Oct 28, 2020

Educational toys can be such a drag.

 I was planning to review an educational toy but, it involves an archaeological dig that would create too much dust and dirt to do inside. Since it has been raining...

*sigh* I won't be able to review it until at least next week.
It's cool that kids can get a tangible experience on what Archaeology is about... well in this toy's case. But, finicky parents, or lazy toy collectors in their late 30s would complain about the toy's messy side. I'm alsp worried about govong children a small wooden mallet, especially if they aren't an only child. But the biggest issue I have is that nowdays many children have attention span issues and some of these toys require some elaborate set ups. Some kids will get bored of them easily.

In this Egyptian Archaeology Adventure set, I see so many kids just dropping the plaster block to the floor instead of following the painstaking process to unearth the mummy. Of course they'll probably break the mummy and cry to mommy about the crappy mummy toy.

I'm whining about this because I got robbed of a spooktacular It came from the Toy Chest... that was going to set up Super7's Mumm-Ra. I better go to bed.

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