Oct 19, 2020

Not so crazy SDCC Ultimates TMNT Ideas:

 Been thinking  about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ultimate figures. Remember when NECA made the coming out of their shells variance for last Comic-Con?  my suggestion is something along those lines:

Wacky Action 4 pack:

Basically reissues of the turtles with different weapons and head. In Raphael's case maybe a new back shell with a removable piece for the breakfighting spinner to plug in.

As an added bonus, add the vanilla weapons in wacky action colors: 

Lime green chucks for Michelangelo
Blue Sai for Raphael
Orange swords for Leo
Cyan Bo for Donatello.

These aren't "Mandatory to own" but they are a nice addition. Also it kinda allows S7 to "rerelease" a close to "vanilla" versions of the turtles. I had thought of the Storage Shell versions but recreating the storage shell would limit articulation. Also, their accessories aren't that great.
Same thing with the headdroppin' turtles.

I had thought of the "Toon variants" but they practically required 100% new sculpts, because they look pudgier than the normal Turtles.

The other possibility was "Movie Star" Turtles. I'm more than aware of NECA's screen accurate turtles, but Playmates did release vintage toys of the movie version and what I'm thinking is that they base the set on the vintage toys instead of the actual movie turtles. Basically it would be new belt and head with a more detailed paint job on the toys.

While movie styled ultimate Turtles would be cool, because they would look great with Thundercats and He-Man; I'd prefer the wacky action over all others.
This is not official it's just some speculation on my part.

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