Oct 15, 2020

Highlander figures are coming...

 But, they're from a company I haven't heard of or seen any product.

Here is the link for Connor Macleod and for Kurgan.

To be honest these figures are a big fat pass for me. 1st there 5 in so they're basically incompatible with everything. Then they are thirty bucks each. Then they only have 12 points of articulation, lack accessories, and most importantly we don't know if they have a key feature that all Highlander toys should have: removable heads. 

 I mean, where are the lightning effects for the quickening? Or at least sparking effects  for the swords clashing. I'm guesshing that Juan Shanchezh Villalobosh Ramirezh will not be made due to Shean Connery'sh likenessh isshuesh. 

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