Oct 31, 2020


 By my peculiar writing manner that emulatesh the shpeech of a very famoush actor you can gueshsh that I have bad newsh regarding Bond, Jamesh Bond.

By shelecting Amazhing Grashe played by bagpipesh you know that Emily Oshment's older brother ushed hish Necroshight... Yesh, Yuna ish danshing to the Jamesh Bond theme.
He died peashefully in hish shleep. He wash aged 90. Ash Alwaysh my condolences to the family. Yesh I shtopped the Connery impreshshion for a shingle shentence, becaushe it'sh sherioush.

This bit of news, while expected, I mean he WAS 90, still shook me to the core. It's Sean Connery. The Highlander who played an Egyptian Spaniard while a Frenchman played the Highlander.

Yesh, I'm mentioning it, becaushe Jamesh Bond loves tittiesh...

Oct 30, 2020

Pre Halloween 2020 odds and ends.

 I'm getting ready for Halloween and I just realized something: My Jonny Quest costume is looking more like Donald Trump disguised as Jonny Quest than actual Jonny Quest. Wait, did I just fat-shamed myself? Dreading Candy Corn... and the most likely boring Halloween because of COVID-19. I know social distancing and face masks... Mine has a quick doodle of Bandit just to cement the fact that I'm not wearing a Donald Trump costume, I'm wearing a Jonny Quest costume.

Gay Fish is a massive douchebag. He gave Kim Kardashian a hologram of her dad, where the late Kardashian patriarch praises the living shitnout of Kanye West. I think giving her a hologram of her dead father is a fantastic gesture; my issue lies with the Hologram praising West, a man who are the Kardashian patriarch never met. I normally avoid mentioning the Kardashian clan here, but this massive act of douchebaggery caught my eye and made me react with an outloud "What the Hell!? Seriously!?"

Saved by the Bell grittier sequel is coming in November... It seems the only cast member who is NOT returning is Screech the Badass... because they got Lisa back!! Yes, Lark Voorhees is returning as Lisa. Don't know how much of a role she'll have due to her health issues. I don't know if Dustin Diamond would want to be back. In any case, happy Halloween and stay safe. The vans do not contain free candy.

Ghost of Tsushima Legends:The Rant

 I played a bit of the Legends mode uodate frm Ghost of Tsushima. It apparently has a single player mode that doesn't require PSPlus. It's nice. You play as one of many spirit warriors of Tsushima trying to defend the island from Supernatural invaders.

These Spirits are watered-down versions of Sakai Jin. Sure they may have some special abilities that Jin lacks, but in the end they feel inferior to the ghost. Even though as Being able to play First offer in single Player the game meant to be played multiplayer. Don't get me wrong it's a nice addition for those who played online multiplayer but honestly it's not for me.

Oct 28, 2020

Educational toys can be such a drag.

 I was planning to review an educational toy but, it involves an archaeological dig that would create too much dust and dirt to do inside. Since it has been raining...

*sigh* I won't be able to review it until at least next week.
It's cool that kids can get a tangible experience on what Archaeology is about... well in this toy's case. But, finicky parents, or lazy toy collectors in their late 30s would complain about the toy's messy side. I'm alsp worried about govong children a small wooden mallet, especially if they aren't an only child. But the biggest issue I have is that nowdays many children have attention span issues and some of these toys require some elaborate set ups. Some kids will get bored of them easily.

In this Egyptian Archaeology Adventure set, I see so many kids just dropping the plaster block to the floor instead of following the painstaking process to unearth the mummy. Of course they'll probably break the mummy and cry to mommy about the crappy mummy toy.

I'm whining about this because I got robbed of a spooktacular It came from the Toy Chest... that was going to set up Super7's Mumm-Ra. I better go to bed.

Oct 27, 2020

COVID-19 vs Halloween 2020?

 Is everyone going as Ninjas?
Think about it: facemask... black clothing: boom instant ninja. But what can we do?
My pre COVID-19 Plan was Seiya from Saint Seiya, but couldn't get a pair of red Chuck Taylors. So my plan B is:

No, I'm too white to go as Hadji. I'm going to be Jonny Quest. The whole face mask thing screws the Jonny Quest costume but screw it I'm still going to go out Jonny Quest... also Jonny Quest was my plan B if I couldn't get all the stuff for Fred Jones.
In the spirit of Halloween I'm trying to figure out other alternatives to the COVID-19 Ninja costume.

Wild West Bandit:
Plaid shirt jeans cowboy boots cowboy hat and a bandana to cover your face! boom!
Instant costume!

Medical personnel:
Medical style facemask are readily available just getting some scrubs maybe some caps for the shoes and the hair! boom!

 Spider-Man already has full face mask. And And you have multiple variations: you have Peter Parker you have Ben Reilly you have the Scarlet Spider both Ben or Kaine.  this principle would apply to other characters like Deadpool.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:
The Power Rangers helmets that has to cover the entire face acting as a face shield.

Casey Jones:
I know what you're thinking Casey Jones hockey mask leaves gaps that air can go through. But if you wear a black face mask these are covered and still looks cool. Same principle would apply to Jason Voorhees, or Vega.

Cobra Commander:
You've got the option for a face mask or a face shield with him.

Peter Pan's shadow:
Since you will be wearing a morphsuit to cover your body the face mask part is already covered. The same principle would apply to say Nintendo's mr. Game and Watch.

What costumes you think you'll see this Halloween.

Oct 26, 2020

theoretical Among Us 2 ideas that I'd like to see.

 I've been playing Among Us, 99.76% of the time as a Crewmate... and 56.21% of the time Disconnected!! As Impostor the odds are even worse. But that's not the point...
We need more stable servers!!!

But I want to talk about Gameplay.
10 people 2 impostors...
1 person was disconnected via error, 2 people disconnected because they weren't impostor, 1 more person disconnected because of ping issues. So, let's do the math: out of 10 people, it became six by the time the game actually starts. Then 2 of those six are impostors. So 4 crewmates left. Couple of seconds later: Defeat. 
Servers need an improvement, true, but every single game has people disconnecting for not being impostors. It's freaking annoying. There should be a way to track that and punish players who disconnect often when they are assigned the role of Crewmate. Maybe having to play 30 games as crewmate before unlocking access to the chance of playing impostor.
I know 30 games is a bit steep, but the idea is to stop them from disconnecting...

Also, one annoying thing is people disconnecting after dying. It removes the undone stuff, but it also removes the done stuff, which makes it suck for those who remain. Seriously, Do Your Tasks and finish the effin' game!

So, here's a crazy idea: How about Ghost getting a ONE Time Haunt Option:
Similar to the impostor's Kill, but instead of killing it makes the target afraid and it freezes for 5 seconds.
A ghost crewmate can scare an impostor giving a crewmate a chance to escape. A ghost impostor can scare a crewmate to set up a kill by their partner. A ghost crewmate can get revenge on an annoying crewmate who falsely accused you.
In order to stop abuse from the haunt option, it should be a one time use. Also in order to stop players ganging up on an impostor, the haunt should have a time limit. As soon as you die, you have X amount of time to haunt someone or selse you lose the ability. And in order to "keep the secrecy" only the haunter and the haunted can see the haunting. Maybe have a Haunting animation, like the killing animation.

Impostor Sabotage Tasklist:
I know this complicates the Impostor, but read me out. It's a bit of BS that right from the get-go, the Impostor has the ability to sabotage Electric, Reactor, O2, Comms, and doors. What I'm suggesting is that the Impostors get their own "task list" to unlock the Sabotages. For example:
-Upload Trojan to Admin and control doors.
-Set Jammers in Comms.
-With Admin Compromised override the system in Reactor and O2
-set a mini EMP device in Electric.

Basically a way to truly "fake tasks" by  faking tasks. As an impostor you can choose not to do these, but it helps to do them.
The idea is to slow down the OP-ness of impostors a little. It's not cool when they can go lights out/lock doors/or threaten certain death right from the start.

I know it's not much, but it's the only thing I can think of aside new maps, colors, and task related mini games.

Oct 25, 2020

Playmates TMNT Mirage pseudo retro set

 Is a WalMart exclusive.

The only dud in the set is Splinter, who looks like the vintage figure with a new tail.
The Turtles are the "comic inspired Turtles" that looked inferior to NECA's take 12-14 years ago. Shredder looks like a slightly retooled vintage figure... 33 years later and they still paint his brow on the helmet. 

While I've crapped on them a lot, I DID preorder the set. The idea that Playmates made  Styled Turtles makes everything right in the world. It's like they atoned for their ultimate sin. These are $6 figures so I won't be too harsh on them... I hope. 

Hwang will be the final Season 2 fighter from SoulCalibur VI

 We don't know if there will be a Season 3 for SoulCalibur VI. There are rumors of Lizardman and Algol remaining as characters. All we know is that on December 2 we'll get the final DLC of the season pass.

Hopefully, Hwang's moveset and additional Create a Soul parts will allow me to improve my MOTU creations.

It's funny, because SoulCalibur VI has become for me the "base" for a MOTU Fighting game. Sure the main game is somewhat entertaining, but barebones. The Character Creationhas been where I've had most of my fun...

But not as much as this guy. Freaking Magikarp!!

Oct 23, 2020

Super7 please consider Wacky Action Mouser...

 As the figure has no accessories, it could be used as a way to deliver Multiple Mousers to customers. It still would fit the possible mandates from Nickelodeon and Playmates that they have to stick to the vintage line, but it would improve on the vintage release by being In-scale with the Turtles and by offering multiples, an easy army builder.

But if for some reason Playmates insists on having a Larger Mouser looking like the vintage figure, then 2-3 small Mousers could be added as accessories instead of releasing 5 normal Mousers. It still creates an army of Mousers and Mama Mousers... that's what I would call the oversized ones.

Also, if a Mouser Multi-pack is made, it should be offered on its own, like they did with Iconic Sword Pose Conan, or Andre the Giant. That way people can spend on multiples without beinng punished like the Foot Soldier incident.

Oct 22, 2020

Odds and Ends 22-23rd of October, plague year.

 Hideo Kojima is back with a new game after the commercial success of the Disappointing QWOP Amazon Prime single dad. Yeah you heard right Kojima is back...  of course, in true kojima fashion everything is a mystery and it's been kept well under wraps. I really hope it's not related to death stranding. Hopefully this time Kojima will have someone who will tell him "NO!" whenever his ideas to get too out of hand. We need to avoid a prequel George Lucas situation. 

Insomniac, what are you smoking? 
Adding a Hood to the alternate outfit for Miles is not innovative.
Peter Parker already did it in the 90s and that was back when there were 2 Peter Parkers running around... or should I say web-slinging. Then we have spider Gwen who also has a hood. also that outfit worn by Miles it's giving me some hee hee Shamone vibes... why am I holding my balls and have an urge to walk backwards?
I honestly don't mind the Michael Jackson inspired look. What bothers me the most is the whole stupidity about miles being the first one with a hood. Do I need to mention into the spider verse where they already gave Miles Morales a hood?

Speaking  Spider-Man:
The remaster that will be bundled with the Miles Morales PS5 game deluxe edition we'll have some new spider suits for Peter Parker. They might make it to the PS4 version, but not immediately. One of those suits is the Andrew Garfield spider douche outfit. Wait, wait wait wait wait wait wait a minute... we already have the Tom Holland Spider-Man outfit and we got the Tobey Maguire outfit. With Andrew Garfield we complete the three main movie Spider-Man outfits. Now I wonder will we get the 70s Nicholas Hammond version or the Emissary from Hell supaidaman Japanese outfit?

Oct 21, 2020

Snake Mountain has begun to arrive to customers

 Mine hasn't, but I'll live vicariously through these pics.

We can see these are at an actual living room from different angles and with a Classics figure displayed on it for scale.
I did notice a few issues but I will go into those once I get my own Snake Mountain.

While not perfect, I'm glad its saga is coming to an end.

PedoLeto is in the "already done but not really" Snyder "cut" reshoots.

 What a load of crap!! Leto has joined the reshoots of the Snyder Cut? My issue is not that alleged pedophile Jared Leto has returned as Joker. My issue lies that Zack Snyder keeps pulling crap out of his ass for a movie that was already completed minus some special effects, digital retouching, and ADR.

 All this reshooting contradicts Jason Momoa about seeing the entire movie a
already. Not to mention that it also contradicts the whole thing about the movie being done minus some retouching and ADR.

This keeps bugging me to no end. How can he keep on lying? His "cut" was never done and he's been making it up in the past few months.  While he did in fact have lots of raw footage that does not mean that he had a nearly finished cut.

Oct 20, 2020

Reviving Darkstalkers

 Capcom seems to have problems with fighting games that are not Street Fighter. Sadly, one of those is Darkstalkers. The demonic step-child of Capcom fighting games is often overlooked by Capcom. Seriously, their best attempts at reviving the franchise have been barely announced ports.

Darkstalkers NEEDS something new to bring the brand back to life, not just simple ports of Darkstalkers, Night Warriors, and Vampire Savior. So, a crazy idea while I was sitting like a King:

How about a side game that covers the ground from the three games... kinda like what Shaolin Monks did with the first two Mortal Kombat games, but with Darkstalkers. Maaaaaayyyyybeeee use other Capcom games as inspiration for this side Story: Let's call it Darkstalkers: Dark Hunters.

By the title alone, you can guess the playable characters.

Donovan, Hsienko, B.B. Hood.
Think about it. All 3 are Dark Hunters. Donovan and Hsienko do it for their own sake. (To try and control the nonster within) BBH does it for money. 

The perfect inspiration is Devil May Cry. 
Now picture a DMC-like game with Darkstalkers characters with enemies based on classic monsters. Low level Vampires, demons, zombies, mummies, etc. Then having to face some of the DS cast in battle.
As an added bonus, the game could have, yet again ports of the 3 arcade games. Heck, maybe the side game's ending could set up Vampire 4:

Sadly, Darkstalkers is nowhere on Capcom's radar right now.

Storm Collectibles is becoming the Eastern NECA

 And not in a good way... 
I mean that they are spreading themselves way too thin and relying too much on variants/repaints.
MK3 Scorpion and Sub-Zero... fine... Modern "Klassic" Scorpion and Sub-Zero... Dude, where's Liu Kang, Kitana, Mileena, and Johnny Cage that you teased? SCREW MOTARO!! We haven't received a game's full roster and we're doing more Scorpion and Sub-Zero variants?

Let's take original MK:
Characters in red have not been made:
Liu Kang
Johnny Cage
Shang Tsung
As you can see, we're halfway there.
Don't get me started on SFV, USFII, Tekken, KoF, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Injustice, Gatchaman, Darkstalkers, Samurai Showdown, World Heroes...

They are getting far too many licenses and rosters are not even complete. Worse, they are starting to cut corners on accessories.

Demitri lacks the Demon Cradle wings. He even lacks the aura that swirls around him.
I'm not asking for the full vampire mode Demitri, which we should get some time, or for the Midnight Bliss rose and a husk absorbed body.
This worries me because classic iconic moves are being left out. Hell, even E. Honda lacks his iconic Hundred Hand slap.

What will they do with Donovan, Hsienko, Huitzil, Victor, and other characters that have "assistants" like Anita, Cecil, Emily, Mei-Ling, Le Malta... etc?

Oct 19, 2020

Not so crazy SDCC Ultimates TMNT Ideas:

 Been thinking  about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ultimate figures. Remember when NECA made the coming out of their shells variance for last Comic-Con?  my suggestion is something along those lines:

Wacky Action 4 pack:

Basically reissues of the turtles with different weapons and head. In Raphael's case maybe a new back shell with a removable piece for the breakfighting spinner to plug in.

As an added bonus, add the vanilla weapons in wacky action colors: 

Lime green chucks for Michelangelo
Blue Sai for Raphael
Orange swords for Leo
Cyan Bo for Donatello.

These aren't "Mandatory to own" but they are a nice addition. Also it kinda allows S7 to "rerelease" a close to "vanilla" versions of the turtles. I had thought of the Storage Shell versions but recreating the storage shell would limit articulation. Also, their accessories aren't that great.
Same thing with the headdroppin' turtles.

I had thought of the "Toon variants" but they practically required 100% new sculpts, because they look pudgier than the normal Turtles.

The other possibility was "Movie Star" Turtles. I'm more than aware of NECA's screen accurate turtles, but Playmates did release vintage toys of the movie version and what I'm thinking is that they base the set on the vintage toys instead of the actual movie turtles. Basically it would be new belt and head with a more detailed paint job on the toys.

While movie styled ultimate Turtles would be cool, because they would look great with Thundercats and He-Man; I'd prefer the wacky action over all others.
This is not official it's just some speculation on my part.

Oct 18, 2020

The 7 inch Masterverse line: could it be the Spiritual successor to 200X?

 Before I start, let me clarify: By spiritual successor to 200X I mean a line where characters have variance in size characters who wear repaints in vintage would not be repaints here. For example: Mossman wouldn't be a repainted Beastman. Beastman could be an 8-9 inch figure in comparison to Mossman's 7 inches. Adam being slimmer than He-Man comes to mind. thanks like these are what I mean by spiritual successor to 200X. At the same time I'd like to have the line compatible with classics. By that I mean that they'd be roughly the same size as Classics figures. That way I can cross-pollinate lines. Oh so Mattel may be able to throw some bones at Classics plans and allow us to complete the line by releasing the remaining New Adventures folks in that line.
Just like DCUC evolved into DC Multiverse.

We already have a pretty sweet Castle Grayskull and someday Snake Mountain will arrive made between Mattel and Super 7. Since 7 inch collector lines rarely get playsets released in retail; making them compatible with MOTUC will make the existing MOTUC stuff more valuable due to cross compatibility. Now Vehicles may get some retail presence and if there are compatible with Classics as well ,collectors are more likely to buy them.

Hopefully, Mattel WILL SHOW SOMETHING SOON... crap baskets, I forgot! Wave one won't be revealed until Silent Bob finally shows something from his Masters of the Universe Cartoon...

Oct 16, 2020

Among Us: a second rant.

 As you may know, I've recently started playing Among Us. While I enjoy the game I do have some pet peeves about it and they all involve people playing it.

Role players:
When you get players who start taking their made up roles too seriously and start spamming the chat with their roleplay that takes away from the already limited voting time. To be fair, I kinda used The Room quotes earlier today, but they were IN Context. Before being ejected from a false accusation, I was able to pull "everybody betray me. I fed up with this worl."
The impostor was called Mark... OK it was Marky but it's close enough for me.

The worst kind of player. They literally accuse everyone and they aren't the impostor. Yesterday I had a game where the Red player was literally accusing everyone. It was very annoying.

Tough guys:
I don't put these on Role Players, because this is the internet tough guy stereotype. The kind of player that talks a lot of BS about how tough they are and how they're going to screw us over outside the game that usually gets kicked out by the host player. It's hilarious, pathetic, and annoying.

I'm not the impostor rage quitters:
I get it plain as the Imposter can be incredibly fun. sadly 13 out of 20 times I get to be the Imposter, the game kicks me out due to connection issues. But when playing as a crewmate, it sucks to have a 10 people game suddenly turned into a 6 people game. Especially with multiple imposters.

I got killed so I ragequit:
 These ones annoy me even more. With this game you can do tasks even when you're dead. Also you can win the game despite being dead by completing the tasks. Sure the game kinda reduces the load a little bit when people quit and there are unfinished tasks, but still.

I ain't doing no steenkin' tasks! Not with an Impostor runnin' 'round!:
These are far even worse than the rage quitters. Especially when they are in packs. It's no fun when we are in a six people game with one imposter and there's only one person doing tasks. I know some tasks are annoying like starting the reactor, refuel, electrical wiring, or the medical sample. But they are literally the objective of the crew mates.  by not doing them these players facilitate victory for the imposters.

 What are some of your pet peeves from this game? Please drop a comment and tell me about it.

Oct 15, 2020

Highlander figures are coming...

 But, they're from a company I haven't heard of or seen any product.

Here is the link for Connor Macleod and for Kurgan.

To be honest these figures are a big fat pass for me. 1st there 5 in so they're basically incompatible with everything. Then they are thirty bucks each. Then they only have 12 points of articulation, lack accessories, and most importantly we don't know if they have a key feature that all Highlander toys should have: removable heads. 

 I mean, where are the lightning effects for the quickening? Or at least sparking effects  for the swords clashing. I'm guesshing that Juan Shanchezh Villalobosh Ramirezh will not be made due to Shean Connery'sh likenessh isshuesh. 

DC Universe and the inability of getting it right on the silver screen

 Let's be honest here: DC hasn't been able to get their characters right on the silver screen since Adam West... 

I know, truth hurts, and even the beloved Superman movies with Christopher Reeve managed to get things horribly wrong. No I'm not counting III and IV.  I'm talking about the good ones. Even Burton managed to screw up a few things. Not going to talk much about Schumacher out of respect to the dead. So, this isn't simply a Zack Snyder sucks rant. He royally does, but that's not the point. Even the Nolan trilogy sucks monkey dick...  there I said it Christopher Nolan may have made three great movies will technically two great movies and the third was a load of crap; but they all suck donkey dick as Batman movies!

Most of the blame lies on DC themselves. I may have mentioned it before. In the older times, superhero movies were not treated as a serious genre: see everything before the early 2000s and ironically DC movies were the proto-leaders on taking the brands a bit more seriously with the Burton movies. They dropped the ball when they allowed WB to  cave to McDonald's's pressure into making more Happy Meal toy friendly movies with Schumacher. Then it wasn't until Marvel Properties began showing that Superhero movies CAN work, starting with the somewhat corny, yet R-rated Blade followed by Bryan Singer's Biker Fetish X-Men and Sam Raimi's Tobey-Man. This era was flawed, but it paved the way for the MCU who showed that you CAN TELL OVERARCHING STORIES AND BE COMIC BOOK-ISH WHILE DELIVERING MOSTLY A GOOD PRODUCT... There were a few duds (IM3, Thor2, Super brie...) Even Nolan's James Bond  I mean "Batman" movies helped pave the way... by showing what NOT TO DO.

The problem with DC was that they had very little input on the movies. mostly they simply let the Studio's do whatever they wanted.

The next big guilty party is the Studio, in this case WB. They flip-flop way too much. They give directors "free range" only to become hyper-controlling in a flash. Not to mention the odd choices they make for directors.

Then we have the directors: Most of the time, the directors chosen have no respect or reverence towards the source material. Despite my criticisms of the Schumacher Bat films, he had more respect towards Batman than Nolan, Snyder, or even Burton.

DC NEEDS to be more involved with the movies. WB NEEDS to have some parameters for directors to follow, preferably with DC's approval. As long as the directors and writers follow those parameters, they have nearly dree range with the movies.

This would be the most basic explanation on how DC could fix their next iteration of movies. It's flabbergasting that the animation division from Warner can get DC so right yet the live-action division gets it so wrong.

It saddens me that DC can't be at the level they deserve in cinema... and the Snyder in hindsight cut brings me zero hope for DC...

Speaking of the Snyder Cut: Where is Ray Cryborg Fisher? Haven't heard "Whedon man Bad, or Johns man Bad" recently...

Oct 14, 2020

Among Us: Why I hate people.

 Among Us is an indie game that has become popular quite recently. Basically it's a murder mystery in space. You play as a bean shaped space Man doing some tasks and the chores in your little space colony. But there is one or more imposters among you. The imposters are all about creating chaos and Mayhem...  murder and sabotage are their tools. As a crew mate the order of the game is to survive. The first part of the game is rather easy. As a  crewmate you just complete your tasks.  an imposter you locate a stray crewmate and finish them up without being seen.

The second part of the game can be a pain in the ass. The dead don't speak and they have to see the living crewmates being complete idiots as they try to figure out whodunit. 

 The  game is simple yet addictive. Seeing how people can deceive each other it's actually quite genius. And when you are killed it's incredibly frustrating to see how stupid every crewmate can be. Here's Honest Trailers description of Amomg Us:

Am I the only one who isn't feeling the Next Gen hype?

 PS5 and XBSX are coming soon but I'm kind of not feeling the hype. With Spider-Man Miles Morales coming to PS4 I honestly don't see the rush to get a PS5. then there's the whole I don't care about XBox exclusives in order to get a Series X. If I didn't buy an original Xbox for shenmue 2 then Doom won't be enough to make me get a series X.

In fact I'm starting to feel like my gaming days are coming to an end. Aside the occasional Nintendo game, there hasn't been that much that has called my attention. What has is not coming any time soon.

Also the current state of Gaming it's a bit annoying. Buy game wait from 10 minutes to 1 hour for it to install. Wait for that day one patches to download and install. Then maybe after a couple of hours or the day after you'll be able to play the game unless there's an additional patch that needs to be installed into the game in order to play it.

 At least with Nintendo games he just answered the game way too quick install which has less than 10 minutes and you're already playing... unless it's one of those third-party games where the developer bought low storage cartridges and requires you to download 75% of the game before being able to play... LA Noire, I'm looking at ya.

I miss the days where you just simply plug the console pop in the game press start and you were playing. Then there's the whole storage issue with games taking 100 GB for basic install that's not counting all the excessive updates that come afterwards. 7 Games boom your 1 terabyte Drive is  done for.

Don't get me wrong I love the idea that developers can patch bugs after the game is released. What I don't like is that they're releasing incomplete games for full price. In a way games are getting too big for their own good. It also doesn't help that consoles are coming with way too little storage space. Then we have developers pushing for digital only platforms which basically means we rent the game we don't own the copy add requiring a permanent internet connection is a form of DRM which eats The Limited bandwidth most isps have... stupid data caps. Why would I need to be connected online to play a single player game? It's stupid that's what it is. 

 Final Fantasy 7 remake to better blow my mind...

Oct 11, 2020

My top 10 cinematic guilty pleasures

 Y'know Bad Movies that for some weird reason, you enjoy watching again. You know they're awful but for some reason you can't stop watching. The movies that are never displayed proudly in your DVD collection. 

-Steven Segal movies:

Some people might think that I'm cheating by using an entire actor's filmography, but it's Steven Segal. You get bad acting, martial arts, and generic plots. The huge differences lie on which point of Segal's career you choose:

Bad Acting with kickass Martial Arts from a lean Segal from the 80s to early 90s.

Bad Acting with Kickass Martial Arts from a slightly chunkier Segal from the late 90s to early 00s.

Bad Acting with OK-Ish Martial Arts from a fat Steven Segal who still has some juice in him. Mid-00s.

Bad Acting with Bad Martial Arts from an extremely fat and old Steven Segal from the late 00s to early 10s...

And I love nearly every minute of them. While yes, there are some of his movies that can be a bit of a drag to get into the action but, when they get to the point they can be pretty hilarious, unintentionally.

-Revenge of the Ninja:

This Sho Kosugi movie is pretty entertaining on how hilariously bad it is. I could cheat and pretty much feel this slot with the entire ninja movie genre. American Ninja, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 3 Ninjas, Surf Ninjas, you name it. They all suffer from either bad acting or ridiculous choreography. Sometimes both. I'm using revenge of the Ninja specifically bcourses one of the movies I see the most and that evil silver mask Ninja cracks me up everytime.

-Batman and Robin:

Yes, I'm aware of my own argument that Batman and Robin is a much better Batman movie than the Christopher Nolan trilogy. In that argument I've stated that Batman and Robin is a cinematic piece of crap. Batman being played as a closeted homosexual, mr. Freeze being a pun machine, abysmally bad script, and all the psychotropic drugs at the set designer took to make those sets.

 do I need to mention the hilariously bad meme that this movie created?

-Jingle All the Way:

Schwarzenegger is here twice in a row... as long as he's not pumping iron... if you know what I mean... we're cool. But, Jingle all the way: it has BAD MOVIE written all over it:

Schwarzenegger playing a parent, his kid grew up to be Darth Vader, and Sinbad.

It's one of those Christmas movies that everybody's a shame to see that they like watching but they all do...

You can bitch and moan about how crappy this movie is, or how it devalues Christmas to the frenzy of Capitalism, but Arnold punches a reindeer.

-Kung Pow! Enter the Fist:

I  I know what you're thinking: That's a parody film, it's SUPPOSED TO BE BAD!! TRUE, it's a parody. It intentionally mimics and makes fun of the tropes of the badly dubbed martial arts films from the 70s.

From a technical standpoint blending Oedekerk into the old movie, was an amazing feat. At the same time since it's mocking the tropes from old martial arts movies, it doesn't change that it's purposely bad. And that intentional Badness makes it so good to watch.

-The Wizard:

Yes, I mean the Nintendo commercial with Fred Savage, a young Tobey Maguire cameo, Kelly-for-nyeh, Beau Bridges playing a father who tries to connect to his kid...

I know I could have used the Power Glove quote but I have to be a bit shocking every now and then... also, it's so bad!!


Beau Bridges playing a father who tries to connect to his kid again... instead of video games week at a Karate Kid rip off full of Chuckerotica...

 I'm starting to notice a thing with my list of bad movies. Most of them include martial arts as a common theme.

-The Spy Next Door and The Pacifier:
People will argue about the similarities and differences between these movies. They follow the trend off action movie star being thrust into a family comedy setting. Guys like Hulk Hogan, John Cena, The Rock, and Schwarzenegger. I specifically picked these two because they're incredibly similar to each other.

-Masters of the Universe:
This one I mention in case Kung Pow! Doesn't count, because it only became a guilty pleasure a few years back... despite being over 30 years old. I've learned to appreciate it as an adult because I hated it as a child. Dolph Lundgren acting is horrible, the movie obviously bit way more than it could chew and only Frank Langella saved it from being a complete disaster.

-Street Fighter:
You should have known this was coming. it's not like I make references to this movie, or how Raúl Juliá single-handedly saved this movie. While not THE WORST Videogame movie, it's pretty bad... At least Bison is quotable.

-The Room:
Hahahaha! What a story, Nefty!
As horribly bad as this drama now turned into a dark comedy is, Wiseau is incredibly wise. The movie is a disaster of epic proportions. And I mean epic disaster because, it inspired a book that inspired a Golden Globe winner movie... the movies have been acting exercise where a stage play is horribly adapted into a movie, but despite his opponent it has some charm about it that it cannot be easily put into words and the only solution is to watch it.

And there you have it folks that to my list of the top 10 guilty pleasures of mine or 11 if we count Kung Pow!

Oct 9, 2020

Random Toy Stuff: Scale Matters

 Earlier ToyBiz  Marvel Legends figures had a huge problem with scale. Wolverine was as tall as Iron Man. YOU had Toad that didn't fit with anything else on the line. Eventually they found their groove and started fixing these issues by making a new Wolverine that was in scale with the other characters so on and so forth. While I didn't die deep into the whole dcuc line I'm aware that  Mattel had a few scale issues as well. Even Hasbro has issues with scale. Some people say that it's nitpicking but they're right in a way. It's just that they're horribly wrong in every other way. Heck even Japan who are super anal about scale can get things wrong.

Incredibly enough in their Street Fighter lines, the Storm Collectibles figures ARE CLOSER TO TRUE SCALE than SH Figuarts. Sagat is supposed to be 2 heads taller than Ryu. I know that the size difference can be jarring to some, but size accuracy should be jarring. Hell, Figuarts Mini Sagat is far more Disturbing to me.

Electro is finally here!! Oh, you already knew that from the Gwen Stacy review. Well, here we go: It came from the Toy Chest: Enter Electro... no relation to the crappy Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro game.

Max Dillon suffered a freak accident that made him a master of electricity... or a walking generator. 

Storm's lightning effects rule!


Electro possesses the standard Legends articulation without butterfly torso. I wish he had the butterfly joint for better electric poses.


Paint and sculpt 

My Electro has a bit of a sloppy paintjob but isn't that noticeable. This body is a different one from the previous release. I can't quite locate the source body but it's not the Bucky/Cyclops body. It works.



Extra hands. That's it. I know that the Retro waves have less access race than normal releases but seriously they could have added the lightning effects from Storm and it would have made the figure a bit cooler.



Electro gets a 3.67 as his final score. There isn't much that they could have done to improve this figure. Unless they had used a different torso with butterfly joints or added the storm lightning effects to spice him up a little bit. Don't get me wrong he is a great figure and looks fantastic with the rest of the Sinister Six. He just needed a little bit extra.

Yes, I'm hiding this review in a rant about something else, not because that was a short rant, but Electro is not a leader that deserves his own review... 

What the Hell did they do to American Pie!?

 Remember American Pie? The movie that Made Jason Biggs a Household name?

Well, now there's A Girl Centric American Pie Movie... Starring Madison Pettis... If that name sounds familiar...

Yes, the Little girl from Cory in the House stars this movie. This isn't the first time a Disney Channel actor has been in an  American Pie Movie. Jason Earles from Hannah Montana was in Band Camp, though that was BEFORE Hannah Montana. Here we have a star who grew up into landing a role in an American Pie Movie.

But since it's with girls it's a lot less raunchy than normal American Pie Movies. It has SOME raunchiness, but it feels like a Hardcore PG-13 instead of the borderline NC-17 rating of the original. (It had to be re-edited a couple of times to reach the R rating.)

The main issue with the movie is that it "wants to be a sort of girl-centric reboot of the first movie" but doesn't want to be as offensive or problematic. If the movie wasn't loosely tied to the American Pie Cinematic universe, it would've done a lot better. I should go to sleep, but I have to work... dammit!

Oct 8, 2020

It's a long road... All we need now is Chuck Norris in MK11!!

 John Rambo has made it to Mortal Kombat 11. I've already mentioned that guest characters in Mortal Kombat have gone in a weird Direction...  RoboCop, Terminator, alien, Predator, Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, now we have Rambo.

Seriously, what the Hell? I know Johnny Cage is a Jean-Claude Van Damme parody so it's highly unlikely we will see the muscles from Brussels. Now we need two more characters:

Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal. And yes I mean using the actors not characters from their movies. We know that Chuck Norris is a meme about himself. Steven Seagal's life is full of Bizarre Adventures... so battling interdimensional Gods and Monsters would not be something weird to him. Sadly, Segal is highly unlikely to happen because he's a whiny little bitch with a massive ego.

Chuck Norris would also say no due to his inflated ego but he would blame the game's violence the reason why he wouldn't be in it.

 NOW let's think about this: if Mortal Kombat is a big No-No to these guys because of excessive violence and all that. How about Netherrealm making a different fighting game without the excessive violence from Mortal Kombat, butt the same depth starring 80s badass movie stars...

Lundgren, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Seagal, Van Damme, Dudikoff, Norris, Willis, Gibson, Glover, Hogan, Mr.T...  just to name a few action stars from the era. Grace Jones, Bridgette Nielsen, and Sigourney Weaver could be the female fighters...

 now that I mention Sigourney Weaver it's a huge coincidence because I was thinking the plot would be similar to the movie Galaxy Quest. Aliens confusing Earth pop culture at reality so they bring forth Earth's Mightiest Warriors to defend their world and Earth from an impending threat that is using Earth Pop culture Monsters as weapons. This would allow matches like Schwarzenegger versus the Terminator, Chuck Norris vs. Super ninja, or Bruce Willis versus  Freddy Krueger... and yes the super ninja is from the Chuck Norris and the karate kommandos cartoon. This is also an excuse to sneak in a Dolph Lundgren He-Man and a Schwarzenegger clone turn into a game to have a He-Man vs. Conan.

There is a part of me that wants to sneak in guys like Hasselhoff, Zabka, Macchio just because. The only thing that would screw this over would be the licensing deals with actors likenesses and all that not to mention rights from movies that would be very problematic.

I hate Blogger's new format

 It's been a few days since Blogger has forced the new format on everyone and it's been a pain in the ass. It has a few good things like not requiring an embed code to add youtube videos to articles. But whenever you try to add pictures to a post, like say, an It came from the Toy Chest review, Blogger takes the pics and puts them wherever it pleases. I recently had to edit the Lynx-O got his Braille Board post a buttload of times because it kept moving the Lynx-O pic or deleting text, because apparently Blogger loves Bengali and they can't stand that I hate Tygra's albino wannabe.

This new format is supposed to be mobile device friendly. How is this mobile phone friendly? I can't see what I'm typing in horizontal mode.

Vertical is a smidge better, but if I scroll up to see what was I writing before the recently added pic or video, the post gets all scrambled up and is a huge pain in the ass to fix. This new format isn't making blogging on the go any easier.

You said it...

Super7 fixed Lynx-O and Playmates is the bad guy... duh!

 A Braille Board was added to Super7's Ultimate Lynx-O. The mistake has been fixed and now Lynx-O is complete!

Now I wonder what they'll do when Waluigi I mean, Bengali comes. Man, I hate Blogger's new format. I've rewritten the whole Bengali is the Waluigi of Thundercats like 5 times before it messes up and deletes the Lynx-O pic. But yeah, Braille Board was added!!

Playmates without TMNT is desperate. Without Star Trek, they are worthless... But, there's no need to fear. Playmates has obtained the Definitive brand to save them from being pathetic:

Billie Eilish!! Yes, the singer whose hit Bad Guy was overplayed like a year or two ago. 


OK, whatever. I get the doll, because female singers get turned into dolls, but the action figure!? Looks like the standard Low articulation, heavily stylized, can't be displayed with anything else other than Playmates lines figure. Why can't she be as articulated as a Marvel Legends figure and in scale with said line? Add a realistic sculpt to it as well? Because right now I predict that Billie will ve the pe-e-e-egwarmer duh!

My top 12 picks for Super7's TMNT Wave 5

 You may have noticed that the 4th wave of Super 7 Ninja Turtles is 100% pure Heroes. I'm going to take a stab in the dark and a say that wave 5 would be villain heavy. There are plenty of characters to choose from and I'm going to be narrowing down to 12; well more like 11 + Krang.

-Krang in his Android Body:

I'm going to start the list right out of the bat with Krang in his Android body. He probably would be a $60 item like the powered-up version of Mumm-Ra the ever-living. The reason for the larger price that is to have the Android body done decently and to have the bubble Walker. Basically, to improve on This Android Body but without an undersized Krang. At the same time, not going oversized as the original Bubble Walker Krang release.

Just like Baxter got a Mouser in scale, Krang should be in scale as well.


He's one of the few figures I had as a kid that I'm wondering how will the Horsemen tackle him... As a character he's incredibly ridiculous! I believe that's a huge part of his charm.


He's an evil turtle; what else could I ask for?Slash's here just to have a turtle in the  wave, because it feels kind of weird not having a turtle in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wave. Now watch How I suggest Venus de Milo for wave 6... kidding! To tell the truth the main reason why I am adding Slash to the list of candidate is in order to get the roster for Turtles in Time as fast as possible.

-Rat King

 The toy looked freaky as hell. No imagine getting him with a full paint job and all the creepy crawlies all over his body being painted and showcased in a way that you can say: "holy crap I didn't know he had that! Cool!" I'm also wondering how they'll translate his sculpt to a more articulated body; since some of the rats in his sculpt would interfere with the articulation.

-General Traag

The leader of Krang's Rock soldiers is a really weird looking character. I had him as a kid and many times I was tempted to paint him Orange. I suppose that being a big orange rock guy could I brought play make some trouble with Marvel has the weird paint job. Like rat king he does have a bunch of cobwebs creepy crawlies all over his body that would pop out greatly with a killer paint job.


 This mad cow has had it with your bull...  you might guess what comes afterwards. but seriously, a bipedal cyborg bull is an incredibly insane concept which I also had as a kid... I guess you're noticing the toys I had as a kid pattern here.


This one I did not have as a kid but he was meant to be the Bebop to Groundchuck's Rocksteady.  I'm just picturing that the backpack he has has some accessories that could be removable in a modern era figure. that would spice up the old figure.

-Super Shredder 

Super Shredder became my default Shredder when I was a kid. I wasn't too fond of the original crouching DJ Shredder and since he was standing I used him a lot more. After getting neck has Super Shredder I kind of want to see what the horsemen can do with the inaccurate Playmates Toys one. Will they make him in scale with the other figures or will they go movie scale and make him even larger? Honestly it would be crazy cool if they made in 7 or 8 in tall and give him Ram Man width.

-Chrome Dome

Big bad Samurai robot that eats foot soldiers for breakfast. Okay you got me he just looks cool and he wouldn't break Super7's bank as much as other characters. 


Ah gwa-ran-tee you were waiting for the cajun gator... I want to recreate Turtles in Time with the TMNT ultimates it's obviously principal Factor for his inclusion to this list. I'm not going to lie if I say that the Vintage figure was rather unimpressive and wimpy looking.  with that said I believe that 50 5 or 60 version of him and making him bigger while looking vintage like would be awesome.

-Tokka and Rhazar:

I'm mentioning the last two characters as one item because it's not like I can suggest Tokka WITHOUT Rhazar or viceversa.

Yes they complete the Turtles in Time roster and also it's some representation from the movies in the vintage toy line, so they're fair game.

Those are my top choices for the line but a wave is made up out of four figures. Out of those 12 characters I must choose 4 to make this villains wave.


 he's a fan favorite and pretty much a borderline core character. I stand with the idea that he should be a more expensive figure in order to be slightly bigger.


I'm using Super7's crappy twist element of surprise here. Since Toy Tokka is a Slash redeco, making him first would ensure that/ can be used as a budget saving figure.


Mutagen Man, Metalhead, Muckman can be considered Oddities in a limited release line.  pizza face fits in that department. Also I have a feeling that Brian Flynn has a soft spot for the guy. he likes those weirdo choices so pizza place biggest weirdo in the entire line.

-Rat King

So far each wave has had a human-shaped character. Wait one was the foot soldier wave to what Shredder Wave 3 was April and now Wave 4 has Casey.

The reason I didn't put Krang in this wave is because I believe that krang should be a separate release with just the giant Android body the bubble Walker and everything; kind of like the iconic pose Conan who was released on its own.

Also by releasing Tokka first, Super7 could give a first look at Slash with a "Retromutagen Glow Slash" figure. Like the glow-in-the-dark Baxter, this Slash would glow in the dark.

Another character that could get a special treatment could be Chrome Dome. Then normal figure would be painted in a bright non Chrome silver while the single Super 7 exclusive could be made with chromed plastic and maybe translucent laser weapons and belt.

While not a villain but a character that could get a special look for any reason and be sold as an individual figure would be fugitoid. The normal release would be gold and black like the Vintage figure while the exclusive could be Vac Metalized.

Oct 7, 2020

Super7 TMNT Wave 4: Donatello wave

 Yes, The 4th wave has been announced. Donatello, Casey Jones, Muckman, and Mondo Gecko are the characters of this wave and they all look awesome.

Donatello  seems like the weakest of the bunch. His lack of accessories scares me a little bit, because I don't see the painted kama, or push knife anywhere... this is worrisome because we are reaching the characters that require 100% non reusable sculpting. This means that we may see accessories being cut out from future releases. Personally, Muckman could've been a $60 item like Mumm-Ra in order for him to get stuff AND ensure that Donatello didn't lose stuff.

Casey got a better deal than Donatello. Aside his golf bag, he gets all of his accessories painted AND HOCKEY PUCKS!! There isn't that much I can say about this figure because he is exactly what I expected.

Mondo Gecko looks badass! He gets an extra head and hands in addition to the Skateboard... Despite looking this badass, I COULD skip him if my current logistical issues don't improve in the next 2 weeks. Note that I said, that I could skip him due to priorities, not that "I don't like him, or don't see him as essential." It's just that I can't skip Donatello or Casey, because those are Super duper core guys.

Muckman  is the best-looking of the bunch. But like Donatello before him he also seems to be short-changed in accessories. We don't know if he can drool ooze like the Vintage figure or if his chest hole and head plug are useless nods like stuff made in Masters of the Universe classics.  like I said in my Donatello comments this figure should be more expensive in order to and sure he got stuff as well as not having Donatello sacrifice stuff. We could have used some translucent green plug on accessories to simulate choose for those who want to display a drooling Muckman without having to use actual ooze.

Muckman can easily be the best figure of the wave and the worst figure of the wave at the same time. What's the point of recreating the action feature if you cannot use it... Like S7 did on Mutagen Man...

It sucks that this cool looking Muckman right now is on my chopping block due to outside issues. This guy was one of my favorite non core characters that I had as a kid and it sucks that I may not be able to get him.

Why do I enjoy Mortal Kombat.

 Mortal Kombat wasn't exactly a favorite of mine. I found the violence for the sake of violence a bit tacky. The game itself was a bit shallow. Aside special moves, all characters behaved exactly the same and they were interchangeable. In that area, A different game was superior. The game was irreverent and immature and it SLOWLY won me over. I have to admit that the story was the first thing that made me interested in the game series. When Mortal Kombat 3 came up and had the characters be different from each other with their unique kombos, that's when I truly became a Mortal Kombat fan. The digitized actors finally grew on me and MK3 Sonya made parts of me grow as well... I know it's a sexist joke but I couldn't resist. 

Then Mortal Kombat started using polygonal models and making crappy side games that's completely turned me off. I still had some love for the first 3 games but everything else I actually didn't give a damn. Then Armageddon was announced that the final Mortal Kombat game which brought me back into the fold. 

 Then came the reboot era. I did enjoy Mortal Kombat 9 and 10 bought I honestly can't get into Mortal Kombat 11. I partially blame Ronda Rousey, who I've never liked as an actor and she's a bit worse as a voice actor. Also Mortal Kombat going politically correct was a huge mistake. This is Mortal Kombat: The game with tacky over the top violence, that advanced the creation of the ESRB. A game who was as irreverent as South Park, has been castrated and turned into a double standard contradiction.

But unlike, say, Street Fighter, I don't have a need to PLAY Mortal Kombat games every once in a while. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the games, but I prefer Street Fighter over MK. In a way, I may be a MK lore fan than a MK fan.  

Oct 6, 2020

Live Action Spider-Verse movie is creatively lazy...

I know that in a way it would be a pretty cool premise... but right now it would be Sony ripping off themselves since they already made a spiderverse movie... the animated one where Miles Morales is the protagonist. The reason I call it lazy is because instead of moving the story forward they're just bringing actors from past continuities to reprise their roles and they're going to use the spider verse as the excuse. There is no relationship between Peter Parker and Harry Osborn here, So goblins have nothing to do with Spidey. Kirsten Dunst would be far too old to play Tom Holland's love interest. they should be dealing with the aftermath from Spider-Man far from home. A Multiverse and having multiple spider-men would be a cheap cop-out to remask Peter.

If I was in charge of the Spider-Man movies I would be putting my efforts into continuing the story and setting up the Cinematic spider universe... a "street level" division of the MCU in general.
Morbius and Venom would be eliminated for the sake of proper introductions to the MCU at large.

Symbiote would be a phase 2 item... phase 1 is six... ask in Sinister Six. We already have vulture and Mysterio as key players. With the whole Spider-Man unmasked bounties on Spider-Man can be used to bring Kraven the Hunter. I've also mentioned the links to Wakanda by having Kraven being in need of getting wakandan vibranium to sustain his weaker branch of the heart shaped herb.
With Kraven vulture and Mysterio we have 3 out of 6.
Otto Octavius can easily be added as a pseudo Mentor figure to Peter now that Tony Stark is dead. Since Peter's Stark tech would need maintenance, and not everyone can understand it, a "retired" SHIELD specialist could help. I know that making Octavius a scientist (formerly) working for SHIELD is a huge continuity change, but it allows him to have access to the technology that would turn him into Doctor Octopus without using the Stark is an asshole trope. Octavius wants to have the young Parker on his side for his attack to destroy OSCORP.

 The idea is to set up for the Sinister Six so Spider-Man can have a two-parter movie running a gauntlet against the six. Through this Gauntlet without any help from The Avengers Spider-Man suit rise up triumphant as a hero on his own terms. He has his own lower tech suit. (Variable lenses stay, STARK AI Sys is eliminated.) The idea is to set up Peter to receive the  symbiotes, Mutations (Lizard, Morbius, Man-Spider) and if possible borrow certain toys from Disney for this phase... toys with the letter X... if you know what I mean.

The issue canceling the unmasking is a bit harder. I suggested using the Skrulls so they can double as Peter  while Spider-Man is around. Another way would be introducing the chameleon as a villain who poses as Peter Parker doing crimes to blame Parker.

One visual gag they could pull off is having Spider-Man publicly unmask and reveal he's not Peter Parker. This would Echo that ending to the original Iron Man and would also mock the comic book unmasking from Civil War. Fun fact Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire are the same height.
Introduce Tobey Maguire as Ezekiel Sims. I know it's scary to introduce that totemistic aspect of Spider-Man so early on his journey because pretty much everyone hates that the totemistic aspect but it would lead better into phase 2:
The idea is to keep Spidey at "street level" and he kinda gets swept up on bigger stuff at times (Disney crossovers) Norman would be the "Thanos". My main issue is that I don't trust SONY.67

Oct 3, 2020

What's in the box!? Flynn, what's in the box!?

Brian Flynn is about 5'10". The box is YUUUGE! I'm 3 inches shorter and all I can think is: will it pass through my door? He wasn't kidding when he said it was huge...
I'm dreading the day I get the shipping notice. I'll probably Ship my pants. Oooh the wait is almost over and I have no idea where to put it...

Good thing I am single and I don't have to worry about any significant other getting mad about this..

It came from the Toy Chest: Sagat... yes, another one!!

It's no secret that I love Street Fighter 2. And I've been collecting both figured and storm collectibles in order to get the Street Fighter 2 roster. Finally got a Sagat from sh figuarts. the former King of Muay Thai and one of Shadaloo's Four Kings. Vega, Bison, and Balrog being the other 3. Sagat was the final boss of the original Street Fighter. The famous scar on his chest was given to him by Ryu at the end of the original Street Fighter. Sagat has tried to get a rematch against Ryu in various games.
Tiger Apricot!

 since he is sh figuarts you know the articulation is going to be good. It's not perfect but you can pull up almost every move and pose. To be honest the only post that I'm having trouble with is the one with Sagat touching the scar on his chest.

Paint and sculpt 
The figure has a kick-ass sculpt, but there is a tiny problem. This Sagat figure is too short. We were supposed to be 5'10" and Sagat is supposed to be 7'4". Disfigured is barely taller than Ryu. Everything else it's fine and dandy it's just that he's too short.  He's got an amazing sculpt, incredible paint job but he's just too freaking short.

Figuarts, what are you doing?
2 hands
1 head
1 tigershot
1 stand with variable heights for the tigershot
Tiger Knee!
The decrease on accessories really sucks. I'm not asking for four heads or six hands like storm collectibles, but two hands and a head is making Super7 look like they overstuff their figures.
Seriously they could have tossed in an additional head based on Street Fighter V story mode where is Sagat is wearing a bandana instead of an eyepatch. Or makeup and then add that you could sleep on his head to make him look kind of like his alternate Street Fighter V look.
Don't let me down, Bandai.
We need the Boxer dude...

Sagat gets a 4.33 as his final score and it's a shame. if he was slightly taller and maybe come with an additional accessory or two she would have been a fantastic figure. Right now he's a good figure but he could have been better.
See what I mean?
I hope that Bandai isn't pulling the plug on these... We're halfway through the SSFIIT roster. Or less than half of the Normal SFII roster.
Sagat: Finally! I've  beaten

Oct 2, 2020

Toy odds and ends: TMNT, Havoc Staff prop...

There's a Life Size Havoc Staff that is on preorder right now. It's by Factory Entertainment and it can be yours for $500+ Shipping, IF YOU PREORDER NOW! They are being generous and giving us a $50 discount, from its full price of $550! It's going to be over six feet tall. About 205 cm. It's a Metal Staff, hence the hefty price tag... and banned from most cons, so one reason to get it has been eliminated. It would make for a great conversational piece though.

While it is a nice piece I have to pass on it. Unfortunately I see many collectors passing on it as well due to budgetary reasons. The fact that it cannot be taken to cons and be used as a cosplay prop actually hurt it a lot more than they think.

Ultimates TMNT wave 2 test shots are here.
Man, that Bebop looks Huge.
Here's a comparison between NECA Bebop, Playmates Bebop and Super7 Raphael. S7 Bebop will make both Playmates and NECA Bebop his bitches. Wave 2 is supposed to be shipping in January.

NECA is not going to have any more preorders on their site...
And their release schedule for TMNT has been dropped and this means I'll miss out on Splinter and Krang's Android Body.
Yup... with the Toon stuff being Target Exclusive and they don't ship to Puerto Rico, I'm SOL...

It came from the Toy Chest: Spidey's Aerith... *Language*

Gwen wins!
Flawless Victory!
I know that Aerith should ve Cloud's Gwen Stacy, because Gwen died first. But the other option was Norman fucker and that's not exactly the best title I could use.
So when Stacy bungee jumping victim, Goblin fucker, smart and competent girl who ended up being a damsel in distress... in a parallel universe she has spider powers I'm Peter Parker is, I mean was the lizard there... the thing is that when Stacy is an important character to Spider-Man. She's one of the few people that died because of him I'm Peter Parker often uses her death as a way to punish himself for not doing a great job as Spidey.
The other three are:
Uncle Ben, obviously, Captain George Stacy, who happened to be Gwen's father and Spider-Man indirectly caused his death at the hands of Doctor Octopus, the third person is Captain Jean DeWolff, one of the few policepeople who was an ally of Spidey.

Gwen has normal female figure articulation. Her skirt and coat slightly hinder it. Her long hair makes it slightly difficult to do some dead Gwen poses.

Paint and sculpt
Surprisingly, Gwen has a couple of new parts. I didn't expect a textured turtleneck. On the other hand, the painted boots are disappointing. The biggest surprise is that she got a new sculpted head and I thought they would we use the Spider-Gwen head.
The MJ head is also great.
Goblin: Insert FF7 Aerith death reference.
Spidey: You sick Bastard...
Goblin: I could've done Martha...
Spidey: You sick, sick Bastard!!

-MJ Head
-Trapper Keeper
-Midtown High Yearbook, most likely Peter's, since only He was at Midtown High. Yes I know where it could be Flash Thompson's but we don't have a Flash Thompson figure.
-Rolled Daily Bugle, which will most probably be reused when we get a J. Jonah Jameson figure.
Oh, Norman... What a douche!

I kind of wish we had gotten interchangeable arms. Just for the sake of making MJ different from Gwen, or have more display options for Gwen.
Peter: Ben, did you just Clone a Gwen for our Double Date?
Ben: What? You expected me to come with Spider-Gwen?
Gwen Clone: Wait, I'm a Clone!?
MJ: Welcome to my Bizarre Adventures...
Peter: Was that a JoJo Reference?
Ben: I originally cloned MJ, but that would've been weird.
MJ: You did What!?
Ben: Chillax, MJ... Sorry for Kaine's date...
Peter: Ben, who did you clone for Kaine?
Ben: Captain...
Peter: Oh no...
Kaine  (VO): I hate you so much...

Gwen gets a 4.33 as her final score.  there are very few issues with her and she's actually a fun figure to have around for flashback displays.

Not gonna happen... Until I get the Sinistwr 6 out of storage.