Oct 8, 2020

My top 12 picks for Super7's TMNT Wave 5

 You may have noticed that the 4th wave of Super 7 Ninja Turtles is 100% pure Heroes. I'm going to take a stab in the dark and a say that wave 5 would be villain heavy. There are plenty of characters to choose from and I'm going to be narrowing down to 12; well more like 11 + Krang.

-Krang in his Android Body:

I'm going to start the list right out of the bat with Krang in his Android body. He probably would be a $60 item like the powered-up version of Mumm-Ra the ever-living. The reason for the larger price that is to have the Android body done decently and to have the bubble Walker. Basically, to improve on This Android Body but without an undersized Krang. At the same time, not going oversized as the original Bubble Walker Krang release.

Just like Baxter got a Mouser in scale, Krang should be in scale as well.


He's one of the few figures I had as a kid that I'm wondering how will the Horsemen tackle him... As a character he's incredibly ridiculous! I believe that's a huge part of his charm.


He's an evil turtle; what else could I ask for?Slash's here just to have a turtle in the  wave, because it feels kind of weird not having a turtle in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wave. Now watch How I suggest Venus de Milo for wave 6... kidding! To tell the truth the main reason why I am adding Slash to the list of candidate is in order to get the roster for Turtles in Time as fast as possible.

-Rat King

 The toy looked freaky as hell. No imagine getting him with a full paint job and all the creepy crawlies all over his body being painted and showcased in a way that you can say: "holy crap I didn't know he had that! Cool!" I'm also wondering how they'll translate his sculpt to a more articulated body; since some of the rats in his sculpt would interfere with the articulation.

-General Traag

The leader of Krang's Rock soldiers is a really weird looking character. I had him as a kid and many times I was tempted to paint him Orange. I suppose that being a big orange rock guy could I brought play make some trouble with Marvel has the weird paint job. Like rat king he does have a bunch of cobwebs creepy crawlies all over his body that would pop out greatly with a killer paint job.


 This mad cow has had it with your bull...  you might guess what comes afterwards. but seriously, a bipedal cyborg bull is an incredibly insane concept which I also had as a kid... I guess you're noticing the toys I had as a kid pattern here.


This one I did not have as a kid but he was meant to be the Bebop to Groundchuck's Rocksteady.  I'm just picturing that the backpack he has has some accessories that could be removable in a modern era figure. that would spice up the old figure.

-Super Shredder 

Super Shredder became my default Shredder when I was a kid. I wasn't too fond of the original crouching DJ Shredder and since he was standing I used him a lot more. After getting neck has Super Shredder I kind of want to see what the horsemen can do with the inaccurate Playmates Toys one. Will they make him in scale with the other figures or will they go movie scale and make him even larger? Honestly it would be crazy cool if they made in 7 or 8 in tall and give him Ram Man width.

-Chrome Dome

Big bad Samurai robot that eats foot soldiers for breakfast. Okay you got me he just looks cool and he wouldn't break Super7's bank as much as other characters. 


Ah gwa-ran-tee you were waiting for the cajun gator... I want to recreate Turtles in Time with the TMNT ultimates it's obviously principal Factor for his inclusion to this list. I'm not going to lie if I say that the Vintage figure was rather unimpressive and wimpy looking.  with that said I believe that 50 5 or 60 version of him and making him bigger while looking vintage like would be awesome.

-Tokka and Rhazar:

I'm mentioning the last two characters as one item because it's not like I can suggest Tokka WITHOUT Rhazar or viceversa.

Yes they complete the Turtles in Time roster and also it's some representation from the movies in the vintage toy line, so they're fair game.

Those are my top choices for the line but a wave is made up out of four figures. Out of those 12 characters I must choose 4 to make this villains wave.


 he's a fan favorite and pretty much a borderline core character. I stand with the idea that he should be a more expensive figure in order to be slightly bigger.


I'm using Super7's crappy twist element of surprise here. Since Toy Tokka is a Slash redeco, making him first would ensure that/ can be used as a budget saving figure.


Mutagen Man, Metalhead, Muckman can be considered Oddities in a limited release line.  pizza face fits in that department. Also I have a feeling that Brian Flynn has a soft spot for the guy. he likes those weirdo choices so pizza place biggest weirdo in the entire line.

-Rat King

So far each wave has had a human-shaped character. Wait one was the foot soldier wave to what Shredder Wave 3 was April and now Wave 4 has Casey.

The reason I didn't put Krang in this wave is because I believe that krang should be a separate release with just the giant Android body the bubble Walker and everything; kind of like the iconic pose Conan who was released on its own.

Also by releasing Tokka first, Super7 could give a first look at Slash with a "Retromutagen Glow Slash" figure. Like the glow-in-the-dark Baxter, this Slash would glow in the dark.

Another character that could get a special treatment could be Chrome Dome. Then normal figure would be painted in a bright non Chrome silver while the single Super 7 exclusive could be made with chromed plastic and maybe translucent laser weapons and belt.

While not a villain but a character that could get a special look for any reason and be sold as an individual figure would be fugitoid. The normal release would be gold and black like the Vintage figure while the exclusive could be Vac Metalized.

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