Oct 30, 2020

Pre Halloween 2020 odds and ends.

 I'm getting ready for Halloween and I just realized something: My Jonny Quest costume is looking more like Donald Trump disguised as Jonny Quest than actual Jonny Quest. Wait, did I just fat-shamed myself? Dreading Candy Corn... and the most likely boring Halloween because of COVID-19. I know social distancing and face masks... Mine has a quick doodle of Bandit just to cement the fact that I'm not wearing a Donald Trump costume, I'm wearing a Jonny Quest costume.

Gay Fish is a massive douchebag. He gave Kim Kardashian a hologram of her dad, where the late Kardashian patriarch praises the living shitnout of Kanye West. I think giving her a hologram of her dead father is a fantastic gesture; my issue lies with the Hologram praising West, a man who are the Kardashian patriarch never met. I normally avoid mentioning the Kardashian clan here, but this massive act of douchebaggery caught my eye and made me react with an outloud "What the Hell!? Seriously!?"

Saved by the Bell grittier sequel is coming in November... It seems the only cast member who is NOT returning is Screech the Badass... because they got Lisa back!! Yes, Lark Voorhees is returning as Lisa. Don't know how much of a role she'll have due to her health issues. I don't know if Dustin Diamond would want to be back. In any case, happy Halloween and stay safe. The vans do not contain free candy.

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