Oct 9, 2020

What the Hell did they do to American Pie!?

 Remember American Pie? The movie that Made Jason Biggs a Household name?

Well, now there's A Girl Centric American Pie Movie... Starring Madison Pettis... If that name sounds familiar...

Yes, the Little girl from Cory in the House stars this movie. This isn't the first time a Disney Channel actor has been in an  American Pie Movie. Jason Earles from Hannah Montana was in Band Camp, though that was BEFORE Hannah Montana. Here we have a star who grew up into landing a role in an American Pie Movie.

But since it's with girls it's a lot less raunchy than normal American Pie Movies. It has SOME raunchiness, but it feels like a Hardcore PG-13 instead of the borderline NC-17 rating of the original. (It had to be re-edited a couple of times to reach the R rating.)

The main issue with the movie is that it "wants to be a sort of girl-centric reboot of the first movie" but doesn't want to be as offensive or problematic. If the movie wasn't loosely tied to the American Pie Cinematic universe, it would've done a lot better. I should go to sleep, but I have to work... dammit!

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