Oct 22, 2020

Odds and Ends 22-23rd of October, plague year.

 Hideo Kojima is back with a new game after the commercial success of the Disappointing QWOP Amazon Prime single dad. Yeah you heard right Kojima is back...  of course, in true kojima fashion everything is a mystery and it's been kept well under wraps. I really hope it's not related to death stranding. Hopefully this time Kojima will have someone who will tell him "NO!" whenever his ideas to get too out of hand. We need to avoid a prequel George Lucas situation. 

Insomniac, what are you smoking? 
Adding a Hood to the alternate outfit for Miles is not innovative.
Peter Parker already did it in the 90s and that was back when there were 2 Peter Parkers running around... or should I say web-slinging. Then we have spider Gwen who also has a hood. also that outfit worn by Miles it's giving me some hee hee Shamone vibes... why am I holding my balls and have an urge to walk backwards?
I honestly don't mind the Michael Jackson inspired look. What bothers me the most is the whole stupidity about miles being the first one with a hood. Do I need to mention into the spider verse where they already gave Miles Morales a hood?

Speaking  Spider-Man:
The remaster that will be bundled with the Miles Morales PS5 game deluxe edition we'll have some new spider suits for Peter Parker. They might make it to the PS4 version, but not immediately. One of those suits is the Andrew Garfield spider douche outfit. Wait, wait wait wait wait wait wait a minute... we already have the Tom Holland Spider-Man outfit and we got the Tobey Maguire outfit. With Andrew Garfield we complete the three main movie Spider-Man outfits. Now I wonder will we get the 70s Nicholas Hammond version or the Emissary from Hell supaidaman Japanese outfit?

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