May 31, 2023

Masterverse Vykron is an improvement over classics

 No, you're NOT in Bizarroworld. I am complimenting Masterverse and NOT in a backhanded way. I'm as shocked as you are.

Remember Vykron?
All I've seen is this pic, and have no details about him.

I don't know if he's a 3 pack or if he's like his classics counterpart a 3-in-1 figure. Personally, knowing Mattel they're most likely to release a 3-in-1 figure. But let me say why I find this version an improvement over Classics:
Tanktop and Space Ace's helmets have been MOTU-ized. The armor on Tanktop has also been MOTU-ized and he looks less WWI Tank transformers cosplayer and more like a MOTU Character.

Wonder if he's going to be exclusive to Mattel's website or if he will get a wide online release. Don't get me wrong, I still prefer Classics over Masterverse in general, but This figure or figures is/are in general an improvement over classics.

May 30, 2023

Theoretical Disguised, Sports, and Music variants for TMNT Non-Turtle characters in waves 6-10

 Last time, I made a list about Waves 1-5 of TMNT. Now, it's time for part numero 2. Not all characters will get variants, but I will try to do as many as possible. Again, these aren't things that I NECESSARILY WANT, but more of a thought exercise to see if I can pull it off and try to make the idea sound as appealing as possible.

Wave 6:
Ace Duck:
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music yes

Aceward Duck: Billionaire Playboy
While Rich Duck automatically makes people think of Scrooge Mc Duck or flintheart Glumgold, I'm going in a more Richie Rich/ other Billionaires direction. 
Think Ace Duck in a Blazer with a removable necktie and black pants he also has new feet with spats.
For heads we keep the standard Ace head and a new helmetless Cigar head. The reason is for Ace to be able to wear new hats and toupees.
New accessories:
3× Toupees:
-1980s Donald Trump toupee
-Ricardo Montalban toupee
-1980s Michael Keaton toupee
-stuffed crust pizza slice
-cane with a ruby at one end
-alternate blazer with wingholes

reused accessories:
-Gun and machinegun in yellow and gold
-Bandolier in yellow
-brown egg grenades 
-goggles in black and yellow
-Ace's hat in black with yellow accents.

Secret accessories:
-Scarf that covers most of his torso and has a Rubber ducky pin that acts as a chest emblem.
-new head based on Ace's normal head but with a TMNT styled Bandana.

Ace inherited some billions and with his newfound fortune, he did the smartest thing: invest his money to conduct a one duck operation against crime in New York City by becoming le canard d'ombre, a noir Styled Pulp Vigilante who strikes fear onto the hearts of evildoers. To keep his operations secret, he acts like a foppish billionaire who wears ridiculous disguises that scream "I'm secretly a Vigilante". But evildoers better not cross his path because when he goes cuckoo, he goes cuckoo!

Ace Duck: Rasslin' Superstar:
While inspired by Archie Comics, this Ace won't be an Archie Canseco Juiced accurate version of him.
Picture Ace wearing Red Trunks with the Ace of spades on his butt. Red boots and kneepads complete the look.
For accessories:
-soft goods robe
-championship belt
-steel chair
- new "folded wings"
Reused accessories:
-Ace's wings

While El Puerco Asesino is big, Ace Duck is nimble and can dodge Bebop's lumbering porcine attacks and strike hard on his own with aerial attacks. Once he topples his opponent, it's 1,2,3 and The Winner is Ace Duck!

Suave Pop Ace:
Picture Ace Duck dressed like the Rat Pack. No hats to avoid Howard the Duck comparisons.
He gets a new head with a Sinatra wig and his standard head
A new Cigar holding hand with sculpted cigar.

For accessories 
alternate blazers (with and without wingholes)
Reuse wings from normal Ace
Old school microphone with stand
Reuse the tommy gun and gun from normal Ace.

Ace dulcet tones have captivated men,women children, and everything in between from Atlantic City all the way to Las Vegas and everywhere in between. From Christmas all the way to Thanksgiving and everytime in between, there's always some time for some classic Ace Duck music. But if the Foot or the Purple Dragons try to muscle in his performance, Ace Duck writes them a word or two with his Chicago Typewriter. If you need to know, thw word is Bang! Repeated multiple times 

Disguised yes
Sports no
Music yes

Slash the Prehistoric Turtlesaurus:
Picture Slash wearing a storebought caveman styled furry loincloth as his belt where he has pouches and "obsidian" throwing weapons. 
The spikes on his pads are painted as animal horns and instead of wooden shoulder guards, these are made out of bone.
Heads: new without the sunglass lens covering one of his eyes. Replaced with an inuit bone goggle. One of the heads is slash roaring with his tongue out, the other is a normal Slash snarling head.
The blades on his hands are painted black to simulate obsidian, so no new hands needed.
The accessories will be new for the most part.
Turtlesaurus club
Primal Spear
Stone age chopper (stone axe)
×3 Slash's obsidian shuriken

Last time Slash went back in time he stood out like a sore thumb. No more. Slash got himself some Cabe Turtle items or at least what the cstume shop clerk he terrorized told him and now the evil Cannibal Turtle from dimension X is back in the past hinting turtles hoping to destroy our Turtles' ancestors. 

Glam Metal Slash
Picture Slash on a Paul Stanley inspired singlet with his belt over it, a torn Gene Simmons styled batwing cape on his shell, metal skull shoulderpads. The pink spikes are now silver, while the hand wraps are now black.
For heads:
 -a normal Slash head with Kiss inspired makeup but he has a black foot insignia on his beak.
-a slash head wearing a tophat and a monocle over the eye that doesn't have a sunglass lens.
For specialized hands:
-guitar playing hands
For accessories:
- zig zag  neck battle Axe Guitar (picture a guitar with a neck as crooked as Slash's sword. But it's also a 2 headed battle axe with a really uncomfortable handle.)
-2× Bat shaped cookies (one has its head bitten off)
-mini disc shuriken (they plug on his belt where the shuriken do)
-one heck of an amplifier shield (creepy skull themed amplidier that works as a shield)
Slash sword

Slash philosophy in life is defined in one word: Pain. He loves to inflict it upon himself and others, that's why his instruments of Musical Madness are as painful to him as they are for his enemies. With pain is how he can find the true sounds and feelings in his music. He will rock until your ears bleed and then some!

Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music yes

Old Hob:
Basically Scratch in a civilian outfit inspired by IDW's Old Hob and Jailbird in an outfit similar to Pigeon Pete. Meeaning Scratch wearing an eye patch (each head has the patch on a different eye, giving away that this is a disguise)
Wearing a white tanktop and purple pants. Both feet would be bare. No new hands would be needed.
For accessories:
-Gun without cake
-Explosive device (based on the NES TMNT DAM BOMBS)
-his old ball and chain turned into an Olympic hammer
-soft goods coat
-Jailbird wearing bermuda shorts and guns akimbo (think the Daniel Radcliffe with guns meme pose)

Now that he's on the run, Scratch assumed the identity of Old Hob, a founding member of the Mutanimals, who fights for peace between Mutants and Humans. Secretly, Hob is manufacturing a war between Mutants and humans to enrich himself. With the aid of Jailbird playing the role of the absent minded Pigeon Pete, Hob manipulates the Mutanimals and the criminal elements of New York to draw out a war that makes the Mutanimals a necessity and fills up his coffers.

Parkour Scratch:
Picture Scratch in a catsuit... again, barefoot and barehanded. For heads put a beanie and his thief mask on one of the heads, the other just the beanie and Old Hob eyepatch.

-removable parkour backpack.
-Gym chalk bag
-water bottle
-Lockpicking satchel
-jewelry box
-pearl necklace
-Jailbird in a crouched sneaking position dressed in a catsuit as well.

Parkour, the art of free running, an astonishing sport useful for ninjas and thiefs. Scratch participates in these freerunning races as Hob as he cases places for his larcenous plans. Any trace of his hair in the area can be attributed to the recent parkour race that took place. He even has Jailbird committing other robberies around the same time to throw off the cops.

Disco Scratch:
Picture Scratch in a Saturday Night Fever outfit shoes and all...
Maybe an extra head with a Travolta wig
For hands obviously a Saturday night fever hand

For other accessories:
-Bass Guitar
-Bass guitar case rocket launcher (Basszooka)
-Funky Jailbird (playing a synthesizer)
-stolen wallet
-purloined wads of cash

From the average joe to the fat cats, all are a potential target for Disco Scratch to sneakily take their belongings while on the dance floor.
Disco Scratch steals hearts while playing some funky disco music with his pal JB at the synthesizer and he steals your money with his 
Basszooka case.

Wave 7:
Disguise yes
Sports yes
Music no

Ronin Triceraton:
Normal Triceraton (metallic black torso armor and dark blue pants) with new head wearing a soft goods grey keigoki and seafoam green hakama. Removable belt.
New Triceraton head with all 3 horns intact
new hands:
Sword wielding hands (vertical hinge)

New Accessories:
-Space katana (turned off and turned on)
-Space wakizashi (turned on and off)
-Intergalactic Tanegashima
-Space naginata
Old accessories:
-arm blade
-breathing apparatus 

This lone Triceraton ended in Feudal Japan after a transmat accident. Known as the Sankaku Ryu by the locals, this Triceraton became a fierce warlord feared by many until he vanished after fighting 4 kappa. In reality, it was the turtles rescuing the lost Triceraton and helping him home in order to keep a truce between Earth and the Triceraton Republic.

Battle Nexus Gladiator Triceraton:
The design is HEAVILY INSPIRED by Captain Zorax and would include the pieces to Make Zorax. 
-Reuse old Triceraton head repainted to match Zorax's more yellowish skin.
-Zorax head
The body would be new with interchangeable breastplates.
-breastplate 1 would be similar to the normal Triceraton breastplate
-breastplate 2 is Zorax's
All new hands (c grip, dramatic, fists) both plain and with Zorax's Blades.
Reused Accessories:
-Triceraton Belt
-Triceraton breathing apparatus
-Triceraton Blaster
-Slash Mace
New Accessories:
-Triceraton Trident
-Triceraton Gladius

The Triceratons often compete on the Battle Nexus Tournament, where warriors from multiple worlds, dimensions, and realities compete. One of the better known Triceraton warriors is Captain Zorax, whose name cuases fear and awe across the worlds. With the Turtles entering the Tournament, Captain Zorax hopes to defeat them and erase the blemish on his combat log.

Guerrilla Gorilla:
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music yes

Bullfighter G. Gorilla
GG dressed in a lime green matador suit with yellow design elements shaped like bananas.
 With soft goods red cape.
New hands:
Cape holding hands,  sword holding hands
New Accessories:
Soft goods cape with scabbards for matador swords
Matador swords
Cartoon styled Banana peel
Removable matador hat

Groundchuck! Groundchuck! Bullfighter Guerrilla Gorilla is here to challenge the Foot's bovine warrior. Using the traditional regalia of the Ancient Spanish Combat art, Guerrilla Gorilla is here to put an end to Groundchuck's reign of terror. Making his opponent see red, Guerilla Gorilla uses his Ape dexterity to confuse Groundchuck and the foot before Graciously using the Matador blades to take them down or trip them over the snack GG just ate. This obviously means that Groundchuck has a beef with out Gorilla Matador.

Beach Spiker Guerilla Gorilla:
Think Guerilla Gorilla in Water Camo shorts.
The heads would be the same, but with a thick streak of sunblock cream over his nose and under his eyes.
-New hands:
One finger voleyball twirling hand. 
New accessories:
-2× Volleyballs (normal ball and twirling on GG's finger ball)
- Volleyball net with fake Banana tree posts.
-banana smoothie

Old accessories:

Nothing says letting off steam between missions like playing beach volleyball with the boys.  Especially if you have the size and reach of a Guerrilla Gorilla. He leaves everyone breathless as he solos every beach volleyball match he plays. Even the Foot Clan with their numbers are easily put in the danger zone by the powerfil spikes from Guerilla Gorilla. Not even Anthrax's multiple arms can keep up with the Beach Spiker Guerilla Gorilla.

OG Guerilla Gorilla:
Picture Guerilla Gorilla with a soft goods T-shirt that has a print design of a camouflaged banana. With cargo shorts and a removable trucker hat with the same camouflaged banana logo. He sporting sneaker styled gloves on his feet hands
No new heads needed.
New hands:
5 finger open hand for handstands, disc scratching,  (and a wrestling taunt

New Accessories:
-DJ turntable with stand and removable records.
-record "shuriken"
-crazy ape dropping mic.
-trucker hat
-rappin' bling chains

Reused accessories 

OGGG is in the house with beats so sick that hit harder than a nutated mule's kick. His disses psychologically messes with Ya, like he was some sorta rappin' ninja. Word to your mother!

Wave 8
Genghis Frog:
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music yes
Genghis the Tomb Raider:
It's Genghis Disguised as and adventuring Archeologist. Skintone should match Vintage toy Napoleon. NEW torso with a different style Shirt that would be lime green with dark green accents. The pants would be yellow legs with pink crotch.
New head(s): 
Serious head with fedora
New hands:
Whip wielding hands.
New accessories:
-Serpent whip
-Soft goods brown jacket (NOT PLEATHER, because that breaks down and turns to crap rather fast.)
-Peace sign necklace.
-jade frog idol

Old accessories:
-Genghis glasses
-UC raph revolver

From the deep jungles of South America all the way to the Mongolian steppe, Dr. Genghis Frog searches for artifact that show the existence of Mutants in the ancient world. Armed with his trusty serpent whip, gun, and his brains, genghis purloins these priceless artifacts for the enjoyment of mutants and humans alike

Hang six Genghis Frog:
It's a Surfer Genghis Frog. Main differences from standard Genghis:
Shirtless with a removable orange vest, tribal frog tattoo on right arm, skintone is slightly more "neon" green than normal Genghis. The diaper part of the shorts would be bright pink while the leg pants are neon orange (matching the vest) 
New heads:
Squinting/determined face
Wild open mouth with tongue almost reaching his left eyeball. 
New hands:
Hang ten pose
New Accessories:
-fugu flail
-new necklace

Old accessories
Sewer surfing Mike wax discs.
Genghis Tongue gun 

Venerating the ancient tradition of longboarding,  Genghis hangs 6 on his Big Kahuna board and catches waves as easily as a fish swims in the ocean. With his fugu flail he leaves the Foot dazed and confused as they get licked by the tongue gun

Auana Genghis Frog
Genghis Goes Hawaiian... uh, more Hawaiian.
Mostly a repaint with new accessories.
Yellow shirt with red designs. The pants would be new and they're beige. The wristwatch would be silver and the glasses would be red and black. The skin on Genghis would be slightly more olive in color (lighter than say Leonardo)
New hands:
Ukulele playing hands,  bow and arrow hands
New Accessories:
-Bow and arrow (kakaka a me ka pua)
-arrow with apple stuck on the arrowhead
-×3 lei
Old accessories:
Bodyboard shield

While he may be a Rana Haole, Genghis shares an appreciation for the Hawaiians and has worked hard to become a Rana Hoa. In order to blend in, Genghis mastered the Ukulele and with the help of his brothers, the Punk Frogs, they managed to stop a developer from destroying sacred Hawaiian land only using the power of song (and secretly, threats of violence towards the developer). With this brave action, Genghis and his Punk frog brothers were awarded with some ceremonial Hawaiian weapons as a sign of hoalohaloha.

Wave 9:
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music no

Ninja Scumbug
It's Scumbug in a torn stereotypical  Ninja "pajama outfit". New upper torso, crotch, lower legs and feet. Also, a new head with a bandana covering his mouth.
For accessories:
Throwing Roaches
Toxic pack
Toxic blowgun (plugs to pack)
Fogger bombs
Toxiblade (plugs to pack)

In order to beat his enemies, Scumbug 
BECAME HIS ENEMY. First he became a Roach/Exterminator being, now he's a Ninja/Exterminator/Roach thing. Using his knowledge from Ninja movies, Scumbug designed his Noxious Ninja Exterminating Arsenal to exterminate the Turtles!!

Pro-Am Scumbug:
Scumbug with a new golf shirt top and new right leg with golf shoe.
Same old heads but the eye paint is switched between them. (Open mouth has hypno eyes, closed mouth has normal eyes)
New hands:
Wide C-grips with vertical hinge.
New accessories:
-Cheater's toxic Golf bag
-insecticide powered golf club (similar to the urogolf club but with a hose connected to the golf bag.
-normal golf club
-broken golf club
Old accessories
Toxic backpack (in ninja black) except the seeping toxins, warning sign , and red buttons, which should be in their bright colors.

No one knows the green as well as Scumbug, since he is often on it spreading his noxious toxins as an exterminator. Now he does it while playing golf. Who would've thought that he would be able to combine business with pleasure. Scumbug will stop at nothing to win, whether making the Turtles faint from his toxic fumes or shifting around the terrain with his roaches.

Zak the Neutrino
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music yes

Zak the Earth Teenager:
Basically, Zak dressed as an Earth kid from the 60s. I'm thinking something Archie inspired for two reasons:
Classic Archie seems stuck in a pseudo 50s-60s aesthetic despite the sliding timeline.
Archie and the TMNT Have a history. 
Let's make it 3 and say that Dask in a Jughead inspired outfit would look cool and Kala as a Betty or Veronica would complete the set.

Notes on head:
Neutrino Ears must be separate pieces in clear plastic, but painted in the round earthling ear shape.

For accessories:
Wategun with backpack
Pop cap gun

Using an experimental image inducer tech frim Donatello, Zak is now passing as Normal Earth teen. Despite just being a teen looking for fun, Krang's war on Dimension X has forced the Neutrinos to rebel against Krang using Fun and Merriment (and guns despite the Neutrino race's aversion to violence) against Krang's oppressive rule... 

Ultimate Disc Champ Zak:
Basically, Zak in a tight t-shirt and shorts with the word neutrinos emblazoned on front with Zak's name on the back and the number 87 on his back.

-Earthling flying disc
-Dimension X flying disc (more hi-tech disc)
-thin crust pizza
-pizza tray

If it's Disc shaped and light enough, zak can toss it! A Flysk (Ultimate flying disc) champion on Dimension X, Zak was overjoyed when he discovered that Earth has its own version of Flysk, though more primitive. He trained himself hard on this lo-tech version of Flysk and is attempting to become the first Bi-Dimensional Flysk champion by unifying his Dimension X title to the Earth title, he is sure to win. He's trained in all sorts of disc throwing and catching, from standard Earth and Dimension x regulation discs to pizza trays, actual pizzas (Michelangelo loves catching Zak's pizza throws like a dog, just to make Kala laugh.) And even manhole covers.

Pop Royale Zak:
Zak wearing a jacket that is a cross between Mj's Beat it and Thriller jackets sporting a single glove and a removable hat. (More on thwat later)
2 new heads:
One with longer "smooth criminal MJ" inspired head (to use with the removable hat) one with the 80s MJ "perm".
Special hands:
The new gloved hand in the standard poses, special sparkle firng hand and a Hat brim holding hand.
-sparkle effects that "come out of Zak's glove
-hat with metallic brim
-hat with laser brim
-gravity defying shoes (plug into foot hole)
-microphone/musical beam sword

Zak came to Earth with a mission: to defeat Krang using the power of music. Using his music powered gravity defying shoes he can twirl and move in ways that not even the robotic Foot Soldiers can match. With his sprakle glove he dazzles audiences and enemies as he shuffles and boogies to victory. His hat is not only a fashion statement, but it can cut evil down to size.

Wingnut and Screwloose: 
Disguised yes
Sports yes 
Music yes

Wild Mannered Reporter Wingnut:
Wingnut in an oversized black business suit that poorly hides his wings,wearing a hat and glasses. The short is partially unbuttoned and you can see the Wingnut suit underneath.
 Screwloose is wearing a blue business suit with bowtie while carrying a photographic camera.
New head with glasses and hat. He is still wearing the Wingnut mask underneath.
Same old hands as the disguise is supposed to do a poor job of hiding his secret identity.

For accessories:
-Wild Mannered notepad and pen
-throwing bat
-Rolled Tabloid of Justice 
-Screwloose the Photographer

Wingnut, like most superheroes, depends on a secret identity. That's why he took the identity of Wild Mannered Reporter Murcie Lago and  Screwloose goes by Mild Mannered Photographer Moss Keto. Working for the Manlaird East Magazine, a tabloid full of Mutant conspiracy theories and anti-turtle sentiment, Wingnut and Screwloose keep an eye on the scoops that will lead them to fight the Foot.

Goalie Wingnut:
Wingnut in a black Goalie outfit with red and silver accents that can also double as a Superhero suit. Think something like wingnut-ized Batman Beyond's outfit but with the addition of Hockey pads. 
For heads he gets 2:
One normal head with his cowl painted black
New head with custom made bat-goalie helmet

For hands
2 new hockey glove hands to be used with the removable arm pads

2× removable armpads
2× removable thigh pads
2× removable lower leg pads
2× removable bat skates that plug to foot holes
Goalie stick
New Utility belt (silver and inspired by Batman Beyond)
Screwloose in a 80s Nightwing inspired Hockey attire.
Goalie stick
3× hockey pucks
Throwing bat in black red and silver

Someone once said that: "Real Superheroes don't wear hockey pads". Thanks to Casey Jones and his desire to take on Hockey again, Wingnut began to wear hockeypads and a much darker outfit inspired by Casey and Raphael's stint as the Nightwatcher. Now wingnut delivers Justice and pain both inside and outside the rink.

Boogaloo Wingnut:
Basically Wingnut in a poorly conceived late 60s to early 70s Latin jazz outfit. Unlike the Reporter disguise, Wingnut's wings are fully on display here. Still, the outfit poorly hides Wingnut's Superhero suit.
For heads:
Head 1 is Normal Wingnut's head but the cowl painted similarly to Adam West's Batman.
Head 2 is Wingnut wearing a wig and glasses reminiscent of Hector Lavoe.

For hands, the only new hands would be a pair of bass playing hands, Güiro playing hands, and a special pair of hands... Peace sign hands for no reason at all. Only the fists would make a return. (All hands should match thr previous Wingnut.)

-Güiro shaped oversized gas grenade and special throwing bat shaped tine
-double bass club
-keyboard for Screwloose
-mew Screwloose with bongos strapped to him and one hand free to play the keyboard.

Wingnut's got a Latin beat that can make even the grumpiest of folks get into the rhythm. But when trouble's a Foot, his trusty Güiro grenade can smoke the baddies out and with a well timed Bat tine hit, the foot is down for the count. If the Foot rises after that, the double bass club takes care of them.

Wave 10
Disguised yes
Sports yes

Mallrat Karai:
Basically Karai in civilian clothes.
I'm thinking that she'd have a bit of a punkish vibe since she's supposed to be a bit older than the Turtles and Japanese fashionin the mid 80s had a punkish vibe among teens and young adults. With that bit of background info, let's begin:
Almost black dark purple turtle necked unitard under a dark grey loose collared T-shirt tucked into faded blue pants
Then she'd have the pants legs tucked into black boots. She'd also sport a leather Jacket with 悪い emblazoned in bright red on the back... because she's bad.
(From the waist down, Karai's parts can be reused with April's lower legs. Torso would be new and reusing April's arms with Karai's hands seals the deal. The wrist is the perfect organic spot to end a unitard without requiring new sculpts)
New head 1: unmasked and without headband.
New head 2: same as 1 but with amber lens sunglasses sculpted on (due to her hairstyle removable glasses are NOT an option)
New hand:
Credit card swiping hand
For accessories:
4 Shop till U drop bags
2 "Collapsible billy club" that fits on her right leg quiver (nod to DD, who was a huge influence on TMNT) one would be for rope nunchuck mode and  the other a dual baton mode.
Refreshing Orange Juice from concentrate.
Soft throwing Pretzel.
Extremely sharp Shredder's credit card

Karai is back with a vengeance! After pilfering Shredder's Credit card, she's racking up his debts by her extreme shopping. After the insane shopping Spree, Karai hits the food court for some snacks and refreshments, that she will use as weapons if Mall Security, the Turtles, or worse, her Dad, come looking for her. If all else fails she has a trusty collapsible billy club to defend herself. There's no stopping this bad girl!

Kyudoka Karai:
Basically Karai in a Japanese Archery Outfit.
This would require new torso and combining Karai's arms with April's forearms and ninja April's legs covered by a soft goods Hakama.
No new heads needed, the headband Karai head works for this figure.
New hands:
Kyudo style arrow shooting hands.
Japanese Traditional Longbow
3× long Arrows
Kyudo Quiver

As a master archer, Karai has trained in various styles of Archery from East and West,  with her native Japan's Kyudo being her favorite. She often enters competitions to test the skills of her competitors and to wind down from the adrenaline pumping life of a ninja assassin. But make no mistake, it's better to face Karai at competitionsthan outside  when she's hunting you.

Secret Idol Sawaki Amai-chan:
Karai the secret pop idol.
Picture Karai as a hyper saccharine 80s J-Pop idol crossed with a Magical Girl theme.
Sporting a pink and blue wig with a hairstyle reminiscent of Hamato Karai from rise of the TMNT with some cutesy makeuo and she'd be wearing a pink Magical Girl outfit with heavy influences from Alice in Wonderland.

For heads, I already described the first one, which is Karai with the wig on with a cutesy smile and a wink. The second head is Karai without the wig all serious.
Special hands: Victory pose hands.

For accessories:
Magical girl mic/scepter that has a hidden blade.
Oversized squeaky Mallet
Vox of pink mochi with 食べる on the lid (roughly translates to "eat".
Soda bottle with 飲むbrand translates to "drink".

Before Oroku Saki decided to make his entire existence about ruining Hamato Yoshi's life, He used to be an actual father figure for Karai. The first English book he read to her was Alice in Wonderland. That book stuck with Karai after her father left. Despite training hard as a Ninja under Master Tatsu,  Karai secretly became a child idol singer, Sawaki Amai-chan! Using extremely saccharine lyrics and family friendly branding, Karai ammased a legitimate small fortune while working protection rackets,  which allowed her to quickly rise among the Foot like her father did. 

She was forced to stop when Shredder found out about his daughter being an idol. Now Karai is bringing the hyper Saccharine Sawaki Amai-chan back in the Otonadesu Tour! 

And there we have it... All non-Turtle figures that could've gotten variants have received potential variants...

No, mousers getting the tremors Shriekers treatment is not making Mouser variants.

Wait, I AM forgetting something?

I did promise Rat King as a Bonus,  since he WAS originally part of wave 10.
These variants will use Bishie Rat King as the base:

Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music yes

Ratt King: Undercover Detective:
Think Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 1 and David Hasselhoff in Knight Rider. Sporting a brown leather jacket with a green plaid shirt, faded blue jeans and brown cowboy boots.
Head 1 sports Mel Gibson's Riggs mullet.
Head 2 sports green shades with red lenses and Hasselhoff's perm.
Head 3 sports a mostly bandaged face that can be used with Standard Rat King as well.
Body and hands are highly likely to be all new.

For accessories:
Swiss cheese detective badge necklace.
Ratcannon (oversized revolver that shoots rats).
Deputized rats with nonremovable tiny police hats.
Ratcuffs (a rat holding together 2 broken handcuff shackles)

He was a cop and good at his job until he ran into an ambush by criminals set up by dirty cops. Left for dead, he was saved by rats, owned by an eccentric millionaire, who nursed Ratt King back to health. In his death the Millionaire left Ratt King enough resources for him to fight the biggest vermin of all, Humanity. 

Jai Alai Rat King:
Basically,  Rat King in a Jai Alai outfit and carries balls that are curled up rats.
For heads: one with a non-removable rat themed helmet. The other is Bishie Rat King with no bandages or helmet.

For accessories:
Jai Alai cesta made specifically for the right hand.
Normal balls
Rat balls
Bomb balls
Sewer Water bottle.

Rat King LOVES Jai alai, practices it day in and day out and it allows him to meet all sorts of people to eliminate in order to create his Utopia with rats, the ultimate survivors. Ready to humiliate his opponents and the Turtles, Rat King boosts his Jai Alai balls with bombs or even flicks his loyal subjects towards his opponents for a quicl bubonic attack.

Ratboy Band Rat King:
Basically Rat King wearing a trendy outfit reminiscent of 80s boy bands and Rat King's normal hobo clothes.
For heads:
Smirking Bishie Rat King 
Closed eyes singing Rat King

For accessories:
Rat Mic
Singing rat quartet( 4 rat in singing pose)
revolving turntable with cheesy vinyl records... (they're made of cheese.)
 Repaint of the Mouser masked rat
Reuse Flute

The Ratty sensation is here, from the sewers and all the way to the city Is rat King and the Boy Rats! The first human and rat band in the world. Teying to be the Big Cheese of the Musical worlds, Rat King and the Boy Rats use their musical talents. With DJ Maskedrat (pronounced muskrat) at the turntable revolving the cheesy records. With the rat Quartet adding the chorus, Rat King sings and flutes his way into your heart to stop the turtles with the Ratvolution... because nothing is scarier than a mob of tween girlsmowing down people because their beloved pop star told them to.

Okay now I'm done. I guess I ran out of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle topics to rant about for now.

May 29, 2023

I wonder if Super7 will continue with Disney Ultimates

 With the Recent announcement that Disney's The Rescuers wave of Ultimates is most likely canceled, which to be fair was a bit of a pointless wave since the figures aren't in scale with each other. If you get Penny, you get an in-scale Bernard and Bianca... but buying Bernard and Bianca, you cannot Display them with Penny due to size issues. Hell, I'm surprised Bernard and Bianca are a two-pack instead of 2 individual releases. I'm guessing that a THEMED wave on a not necessarily SUPER Popular Disney flick was the result. I could bet that the same thing would've happened if this had been a Black Cauldron themed wave.

But assuming the wave is canceled, I hope Super7 doesn't look at this like people don't want Disney stuff... it's just that The Rescuers aren't AS Popular as Fantasia, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, etc... No! NEFTY YOU AIN'T BUYING NO CINDERELLA! Especially when the Cinderella sequels had a very special voice... (yes, it's a Meyal Gear VA, and I wouldn't want Cinderella to be talking about FOXDIE... she also played Black Cat, so  having Cinderella trying to seduce Prince Eric...) OK I NEED Cinderella and Prince Eric now... 

All Spider-Man/Metal Gear Solid references aside, I kinda want Ariel (both Mermaid and Human), Prince Eric and Urusula for Obvious reasons. Same thing would apply for Aladdin, Jasmine, and Jafar. I would probably need a Prince Ali for A Whole New World.  And no, I won't make Kingdom Hearts references with them, If I got them... mainly because I would have to buy from scalpers the Diamond Select Kingdom Hearts Sora, Donald, and Goofy... Right now there is only ONE Diamond Select Figure I want is Jean-Claude Van Damme... I mean remember when I bought all that Last Airbender Stuff for a Revelation Masterverse Evil Lyn? Well, guess who DIDN'T BUY A MASTERVERSE REVELATION EVIL LYN? Me!

Like, I can JUST get Mermaid Ariel and be done, because Mermaid Ariel is like Super Iconic as the little Ginger that Revived Disney.  I mean it's not like they're making an Ultimates Herbie the Love Bug... My soul would weep if an Ultimates Nautilus ever gets made. But I guess we have to wait and see... 

As long as Super7 doesn't pull off a dick move like making a Beauty and the Beast Wave with Belle (yellow ballgown), Beast (Red Cape) , Gaston, LeFou and when buying all 4 you get the accessory pack of Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and the duster that Lumiere lusts for.  So you'd have to get the second wave of Belle (blue dress), Prince Adam (not that one, Disney's), Maurice, and Philippe the Horse.  Get all 4 and another accessory pack with more of the Beast's cursed servants. Then the final release of Beast in Ball Suit.

And that's just Beauty and the Beast... I'd better shut my trap and not give them ideas on how to screw me over with Aladdin.

And for the love of god please don't go for the direct to video sequels... because Nefty totally wouldn't get a Melody figure, especially when she's voiced by Tara Charendoff, who is known for many voice roles and I believe has become the Number One favorite Female Voice Actor here at the House of Rants, but she will never dethrone the King, Cam Clarke... Yes, go into the direct to video stuff. I WANT A King of Thieves for Aladdin... even if it means me having to sacrifice myself and get a Melody figure... I'll take one for the team... Spike, what do you mean no one is buying it?  Had I said Ko u, maybe they would've believed me? Hell no! Fuck Kovu and fuck Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, except the songs sang by Cam Clarke, because here at the House of Rants we are Cam Clarke fans! Besides, everyone knows that Ariel wants to be an action figure... she WANTS TO BE PART OF THAT WORLD... 

May 28, 2023

B-Flynn, Playmates, TMNT: a rant

 On a recent Podcast, Brian Flynn of Super7,entioned some thongs about various lines: like how The Rescuers wave is most likely canceled, Berbils are not on the top of B-Flynn's  Thundercats plan, how Copper Kidd is still coming and his space Racer is coming too... But TMNT IS THE BIG ISSUE HERE:

Monty Moose and Hotspot are NOT on the top of the list. B-Flynn didn't onow about the Warriors of the Forgotten Sewer. We got official confirmation about Playmates being the main reason the vintage styled unpainted weapons  are no longer being made. We got official confirmation that they cannot get as close to 100% Playmates accurate styling despite having different scale and articulation. Mostly because there are some "sensitivities" with the designs and apparently there's a "line in the sand" that Super7 cannot cross without "ruffling a few feathers." Which translates into what fans have theorized: "Playmates got butthurt about Super7 making new figures that have modern articulation, but visually, they keep the vintage aesthetics far better than Playmates' own attempts."

Also, a more Playmates Toys inspired Rat King is coming. I suppose that they'll add,  a more vintage head, the bones on his suit but not the rats or centipedes.

Mockup using the Ramen Toy 3rd party head on the Super7 Rat King Body with crudely drawn bones.

He could get the removable roadkill belt BUT it wouldn't be all orange. It could be  cast in Rattle Snake tan/brown and painted appropriately. The pouches on the belt could be painted brown and the cheeses could be cheddar orange and swiss white. The knife hilt could be metallic yellow and the cat in Orange Tabby with black tire marks. Same principle would apply to the other toy accessories. Like The crossbow wouldn't be neon green, but instead be Black with Olive Green accents as a nod to the toy. The Crossbow could have an arrow  with a "rat tip"
Think Antman clinging to Hawkeye's arrow but with a rat. Additional trick arrows could be added, like say cheesebait arrow to direct Rats.
In addition to his rat buddies and the toon/Shredder's Revenge flute. Of course, Rat King is not coming anytime soon, since we have waves 7,8,9, and 10 in preorder status and until we don't  get at least 2 waves in-hand, Super7 shouldn't drop any other TMNT preorders.
A painted version of the traditional Rat Hook could work OR a new 4 pronged Rat Hook
That way it keeps The Playmates Aesthetics but it's not 100% Playmates Accurate, so it won't ruffle too many feathers. Personally I'd be okay with the body of the figure they showed but adding a vintage styled head and the removable belt. Emphasis on the word REMOVABLE

While I'm here let's talk Pizzaface. It's no secret that I'm gunning for him to be made. So once again, I'm going to speculate on how he could be theoretically made. I WILL USE AN ANDRE THE GIANT ULTIMATES as a sort of template on articulation and chunkiness. The crude edits on phone software ARE NOT TO SCALE. He should be slightly taller than a Turtle...
For height reference only. Width is not to scale do to phone software limitations.Also painted the hat in a yellowish color to differentiate it from Playmates.

The figure itself, I could see it coming with maybe a second head. Standard hands, special Pizza tossing hand,Tossable pizzas, in my drawing I made the knife from his apron a removable weapon to differentiate it from playmates. Due to software limitations I didn't add the slobber and random pizza toppings that should be all over his body. (Not playmates accurate, but it fits with the style.) Personally, his filthy outfit would consist of grease stains, sauces, slobber, and ooze. Grease stains would be orange splotches painted on vs the sauce stains which would have sculpted splotches, since sauce is thicker and chunkier. I'd add random bits of pepperoni, mushrooms, and peppers stuck on creases and folds. 

Speaking on articulation: unlike the Playmates toy, both of his legs have normal articulation down to the knee. I was forced to make Pizzaface's pants longer for Articulation's sake... and to hide most of the prosthesis. In the Playmates toy, Pizzaface has a cleaver that reaches all the way to his hip. This would male his cleaver a Carcass Splitter, but I'm not too sure if it could hold the figure's weight if made accurate. Making the "prosthetic leg weapon" shorter reduces potential of the handle breaking.

Yeah, this is the elephant in the room.
Mockup Not to scale.
I would prefer stubbier arms and legs.
Not all accessories included in mockup.

I already mentioned the removable knife that is inspired by the vintage toy's sculpt. It gives him a new usable weapon that the vintage toy didn't have. I'm using the Party Wagon pizzas as an example on the different sizes for his tossable pizzas. The toppings should match the vintage toy, but in worst case scenario they could reuse the Party Wagon pizzas. Like Metalhead and his nunchuck weapon, Pizzaface should have 2 versions of his prosthetic leg weapons. One set of each that plugs into the leg and the other said that can be held by the figure's C grip hands.

The Ninja pizza Shield is out, because I want to incorporate it to the Pizza cutter leg. That way the figure is "different enough" from Playmates. While remaining incredibly close. Of course, I would prefer if Pizzaface was as close as possible to the Playmates version,  but I could compromise with something that doesn't stray too far from it. But the Ultimate Secret Weapons to make a Close to accurate Playmates Pizzaface NOT feel like it's an upscaled Pizzaface is on his heads: all 3 or 4 of them.
Here's what I mean with the heads:
Head 1 based on the Lawson art. 
Head 2 based on the Pizza the Hutt concept art by Errol McCarthy.
Heads 3 and 4 based on the Prototype Pizzaface with the conjoined twin head that hides under his chef's hat.

But I guess we'll have to wait until the end of the year to see whar A7 is cooking with TMNT for wave 11.

I Kinda want Super7 to make figures from The Orville

 Super7 is making figures from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I may or may not get a Jonathan Frakes because I want him to assert hie dominance over chairs... I may get Patrick Stewart because it's Patrick Stewart and I might even use the old Wheelchair for a Professor X reference, but if I get Piccard, I might be tempted to get the Archnemesis of Sheldon Cooper, Hwil Hweaton... why? Three words that makes Wheaton mad:

But I'm here to talk about the Love Letter to Star Trek TNG, The Orville. In comparison to more Recent Trek shows, the Orville feels closer to classic Trek than actual current Trek shows. At the same time, the show feels different enough to NOT BE JUST "We have Star Trek at home" knock-off.

OK I just want a Seth McFarlane figure... OK, an Adrianne Palicki figure would be nice too! Sure I've  seen like 3 Episodes of the show, but it's Seth McFarlane, which would make him a great addition to my shelves. If Super7 made these in addition to TNG, and if lucky, the Original Trek, my shelves would have a massive nerdgasm. 

Having Shatner, Stewart and McFarlane picking on Wheaton would be Priceless.

May 26, 2023

MANDALORIAN News that surprises no one

 Pedro Pascal is just a Voice Actor. This past Season, the Titular character took a back seat to Bo Katan's story and hos bathing on the waters of Mandalore to recover THE WAY, seal the deal on Din Djarrin not needing to ever take off his helmet again, therefore releasing Pedro Pascal from being in the suit a lot.

This was what allowed Pascal to have enough freedom to work on both The Mandalorian and on The Last of Us. Of course, we hope that Pascal doesn't get too attached to his role on The Last of Us, because of the golfing incident. This Is Us Star Wars as you can get, since the last time and the first time we saw something like this was with Darth Vader. James Earl Jones voiced the character while David Prowse was the main actor. Maybe that could be the way to make Boba Fett great again. It allows a new actor for the action scenes and for the parts that require Boba to take off his helmet we can use Temuera Morrison. That works for one Mandalorian could work for another.

May 25, 2023

There is a Snake Eater remake coming

 Videogame version of Zack Snyder is not involved and Snake is not a Guyver... No Hayter, No Kojima, Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater... it's funny that the Remake is using Delta as their numeral, since Delta is considered as a symbol of difference, variance, or change...
Also, in the series' timeline, it's the First Metal Gear game... 

Now, I am using Reynolds aluminum foil as headwear...

This will be a reboot of the entire series:
The remake will not be a straight up redo of Snake Eater, but a new take. Some of the Kojimaisms will be eliminated for the sake of streamlining the experience. Silly things and  references to other games might be removed. The game might become SUPER SERIOUS like REm4ke... EVA might get neutered to appease twitterkin that don't play videogames but whine about SocJus. 

As much as I like Hayter as Snake, I understand that this might be a long run project with potentially, um let me just post the possible timeline:
Snake Eater
Peace Walker
Ground Zeroes
Phantom Pain
Outer Heaven
The Twin Snakes
Sons of Liberty
Guns of the Patriots

That's 9 canonical games as a bare minimum. I say bare minimum because these people making the Remake could go Final Fantasy 7 remake and split single games into multiple entries. There's way too many projects and since this type of game doesn't get made in a few months we're talking about possibly the next 10 years or more to complete the Saga. Hayyer is 54 and Snake's voice can be a bit harsh on the cords. It makes sense NOT to have Hayter as the young Big Boss...
Hopefully, they bring Hayter to voice Big Boss in Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain so he can be the Big Boss that Solid Snake fights in Zanzibarland and Outer Heaven. Not to mention that it would be the Ultimate Fuck You! to Hideo Kojima.

In any case, this was just a teaser. Now let's wait until we get to see the actual game.


Sadly by the time Sons if Liberty happens, we won't have SOLIDUS SNAKE since John Cygan passed away in 2017.

Also, a compilation of MGS, MGS2, and MGS3 will be released soon.

May 24, 2023

Who let High Summoner Yuna dance to the GoldenEye theme?

 As Tidus once said:
People Die and Yuna Dances... apparently, Yuna found my Mom's CD of Tina Turner's greatest hits and danced to it. Yes, this means that Tina Turner has passed away. As always my condolences to friends and family, except Ike Turner... he can eat a bag of demon dicks in Hell. Yes, I know Ile was dead even before this blog, hence the eating demon dicks in Hell part.

My knowledge of Tina Turner stems mostly from Mom, she overplayed We Don't Need Another Hero almost as much as Private Dancer. Addicted to Love was one of the least she playde, but I like it a bit better than the 4 she overplayed. Her other two overplayed songs were What's Love Got To Do With It and It Takes Two with Rod Stewart. I was lucky she never got GoldenEye... otherwise she would've overplayed the living shit out of that song...
There's  also the 90s movie with Angela Basset, and her big hair which reminds me of Karg, or is it Karg who reminds me of Tina?

In any case, Mom, please leave Tina alone... She's not your Private Singer, singing for whatever currency there is in Heaven...

GITD Cheetara and possible bad news on Silverhawks:

 $65 for a Cheetara with less paint apps but is GITD? Easiest PASS I've ever seen and I bought the John Cena Tygra.

It's Cheetara with less accessories at a higher price point because she "glows in the dark"... GTFOH with that bullshit. At best shit one ahould be LESS than the original $55 since she comes with less stuff than the previous release.

Seems that Silverhawks is no longer listed under Super7's Licenses. So, does this mean we get no Copper Kidd? No Flashback or Moonstryker? No Melodia?

Hell, I'm still waiting for my Quicksilver and Steelheart to ship from Super7. 

If you search on the site for Silverhawks, here's What you get:

Ummm... B-Flynn? Looks like you got some 'splainin to do? While it sucks that Silverhawks is most likely to be incomplete... I only wanted the Kidd and maybe Melodia... the more positive news is that if indeed there's no more Silverhawks, then the only REAL reason for me to stick around Super7 would be TMNT... and maybe a random oddity.


Silverhawks are still coming. On a recent podcast, B-Flynn commented on Silverhawks and Copper Kidd is apparently a Wave 5 figure.

May 23, 2023

Hulkamania is going to change, brother! Hogan's back and feeling better than ever

 Not returning to the ring, but he had been mostly hidden due to health complications a while back... well, he's back and better than ever... wait, did I just made an Eric Bischoff reference?

Eat your shrooms, smoke your weed, say your prayers,  brother! Yup, The Hulkster is going to join the ranks of Mike Tython, and Ric Flair in becoming a weedmonger and Mushroom peddler.

Things that aged like fresh milk in a car on a hot summer day...

But in any case, best of luck to the Hulkster on his newest business endeavor and hopefully it won't be a repeat of Pastamania...


 Because his necrosight caught Actor Ray Stevenson, who played Frank Castle in it. He also was Volstagg on the MCU's Thor Movies. He was the VA for a character in Clone Wars and is on the upcoming season 1 of Ahsoka, making the jump from Star Wars animation to Live Action.

So far the cause of death hasn't been officially released, but as always my condolences to friends and family. Once again I'm not going to pretend like I'm the biggest fan of his film work, because I mainly know him as Punisher. I might say that of all the actors who have played the character his rendition was the best and he also what's the actor with the closest resemblance to the comic book character, which puts him above the other actors.

Mom knew him from Rome. I knew him from Punisher: Warzone.. a role he reprised on Superhero Squad... He also was Firefly in the Live Action GI Joe movie that didn't suck too much... huh...  He's been around in aa lot of stuff I've seen and on a lot of stuff I haven't.may herestin peace... well, since he was one of the warriors three, may he be having delicious boar roast and downing it with mead in Valhalla! For Asgard! For Midgard!

May 21, 2023

Aonuma says that future Zeldas won't be like the earliest 3D Zeldas

 And that the "sandbox" style from BOTW and TOTK will be the norm (for now). Of course, the children who grew up with Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, or Twilight Princess are pissed about this. I get their anger, but I also get Aonuma. First let's get something out of the way:
One of my favorite Legend of Zelda games is one of the MOST LINEAR GAMES in the series. I am talking about Link's Awakening. With that said, I kinda agree with Aonuma. The Classic 3D format for zelda is VERY limiting...  You have to follow a very rigid path... it "kinda opens up at some point but then your sidekick will begin insisting on heading back to tbe main story. Then we have the dungeons which are fun, but they have the same gimmick. Run aroind getting keys and trasure chessts until you fins the dungeon's gimmick trasure, so you can progress to the boss room and beat the boss with the gimmick item. Then once the dungeon is done, you can forget about the item unless it's one of the following:
Pegasus/iron boots

Because most of the items are rarely used outside of dingeons unless a contrived puzzle requires it. Spinner, I'm thinking about you.
So much potential on this battle nd the item became useless after the dungeon... let's not talk Dominion Rod either.  

With that said, "sandbox" games CAN get stale if there is very little difference between them. I'm going to say that after Tears of the Kingdom, this Hyrule must be retired. The map needs to change in order to feel fresh. We need the return of gimmick items instead of the Sheikah Slate or Purah Pad. Fix the weapon durability issue. Fuse is a step forward, but it feels more like a band-aid than a solution. Maybe we could have two kinds of weapons: 
Standard and Master Weapons:
Standard are the ones you would normally see on the world like BOTW and TOTK.
Master Weapons would be "Key Items" that don't break, but they weaken and need to be Restored.
Like say, the Master Sword needs to spend some time in non-violence in order to recover. (This recovery should be able to be sped up by a trip to the Sacred Grove or wherever tou pull off the sword.) The mirror shield loses its luster after being used in Shield surfing or Link falling down surfaces while having it on his back. This can be remedied by using a magic consumable that restores the Mirror Shield's luster.
Boss variety and dungeons are sorely needed... but let's face it: what we really need is is that the next Zelda games are entertaining and have good to great storytelling and amazing gameplay... hopefully, they won't burn out the "sandbox" aspect, because it'll be hard to return to linear after sandbox.

May 18, 2023

Mortal Kombat 12 loses the 2 and is now Mortal Kombat 1

 So many reboots... this is worse than DC Comics. So Liu Kang is now the new Raiden after MK 11 and he resets time and trains the OG Kung Lao and you know what, just watch the trailer.

I may be in a minority but, I hate it. 3 games and reboot. What the hell? I don't see why must we go through MK1 and 2 all over again. It looks pretty, and the violence looks deliciously disgusting, but I feel the game is trying a bit too hard to recapture that feeling from the early 90s. I mean, they would be desperate enough to have Jean-Claude Van Damme play Johnny Cage...

Wait, they actually have a Jean-Claude Van Damme skin for Johnny Cage!? You son of a bitch! THEY ARE THAT DESPERATE! The most laughable thing about this game is that it will not be on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One but, it will be on the Nintendo switch. On the Nintendo switch a game that barely can pull off PS3 graphics. If it's on Switch why not XBOne and PS4? Jean-Claude Van Damme better record all his lines while coked up.

May 17, 2023

Disguised, sports, and music variants for non-turtle TMNT Folks for Ultimates part 1

 Before I start this rant, I must point out that this is NOT a wishlist. This is a theoretical exercise that takes existing S7 Ultimates TMNT variant themes and applied to other characters.
Not all characters can be put into variants due to their nature. Like say, Muckman is a living pile of trash and it's not something that can be easily adapted to a sports theme. I will go through all non- LDRM characters that aren't variants. Part 1 will cover the first few waves, then further parts until we cover all 10 waves and maybe Wave 11's Rat King.
Wave 1:
Baxter Stockman:
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music no

Baxter the Paparazzi:
Baxter with a brown windbreaker and blue jeans. 
New Accessories:
Alt head with a backwards blue cap
Hands to hold a camera
Press pass
4 SpyFly drones

Baxter is taking the Fly on a Wall to a new level in a deranged attempt to ruin the Turtles's reputation and outscooping April O'Neil.

Pro Bowler Baxter:
Baxter dressed in a Pro Bowling uniform.
New Accessories:
Bowling ball holding hands
2 Mouser themed Bowling Balls (one fits on the Bowling ball holding human hands and the other one is made for his fly hands)
10 pin bombs.

On his time off Baxter is a professional Bowler
Capable of bowling perfect games on 4 lanes at the same time, Baxter bowls for one single reason, gloating over the utter defeat of his enemies and showcasing his superiority over others.

Foot Soldier:
Disguised yes
Sports no
Music no

Master of Disguise Foot soldier:
This is an excuse to have a "Foot Soldier army builder". Take the standard Wave 1 Foot Soldier and give him tons of accessories for disguises:
New Accessories 
-Policeman hat and tonfa
-cowboy hat and soft goods poncho (inspired by Clint Eastwood and Turtles in Time)
-Chef hat with soft goods apron and chef knife
-Purple Reporter hat, blue necktie (think Fleischer Superman's Clark Kent) and newspaper "to hide in plain sight"
- tropical straw hat and open soft goods hawaiian style shirt.

Old accessories:
-UC Raph Revolver
- 2 Ninja Rack Katar blades

Strike hard and fade away into the shadows is the motto of the Foot Ninja. The Foot Soldiers are known to blend easily into the crowds and be unnoticed, especially in NYC, where nearly everyone minds their own business.

Disguised yes
Sports no
Music yes

Master Handyman Splinter:
If you're thinking of a Splinter heavily inspired by Mr. Miyagi, you already know what to expect. Basically Splinter in gray pants with a soft goods shirt in Splinter's colors.
New head Splinter wearing a bandana with the Hamato clan insignia.
Walking stick
Wax canister
2 Wax sponges
Hand to hold paintbrush

Old accessories:
Party wagon toolbox and some of the tools in different colors.

Appearances can be deceiving. Who would've thought that a simple Handyman carries the secrets of Ninjitsu? Splinter uses menial tasks to train future Ninja against the Foot and other eviodoers.

The Rat King of Rock and Roll:
Splinter in an Elvis Inspired Outfit (yes, this is a nod to Rise of the RotTMNT's Splinter)
New Accessories:
Guitar playing Splinter hands
New head with Elvis Hairstyle and glasses.
New alt toon based head
Ukulele with hidden blade
Microphone with stand
Soft goods cape
Bacon wrapped Peanut and banana sushi rolls

Before Rock became loud and pushing the instruments to the limit, we have Splinter's  softer but compelling rock. Relying on His kingly vocal chords and mesmerizing hip movements, Splinter honors the King who taught him how to rock.

Wave 2:
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music yes 

Bebop the Gunslinger:
Yes, this is an elaborate joke to have a Cowboy Bebop. Give him a cowboy outfit with Bebop Elements being present, like say: red boots and black leather chaps over blue jeans, a red vest over a pink shirt, purple round glasses and a 10 gallon hat in purple. Alt head would be no glasses and hat, while sporting a late 1800s hairstyle in Bebop Purple.
For new accessories:
-Right hand with twirling pork loin revolver 
-Pork Loin Revolver (oversized revolver that fits on Bebop's hands)
-Bandit scalpin' knife
-Frontier Rifle
-oversized turtle soup pot with lid
-dynamite stick
- tuetle shell held by rope
-soft goods poncho

Old accessories:
-Scratch's moneybag

From the East Coast, all the way to the West Coast Bebop is kicking it old-school in his life of crime. As the fastest gunslinger on Dimension X, Bebop is bringing back the Wild from the Wild West to the modern world.

Bebop: El Puerco Asesino
Think Mexican Masked Wrestler but with Bebop. 
The mask would be like a "El dia De Los Muertos" crossed with a Goot Soldier and Bebop's Mohawk popping from the top. Think Normal Bebop with no vest wearing new Wrestling tights and boots with the words El puerco on his right leg and boot while Asesino is on his left leg and boot. New arms without the turtle shells and that would be it for the figure.

New Accessories
Extra hands for wrestling poses
Soft goods sleeveless robe with Bebop themed elements

Beboppin' Bebop:
Loosely inspired by Dizzy Gillespie's fashion with beret, horn rimmed glasses and a beatnik goatee. Wearing a pink and red striped turtleneck and black pants.

For new accessories:
Alternate Blowing head with inflated cheeks
Trumpet playing hands
Sax playing hands
New sax with drill head sordina
New Dizzy Gillespie inspired bent trumpet with drill head sordina.

While some like their music cool and mellow, Bebop likes it hot and exciting, bringing some evil beats inspired by his namesake, our porcine villain can projectile launch his sordinas with great ease just by playing his funky music.

Mutagen Man:
Disguised yes
Sports no
Muisc no

Incognito Mutagen Man:
Basically this figure is vanilla Mutagen Man with some small changes:
New torso with painted translucent green plastic on the inside and newly sculpted translucent green ooze "top" to simulate he's fully full of Ooze.
The top cap would still be removable, but it can unplug from the hose. The reason is to have a "swappable head", hence the incognito name.

For accessories:
-Normal Mutagen Man cap
-new cap with a partially deflated volleyball duct taped to it, a fedora and a cardboard cutout generic face.
-new soft goods black trenchcoat
-new expressive hands
-new pointing hands
Reuse the gun

After joining the Mighty Mutanimals, Mutagen Man feels lonely, despite being in a team that cares about him. For those times when he feels like he needs to clear his head, he dons the tried and true Trenchcoat and hat disguise to roam the Big Apple.

Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music no

Commando Shredder:
Picture Shredder in a purple, grey, and black sneaking suit. His forearm armor hides a set of retractable blades. (Effect achieved by swapping hands) the spikes on his shoulders, wrists and shins ould be greatly downplayed in the sculpt and looking more like a grater

New Accessories:
Head would have a helmet with visor. The Visor straps would mimic the 3 prongs of Shredder's kabuto. The panel lines on the helmet would mimic his facemask and kabuto.
Second head would be similar to the 1990 movie Foot Ninja.

Gloved hands covering the basics and a second set of fists with two spikes coming from the back of each hand.

For weapons and miscellaneous accessories:
high-tech looking ninjato
Smoke bomb
Smoke explosion effect
Removable scarf
3× Kunai
2× Shuriken 
5× oversized Caltrops

Wearing the ceremonial regalia of the Foot Grandmaster can be a burden at times so the Shredder opts to wear this Westernized Ninja outfit to remember his time as he started out in New York without the backing from the Japanese Foot. 

Kendo Master Shredder:
Basically Oroku Saki wearing a Shredder themed Kendo Outfit.
The Kendo Helmet would have the 3 spikes from Shredder's Kabuto on it in a manner that it doesn't break the Kendo Helmet's shape.
The shoulder pieces of the helmet would have stylized parts reminiscent of Shredder's spikes.
The belt would have the stylized parts reminiscent of Shredder's spikes on the side pieces of the belt. The gloves would follow the same patter of other parts having stylized pieces reminiscent of Shredder's spikes.

He obviously would need kendo gloved hands.
Kendo stick
Broken kendo stick

Shredder is not just a ruthless Ninja Assassin turned into a supervillain, he's also a ruthless teacher who trains the Foot mercilessly. He turns runaway teens and other dregs of society into an army of killing machines known as the Foot Clan. Even when backed by Krang's robotic technology, Shredder knows that the ultimate weapon is made of flesh and bone.

Wave 3:
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music yes

Don Rino Ceronte:
Rocksteady dressed up like a Mobster. Zoot suit, black shoes with spats, and hat. By looking at him you can smell the marinara (and blood)

The usual hands (c-grips, gun grips, dramatic, fists)
Hands with brass knuckles sculpted on them.
Oversized Chicago Typewriter 
Oversized Sledgehammer
Oversized aluminum bat
Oversized snub nose revolver

In order to topple the criminal underworld, Shredder put Rocksteady as a mob boss, disrupting the New York Families. Now known as Rino Ceronte, Rocksteady engages war with the NYFamilies in order to control access to pizza, the toitles' favorite food.

The Brooklyn Rhino Rocksteady:
Yes, it's a Stallone Reference. Specifically Rocky Balboa. And no, it's not Power Punching Rocksteady.
Basically a shortless Rocksteady wearing black trunks with a side stripe in woodland camo pattern (a nod to both rocky and Rocksteady) with boots and socks reminiscent of Rocky.
For accessories, 2 heads:
One normal head and one beaten up head.
Green turtle shell patterned gloves
Set of standard hands, c-grips, relaxed, fists, extra wide C-grips for a special accessory.

-punching bag with stand bag can be swapped for a pear.
-ring bell
-water bottle
-Oxey, the Oxpecker He works Rocksteady hard in order to make him eat lightning and crap Thunder. Picture a Jailbird sized Oxpecker that kinda looks like Burgess Meredith playing both Mickey and the Penguin at the same time. (Yes, he's a reference to Mickey AND the Chicken scene.) 

Trained under Oxey the Oxpecker, Rocksteady has the chance to be a contender. Pushed beyond the limits, The Brooklyn Rhino is going to make mincemeat out of the toitles.

Rastafarian Rocksteady:
Rocksteady wearing a Rastafarian beanie, with dreadlocks and sporting a scraggly beard. Wearing a soft goods Lion poncho over his normal clothes.
(Tanktop has a Jamaican flag)

-Hands to play Bass
- machinegun Bass guitar
-Hand that can potentially hold a removable lollipop

Rockestady can't see the irony of loving the Rastafarian life as a gun-toting, chemically altered Rhinoceros White Man who eats tons of processed food and whose beliefs don't match the Rastas' aside the partaking of a certain plant. Despite that, he's actually quite adept at playing, ska, reggae, and his namesake's music. When there's some downtime at the Technodrome, Tocksteady puts on his dreadlock wig, fake beard and begins to jam, mon!

Disguised yes
Sports no
Music yes

Completely normal Turtle Metalhead:
Picture Metalhead "disguised" as a normal turtle. If you're getting Terminator vibes out of this, you get where I'm going with.
I'm thinking new torso that is a cross between Classic Rocker Leo but with punker Don's jacket.
New thighs without holes in the pants and reusing the classic Rocker Leo lower legs.
Reusing punker Don's shoulders and right arm, with a new Left arm with battle damage, showing the cyborg bits underneath.
Left hands would all be Metalhead's while Right hands are from normal turtles.
For heads we get a slightly oversized "normal turtle head with a Schwarzenegger inspired smile. The other head would be a Terminator styled half endoskeleton revealed face. 
For accessories we get 
Metalhead's nunchaku
New Arm cannon 

He's not a cybernetic organism mimicking the appearance of a turtle. He is a turtle and you cannot prove that he is not... as he has the tools to terminate those who oppose him.

New Wave Metalhead:
I'm thinking a robotic mix of Boy George and A Flock of Seagulls, and a hint of Devo.

For accessories:
-New synthesizer with speakers backpack
-New Microphone left hand (yes, the hand turns into a microphone)
-return of the Whip it hand... (yes, that's the reason for this variant)
-2× rocket attachment for his fists and stands. (He needs a rocket punch!)

Synthesizers are the new wave! Metalhead will bring forth the Technocratic Revolution on music. No longer music is being gatekept behind education and theory, when you can become a maestro with the push of a button! All hail our new Musical Overlord, Metalhead!

April O'Neil:
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music yes

April the Mutant Wrangler:
If you're visualizing April as a Steve Irwin ersatz, you'd be correct. Best part is that Super7 would already have half a body done, since she'd reuse April's torso, crotch, and arms. She'd only need new legs and feet...
I see an alternate head with a Crocodile Dundee hat. I gwarantee that Leatherhead won't like it one bit.

For accessories I see the following
-A new Knoife
-stingray proof removable floating vest.
-Mutant stun rod
-anti-Triceraton tranquilizer rifle

After an incident with Triceratons while in the land down under, April decided to train with various animal wranglers and rescuers to find ways to take down evil mutants in non-lethal ways. (If Walkabout is doable insert a reference to him here. If not, use Guerrilla Gorilla)

Triathlon April:
Basically April in a yellow and white Triathlon unitard with black and yellow triathlon shoes.
For accessories, she'd need 2 new heads
Head 1 with swimcap and removable goggles
Head 2 has her hair tied up in a ponytail
Head 3 is obviously normal April.
For hands we get the standard hands and maybe a "Victory/Peace" set of hands.

Now the rest of her accessories:
-News Bike helmet with camera and microphone that pops on the swimcap head.
-Channel 6 Newsbike (a triathlon bike with basic articulation, wheels roll and handle can turn. Pedal articulation is optional. No real rubber on tires)
-display stand for bike
-water bottle
-soft goods towel

April doesn't just report the news, she makes the news. After getting tangled in incidenta involving the Trutles fighting the Foot, April decided to train herself into a totally radical athlete. Takong marathons, swimming, and biking competitions, April has been training into becoming Channel 6's own Triathlon Champion.

Glam Rock April:
I forgot where I mentioned it, but crossing Jem and Janet Gardner from Vixen could give us a VERY Rocking 80s styled April. I'm leaning towards the April yellows combined with black to give April a more Rocking vibe and the whites that normally accompany April's palette would be replaced by silver to keep the rock edge...
3 heads for April:
Normal April head with Rockstar makeup
April with a glam wig and Rockstar makeup
Winking April with glam wig no rockstar makeup.
For accessories, I'm thinking:
-Rockstar Microphone
-outrageous Amplifier
-Glamorous Guitar
-Martial sash

As a child,  April O'Neil dreamed of being in the spotlight. After having a taste of the spotlight at a karaoke bar while celebrating Burne's 51st birthday; April bought herself a wig, some makeup and outrageous outfits to take the musical world by storm.

Wave 4:

Disguised no
Sports no
Music no

Mondo Gecko:
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music no

Dr. Gecko: Archeologist
Visualize Mondo as an Archeologist/Adventurer.
Leather jacket, dirty white shirt, beige cargo pants (to differentiate himself a bit from Indy), boots.

For accessories 2 new heads:
One with the Famous Archeologist's fedora.
The second head has an "unaccompanied" smuggler hairdo.
-new hands especially one pair with gun grip.
-2× Whip (coiled and in action pose)
-Mauser Broomhandle with scope (no fancy barrel, since Mondo is no nerf herder)
-Slice & Dice Scimitar
-Golden Utrom Idol
-Crystal Turtleoid skull
-The Hyperstone

Raiding tombs, pilfering temples, and protecting the world from dangerous ancient artifacts is the Job of dr. Gecko, Archeologist. Not all archeological digs are boring events as dr. Gecko faces threats from Krang, the Foot, and the Triceraton empire who want the Earth for their nefarious plans.

Hyper street lugin' Mondo Gecko.
It's Mondo Gecko in a yellow and purple strwet luge outfit with helmet, visor, and unitard.
-Alternate tail that can be used on the luge. (Tail Skate has functional wheels)
-Special Turbo Luge with gap to fit in Mondo's tail whose design is based on mondo's skateboard.

Mondo's got the need for speed and Donatello's custom Hyper Street Luge gives the tubular gecko the speed he needs. This special luge is lightweight and allows Mondo to leap at high speeds by pushing himself off the ground with his tail.

Casey Jones:
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music yes

Sir Jones: Knight of the Big Apple
Basically, Casey dressed as a Knight with armor that looks like medieval Hockey pads. The helm that casey is wearing is reminiscent of his mask.
No alternate head 
For other accessories:
-bent spear reminiscent of a hockey stick
-2 blackjacks
-shield reminiscent of a Basketball backboard.

Casey comes from a long line of vigilantes and outlaws. He's a descendant of one of Richard the Lionheart's knights, Sir Bernid Iones, duke of Goongala, defender of the weak and bane of the corrupt. After finding a set of armor and a weapons cache believed to belong to Sir Iones, Casey put it on and decided to deliver justice just like his ancestor did nearly a millennium ago.

Coach Jones:
Picture Casey as an 80s High School Coach.
Polo shirt a few sizes too small with broken sleeves. Should look like a crop top on Casey.
Short shorts kinda like the ones from Richard Simmons. Knee high socks and reuse Casey's senakers. The arms would be the normal Casey arms.
For accessories:
3 heads:
Normal Casey head with a trucker hat.
Normal Casey head with a whistle jammed in the middle mouth hole.
Partially unmasked Casey head with the mask resting above his forehead.
For hands he'd need the following:
Special Ball Holding hands
Frisbee hands
Other accessories:
Basketball (reuse from Donatello)
Lacrosse stick and ball
Gnarly discus (aka Frisbee)

Coach Jones is in session and he's cooking a combination of pain, humiliation, suffering and yours are the main ingredient source.

Country croonin' Casey.
Picture Casey in a plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves, a vest, blue jeans and cowboy boots
For heads:
Unmasked Casey head
Masked casey head with cowboy hat
Other accessories:
Cello playing hands
Hidden Hockey stick cello.
Cello bow bat
Golf club mic with stand 

When he's not givin' baddies a whoopin' Casey soothes his heart by singing and playing the cello. Tales about heartbreak, loss, the road, and betrayal are the stories that Casey croons with a surprisingly angelic voice. Just don't criticize his singing or else you're going to be eating baby food for weeks! 

Wave 5:
Sports no
Music yes

Bluegrass Leatherhead:
A repainted Leatherhead in toon inspired colors with a new vest closer to the cartoon look.
I'd add Banjo playing hands
For accessories he gets:
-A knoife... (reference to Turtles in Time)
-Brawlin' Banjo
-Squealy the Harmonica playing pig boy (picture a redneck stereotype with a harmonica crossed with a piglet)
-xxx jug
-captivating shackles 
Bring back his old bear trap, shotgun, and belt accessories.

Down in the bayou, if you hear banjo and harmonica music, your best bet is to paddle faster and as far away as possible. That's Leatherhead and Squealy playing their music of Mayhem and they're looking for an audience. Once trapped by the captivating shackles, Leatherhead offers them some music and a life changing gumbo filled with Ooze to make better prey for the hunt.

Ray Fillet:
Disguised yes
Sports yes
Music no

The Man Ray:
Ray Fillet in an outfit inspired by the Archie Comics Man Ray. The heads, hands, and "wings" would be the only reused parts. The rest would be new pieces reflecting the Archie look. 
New Accessories:
-puffed up fugu grenade handling gloved hands
-Larger Speargun
-electric eel powered taser bazooka (it lainches electric eels as projectiles)
-puffed up fugu grenades

Like Wingnut before him, Ray decided to become aHeroic protector of the oceans and using the help of his aquatic friends, he delivers deep justice!

Scuba Strike Ray Fillet
Vanilla Ray Fillet with purple torso, color shifting V.
For heads:
New head with non removable scuba mask and breathing mouthpiece.
New head with non removable snorkel and goggles.
For accessories
-New scuba tanks that slip on Ray's neck and plug into his mask.
-new Diving knife.
-new Otto the octopus buddy. 
-reuse Fishstick but repainted in a more orange color.
-Reuse the speargun

Ray is always ready to fight in land and sea. The scuba strike gear allows Ray to fight better wherever the oxygen quality is poor.

Disguised no
Sports yes
Music no

It's Krang in a go-kart whose design elements are reminiscent of the bubble walker.
Obviously the "go-kart is new" and should have ports to attach certain accessories. Sizewise just a smidge longer than the bubble walker but not by much. The front ports should be Compatible with the bubble walker arms. The ports at the bottom and back should be compatible with each other.
-new squinting "determined" Krang head.
-New krang with a go-karaing helmet with a design inspired by the Technodrome's eye.
-new tentacles that can curl forward and hold the go-kart's steering wheel. 

Kart accessories:
-2× Tire slashing Chainsaws (front ports)
-4× Turbo jacks/side shovers (back/bottom)
-4× slick oil slick dispensers (2 turned off and 2 Squirting oil for back/bottom)
-2× Oil puddles
-2× gnarly blasters (front)
-2× tubular turbo boosters (front)

Krang is a little demon on wheels powered up by his suped up kart, he can give chase or escape from the party wagon by using his nefarious kartsenal! 

And that's it for waves 1 through 5, part 2 will look at the next set of waves, so stay tuned!

Some of these were easy to pull off, but others were a bit of a pain... let's see how the next waves fare...