Sep 28, 2013

200X Head: My picks

Mattel said they were looking into a 200X Headpack ... yay!

Before I start, I'll use this pic as a reminder: 200X Heads in MOTUC should look more like the He-Man on the left, (Classicized) not the one on the right. (Straight up 200X)
Here are my Top Picks:

-Buzz-Off: I've always stated how MUCH I HATE the vintage Liza Minelli meets a balloon vampire head... We NEED that head... It's already sculpted and all that.

-Snout Spout:  Another one who suffers from Vintage Head Hate... The 200X Head would make him look badass (I know because I acquired a custom 200X Head for mine) but that's not the point. The 200X Head will give us a Snout Spout without trunkrot.

-Teela: Yes, she'd be better off with a Teenage buck, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Castaspella's Ponytail is to blame on my revived desire for a more 200X Teela (Repainting the Bikini Teela head isn't enough for me.)

-He-Man: Before anyone mentions the fact that the He-Man head's biggest difference would be the hairstyle, then now you know why I want that head... Also, If they make the head a bit closer to the New Adventures head with the 200X Mullet, we can get a Movie He-Man by using the Santa King Grayskull Harness. (If you're good at swapping loincloths then Yellow Snakeman and Kobra Khan have a perfect Loincloth for your He-Dolph.)

-Skeletor: Demon Fangs on the Skeletor Head AND a hood that does not look like a baby bonnet? Hell and yes!

-Keldor: Before you mention that we have a Keldor in Classics, let me finish. Keldor: the Melty Face Edition. The ONE EXTRA HEAD WE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN SINCE THE BEGINNING...

-Duncan: Man-at-Arms spent a lot of his time in 200X without his helmet. Duncan without Helmet... I can dig it. (Ram Man, Zodak, NA He-Man and Flipshot are part of the "unhelmeted looks" trend)

-Grizzlor: It's basically Grizzlor with a faceguard... This one is unlikely to make it due to the hair... If Mattel was smart, they'd have the Horsemen make a faceguard that could be slipped on Grizzlor.

Honorable Mentions:

-Hordak: His 200X Look was a bit closer to MOTUC Horde Prime than the vintage version. Then again, more people are inclined towards a Filmation version, but that Staction kicks ass!!

-Captain Randor: The Full Captain Randor figure may not happen, BUT a Crownless Randor head would be sweet... Besides we can pop that head on the Toy Randor and make a "Classicized" Captain Randor.

-Clamp Champ: Some like the 'fro... others think it's too dated... The Staction had a more Modern Hairdo for the Champ.

-Snakeaneck: I'd rather have a full figure like SMAA so I can make a true 200X Mekaneck... but since that won't happen a Rattlor neck and a new head could work for Snakeaneck...

-Marlena: Her 200X Version isn't as popular as her Filmation version, but Alternate looks and all that... (Nothing to do with her voice being the same as Princess Sun-butt)

-Clawful: Muppet Eyebrows should be no more for him... (This one is easy to do... just a repaint of the old Clawful head)

-Adam: A Slightly younger look for the prince could work... (As a worst case scenario... a Slimmer buck would be optimal for this)

-Sy-Klone: Not so much a head, but a Modified Helmet. Something that looks more Samurai-like.

Of course I'd hope that this Headpack rocks so I can get things like a Filmation Headpack, General Headpack (with an Extra Hydron head that looks like Tom Cruise)

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