Oct 8, 2020

I hate Blogger's new format

 It's been a few days since Blogger has forced the new format on everyone and it's been a pain in the ass. It has a few good things like not requiring an embed code to add youtube videos to articles. But whenever you try to add pictures to a post, like say, an It came from the Toy Chest review, Blogger takes the pics and puts them wherever it pleases. I recently had to edit the Lynx-O got his Braille Board post a buttload of times because it kept moving the Lynx-O pic or deleting text, because apparently Blogger loves Bengali and they can't stand that I hate Tygra's albino wannabe.

This new format is supposed to be mobile device friendly. How is this mobile phone friendly? I can't see what I'm typing in horizontal mode.

Vertical is a smidge better, but if I scroll up to see what was I writing before the recently added pic or video, the post gets all scrambled up and is a huge pain in the ass to fix. This new format isn't making blogging on the go any easier.

You said it...

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