Apr 30, 2012

My heart will go on... AGAIN!!

Titanic: The Sequel is coming... I'm not talking a sequel to the James Cameron Movie Titanic, but  about an Australian Billionaire who wants to make a Titanic II... in China.
Did this guy hear himself say: "Hey mate! I'm gonna make a brand new Titanic in China!"

And that's not counting if Fate decides to be funny and throw an Iceberg to the mix...

Now picture that with modern day clothes...

Sorry, I HAD to do it... can't post the Kate Winslet version cause of boobs...

Apr 29, 2012

Could a Live Action Barbie Movie work?

Barbie, Mattel's biggest Cash Cow, the Mother of the Pink Aisle. She gets tons of DTV Movies, but the question is: Could she survive a Live Action Adaptation?
Well, it COULD... IF done correctly. Mattel would be very protective of their brand, so nothing higher than PG-13 and nothing that could be used against Barbie... (No Barbie Girl song in the movie)
Probably it would be either a Comedy or a Romantic Comedy. For some reason I keep thinking of Legally Blonde. Something like that could work... Now I'm not saying they should just rip-off Legally Blonde. What I'm saying is that if Legally Blonde actually worked, a Barbie Movie COULD work!

Then again, Barbie would be the easiest Mattel brand to convert into a Movie. Big Jim and it's Spiritual Successor, Max Steel would be the second and third easiest.

The Problem lies in Mattel... Obviously their main goal is to sell more toys. They see the TV shows/DTV/Possible Live Action movies as X-Minutes-Long Toy Commercials. And THAT will be Mattel's downfall. Yes, the movie would be based on a Mattel Toy, but Hammering down the BUY THIS TOY! AVAILABLE AT STORES!! is NOT the way to go... I mean look at this Parody video made using Footage from Green Lantern

You know you thought of this when you saw that scene...
OK I'm just putting this because it has a He-Man reference... But seriously, The story should come first, THEN, selling the toys, if they want their Movie projects to succeed... I guess they'll try on a lesser brand first, before tackling on the Big B... Personally I'd tackle the Big B-a-r-b-i-e Movie before tackling one like He-Man... Because Barbie is easier to film and it would not require a larger budget like He-Man would...

Apr 27, 2012

Finally it's starting to look like a 30th Anniversary for MOTU!!

The San Diego Comic Con Exclusive for Masters of the Universe Classics has been Revealed!!
It's Vykron!!

These were Roger Sweet's proto-MOTU ideas
Vikor and Demo-Man were Mark Taylor's.
I swear that looks like an Actual Bobba Fett Helmet
That's a Vykron... I'm not sure what does he do (aside changing his clothes a lot.) But those 3 Characters are the same guy. His place in the MOTUC story is mostly unknown... It seems he's from the times of King Grayskull if we let the leaked pic from the second Mini Comic be our guide. He has a modern era short Loincloth though... (Mostly for the "Bobba Fett" Diaper.) So these guys will be one guy who can be customized into all 3 looks. (Buy all 3 to display all 3... Pretty Sneaky Matty!)

It looks like a Basic Buck with Clip On pieces and swappable Armors with 1 Weapon each...
I know People are Mega Excited about him, but I'm not one of them... I'll explain later.

SDCC 2008: King Grayskull
SDCC 2009: He-Ro
SDCC 2010: Orko with Prince Adam
SDCC 2011: Queen Marlena and Cringer
SDCC 2012: Alternate Prototype Concept He-Man (Codename: Vykron)

While it's a pretty cool exclusive, it's kinda hard to top Queen Marlena and Cringer.

I do see some interesting parts:
The Gloves look similar to those worn by a Fabulous Prince in the Anime Hyper Detailed Era...
While not a Perfect Match, those Tank Boots could be used on Roboto (Repainted of course) to make the 200X Version of him... Or Disks of Doom Skeletor...
The bracers could also be used for a 200X He-Man Classicized...
The AK from Tank-Top could be a nice weapon for Purple Deadpool... I mean The Mighty Spector...

The good news is that THIS exclusive hits ALL the required spots for a SDCC Exclusive.
-It's a cool figure with lots of stuff that can't be crammed on a regular release.
-It's not a KEY Character, so if you can't get it there's not a HUGE Gap in your collection

Now, does it ACTUALLY FIT the MOTU's 30th?
It does a LOT BETTER than Spector, Draego-Man or Laser-Lot! I mean this and the Mark Taylor concepts (Vikor and Demo-Man) are what gave Birth to Masters of the Universe!

Why am I not THAT excited?
I get the reasoning to doing him as an exclusive, but We have Filmation rights, this would have been the perfect place to release a Filmation Character like Scorpia or a Deluxe He-Man with enough pieces to make the Mini Comics version, Filmation AND 200X Versions of him.

IF I were to get one He'd be mostly Custom Fodder and I'd probably keep him in Barbarian mode...

If the buck doesn't succumb to the customization virus...

Apr 26, 2012

It Came From the Toy Chest: Without Water spraying action


is here. Thanks for that Mr. Shatner... Well as I was saying Kobra...

OK, that's it! Enough with the Shatner clip!! We get it His name is the same as the character played by Ricardo Montalban... oh crap!

OK, The First Snakeman before there were ANY Snakemen has arrived... and he's pretty cool looking...
The logo is censoring the Snake!! I wonder how cramped Draego-Man will be inside such a tiny bubble!
What does this snake bring into the game:
New Head
New Torso
New Loincloth
New gun (No longer a repainted Zodac Gun)
This is a 200X weapon Classicized... Better than a Zodac Gun Repainted... Although a Blue Zodac Gun would be nice on a Weapons Pack for Stinkor...
New boots
Pick Cell Fang...

Kobra Khan is ready for Facebook... He's been practicing the Duckface since the 80s... And Pick-Cell Fang is Photobombing!

He does bring a ton of new stuff into the game and his Boots are based on the Actual Vintage toys "Evil legs"... What does this mean?
Skeletor + Whiplash forearms + These legs = a True Vintage Toy Accurate Skeletor!

OR Take this figure and swap the hands for Buzz-Off's Pincers. Give it a Camo repaint you've got the Argentinian Camuflado Variant...
So, Let's get on with the ratings part of the review: 1 = crap and 5 = Awesome!

Well, Mr. K... has the standard MOTUC Articulation. Somethng that I have to give a fair warning about is that Engineering added a bump on the Elbow joint that is supposed to "lock" in place when the elbow is bent. For some people this causes a problem (The joint can bee too tight ant it won't bend all the way) luckily for me it's not that tight on mine... It's tight, but not IMPOSSIBLE TO MOVE Tight...
Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is obviously full of Four Horsemen Magic. He is VERY close to his vintage version...
So close that I actually pushed his head down hoping for it to squirt water...
There is a bit of slop on his mouth (looks like it's dripping a bit of blood on one of his sides...) but it actually makes KK look a bit more fearsome.
His gun is a newly sculpted piece and it looks similar to the Zodac gun, but not the same, so that's cool!

And that's how Pick-Cell Fang Hangs out!
Obviously he has the gun that I already mentioned. He has his little lizard friend from the MYP Cartoon. The Neitlich calls him Pixel (in honor of the popular toy Reviewer Pixel Dan) but Mattel calls him Fang... I call him Pick-Cell Fang... (Pick-Cell because that's what he did on the 200X Cartoon and it's a more MOTU sounding than Pixel) and Fang cause that's the official name... If you say it all together it sounds almost like Pixel Dan...

Last but not least, the Second Head for... Wait, Why isn't Shatner interrupting me by screaming
Well, Kobra Khan can now open up his hood like a cobra should... Of course we do it by head swapping... So, that gives him the extra Oomph! that some fans needed. Shame that he doesn't have a "poison Mist" accessory!

A Tribute to a Kick-ass Kobra Khan Art by Axel Gimenez and Chris Faccone
Kobra Khan gets a 4.33 as a toy. The sloppy paint job on him did hurt him a little bit, but he is still awesome... If you're able to get one somehow, DO EET!!

Kobra Khan and Webstor: The best 80s Evil Tag Team ever... Now they're going to Retire Spector like he was Anime Hyperdetail!

Apr 24, 2012

Hey What the!? CHeezburger Pizza!? I can haz it!?

Yes, Pizza Hut has topped the craziness of the Stuffed Crust or the Insider Pizza or the Stuffed Crust Insider Pizza by making a pizza with a Cheeseburger crust!
Sure it's not available in America, but they made it... They also have one with hot dogs and another one with chicken fingers...

Damn! Looks like the Heart Attack Grill strikes again!
Another Customer fell to a Hamburger from this place... Part of me wants to try their food... possibly deadly but possibly tasty... since almost everything that tastes good is bad for you... sorry that's the diet talking... I mean it's not like they have Bacon shakes or anything...

Bacon shakes!? That's Crazy! Bacon Sundaes is where it's at! No, Really... Burger King is TESTING Bacon Sundaes!
I dunno... It sounds odd, but then again I love dunking fries on Wendy's Frosty... Not doing it anymore though... (D-I-E-T!!) but you get the idea, a combo of something sweet with something salty...

But there seems to be a trend with Food... Looks like we're pushing the envelope on Possibly harmful stuff instead of making eating Healthy more tasty.

Apr 20, 2012

Miley may have tried to kill Hannah, but Hannah is secretly trying to Kill Miley's career!

I thought I would have stopped writing about Miley/Hannah forever... Sadly this bit of news brought me back!
LOL is pretty much a direct to DVD release
The Hunger Games basically cock-blocked LOL's chances to appear on the big screen...
What's LOL aside Laughing Out Loud? It's Miley's second movie attempt to distance herself from the pink dresses and symbiotic wig that made her famous...

Crap! Now I have an urge to watch Hannah Montana... If Disney had released Seasons 2 and 3 on DVD....

I don't know about you guys, but I find it funny that "Fate" is trying to screw Miley with her attempts at getting rid of her "Hannah" image...

Apr 16, 2012

It came from the Toy Chest: Only 3 others share this secret

Our friends the Sorceress, Man-at-Arms and Orko... I already own 2 of those... I should have done a Man-At-Arms Review when I got him...
Well, Finally after 50+ Days my February order of Fisto and Sorceress has arrived.
Let's look at what Teela's Mom has brought to the game!
I think it's better if I mention what's NOT new on her...

At least Fisto didn't leave any surprises... I hope!

Biceps (Adora)
Hands (Teela)
Crotch (Possibly BP She-Ra)
Thighs (BG Teela)
Knees (Teela)
Feet (Adora)
Bird (Teela)
Perch and falcon Armor (Screeech)

Everything else on her is new... She Looks Filmation-like so that's good... Now we should move to the detailed review part!

She's got the Fembuck 2.0! Waist Swivel action!! Her Articulation is on Par with Battleground Teela IN THEORY! The Sorceress loses some Articulation due to her wings... Warning! Long-winded Rant ahead!!

All we needed was a pink Vest for Adam and this would have been a nice Filmation Reunion!
Dem Wings!

Great Idea, Horrible execution...
I believe the wings COULD have been made differently... I would have tried something else.
I still stand that Mattel went and used the cheapest solution to the problem.
Attaching her wings to her shoulder Limits her articulation badly! She can't hug Teela or put her arms forward without erecting a super winged "Personal space barrier"... Or she carries around the perfect table to play Duel Monsters!
It's Time to D-d-d-d-d-d-duel!
But then again, I'm the only person who wanted to pose her in some other way that is NOT the Filmation pose...
Check out the huge drums on her shoulders!! They're almost as tall as half of her head!
The wings are supposed to fall as you move the arm up and create her cape effect... It doesn't work that well on mine.
Seriously they ARE HUGE!!
Those big drums not only limit her articulation, but how I display her... Which most likely will be the Filmation pose (not my choice, but imposed by Mattel...) If I wanted a staction I would have bought the 200X Sorceress Staction!!

End Rant...

Like I mentioned she's got the BG Teela articulation but most of the Arm Articulation is blocked by Dem Wings...
She also cannot sit... Due to her wings and hard cape... She can't do one of the 2 things she did in Filmation... Stand with her arms spread open or sit on the throne of Grayskull...

Sitting Down is a bit difficult for MOTUC Figures... Things are made worse when  Mattel adds a hard and completely inflexible cape! I mean Sitting Down is the other thing the Sorceress did, aside calling Adam to do stuff for her!
2.0 due to Dem Wings

Paint and Sculpt:
Horsemen Sculpts are awesome, they captured her Filmation Warmth and the beautiful body of the Sorceress flawlessly... The only flaw was Mattel's design team ruining her shoulders with Dem Wings.
She has no visible sloppy paints aside some minor color bleed on Dem Wings...
3.0 due to issues with Dem Wings... (The drums ruin the sculpt as bad as non-functional dials.)

She's got her Vintage Staff and Zoar the Falcon (with Perch and Armor)
The Staff is OK-Ish, but feels kinda weak, like it's made with inferior plastic or something.
Zoar, well, I'm stripping that bird of its armor and keeping it Naked... Teela-Zoar can have armor, but Teela'Na -Zoar runs nekkid!
Sorceress Read the bios and she's now got some battle Armor to protect herself from King Hssss!

For the Sorceress, I guess I should say that the lower score is due to Dem Wings! Also there's something about her plastic that feels off... by off I mean Cheap!

Ultimate Spider-Flop, my thoughts on the USM show.

Well, judging by the Title, you can guess that I think the show is bad. Yes, I do...
I Honestly tried to like it... I mean it has Agent Coulson and Tobey Man's JJJ... It also has Tara Strong as Mary Jane... Drake Bell as Parker is OK... The Art Style is better than Spectacular Spider-Man...
But the show does NOT Feel Like Ultimate Spider-Man at all...

Let's me get the wrong out of the way:
This is NOT Ultimate Spider-Man (as in the Popular Marvel Comic...)
This is Teen Titans meets Family Guy and Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends.

Frightful Four and Doctor Doom (Technically a Doombot) have been the enemies shown... Aren't they Fantastic 4 Villains? Yes, they showed a "Venom" but it doesn't share any of the comics origins for it...

I think that what bugs me so much is that the cut-away gags seem so forced and they're like 1 quart Zack Morris Time-outs, 1 quart Teen Titans chibi visual gags, 1 quart Family Guy random WTF gags and 1 quart actually funny gags...

I don't mind the team-up aspect (even if I detest the idea of Teenage Luke Cage and Iron Fist...) but I think that if this show was called something else it wouldn't bug me that much...

Apr 14, 2012

Partly Metal, Partly Real, Partly inspired Lady Gaga?

I'm not Lady Gaga's biggest fan... there's something about her that reminds me of something else...

I'm talking about this Lady... uh Gaga... Well I was watching some 80s Cartoon and...

Yes, I was Watching The Gatchacats... IN SPACE!!! OR Silverhawks as everyone else knows them...
There's a Villain whose name is Poker Face...
Can't Read my, can't read my
No he can't read my uh... you get the idea...

But a guy whose name is Poker Face is not Enough... That's why I got Exhibit B!

MELODIA!! Being Lady Gaga when Lady Gaga was in diapers... (Possibly made out of stuffed animals or something...)

No, Seriously... Check out Green Haired Lady Gaga and Melodia... There is a resemblance...

If they EVER make a Silverhawks Live Action movie... I think Lady Gaga as Melodia is as obvious as Patrick Stewart Playing Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men!
I think I'm gonna go watch some more Silverhawks lessons and laugh immaturely because of Uranus... OR how much Mon-Starr sounds like Mumm-Ra...

Apr 13, 2012

It came from the Toy Chest: Poing Super Combat!

Battle Fist has arrived! I mean Fisto... he's Fisto once more!! Screw you George Lucas!
He's pretty much the Battle Armor He-Man buck with Vikor's Boots, Tri-Klops' left arm and a new Right Bicep! (Obviously his heads, Armor, FIST, and accessories are new)
So let's get to the ratings part, shall we?
Poing Super Combat!! is like no other man!

Standard MOTUC Articulation here. Nothing to write home about. Yes his right Fist can swivel. His joints are SUPER Tight!
Immature: Yes, but come on! He's got a GIANT FIST! It was either this or a Fisting Joke...
Paint and Sculpt:
The Horsemen outdid themselves here! This Fisto has a LOT of stuff. He has enough pieces to recreate both his vintage look AND 200X look!The only "flaw on the sculpt is that the Armor has a huge gap on his back and the toros is in 2 colors (Top part flesh toned and bottom part silver.) Paintwise there is very little slop. There's a strange thing on his left arm and his 200X head has funky eyes... His sword could have used some more paint and so does his armor...

He has 2 heads and 2 swords, the Tri-Klops repaint and the 200X Sword that seems a bit familiar...
Mandatory FFVII Reference... Spector is Cloud while Fisto is Barret... Adam is Yuffie.
He also has a 200X Belt with a non-removable sack, a flask and a book.
Fisto gives you options: 80s or 200X

For Poing Super Combat! I just love saying his French Canadian name!!
He's a Really cool Figure, don't get me wrong, but I think that the long wait has made me MOTUC weary... Personally I prefer the 200X Look... Mostly because it breaks the monotony of the shared parts... One Evelyn Powers had to say this about Fisto:
Big Fist, Big Sword, Big Belt... Somebody is trying to distract you from his shortcomings!

Apr 7, 2012

Looks like Kissing Geoff Johns' butt paid off for Mattel!

Masters of the Universe is getting a new Comic Mini Series by DC Comics!!
It will be written by James Robinson, Pencilled by Philip Tan and Inked by Ruy Jose.
The story seems to take a bit from the 87 movie with Skeletor winning, but this time his enemies have no memories of being the Heroic Warriors (Including Adam/He-Man)
This mini series will be coming in July... Hopefully Spector and Laser-Lot Free!! Also Geoff Johns free would be awesome as well!

It's kinda funny that Mattel is working with DC for a He-Man comic since his first appearance was in a Superman comic...

Apr 2, 2012

Hey What the!? Ponies in Tights!? MLP: FIM Much?

Compression suits for Horses!? Wait, did the whole Compression clothing even work on humans?
Well Apparently they do work on humans AND Horses... the only reason it caught my attention is obviously My Little Pony related... Skintight horse clothing... Where have I seen this before?

But that's not the only reason... Just picture the Equestrian Compression Suits with Cutie Marks... MLP in Real Life!

OK... Looks like Tara Strong is not welcome in Arizona. Miss Trollight Sparkle, whose antics on Twitter have caused an uproar that could be considered Trolling due to the vague wording of the Anti-Troll Bill... Protecting kids from bullies is fine, but not when the "Protection" is a form of censorship on everyone. This message or any of my previous and future posts are not meant to be offensive, or a form of Trolling... (Need to cover my own plot!) Seriously, how can you ID "Trolling" from "having a different opinion" also, JAIL TIME!? Isn't that a bit too much?