Oct 26, 2020

theoretical Among Us 2 ideas that I'd like to see.

 I've been playing Among Us, 99.76% of the time as a Crewmate... and 56.21% of the time Disconnected!! As Impostor the odds are even worse. But that's not the point...
We need more stable servers!!!

But I want to talk about Gameplay.
10 people 2 impostors...
1 person was disconnected via error, 2 people disconnected because they weren't impostor, 1 more person disconnected because of ping issues. So, let's do the math: out of 10 people, it became six by the time the game actually starts. Then 2 of those six are impostors. So 4 crewmates left. Couple of seconds later: Defeat. 
Servers need an improvement, true, but every single game has people disconnecting for not being impostors. It's freaking annoying. There should be a way to track that and punish players who disconnect often when they are assigned the role of Crewmate. Maybe having to play 30 games as crewmate before unlocking access to the chance of playing impostor.
I know 30 games is a bit steep, but the idea is to stop them from disconnecting...

Also, one annoying thing is people disconnecting after dying. It removes the undone stuff, but it also removes the done stuff, which makes it suck for those who remain. Seriously, Do Your Tasks and finish the effin' game!

So, here's a crazy idea: How about Ghost getting a ONE Time Haunt Option:
Similar to the impostor's Kill, but instead of killing it makes the target afraid and it freezes for 5 seconds.
A ghost crewmate can scare an impostor giving a crewmate a chance to escape. A ghost impostor can scare a crewmate to set up a kill by their partner. A ghost crewmate can get revenge on an annoying crewmate who falsely accused you.
In order to stop abuse from the haunt option, it should be a one time use. Also in order to stop players ganging up on an impostor, the haunt should have a time limit. As soon as you die, you have X amount of time to haunt someone or selse you lose the ability. And in order to "keep the secrecy" only the haunter and the haunted can see the haunting. Maybe have a Haunting animation, like the killing animation.

Impostor Sabotage Tasklist:
I know this complicates the Impostor, but read me out. It's a bit of BS that right from the get-go, the Impostor has the ability to sabotage Electric, Reactor, O2, Comms, and doors. What I'm suggesting is that the Impostors get their own "task list" to unlock the Sabotages. For example:
-Upload Trojan to Admin and control doors.
-Set Jammers in Comms.
-With Admin Compromised override the system in Reactor and O2
-set a mini EMP device in Electric.

Basically a way to truly "fake tasks" by  faking tasks. As an impostor you can choose not to do these, but it helps to do them.
The idea is to slow down the OP-ness of impostors a little. It's not cool when they can go lights out/lock doors/or threaten certain death right from the start.

I know it's not much, but it's the only thing I can think of aside new maps, colors, and task related mini games.

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