Apr 2, 2012

Hey What the!? Ponies in Tights!? MLP: FIM Much?

Compression suits for Horses!? Wait, did the whole Compression clothing even work on humans?
Well Apparently they do work on humans AND Horses... the only reason it caught my attention is obviously My Little Pony related... Skintight horse clothing... Where have I seen this before?

But that's not the only reason... Just picture the Equestrian Compression Suits with Cutie Marks... MLP in Real Life!

OK... Looks like Tara Strong is not welcome in Arizona. Miss Trollight Sparkle, whose antics on Twitter have caused an uproar that could be considered Trolling due to the vague wording of the Anti-Troll Bill... Protecting kids from bullies is fine, but not when the "Protection" is a form of censorship on everyone. This message or any of my previous and future posts are not meant to be offensive, or a form of Trolling... (Need to cover my own plot!) Seriously, how can you ID "Trolling" from "having a different opinion" also, JAIL TIME!? Isn't that a bit too much?

1 comment:

  1. ahaha i don't know nothing about compression suites, but i have to say that this new little pony it's much better than the old ones!