this person doesn't know a couple of shortcuts in some stages.

There are four Stage types: Woodland, City, Finletter's Pizzeria, Tomato Dungeon. Each level is different, but uses the same styled backgrounds.

You collect the can from each level and reach the exit. On Tomato Dungeons you battle Gangreen's Monster Tomatoes... Unlike the NES Version, The Tomatoes have to be stomped into sauce... Zoltan is killable here... SWEET REVENGE!!

OK, so Ratings... 1-10 whew the closer to zero is bad and the further away is better...

Here I have to say a 4.5 out of 10. The characters are underdetailed (even for Gameboy) The monster tomatoes look more like their MadBalls versions...

The Theme is there, the rest of the music is forgettable though... 6.0

This is the one that will bring the game down... 3.0 Mostly due to repetitive levels, semi-unresponsive controls and the death causing "quirk"

6.0 Once you overcome the Controller's quirks and get used to the game, the difficulty is acceptable.

Overall: 4.88 Bad controls make a gaming experience far worse than it has to... While more consistent than the NES game; it's consistently bad!!

Sep 9, 2013

Looking back on Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: The NES Game

One of my guilty pleasures... I may have forced myself to like it since it was one of the few games I had to work my ass off to get as a pre-teen. This review was mostly done to test some things I had lying around... sadly, it did not work as well as I expected. So, I don't think Video Videogame reviews are going to be a thing here... And I'm not going to beg you for money in order to BS my way into getting videogame stuff to make reviews.

Now looking at the video it ended up being a half-a-walkthrough... Which wasn't my intention.

Sep 8, 2013

It Came from the Toy Chest: the Element of LUCHA!!

I'm making a Very Special Review Everypony...

Screw the Elements of Harmony: I have the Elements of Lucha now!!

Sep 7, 2013

The Tommy Wi-Show...

Thanks to the guys at, Topless Robot, and my very own Assistant (a very smelly sock) I ended up with a Tommy Wi-Show season 1 on DVD (also a House that drips blood on Alex Shirt, seen on the Castaspella Review, 2 Theatre styled Posters of said short, and a very controversial choose your Adventure book) but I'm going to Review the Tommy Wi-Show... Well it was either this, or ramble on how much current era Stan Lee sucks compared to what he was back then... something something current era Stan Lee is an attention whore whose attention grabbing schemes make him seem desperate. Perhaps a rant for another day, but I need some comments demanding it, otherwise I won't do it... So, back to the Tommy Wi-Show...

So, what is the Tommy Wi-Show? It's a Videogame show starring Tommy Wiseau as T.W. and Brock LaBorde as Ahliennn (or as close as how Wiseau says the word Alien)... T.W. gets kidnapped by the Alien and is forced to play videogames.


Here's the thing that I realized after watching 7 out of 10 episodes of the Tommy Wi-show... I wasn't laughing with Tommy, I was laughing at him... but the problem is that he KNOWS We're laughing at him and he's playing us like a violin... He KNOWS he is known for awful performances...

This is Tommy Wiseau trying to deliver a serious performance... Look at the Tommy Wi-Show video and you can see that it's Tommy Wiseau playing a caricature of Tommy Wiseau's acting from The Room!

He KNOWS how he is disliked and how his Masterpiece is a Master Piece of crap!! (The Music is the best thing about the movie) Now he's just playing the role of a bufoon just to get the attention and possibly money... This gives Tommy Wiseau some layers...

Seriously, watch this Memorial Day video from him... He IS Mocking himself there, he KNOWS it and he KNOWS we'll enjoy it because it has hints of that Wiseau-esque acting.
He knows he's considered one of the worst actors/directors ever, so he plays the crowd by doing awful acting!

Now that he KNOWS it makes him slightly LESS Funny. It was funnier back when he believed he was doing a great job and was serious about The Room being a drama. Now I'm not sure if Wiseau really sucks ass at games or if he's playing badly for the crowd.

I hope this is the last time I have to deal with Tommy Wiseau... Well that is at least until I can get a copy of The Room Then I can make a review of THAT Movie...

Sep 6, 2013

Odds and ends Sept. 6, 2013

Oh Miley!! Not only you rambled about people overthinking their reactions towards your "act" on the VMAs but now you give us THIS!
Yup! You're being very subtle here in once again trying to distance yourself from the Disneyfied Jem!

Now, back on to the VMA rant:
Overthinking it? No! Somebody else is underthinking... Hint: She used to be Hannah Montana. Also that same someone is overestimating her importance. (Hint: Billy Ray Cyrus played her dad on the show that made her famous) The whole "Madonna did it, Britney did it" excuse does not fly for a couple of reasons:

-It makes you look like a wannabe without any hint of originality. So, if you have people doing "shocktacular" acts at the VMAs, it loses the historical significance. If you wanted to be Outrageous, you should have played it differently... Kinda like what Justin Timberlake did. He's no saint, but his performance at the VMAs were the ones that MADE History... *Nsync Reunion is more Historically important than Hannah Montana grinding Beetlejuice's lamer brother.

-Neither Madonna, nor Britney became a brand due to the involvement with the Mouse... While Britney WAS a Mousketeer, she was NOT a Disney Product, unlike certain wig-wearing, southern belle turned into a Pop Princess by the Mouse... For many People you're still Hannah Montana, a fabricated DISNEY Product that they can copy the formula again, again, and again... Something that seems rather common right now on Disney. I mean seriously, Selena Gomez, Bridgit Mendler, Demi Lovato, Bella Thorne, Zendaya, etc. All seem to have acting gigs, music gigs, dolls, etc. all thanks to Mickey's Mafia. WHEN Madonna did it, it WAS History since, it was at the early era of Music Videos. When Britney did it, she had complaints about trying too hard to shed her "innocent persona." Even then, her transition worked better than the Mileysaster.

I wonder if Mikey likes it now?

Mouse Femur on Life Cereal... Isn't it a bit contradictory? Still... EWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Dogs scare off Cougar... I could make a joke about them being a pair of C***blockers, but this time the Cougar is of the Cat variety...

Sep 5, 2013

O Hai! Review

Oh hai Nefty's house of rants readers! This is a review of The House that Drips Blood on Alex, a short film by the actor, director and producer of great comedy film The Room, the one and only Tommy Wiseau!

I warn you, there will be mild spoilers. If you fed up with this worl... or do not want to put your stupid comments in your pocket, read ahead. I recommend you to watch the entire movie... It's about 14 minutes! Then read the review.

Okie Dokie! The movie starts with two girls (One of them does voices in Annoying Orange) that are about to see a horror movie when this Nightmarish creature shows up and offers to tell them a horrifying story: The Room!! No, just kidding. So here begins the story of The House that Drips Blood on Alex!

Wait... Let me IMDB the heck out of this:
OK, it was written by Brock LaBorde and Jared Richard. Wiseau had nothing to do with the writing, Directing or Producing...

So, we have Alex (played by Cinema's newest National Treasure. Tommy Wiseau) getting a house... from a guy who seems like he's the Star of the Morning. Mr. Wiseau delivers a Powerful Performance here. You have to see it to believe it!

So Alex moves in to his house and praises it's beauty. Again, this script was perfect for someone with the acting chops of Tommy Wiseau. His first visitor is Thomas (played by Rory Windhorst) their chemistry in this scene is incredible! It's like mere mortals gazing upon the realm of the gods... If I wanted to describe this in a poetic way.

So, they end up going to the Landlord's office and we get nuggets of acting Ambrosia from Tommy Wiseau! (Especially the dream sequence)

I shall not spoil anything beyond this point because, it'd would make watching this short pointless. Seriously, you HAVE TO SEE IT!!

Holy Crap! It blew my freaking mind!! This was actually BETTER than I expected... Then again, my bar was set pretty low, due to Cinema's Newest National Treasure being in it.)
This is a Bonus Feature on the Tommy Wi-Show Season 1...

Sep 4, 2013

It Came From the Toy Chest: You're Tearing me apart, Casta!!

It's time for another It Came From the Toy Chest:

The Flighty Special Friend... All we need is Angella!

Sep 3, 2013

Energy Zoids: The Rant

Special thanks to a Meteorb Enthusiast, now I KINDA want the Energy Zoids in MOTUC... I'm sure they'll come somewhere between 2014 and 2015, because Mattel wants to finish the Original MOTU, POP, Key NA Characters by then.

So, who or what are the Energy Zoids? I shall explain for those of you who don't know...

Think Beyblade, but more MOTU-Like... Basically they are half man/Machine Half Tops
They were late-Additions to the line and most of those characters were more gimmick based than previous figures. Rotar and Twistoid's names imply spinning. Tops spin... see what Mattel did there?

I'll be honest, I think these guys Are bottom of the barrel (still better than Nepthu)... Their inclusion is mostly for Historical Reasons.

I know that there is a group that wants to give them legs so they can fit better in the line. I get why they want the legs. It kinda makes sense, but at the same time it doesn't make sense.

Ah, I see!
Rotar Minus Top lower body equals Mekaneck without the ability to stretch his neck or Fisto without the big fist. Would Mattel add legs to these guys? Most likely no... Think about it. New legs would require new crotches Like King Hssss, in addition to the Top parts, stands, etc. Now, here's the thing. Mattel is way too attached to doing things Just like the 80s... Remember the Nostalgia trap? With Mantenna we barely dodged PART of the Nostalgia trap... We're still stuck on it thanks to Filmation... but 4 Legs baby!!!

Now, there's the option of giving an extra head for Rotar to use as him before the accident where he was wounded and ended up inside MAA's Gyro Machine and became Rotar. Which brings me to the following point:
Rotar minus Freaky Half-Body, minus jockstrap faceplate equals some random dude... without any powers or gimmicks! It makes no sense!! And this is coming from a guy who wants JOSH The Etherian Rebel, Melaktha, Drissi and Songster in MOTUC...

IF Mattel were to make them, here's what I'd suggest:
Rotar with all his vintage accessories + Twistoid and all its vintage accessories (its because Twistoid is a Robot) AND I'd throw in a Gyro Machine  I'd prefer a plastic one but a cardboard one would be OK for the MOC crowd. It would make that box a bit special like the Mo-Larr Box!

Unlike the Meteorbs, these guys WILL get made... Unlike the Meteorbs, I really don't care much about them. I want these guys to be made, but They are no Glimmer... Sadly, I see them as a novelty item.

I could make a rant about Ninjor, but, let's face it: He's just new heads and weapons. right now Mattel could do him without the four horsemen. That's how easy he is to do. The Zoids on the other hand, need ALL the Four Horsemen magic to look appealing to those who aren't fans of them.

Sep 2, 2013

Labor Day... I'm not even supposed to be here today!!

While the title is a reference to Clerks, my rant has nothing to do with Clerks...
It's a movie rant... Worst Director Ever/Bully, Uwe Boll is going to Kickstarter and begging people for money... Then again, Kickstarter is where idiots throw away money for crap... No, it's not a reference to the Lying Lady who sees Patriarchal conspiracies everywhere... though she also proves this point.

You know what the worst part is: He's got backers... PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY GIVING MONEY TO THIS HACK!! Like I said: Kickstarter is where idiots throw away money for crap... Except when they throw it at good things... Sadly, funding Boll is ...

(what? at least this time is somewhat educational!!)

POSTAL 2 will finally destroy the filmindustry and the world we are living in. We could name the movie also HONEY BOOBOO must die ....but so many people deserve to die. Why starting with a child? Did Osama die? We know. And why the Navy Seals were too stupid to land a helicopter on a free field? Why did Building 6 collapse? We explain. Why is Obama is like Bush? We show you.

This is from Herr Boll's Kickstarter page... Aside the fact that it'll be a Boll Videogame based film... which either have clips of the game as reference, just to remind you that it's a videogame movie, or they're messed up. This one will be the latter...  The movie will try social commentary, which scares me even more knowing who's at the helm. Combining the best of Boll with the worst of Boll usually means that worst trumps best.

Seriously, STOP BOLL from making videogame movies. His non-game movies where he revels on the worst traits of mankind are better than his movies where he revels on the worst traits of mankind while tacking on some videogame characters.

Sep 1, 2013

Metal Gear... MOVIE!?

Yes Snake, your exploits will reach the Silver Screen now.

-Silver Screen?

This is why I hate having conversations with you.

-You hate having Conversations with me!?

Yes, Snake. Your repeating my last sentence when I'm talking to you infuriates me.

-My rep-

Don't even say it!! Well, as I was saying Avi Arad seems to be intent on Adapting the Shadow Moses Incident into a movie.

-The Shadow Moses Incident?

Damn you Snake! Stop asking my last phrase!! Yes, Shadow Moses Incident... In all fairness, it's not because of you. It's mostly because Liquid is such a fantastic villain.


Huh? You did not ask about Liquid Snake? That's weird...

Well, I know about Liquid and how the fangirls wished they could be with him and how the fanboys wish they could BE HIM!! Also, I suppose there's some Cain and Abel BS that inspired Arad...

Wait... How did you!?

It's simple. Have you heard all the Liquid Speeches? I had to SIT THROUGH THEM. Well, I was strapped to the torture rack and I couldn't move. I had to pretend I was still unconscious to see if he would shut up! 

Wow! I did not know that...

-See? I'm deep! Like the Ocean. Not like Prissy Ninja Final Fantasy Reject...

You mean Raiden?

-Who else? Otacon? Seriously, I'm going to start wearing a lab coat and some glasses to see if I can get as much tail as that geek!

I thought you were friends...

-Well, you thought wrong! we're BEST FRIENDS!!!

You don't have that many friends...

-I have the box... She always comforts me... Speaking of which, THERE BETTER BE A CARDBOARD BOX SCENE IN THAT MOVIE!!! Otherwise I'm going to CQC Arad's ass!!

Although I'm not into CQC-ing people, I agree that the Cardboard Box needs to be in it.

-Though I hope the Bosses don't talk crap after they get killed. Oh yeah and cut down on the codec calls!!

Uh, Isn't this a Codec Call?

-Yeah, but for the movie, that would be boring... Also, no Uwe Boll or Michael Bay... I don't want the movie to suck or Metal Gear Growing a nutsac...

I can agree to that?

Also, Bella Thorne for Meryl...

Uh, Snake... Isn't she a bit too young for Meryl?

By the time this movie actually starts she'll be old enough... I really love her in the Danimals ads...

Snake, I know you like them young, but you're entering creepy Old Snake territory...

-Can we scratch that part out of the conversation? Maybe Brenda Song as Mei Ling... Mmmmmm!

Wait, are you watching Disney Channel Right Now?

-Why do you ask?

No reason...

-Now who could Play Doctor Naomi... DAMN! Jennifer Hale is too old!

Yeah, she could have been a perfect Naomi... She already sounds the part...

-Yeah... I love it when she says "Anti-Freezing Peptide"... I need a smoke now...

Snake, don't you know Cigarettes are bad for you?

-Yeah, yeah, I've heard it a million times and I hope this makes it to the movie.

Paul Eiding should Totally be the Colonel!!

-Agreed... But who could play me? I think David Hayter would totally rock me!

Nah, Hideo would probably request Keifer Sutherland...

-Nope! Only David Hayter can play me!! Then he'd also have to play Liquid... I wonder if he can do a British accent...

How about this: David Hayter plays both Snakes, but Cam Clarke records Liquid's voice...

-Cam Clarke? Is he related to Emilia Clarke? She could Totally do Naomi!!

Hmmm... I don't think so, but that gave me a crazy idea... Jennifer Lawrence as Meryl!

-I could dig it... Now who could play Otacon?

Tough one, Snake... I think that Sam Elliott could play Ocelot...

-Holy crap! He would do that part justice. I want to Say The Rock as Raven, but the rock is too big of a name for that role...

Still thinking on an Otacon, but Doug Jones as Mantis could work...

-Is that the Abe Sapien from Hellboy?


-You have thought a lot about this, haven't you?

Maybe... Otacon, Sniper Wolf, Raven, and Snake seem to be the tougher roles to fill. The sequel is easy... I have the perfect Raiden and Rose...


Raiden and Rose... The people who... Oh! Who I'd cast as them!

-And he's the one calling me an idiot!

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber!!

-You know I hate you... SO MUCH!!  You're going to make me see a Bieber movie.

By the Way Snake, what'cha doing right now?

-Uh, a Mission?

Catch you later Snake!