Oct 23, 2020

Super7 please consider Wacky Action Mouser...

 As the figure has no accessories, it could be used as a way to deliver Multiple Mousers to customers. It still would fit the possible mandates from Nickelodeon and Playmates that they have to stick to the vintage line, but it would improve on the vintage release by being In-scale with the Turtles and by offering multiples, an easy army builder.

But if for some reason Playmates insists on having a Larger Mouser looking like the vintage figure, then 2-3 small Mousers could be added as accessories instead of releasing 5 normal Mousers. It still creates an army of Mousers and Mama Mousers... that's what I would call the oversized ones.

Also, if a Mouser Multi-pack is made, it should be offered on its own, like they did with Iconic Sword Pose Conan, or Andre the Giant. That way people can spend on multiples without beinng punished like the Foot Soldier incident.

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