Jul 31, 2023

Who saw Pee-Wee's Playhouse? Haley Joel Osment did...

 And y'all know what it means when Haley Joel Osment sees something... right?
Yup... He's dead now...
This was the third thing I thought of when I heard Paul Reubens died. 
The second thing I thought of was
And the first thing I thought about was

Y'all were expecting a reference to his Masturbation incident, sorry to disappoint... that was the 4th thought...

Here's the Large Marge scene from Pee-wee's Big Adventure because it's a memorable scene from the movie... not gonna say that it scared me, but I shat enough bricks to build a wall to separate the US from Canada.

My condolences to friends and family...

This iteration of the Matrix was more weird than the one with Neo...

So Super7 can do Vac Metal now

 I think they have known for some time that they would be able to do so. I suppose that would be the reason why most of the Silverhawks are built in harder plastic. Even the wings aren't made of soft plastic as one would expect...

Something I didn't think at the time... What TMNT Character could benefit from vac metal... and his name is NOT Oroku Saki... because a Vac Metal blades Shredder would be so badass. It's not him... yes, it's the obvious choice:
Since the whole Playmates BS thing, blocking vintage accuracy, I'm thinking: How can he be made and not violate that rule?
Making him A bit Bigger but not like NECA did. Otherwise, he'd be Mon*Star big and with the Vac Metal added, he'd be Over $100.
This is Too big...
Nefty VO: That's what she said!

We need to make him a bit smaller... 8-9 inches seems like a decent size... 

Visually, he should look like a combo of Playmates, Tournament Fighters, and Shredder's Revenge. In vintage toy colors. His back wings should be hinged in order to not hinder articulation and distance themselves from "straight up Playmates look".  The accessories are what would make or break the figure. Using the gun and swords from the cartoon would be a start. Then adding goupillon int 3 ways: 1 with real rope, 1 with plastic rope (not in the playmates toy pose), 1 new "retracted version" think Tygra's bolo whip. And the Silicon sai is just that, maybe tweak the design a little. NO VAC METAL in the weapons. The reasoning to add the 2 vintage toy weapons is that the ReAction figure has them.aybe even adding red energy effects to the swords could be a nod to the toy's red weapons.

The point of all this is, that we could end up getting a chromed figure of Chrome Dome because Super7 can do vac metal now.

Jul 30, 2023

Less than 24 hours for the Cat's Lair early bird bonus to end...

 And they roughly have 75% of the minimum required... looks like The Playset is nost likely becoming a reality. Good for those who can afford it. 

This is so giving me Neitlich's Subscription Bullshit flashbacks... 

Honestly though, I'm not sure if the Key was incentive enough. We'll see Monday if the ley will make it... wonder if Tygra's lab table will make it too!

Jul 26, 2023

Wait, Ryan Reynolds and ALF?

 This is NOT in any of my Random Team-ups Bingo cards... Reynolds is partnering up with Paul Fusco to bring back ALF on Reynolds' Maximum Effort channel.

I keep reading the article and I keep understanding it less... So, in addition to ALF reruns, is it a new ALF series or it's a series of ads starring ALF? Apparently, it's the latter. 

It's kinda nice to have ALF back, but I dunno... seeing ALF whore himself for product placement feels wrong... suddenly I feel the urge to use the 10-10-220...

Wait, ALF HAS BEEN WHORING HIMSELF OUT TO SPONSORS FOR 20+ YEARS!! And I still haven't been able to get a NECA ALF...

Top Street Fighter Alpha Characters I'd like Jada to tackle after USF2

 Honestly, I don't feel like getting SF6 folks yet... because nothing says Supervillain like Bison's former accountant. Yes, JP is nothing more than Bison's former accountant. So, in honor of the Jada Rumor about Alpha, I decided to see which alpha characters are my top picks...

This list will have some caveats though: no variants of SF2 characters, like Shin Akuma, Alpha Chun Li or Doll Cammy. I want some of those, but they would fill up the list way too fast. Also I'm going to avoid characters from Final Fight. These would pad out the list too fast as well. So this list will be based on characters that either debuted on Street Fighter Alpha, or appeared in a Street Fighter game that wasn't Street Fighter 2 and had an appearance in Street Fighter Alpha.

Dan Hibiki:
While he KINDA appeared in SF2 art, he made his playable debut in Alpha. Jada already has most of the parts to make him, basically all they need are the heads and maybe a new upper torso with this shirt sculpted on.

Charlie Nash:
This is a rather obvious choice. Not sure if they can reuse Guile pieces on him (depends on how Guile gets his sonic boom) but Nash is important to SF Lore.

Karin Kanzuki:
Alpha 3's answer to Alpha 2's Sakura.
Sailor Uniform could be shared between both and some minor changes in key parts could make her one half of the "part reuse club Alpha".

Sakura Kasugano:
Of Course Sakura was going to be on this list. I already mentioned the part reuse potential she has.

JoJo references aside, the "Anti-Bison" is a Street Fighter Alpha staple... how will Jada tackle her skirt and shawl? I guess soft goods is the only choice.

One of the Street Fighter OGs 

Sagat's unruly disciple. Would be interedtong to have next to the king of Muay Thai.

Bison's dolls are interchangeable, the lazy way would be to have them as a two in one figure.

He was in the GBA port of Alpha 3... s CVS2 refugee from SF1

Rainbow Mika:
I almost forgot about the Original Girlgief... stupid SF6 and its own more Zangief looking Girlgief, Marisa.

I guess that's all of them... so who do I pick as my top picks:
Rainbow Mika

Jul 25, 2023

George R.R Martin has a Winds of Winter update

 He's been writing almost every day and has done some progress... not as fast as he'd like and much less as fast as WE'D like, but he's finally writing... something good had to come out of the strike... I mean it's been over 12 years since A Dance with Dragons was published. Almost 27 years since A Game of Thrones was published.

In 15 years he was able to publish 5 books of ASOIAF, but he's taking almost the same amount of time to pu lish the 6th book. It's not that we're afraid that you'll die, George, but you're 74, that's not the age of a child of spring... you're in late autmn, George and as Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell used to say:

Winter is indeed coming, George... it comes for us all and you're closer to it than us. We don't want to have HBO's rushed ending as the official end to your saga.

Write George, write as if your life depended on it!

Top Marvel items that would keep me interested in Legends

 My interest in Marvel Legends has been steadily decreasing. Out of the newer reveals 2 figures only caught my eye... ok Maybe  7 and that's counting the Smythe v. Parker 2 pack. The other 3 are Gambit, Rogue, and Bishop from the X-Men 97 wave... Normally,  I'd  make multiple rants and separating the items in various waves and multipacks by using a single theme, like a Spider-Man rant, and X-Men rant, etc. I'm not too keen on tackling multi-parters... I haven't forgotten the action figure accessory multi-part rant. I'm pacing myself.

Spidey VHS packs:
Morbius vs Felicia Hardy
Tombstone vs Joe Robertson
Chameleon vs JJJ

Sadly, these would be Pulse exclusive, which means I get raped by shipping.

Etailer exclusive Multipacks:
As the name states these are available online only at Pulse and select online only etailers like Amazon, EE or BBTS.

Power Pack 4 pack: 
I've done this ad nauseum, so I won't repeat myself. Katie needs a new body and Julie could use the old teen buck with new arms.

Spider-girl 3 pack:
-Spider-girl (new double joint elbows and alt MayDay head)
(Bonus Old Peter head to use on the pizza spidey body)

Rogue vs Ms. Marvel 2 pack:
Same Ms. Marvel as in the (cap and radioactive man 3 pack) with a new agonizing pain head
Rogue based on her first appearance.

(Pulse exclusive) Blackheart vs Mephisto 2 pack:
Using the canceled Mephisto from the engines of vengeance and a new Blackheart (similar in size and appearance as in Marvel Superheroes). Made then pulse exclusives because that way little Timmy can't get figures of the devil.

(Pulse Exclusive) The Punisher vs The Russian 2 pack:
The first version of the Russian (striped shirt) in order to minimize controversy. They'd be Pulse exclusives in order to reduce controversy.

Single "Deluxe Figures":
Shuma Gorath:
I've mentioned before how he could be done. This can be rereleased in a MSH Purple Redeco.

Smart Hulk:
Basically the 80th anniversary hulk with a new head, torso, and feet with bunny slippers. Skintone should match the 80th anniversary Hulk. Add the guns and an extra head and hands to properly hold the guns.

Deluxe Spider-Man:
Using the renew your vows Spidey body add:
All the available web effects, Peter Parker head, half Pete half Spidey head, Pizza Spidey masked partially pulled up head, pizza slice. All the appropriate hands (fist, thwip, and wallcrawling)
New parts 2 prescuplted web shooting hands with some web fluid being flung out (similar to some Iron Man Repulsor hands not having the wrist hinge in order to have the pluggable repulsor blast) webbed up Camera (same camera as retro Peter Parker) but with sculpted webbing. Hot Dog.

This opens up the door for a deluxe Symbiote Spidey getting the same stuff but with hands shooting the webs from the top like the symbiote suit does and a half pete half Symbiote head covering his face.

It also opens the door for a Deluxe Ben Reilly figure: same as Peter but with the Ben forearms, add the Symbiote Spidey firing fists for the web stingers and normal spidey's for the webs. Remove the camera and snacks for a Spider- Carnage head and hands.

I'm not saying that all these have to be done at once. I'm simply pointing out how the deluxe Spidey can be "repurposed" and "reused".

Venom: The Madness:
Remember the BAF Venom? Adding a new back piece and new Arms, we could recreate Venom when he got doused in chemicals and his Symbiote went out of control.

Characters to use as slot fillers in waves: (standard figure or BAF)
-Doc Samson
-90s Kaine
-Psylocke (using the Danvers Ms. Marvel body with the new double joint elbows)
-"Post Hulk Out" Banner (shirtless and torn pants look)
-Classic Bishop (97 Bishop with classoc long haired head)
-Hydroman (costumed version)
-Sandman (costumed version)
-New X-Men Cyke
-New X-Men Logan
-Classic Banshee
-Lady Ock
-Cable (yellow and blue outfit)
-Classic Comic book based Mandarin
-Hulk Buster Attachment for Mark 13 armor (Modular Hulkbuster Ironman)
-Sentinel model cota94

There would be other items, but I did say the top items I want and I padded out the list for a day or so.

Jul 23, 2023

Dreadnoks are coming

 That means I mught be able to have a Ballad of GI Joe display in 2024. I know Doc was announced recently. I'm waiting on my Snowjob preorder from Hasbro Pulse and I need to get Shipwreck... but on the Dreadnoks: 

Torch was mentioned by name, so he'll come later... but Buzzer and Ripper got renders.

Now that we have the Dreadnoks coming, my GI Joe Classified collecting days may be reaching its end. TBH, I'm not a HUGE Joe fan, so getting some core characters was enough for me.

Jul 21, 2023

More SDCC 2023 news!

 I don't have pics for some of these, but the news are out there...

Mattel is screwing over Origins fans.  Only the Filmation figures will be available at retail
 Vintage Toyline based stuff only through Mattel Creations.

Trap Jaw is getting a Masterverse figure. Will update once pics surface.

Hasbro is making some X-Men 97 fogures in legends scale. The new Bishop body looks great, shame he doesn't have the classic long hair. The Rogue and Gambit are looking nice.

Animated Peter Parker is coming... shame I missed out on MJ. He appears to be part of a 2 pack based on the Fuck! Alistair Smythe is getting a figure!? I wanted to bitch about Peter not being in the striped Polo shirt then I noticed Smythe... to the internet!
Found him! Shame he isn't a "Legendary Rider" figure. Hopefully info on when this will be available will be revealed soon.


The Smythe V. Parker set was made available for preorder Saturday July 22 at 5PM EST.
Hello, Peter... there are some other legends revealed like 70s Luke Cage,  but they have me at Alfred Molina Ock.

I am going to need a Bat-Credit card...
McFarlane is making a Batman and Robin wave with Mr Freeze being the build a figure. It had to be right after I bought a comic book based Mr Freeze. I'll have to get Uma Thurman, Chris O'Donnell, Alicia Silverstone, and George Clooney in order to get:

This hahasn'been confirmed yet, but rumor has it that Jada Toys is looking into Alpha and 6 to expand once 2 is done... honestly, screw 6... Do Alpha first... once I have Karin, Dan, the dolls, and most importantly Sakura, then we can look at other SFs... but let's finish 2 first...

So, I saw Barbie:

 I honestly can't believe that Mattel allowed this movie to happen. A huge chunk of the plot makes Mattel look evil and incompetent... just like the real thing!

There are a few jokes at Ruth Handler's expense. A delicious jab at Snydertards, plus a  lot of criticism towards Barbie.

The theater was packed. I ended up first row with people next to me... I dont mind the first row, but I purposely choose first row to avoid people. 

But what about the movie?

Odds and ends 20-21st of July 2023: SDCC toy news

 Super7's Cat's Lair preorder is live. It has tiered rewards and they suck ass...
Let me clarify:

I'm NOT against this playset. To be honest, I'm sad that I can't afford it at the moment with greater responsibilities that I have to take care of... no point for toys if I'm dead/unemployed/homeless/etc. With that said, the early backer reward for reaching 3000 units sold by Sunday July 30th is kinda lame. A life-sized key of Thundera? But that's the least lame reward... if they sell 4000 preorders we get a lab table (for Tygra?) And A DAGGER MODE SWORD OF OMENS AND RESTING CLAW SHIELD!!
A Resting Claw Shield? We have one of those already, same with the sleeping Sword of Omens... I think Snarf is coming with another set of those too!

Tier 2 is a Translucent "Ass trail" projection Lion-O...
What kind of bullshit IS THAT!? I know that it's a lazy redeco to pad out the value, but they could've done so much better:
Anointed Lion-O, which is Lion-O with a new belt, soft goods cape AND new head... but that requires work. 
Child Lion-O 
He's canon, but again, Too much work!!
I hope Cat's Lair playset makes it, but they should've had better incentives...

Speaking of Super7 and bullshit. Originally we couldn't get vac metal due to the materials or something...
Flynn, you got some splainin' to do! This should not have been revealed until we had gotten Copper Kidd. Right now, there are a moderately sized group of collectors that are royally pissed off about this. I get why they would be horribly pissed off. A part of me WISHES that the Silverhawks we got looked like this but with the toon elements.
Despite preferring cartoon looks over toy looks, I'm more tempted to pick toy Buzzsaw over the toon version. But despite having the big bad Mon*Star and his depowered form. I know They need to get out the Toy Chest... been too busy with Tears of the Kingdom, SF6, and doing some sketches (as in drawings not the comedic ones) for another TMNT rant that has been cooking for over a gew weeks. Where was I? Mon*Star

I mean, there's no real difference between this and the one I have...
They made the ugly depowered head... that is Super Tempting... 

Seriously, what the shit is this!? Please tell me this isn't Wave 4 of Silverhawks...

Syndicate Collectibles is making Bloodsport figures.
ToyArk has tons of pics of the fogures they're making. The question you may be thinking now is:
Who the fuck is Syndicate Collectibles? Well, remember SOTA Toys? Well, Jerry Macaluso, who competed in Sci-Fi Channel's Face Off season 2 is the guy behind SOTA and now Syndicate Collectibles. Hopefully he learned of the mistakes in the latter Street Fighter waves by SOTA and that his Syndicate Collectibles figures don't end up being crap that disintegrates by looking at it wrong.
Their figures will be in 1:12, 1:10, and 1:18 scale... the latter will be competing against Super7 ReAction figures. 
I'm hoping that Double Dragon is in 1:12 scale. Nope! It's 1:10... not compatible with Jada's SF or Premium DNA's Battletoads line.
Bloodsport I can take in 1:12 or 1:10... preferably 1:10
But True Romance is the weirdest choice for a toyline... I know that this is mimicking NECA and Diamond Select's Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction lines, but I'd take an Alabama figure or 2 depending on price in 1:10 scale... if you're thinking that I want random hookers, then you'd be correct. Now here's the thing: Syndicate Collectibles doesn't even have a website... then there's Gary Oldman who is very protective of his likeness... then there's the couple of issues JM had with SOTA and PCS...
I honestly hope this isn't another Shocker Toys.

Mattel accidentally spoiled Revolution...
Meet technovirus infected Skeletor AKA Skeletek. In a previous rant, I believe that the Revolution He-Man with Battle Armor was spoiled.
BBTS or Entertainment Earth are getting an Exclusive Revolution 2-pack of
Orko the Aryan and
Zoardammit! I need this non-Billy Barty Gwildor.

NECA's leaning HARD on the Archie TMNT stuff AND The Last Ronin. But I don't care about that... we may have another Usagi coming.

I like the rolled sleeves look. Gives me 1990s Meiji era anime vibes... but not so sure if I like it enough to get a second Usagi.
This Big Ass Krang is probably for the 1:4 scale line BUT it also works as a Giant Turtles in Time Krang from Big apple 3 A.M.

Moving to Non-Turtle stuff...

I still can't believe the Flash Gordon line's alive!! Now with actual movie versions.

If NECA gets the Ted License they could reuse this body with a new older Sam Jones head in a 3 pack with Mark Whalberg and the eponymous Ted.

Now let's get into another 80s franchise getting new figures... if it just shuts up the "I'm tired of NECA making Turtles and gargoyles" whiny bitches... you're getting your predators and horror movie stuff... I simply don't care much about them, but some stuff IS Coming.

Robocop without Robotic parts is just Cop...
We're getting Cop... as in 1980s Peter Weller but with replacement parts to recreate the death of Alex Murphy.

But back to Turtles, since we're talking movies...
Would you look at that, it's Professor Perry! Then there's a Keno 2pack too! It's no Tatsu, but this IS good enough for me... I'm wondering where's Toon Outfit Judith Hoag?

Jul 20, 2023

I have one good thing to say about MOTU REVOLUTION

 I am not exactly the biggest fan of Kevin Smith and his bastardization of Masters of the Universe. Now the voice of Hordak has been revealed and I have one of the biggest nerd boners ever!!

1000 years ago Superstition and the sword ruled... something something... it was an age of Darkness it was an age of fear it was the age of Gargoyles... and all that... Motherfucking Al Simmons is Hordak!

Yes, Keith David has joined the Revolution cast as Hordak... I honestly don't know if the story is going to suck, but casting David as hordak is really great news!

Between getting rid of Buffy as Teela and this Hordak casting,  well those are the only two good things I can say about Revolution. I'm hoping that it won't suck but, knowing modern era Kevin Smith well, the outlook's not good.

I guess I can now do Street Fighter wave 4 speculation...

 With Wave 3 getting hinted at in the past few hours, guess I have to tackle the possibilities for wave 4.

I'll make 2 waves:
What I'd expect:
What I want:
Normally I make 3 and the third one is the disappointing one, but I want most to all 16-19 USFIIT characters.

What I'd want to see:
Balrog (boxer)
E. Honda

Not gonna lie, this wave is meant to "pad out" any SHFA/Jada displays. It "fills the vanilla II" display while we wait for the rest.

What I'd expect:
Balrog (boxer)

Akuma is there as a budget figure, since he'd be new heads and beads.
Balrog, despite being mostly new tooling, doesn't require much.
Blanka is just Blanka

As long as T. Hawk isn't in wave 4, I'm cool.
T. Hawk would complete 2 factions in one figure:
-New Challengers crew.

I'd rather have the Shadaloo Generals closer to completion or the really freaky folks before T.Hawk.

Alright here's the disappointing wave:
T. Hawk
Vega (claw)
It's not that these three characters suck, because they don't. It's just that after getting Cammy and Guile in one wave, getting T. Hawk and Zangief feels a bit of a let down.

I guess we'll find out what happens in 2024.

Newcastle Network invested 25M on Super7

 Should we be worried about this? On one hand this would mean Super7 getting more capital to work on their products... On the other hand, having beancounters throwing money in the pot means that B-Flynn has to answer to them. They obviously are expecting profits and when profit becomes the top priority, quality suffers. 

I mean private equity firms like  Bain Capital KILLED Toys R Us and KB Toys... which is reason enough to be wary of a Private Investment Group diddling Super7. I just hope that these new shareholders don't force additional price increases to an already overpriced set of products.

Top 20 NON-Vintage TMNT characters that Super7 could do for Ultimates.

 By Vintage, I'm talking about characters from the Vintage Toyline. What I'm going to use are characters from OTHER MEDIA, whether it's from the 80s or Later. Some characters, you've read about in other lists that I've made, others might be appearong here for the first time. 

Using the MOTUC Approach, we'll take these characters from other media and "vintagize them" into looking like something Playmates would've done in the late 80 to early 90s. This means that the designs wouldn't be accurate to their source material, for example: Eric Sacks wouldn't be a 1:1 copy of the "Megatron" Shredder,  but would be a kitbash-looking figure. New "helmet" over the normal Shredder head. New armored torso in the same proportions as vanilla Shredder, new spikes and armor bits over the modified vanilla shredder arms and legs. Probably would have a movie palette OR Vintage Shredder colors and be renamed as Cyber Shredder. Then Super7 could add a bad 80s toy likeness head of William Fitchner... (yes, I'd make vice city references in the review) a Turtle from the same movie would be a vintage tmnt wearing an outfit inspired by the movie version but not 100% accurate.

20: Dogpound and Fishface:
Yes, they're 2 characters rolled into one slot, since they're meant to be a whole unit like Rocksteady and Bebop or Tokka and Rahzar.

19: The Other 2 Punk Frogs:
This one is rather obvious. We could go the easy way with either a Genghis repaint or Genghis repaint but with new sleeves, crotch and shirt.

18: Female Turtles:
I am referring to Jennika and Venus.
While both are kinda different, I could see Playmates laziness creeping into parts reuse. If they were made in the vintage line: the only dofferent parts would be head and legs with Jennika getting a weird cloth "diaper" and new belt. Now let's translate that into "Ultimates style" that would translate into new heads for Jennika, new torso overlay, new thighs, pair of fist hands with the claw weapon (think slash)

17: Keno, Carter, Zach:
I know NECA made Keno for their movie line and Zach for their toon line. With Keno and Carter you could share a LOT of parts with the jacket overlay being different.
Of course picture it in a more "cartoony" 80s bad toy likeness style...

Switch the jacket and head, repaint the body in Carter colors, add his necklace and a partially mutated head and hands and boom!
For accessories Carter is so easy that we recycle the old rack weapons, add a Turtle communicator. Keno would get Pizzeria themed stuff and maybe some movie 2 inspired stuff... thinking Pizza box, cold cut sansetsukon, pizza cutter throwing knives, box of donuts with retromutagen surprise.
Zach would be a bit more complicated. I don't want to copy the NECA figure. Assuming he was made as a vintage figure, For starters, his "shell" would be a Bebop Trashcan lid molded in Metalhead green. He's very likely to get Casey's golf club in Metalhead green, as well as a Toon Turtles communicator in Metalhead green. He'd get a blue backpack with a clip to plug in the lid shield. But this feels "too close to NECA" for comfort... OR they could go in a whole different direction with the accessories. 
Here's what I'd do:
I'd lean on the little kid angle, but since Super7 is an adult collectible company, I can do items that Playmates wouldn't dream of.
First, he gets a Slingshot, because it's a stereotypical "little kid weapon": Dennis the Menace, Bart Simpson, Young Link use them.
He gets a shrunken down S7 Casey Jones hockey stick.
He gets 2 Garbage can lids: one that is exactly Bebop's but in Metalhead green, the other, the same with a sculpted belt for him to wear.
He gets the Turtle communicator in both modes, I'd  add jacks as caltrops, snd a slice of cheese pizza.

I purposely distanced myself from toon based accessories to not copy NECA too hard. Also, he might feel a bit of a rip-off since he'd be thunderkitten sized.

16: Human Baxter Stockman:
I've already covered him, swappable arms (lab coat arms and normal shirt arms). From the waist down he can share parts with Vernon, soft goods vest for fly Baxter's human form. Heads should have swappable necks for toon and mirage versions.

15: Tora (TMNT 2 NES):
I saw this cool drawing on DeviantArt of Tora styled as a Playmates figure. I'm completely on board with this. The guns aren't necessarily my favorite thing, but he does need something more than the chunk of Ice and the Dimension X weather satellite.

14: Mutated Carter:
I've already discussed this one, so I won't be too detailed here 

13: Human Jennika:
Basically a new head and combined parts of ninja April and Karai. 

12: Herman the Hermit Crab:
I've already mentioned the potential of him since he's very toyetic.

11: Shredder Shark:
It's a sharktopus thing that also has Shredder's DNA and memetic memory.  The Heroclix version looks like a huma oid shark with Shredder-like spikes AND 4 tentacles. It screams  buy this action figure. Since it's technically NOT Oroku Saki, he can count as a different character.

10: Armaggon:
I know I just asked for Shredder Shark (doo doo doo doo doo doo!) But Armaggon, has the potential to be cool. 

9: Granitor/Morg:
Traag might currently be up in the air due to Playmates being a bunch of... Playmates! But, Morg is the answer for fans of the other version of Traag. If Playmates OKs the Vintage styled Traag, then the Toon/videogame styled Traag could be repurposed as Morg, or if Playmates blocks a Vintage inspired Traag, Morg could be a new character with a head that doesn't look like Traag's, but if you pop in Traag's head and hands on the Morg body, you can kitbash a kinda looks like vintage Toy Traag figure. Granitor I've discussed countless times, toon accurate, mimicking toy Traag, going full reinterpretation... I just find the idea of another Rock soldier a nice way to boost up ranks... and he was canon in Archie Comics. If Super7 plays their cards roght they could get plenty of reuse between Traag and Granitor... and Morg. Especially if Playmates blocks the creepy crawlies.

8:  Bishop and the EPF: 
I know that humans aren't exactly the best characters on a TMNT line, but John Bishop isn't a normal human. He's got super powers after being (guessing anally) probed by the greys, but we can't say that on a children's cartoon. He's one part MIB, one part Nick Fury. He's useful to the canon in order to explain contradicting versions of certain characters (ie the 2 Baxters) interdimensional alien tech can be finicky. EPF troops can be army builders. The EPF soldiers had they been in the vintage line probably would've been Mutatin' figures. Transforming from normal EPF troops into Slayers.
The design wouldn't be 100% accurate to the 2003 series, but it would be inspired by it and 80s-ized.
Though this slayer gives off Mutagen Man vibes.

Swappable arms and head with interchangeable torso overlays could achieve a similar effect for Super7. Personally I'd rather havw normal human troops and Slayer units.

7: Aska and Lotus Blossom:
I've talked about these already and how they can reuse parts from Karai and Ninja April's bodies with some new parts to be made. I just want female ninjas...

6: Meat Sweats:
A Mutated pig with tentacles that is also a Gordon Ramsay parody? Yes please! I know that Rise of the TMNT is something I dislike, BUT, there are things that have potential. Hell, he could even come with Warren Stone as a little body (former reporter turned into a mutant Earthworm)

5: Repo Mantis:
Another RotTMNT character that could be retrofitted in the vintage line. (Super7 would reuse some Baxter pieces here,  mainly the legs and the fly fore arms) 

4: Tatsu:
Yes, I made a custom one, but we need an official one. I've already mentioned how the Genesis game can give us a Tatsu that doesn't require Toshishiro Obata's likeness.

3: Snakeweed:
We have animal mutations, human mutations, mutations with non-sentient things... We're missing plant mutations. Snakeweed fills the checkmark for plant-based mutant monster. He would be a bit more disturbing by retrostyling him into an 80s Playmates toy body horror plant monster with human parts.

2: Hun: 
He would end up being MOTUC-Sized, since I don't see Super7 making Hun Bebop sized. It would be cool though. By making him about MOTUC sized, they can make him big, but not ridiculously big. Personally  his torso could be a bit wider than say Panthro, but not by much. Maybe a smidge taller so even Casey would need to look up, but Super Shredder would still be bigger.

1: Vanilla Ice:
If you got a problem Yo! He'll solve it! I've mentioned him countless times and we know why we need him here so there's no need for me to elaborate. Go Ninja! Go Ninja! Go!

Jada Street Fighter Wave 3 hinted

 Bison's ass in MINE!! Yes, the Man whose theme goes with Everything is on Wave 3...
But before I continue, let's recap who's already coming before Guile:
Wave 1:
Chun Li who is coming in a few weeks.

Wave 2:

So far preorders for Ken, Dhalsim and Bison haven't been made.

Now Wave 3 has:
Dee Jay?

Wait that's 2 out of the missing 3 New Challengers! Only Thunderhawk is missing.
I might have to tone down my eventual Dhalsim's pants a bit... but Guile, man... Then we have Dee Jay, where No SOTA or NECA has gone before. Hell, not even Hasbro has made a Street Fighter Dee Jay...
I really can't wait to get them all... mainly because they're only 16 or 19 figures total... unless they expand into alpha where my wallet will cry like an anime fan on prom night.

Also, I'm disappointed that I won't be able to get Evil Ryu. Jada will sell some but only will ship to contiguous 48 and no PO Boxes.

Jul 19, 2023

Mattel is cooking something with MOTU

 Specifically with Masterverse. Mattel is taking advantage of doors opened up by Super7, New Eternia is getting a few characters likw Mini Comics inspired Tri-Klops, which is making me regret il papa tríclope.

Yes, that's a badass looking Snout Spout, but behind him is something better:
1987 Movie Evil Lyn. I don't know how they did it since Meg Foster isn't exactly known for letting her likeness be used.
New Eternia Mekaneck and Man-at-Arms look bonerriffic. Wait, is that the prototype ball and chain mace? Dammit, I may have to get this and make Revelation MAA into Masterverse Nefty-kun. We must stay tuned since Mattel is keeping some more surprises to be revealed during SDCC.

Huh, Cat's Lair pics leaked and it's not that impressive

 The measurements are out and here they are:

Barely reaching Snake Mountain in height and about a foot narrower. Depth is a bit of a cheat due to the cat paws.

But that is something... man those stairs look uncomfortable as fuck...

Hopefully we can see better pics at SDCC that are not these promo pics from Super7.

Jul 18, 2023

Dolph Lundgren is still the only live action He-Man

 Especially now since the live action movie that Netflix was making is dead. I guess that Sphincter Uncreative is jumping with glee, because he thought himself as the savior of MOTU and this movie happening would be a slap on his douchey face. But to be fair to the Mighty Sphincter,  it's good that thos project is dead at Netflix. The Bitcher and Buckaroo Rocksteady come to mind as why Netflix isn't the right place for MOTU... And that's not mentioning Kevin Smith's Bastardization of He-Man, or Mighty No. 9 vs Megaman and the Power Rangers of Grayskull. 

Right now I'm starting to think that He-Man should just die with my generation, because every attempt made for bringing him back in non-toy media after 2002 has been an utter failure. This movie project had big Knights of the ZODIAC energy...

I beat Tears of the Kingdom two days ago...

 And I have some things to rant about. There may be spoilers so if you haven't beaten the game, you should turn back and go play the game... the end boss isn't that hard. All I have to do is get the turds, complete the shrines and lightroots, increase the armors, especially the green outfits in order to properly beat Ganondork with the proper regalia.

I honestly have no idea what Nintendo could do for a DLC...
Yiga, Yiga, Yiga, Yiga, Yiga, Yiga, Yiga! The only thing that comes to mind involves the Yiga. It wouldn't  be a mega epic story involving a wolrdwide disaster, like the calamity or the return of Ganondorf, but it could be about powering up Ganondorf. 

Picture this: somewhere between Link defeating Kohga and ending the game, the Yiga are in a new mission: Kidnapping various people while trying to prevent the return of the sages, not knowing that Link has already awakened them. The sage vows would have to be deactivated for these missions. Once the final potential sage is saved, Kohga returns to Challenge Link one last time. Once defeated Kohga vows he will have his revenge, once Ganondorf's greatest warriors (Kotake and Koume) are revived. In order to defeat the Twinrova sisters, Rauru tells Link about the unfinished shrines (to complete the third stam wheel or fill up the hearts) that have the power needed for Link to defeat them. The only problem is that the Yiga found them and corrupted them. Link has to go and clean up the shrines from the Yiga and gain the power to defeat Twinrova. Also, that could unlock some new outfits and weapons.
-Cap of the Past (based on ALttP pink haired Link sprite)
-Shorts of the Past (shorts with red boots based on ALttP Link sprite)
-Tunic of the Past (green tunic with yellow belt based on AlttP Link sprite)
-Shiny Shield (based on the ALttP Mirror shield)
-Golden sword (based on the ALttP Golden sword)
-Aspect of the Dark World (based on the Dark World Bunny Link from ALttP)
-Aspect of Shade (outfit based on the hero's shade from TP)
- Goriya' Boomerang: (a red boomerang based on the old LoZ enemy)

The Final battles of the DLC would be another Kohga battle, followed by Kotake and Koume, then they use ancient techniques to become Twinrova, then the final boss:
Gloom copy Link
A nod to Zelda 2: Adventure of Link but with a TOTK Twist. Musically I'd suggest to mix the Gloom hands theme with this:

Boom, there you have an idea on what a TotK DLC could be based on... but I'm not Nintendo, so I dunno what they'd do.

I wouldn't touch the Golden Power until a sequel or is it threequel?

Jul 14, 2023


 Lock and load Little Lizard! You know what this means!? It's Tail Whipping Time! Gex is getting an anthology collection, just like TMNT did with their Konami era games...

The collection is the Gex Trilogy... The 2D amazong masterpiece that is the original Gex and the 2 3D games I don't give a damn about, but I will be able to officially play at my leisure.

My inner child is coming out and it HURTS! Gex is the story of the titular gecko, a couch potato who was ready to do some serious channel surfing, gets swallowed by the TV in something out of a Mojo themed X-Men comic book.

Trust me, Gex's trilogy is much better than the Jurassic Park collection that doesn't even have the superior SEGA Jurassic Park games... it only has the OK SNES game, and the NES and GB not bueno games. I OWNED the NES game and I know it's not bueno. I have fond memories of the game, but it is a bad game. But freaking Gex... most likely getting it on PS4.

Jul 12, 2023

Who has the best Burger: BK, Wendy's or McD's

 Those three are the Big Guns in Fast Food styled Burgers in Puerto Rico. We used to have Checker's but they vanished a few years back...

Due to a mishap at work, I ended up with a McD Double Cheeseburger, and a Whopper Jr. (Fun fact: the Whopper Jr. was created in Puerto Rico.) But I had gotten a Dave's Classic single... late night Uber eats mishap and canceled orders. Driver is not a meat eater and dumped the burgers on me to safely dispose of them... So, I just got to put on my J. Wellington Wimpy pants and enjoy these mostly free hamburgers today... 

Disclaimers: I'm not getting paid by any of these. I didn't take any pics, because I'm at work and will be using stock photos, because these burgers cool down way too fast to take a nice pic of them in my work environment... And stock photos look way better than the real disappointing versions... McDonald's, I'm looking at you. Also, while McD's signature burger is the Big Mac, the order didn't have one. Also, I'm not publishing this the same day I reviewed the burgers... in fact the dates aren't even close. I just found my notes on these recently while cleaning out the glove compartment... so this review's old!

Normally my reviews regarding food are informal... so I have no idea what I'm doing, but I'll try to act professional:

Visual appeal:
Or how close to the stock pictures the burger looks.
Best: BK, Worst: McD's
The Whoper Jr. Got the closest to its stock pic. The Tomatoes and Onion slices were a bit Thicker. Way more lettuce than the stock photo.

Wendy's came in second due to the burger being much flatter and the buns a bit too soft and they had absorbed a bit of the condiments. The meat, while square-ish had a more "organic shape" to it and didn't looks "as pretty" as the stock photo.

The worst by far was McD's with the anemic patties that barely made the thickness of Dave's Single. The patties were almost paper thin and tiny. It almost looked like the 2 patties were an afterthought on this burger... but Beggars can't be choosers.

Before I actually give my ratings, I have to say that McD's has improved A LOT on their burgers. I know that a while back they improved the Royale with Cheese. I guess it rubbed off into their other selections... but McD's fared the worst here too... Not because it was "bad" but the other choices were better.

Best: Wendy's, Worst: McD's

BK is the middle of the pack here because, the Whopper Jr. tastes like a Whopper Jr. My main issue is that BK had too many veggies, which is weord, since they shouldn't let the veggies overpower the burger... especially with the bleh lettuce. I'm not a fan of raw onion and the onions were too thick here, which didn't help BK that much. The meat was on the drier side, but the THICC mayo they use helps sell the BK flavor. The pickles were a bit on the rubbery side.

McD's, as I said was the worst, for one reason only: the paper thin meat. They're steaming the rehydrated onions on the griddle when making the burger, which gives the McD's burger a bit of a "Diner flavor" or White Castle-ish vibes. They don't believe in lettuce or tomatoes on their Cheeseburger and the pickles were almost as crunchy as Wendy's. If it had thicker patties, it would've fared a lot better.

Wendy's was the best of the 3 because, the meat had some weight to it AND it was juicy. The onions were sliced on the thinner sode, which made them more palatable to me. The pickles were very crunchy, which is something I prefer. My main nitpick is that the buns were a bit too soft and I was afraid of them dissolving in the juiciness of the burger and condiments.

According to my local Uber eats prices, these are the prices of each burger, no fries or drink. Yes, I'm aware that if I go to their drive-thru, I can get them for cheaper. The thing is, I'm gauging them on what I would've paid for them of I had ordered them from work.
Now without adding the Uber fees or taxes, here's their prices on each item.
BK's Whopper Jr. With Cheese is: $4.18
McD's Double Cheeseburger is: $4.01
Wendy's Dave's Single is: $5.19

McD's is the cheapest option but only because BK charges 59 cents for cheese. Meanwhile Wendy's is the most expensive of the bunch.

Best value for my money: BK, Worst value, Wendy's.
I know this is weird, but hear me out.
Both the BK Whopper Jr and Wendy's Single are about the same in how filling they are. The McD Double Cheeseburger isn't as filling, but it's way cheaper than Wendy's, so it balances out. BK'S pricing is what made it beat Wendy's. Sure, the difference is $1.01, but for a bit more I can get the full-fledged Whopper, which is a much filling experience, albeit less tasty.
Or by spending 20 cents more than Wendy's, I can get a more satisfying Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

You might be thinking that I'm cheating by mentioning other many items, but I'm not. I'm simply pointing out that while the tastiest product is Wendy's, the amount of food for the price feels a bit lacking.

Now which one I prefer? Wendy's. If McD's patties weren't so wimpy, they would've dethroned BK from the #2 spot. I wonder how Checker's would've fared.

Colonel Campbell doesn't like AI Cmpbell

 Suddenly, I'm feeling like Raiden... before the Cybernetic Implants. Completely clueless and Confused. Now to be fair this is just an issue that actor Paul Eiding has with AI voices. Also on the list of Metal Gear Solid actors who are against AI voices are Jennifer Hale and David Hayter. But the funniest thing about all of this is that the guy who voiced an AI replacing a human guy is complaining that an AI is replacing him.

Voice actors depend on their voices to earn their living, so it's understandable that they are a bit miffed by this AI issue. I just fond ot funny that his biggest role in gaming predicted this bullshit about 22 years ago.

Hawkgirl is d-d-d-Dora! And we have Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern

 Not Hal Jordan, sadly, but Guy Gardner, also known as the Worst Green Lantern from Earth.

Why Guy Gardner and Not Hal Jordan? He's voiced Hal Jordan before, so, why is he in the role of the guy who gets bitch ass punched by Batman and is knocked out by it?

Isabela Merced (formerly Isabela Moner) is Hawkgirl. Yes, she's the live action Dora the Explorer... also Sparkly Vampire Laurent is now Mister Terrific.(Edi Gathegi). It seems that Superman will not be an origin story and we'll start with heroes being around, which may or may not be a good thing. But we have 2 years until Superman: Legacy hits the theaters. I really hope this movie does well. Not because of fucking up the Snydertards, but for DC's sake. They have a bunch of great heroes that deserve their spot in the limelight. For 10 years Warner fumbled with the DC Universe. Now, hopefully, they can do things right.

Jul 10, 2023

It came from the Toy Chest: Wait a second, this isn't He-Man!!


It's Faker, Skeletor's evil Duplicate of He-Man. Specifically, the New Eternia version of Faker that is Actually Blue.

Unlike the Terminator inspired Masterverse Faker, we now have a true Blue Faker... but this isn't New Eternia He-Man in blue with orange Skeletor Armor... this is more than that, let's get this review started.
Skeletor: As all is above and below, cast from the realms of the living and the dead; I bring darkness where light lives and I bring light upon the darkness. O Lords of Chaos and vanquishers of order, I present to thee, my very own vessel for Grayskull's might!! The He-Man of Darkness, FAKER!! ARISE MY FAKER!! ARISE!!

He has standard Masterverse Articulation, so it's decent. Fortunately for me it's torso wasn't super stiff out of the package. If you have a FEW Master figures, you know what to expect.
He moves and looks good doing it...

Paint and sculpt
I complained a lot here with She-Ra. I can't do the same with Faker. Reusing the cybernetic Tri-Klops arms is a stroke of genius, but the star of the show is that face. We need that face in flesh tones for He-Man!
I shouldn't have painted the eyes...

But the tampographed Cybernetics are no longer painted on...

They're actually sculpted on his chest! Now THIS is an improvement over MOTUC.

The only complaint I have is that the armor is barely painted. Only the crossbones have paint. I kind of wish that the tassels on his shoulders had gotten some paint as well.
Teela: Hey He-Man! Over here!

Faker: You called?
Teela: Wait... He-Man's not blue! Unless his blue balls have spread out to his whole body!

Here, Faker got the short end of the stick. While most Masters figures get things like a second head, alternate armor, or some accessories to spice up the figure, Faker got Jaques Schitt.
Only a cool technosword and a Frankenaxe.
He got a pair of hands... kinda underwhelming...
Faker: I know what you did last summer! I'd Scream too if they knew about Scooby Doo's Cruel Intentions.

Faker gets a 4.17 as his final score. It's good, but it could've been better. I'm disappointed that they didn't reuse use He-Man's boots with the dagger, or Revelation Faker's cyber head as a second look.

He-Man: Her voice is no longer Buffy's it's Supergirl's!
Faker: Calle or Benoist?
He-Man: Benoist...
Faker: Zoardammit Barry... don't worry I'll kick both your asses with Glee...
He-Man: Zoardammit, Nefty! Did you reprogram Faker?
Nefty VO: Nope!