Oct 7, 2020

Super7 TMNT Wave 4: Donatello wave

 Yes, The 4th wave has been announced. Donatello, Casey Jones, Muckman, and Mondo Gecko are the characters of this wave and they all look awesome.

Donatello  seems like the weakest of the bunch. His lack of accessories scares me a little bit, because I don't see the painted kama, or push knife anywhere... this is worrisome because we are reaching the characters that require 100% non reusable sculpting. This means that we may see accessories being cut out from future releases. Personally, Muckman could've been a $60 item like Mumm-Ra in order for him to get stuff AND ensure that Donatello didn't lose stuff.

Casey got a better deal than Donatello. Aside his golf bag, he gets all of his accessories painted AND HOCKEY PUCKS!! There isn't that much I can say about this figure because he is exactly what I expected.

Mondo Gecko looks badass! He gets an extra head and hands in addition to the Skateboard... Despite looking this badass, I COULD skip him if my current logistical issues don't improve in the next 2 weeks. Note that I said, that I could skip him due to priorities, not that "I don't like him, or don't see him as essential." It's just that I can't skip Donatello or Casey, because those are Super duper core guys.

Muckman  is the best-looking of the bunch. But like Donatello before him he also seems to be short-changed in accessories. We don't know if he can drool ooze like the Vintage figure or if his chest hole and head plug are useless nods like stuff made in Masters of the Universe classics.  like I said in my Donatello comments this figure should be more expensive in order to and sure he got stuff as well as not having Donatello sacrifice stuff. We could have used some translucent green plug on accessories to simulate choose for those who want to display a drooling Muckman without having to use actual ooze.

Muckman can easily be the best figure of the wave and the worst figure of the wave at the same time. What's the point of recreating the action feature if you cannot use it... Like S7 did on Mutagen Man...

It sucks that this cool looking Muckman right now is on my chopping block due to outside issues. This guy was one of my favorite non core characters that I had as a kid and it sucks that I may not be able to get him.

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