Jul 31, 2022

Lt. Uhura has been seen by a Keyblade wielder

 Nichelle Nichols, has become the latest victim of Emil Osment's brother and his accursed Necrosight. According to her son, Nichols passed away due to natural causes. As always, my condolences to her friends and family.

Pretty much everyone remembers her as Uhura... I'm not sure, but I think she was in Spider-Man the Animated Series... playing Blade's Mom IIRC. But Nichols was far more important for pushing diversity back in the day, not just on TV but for the Space Program... I know that some of you are thinking that I'm a hypocrite. Since I complain about "diversity" in modern media but Celebrate Nichelle Nichols. 

I can assure you that there is no hypocrisy there. Back then, diversity was about ADDING groups and not Replacing. But back to Ms. Nichols, who is the focus of this rant. It's really awesome how she used her Star Trek powers to help other people of color to boldly go where no people of color had gone before. I had to sneak that Trek Reference somewhere... May she rest in peace. Only Chekov, Sulu and Kirk remain... and I... am... dreaDING... theday... I... have... to... deLIVEr... some... bad... news... 

Jul 30, 2022

Simscest is wincest... for now.

 The Sims, the game where you can be a god and control the lives of a Sim little family. Work, own a house, deal with all the stuff related to being a homeowner, get married, have kids, get disappointed with life, so you make a pool to have a pool party for your family and then let the video explain.

There are plenty of ways to kill your sims...

But it's not death what I want to speak about... it's about love... a Special Kind of love...

Yes, we have Incest in The Sims 4. It's not intentionally made. Need to point this out befre we get parent's groups going REEEEEEE!! This is a bug on the wants/desires feature. IIRC, the feature worked with Sims that had a high level of compatibility and got along with each other. Normally this excludes family members. Seems that the recent update messed that up and now we have The Sims: Sweet Home Alabama edition. EA is working on a patch to fix this issue. 

Personally, I don't have an issue with Simscest. Here come the torches and pitchforks... wait, hear me out. I'm talking about the consensual relationship between two virtual adults. Not Real Humans and no children (virtual or otherwise). The sims has ghosts, vampires, werewolves and other unrealistic things. The biggest reasons for people being against incest are mostly based on religious taboos and the possibility of malformed genetic aberrations... but that's on the real world, not The Sims. If your Sim Sister falls in love with you, you DON'T HAVE TO RECIPROCATE her feelings. This would require a Consent pop-up, which would be nice since some Sims are super easy and others, well, any more obtuse they'd be avenging Iwao Hazuki. 

But this is a videogame, it's not real and since it's not real, I'm a bit more tolerant of incest than I'd be in the real world. There are far more complex issues in the real world that make actual incest less acceptable than on The Sims... things like power dynamics that can be abusive, age differences between the two people involved (where one could've been a minor groomed by the adult), should the couple be sterilized due to risk of genetic malformations (assuming they're a heterosexual couple or non-heterosexual couple with fully functional heterosexual genitalia)... I am ignoring the religious taboo aspect of it and focusing on the social and biological aspects, because the religious argument boils down to it's bad because religion says it's bad. Would I be OK with real life incest between two consenting adults in a relationship that both parties have equal power and have taken precautions to avoid reproduction (ie: vasectomy, removal of ovaries)? I don't think so. It's kinda like GTA... I'm OK with stealing cars, killing people indiscriminately, causing all sorts of mayhem IN THE GAME, but not in real life. But it seems that many have a hang up with incest that even fake incest between fake human analogs bothers them. This rant took a weird turn...

So, if you're into virtual incest with the Sims, hurry up before they patch the accidental incest...


It got patched... Sims are no longer from Alabama.

Jul 28, 2022

Super7 finally released the preorder for the Laughing Joking Numbnuts variants of Thundercats

 They aren't repaints. They sculpted new parts purposely made to look like the bad 80s toys... 

I already bitched about these back when Super7 put them prematurely on announcement. I still stand by everything I said back then. I dread the Kenner repaint waves of silverhawks...

At least B-Flynn isn't doing these variants:

Whatever happened to Ehrgeiz?

 Made for arcades by Namco, ported home by Sqauresoft. No one remembers the arcade version... Hell, many DON'T REMEMBER THE HOME CONSOLE VERSION...

This game... the free running 3D Fighter that had cameos from Final Fantasy VII because Square was beginning their whoring out of FFVII here and with Final Fantasy Tactics. 

The game came and nearly 24 years later, it never got a sequel... I know that aside the FFVII stuff, the game was "forgettable". 
I do remember a few things, like the dude trying to get his leg back and you can see the dismembered leg during the final final battle. I also remember Wolf Girl Jo, Yoyo Yoko, freaking Inoba and his ending...

It's a shame that this peculiar fighter has been relegated as a footnote in history. Personally I believe it should get a sequel to test the waters.  Especially with a create a character feature. The replay value would be on the quest mode and other alternative modes to unlock stuff in-game and the dreaded DLC. 

But I guess this will happen right after Tobal No. 3... or a new Battle Arena Toshinden...

Jul 26, 2022

Making a Case for the 30th Anniversary figures in New Eternia

 While I may think that Spector's creator is a massive douche... ohai Scott! Not sorry about calling you a douche. Spector, Sir-Loser-Lot, Draego-Man, Cy-Chop, Fearless Photog, and Castle Grayskullman are all Part of MOTU Lore now. And let's face it, some of those entries could use some "redesigning" to make them pop...

For example:
New torso based on He-Ro with the Gem of Talmadge. Using the Battle Armor He-Man Left Pauldron, bracer (that can plug in the new SLL Shield) a new right bracer that mimics the left one, the BAHM tasset and GP He-Man boots with MEF crotch would give us a "New SLL" that can be turned into a close to classic version.

Spector would need new head, left bracer, webgear (the belts) just to make a "vanilla spector". To give him the "New Eternia" treatment, perso ally, I'd add a ragged cloak with hood to make him more Specter-like. Maybe adding some barbarian styled removable armor bits for him to disguise himself better in the past.

Something similar could be done to Cy-Chop, Castle Grayskullman, and Photog. Draego-Man can be released as is and he'd be perfect... although some closed wings like the ones from Disney's Gargoyles could be a nice addition for the Draego-Man figure. 

The reason I'm tossing them in New Eternia is because there's not a "vanilla MOTU" line in Masterverse... the divisions are:
-Kevin Smith bastardization of He-Man
-Princess of Power
-New Eternia
-MOTU morphin He-Rangers from netflix

Since none of them have appeared on She-Ra or the Netflix shows, the only spot left is New Eternia. 

Jul 25, 2022

Haley Joel Osment saw David Warner

 And not even the Lazarus Pits will bring him back. Someone please break High Summoner Yuna's legs before she starts dancing... David Warner, mostly known for The Omen, Tron, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze, and Batman: The Animated Series has passed away due to Cancer-related issues. Fuck Cancer!

My condolences to his friends and family. I'm not going to pretend that I was a huge fan of Warner. I've seen and heard a lot of his work, but I mostly remember him from TMNT2SOTO and Batman TAS. Especially the katter as he sent chills down my spine as the Head of the Demon. He has been in a ton of stuff, Star wars, Star Trek, Wing Commander, Dr. Who, Tron, MIB the series, and others... Hell he was Jor-El believe it or not...

Odds and ends 25th of July 2022

 Today is the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Puerto Rican Constitution... but I'm not dealing with Puerto Rican politics. It's just a random fact... Last night Hasbro Pulse had some Dr. Mindbender figures available. FedEx totally rapes Puerto Ricans with their shipping costs.
With Mindbender preordered, all I need is:
Snake Eyes (preordered)
Lady Jaye
Sgt. Slaughter (preordered)
Storm Shadow (preordered)
Tomax (preordered)
Xamot (preordered)
Cobra Commander 
Destro (pimp daddy... need a normal one)
Dr. Mindbender (preordered)

You might have guessed that it's a Ballad of GI Joe reference.

Sadly, Sarge was sold out when I checked... but I snagged him from BBTS. Aside the FedEx price tag issue, it was smooth sailing... but here's an even better idea:

Instead of promoting Attificial Rarity with Products that we won't be getting for 6 months to over a year, how about having a 1 month preorder window? It doesn't make sense to have items that we're getting in 2023 sell out in less than 10 minutes. I could understand if these were ready to ship in say August 1st,  but they aren't... Are you getting the message, Mattel? Yes, I'm using Hasbro to call out your bullshit.

Mattel Creations is worse than Mattycollector in 2009.

With product selling out in seconds and posting figures that should be on retail, it's pointless to buy MOTU Origins, because because having the item in the cart while checking out doesn't guarantee you getting a figure. Especially with a "kid friendly line" like Origins. 

Fuck Teen Titans Go! Even if it has Tara Strong, fuck that show with a rusty spoon...
What can this garbage heap of a show do to make me this angry? How about making an entire episode about a cretin who would use his daughter's death to shield himself from criticism?
Hack Snydurr is voicing himself in a Teen Titans Go! Episode... Now we will have like 14 months of morons chanting with their hashtags... especially aftwr they got egg on their faces after Jim Lee confirmed the Snyderverse's death. 

This might be my very first Mezco figure.
The figure us a CLASSIC Doctor Octopus... fun fact: the SEGA CD game The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin featured Cam Clarke as the voice of Doctor Octopus. He also was Electro, and JJJ. With Peter Renaday as Kingpin (Yes, Master Splinter was Kingpin). Whether I get him or not, hangs on the tentacles right now. Hopefully news on him won't fall through the cracks...

Jul 24, 2022

Netflix He-Man has a Merman and Orko...

I believe that we need an explanation here. I thought Orko lived in a pineapple under the sea!! We have a New Orko and it's INCONCEIVABLE!! All I can say about Merman is Oh Myy... yes, Wallace Shawn from the Princess Bride and George Takei from Supah Ninjas are Orko and Merman respectively.
Wait... wait... wait... BOTH Shatner and Takei are working on MOTU Projects!? INCONCEIVABLE!!

Now I'm in a crux... I love when Merman has a gargly voice, because Merman. I hated Conroy's Merman due to the lack of gargles... If I say that I want Merman to have a gargly voice it can be seen as a homophobic attack on George Takei, who happens to be gay. So was Kevin Conroy, so I might have been retconned into a homophobe again... (I say again, because idiots defending the Nate Stevenson bastardization of She-Ra have called me that for me complaining about sexuality and gender changes when they already had PoC and lesbians they could've used instead.) And I got sidetracked. Traditionally, Merman has had a gargly voice. I'd prefer if every voice actor who does Merman, would do him with a gargly voice. No jokes about the VA fellating the microphone or anything like that. I just like the gargly sound for the underwater dude. 

You can watch a teaser for the next installment here... YT for kids videos can't be embedded. The toys teased a Hordak.

Jul 23, 2022

NECA is looking into making a MODULAR TMNT SEWER DIORAMA

 While I may not be able to get it (costs + release timing) I'm excited about this. I want to get it, but if it's on a limited window and put on sale while I'm sleeping (graveyard shift can really screw up the circadian cycle) it's unlikely that I'd get the parts...  So far it seems that the Lair will be composed out of 3 parts: 
Donatello's Lab, Living room, and Kitchen.

If I get it, I can use it on my MIRAGE/Fred Wolf Studios hybrid universe display... I will also use them as inspiration for my Neftyverse Diorama... Even if I'm unable to get them, internet photos from reviews would let me collect enough info to build one NEFTYVERSE DIORAMA from scratch... but ignoring my desire for making my own diorama, you have to admit that these make for a great TMNT Display.

Jul 22, 2022

Vince McMahon is FINALLY retiring from the WWE

 It's because he's approaching the age of 77 and he's getting too old for this shit... it completely and absolutely has nothing to do with the whole paying former employees hush money to cover up his adulterous relations. This is the end of an era for the World Wrestling Federation... Entertainment... stupid pandas. Now it's Triple H's time to shine... unless this retirement thing is some kayfabe thing and puts Vincent Kennedy McMahon as a puppeteer contrilling the WWE From the shadows.

I have to wonder how will they deal with this in the WWE Universe.

Updates :
Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are the new Co-CEOs.. there have been rumors about Khan trying to take over the WWE from the McMahons... if those rumors are true, then this event has been serendipitous. We should keep an eye on how this unfolds.

Vince is out of creative. Hopefully this will allow for more variety on the superstars being pushed, since we know how much Vince loved his big muscular men... Cruiserweight, flying, and technical wrestlers might get a chance now.

Cowabunga Collection is closer than we thought

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga Collection is coming in August 30th...

This bit of news is coming after the Totally Tubular Game, Shredder's Revenge was reported to have sold over 1 million copies in just a few weeks and making 2022 the year of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Now the Cowabunga Collection makes the amount of TMNT games released in 2022 increase by 13... that's 14 TMNT Games in 1 year. Sure, 13 of those are ports of older games, but they are some of the BEST TMNT games around.
Maybe is Cowabunga Collection does well, we could get a Cowabunga Collection 2 covering the 2003 TMNT Games:
TMNT, TMNT 2 Battle Nexus, TMNT 3 Mutant Nightmare, TMNT (GBA), and TMNT Mutant Melee... if this sequel is successful, then Nickelodeon should contact Ubisoft for the TMNT Collection covering the Ubisoft TMNT games. Among them are the 2007 movie game, TMNT TiT Re-shelled, and smash-up...  

Kevin Smith's bastardization of He-Man has the Shat-man

 Applejack's grandpa is voicing someone in the continuation to Revelation... we don't know yet who he will voice, but... it... worries... me that... ShatNER'S... stacCATo... delivery... will... ruIN... whoever... he... voices!

Also, let's face it, with how Revelation ended there is one onvious answer: HORDAK!! Or we could get a curveball and have him be King Hsssss... or he could always play Kobra...

Jul 21, 2022

SDCC Started and there's so many toys

 And so little time. Walmart got the Retro Lizard for preorder... Hasbro Pulse had Dr. Mindbender and it was sold out before I could preorder. They have a No Way Home 3 pack of Tobey, Garfield, and Holland but no Parker heads for them... so I skipped. Sgt. Slaughter is also sold out at Hasbro Pulse, but I was able to preorder one through BBTS. While not SDCC Related, there are preorders for a Bring Arts Cloud Strife at BBTS... $130 for a less than 6 inches figure... Square Enix is smoking some crazy shit... I WANT SOME OF THAT!!

Mattel, Mattel, Mattel... a Kickstarter-like campaign for Eternia!? For Origins figures... If Megabloks Snake Mountain was $321, an Origins Eterina EASILY will be $500+. There is also an Origins 4 pack with Filmation He-Man, NA He-Man, 200X He-Man, and Netflix He-Man... price hasn't been announced yet, but I'm guessing over $100. There are also new Snake men coming, Skeleton army builders for Skeletor, a Snake Armor He-Man, Thunderpunch He-Man woth no blast caps. They revealed a new Eternia Stratos, figure had 2 of the same foot... Shadow Weaver looked incomplete. Until I get the BBTS New Eternia He-Man and Skeletor, I don't know how deep I'll go with Masterverse. Origins, well, Thunderpunch He-Man and the 200X variants (with new feet for Skeletor from Barbarossa Customs) might be my final Origins figures... unless vow and glimmer show up.

Storm Collectibles is making Balrog (the Boxer) for their SF line... for KoF we're getting GEESE!! and the best pair of KoF boobs... I said best, not biggest... because Leona, Vice, Shermie and a few others have dethroned Mai Shiranui... but yeah, we're getting a Mai... wonder if Joe Higashi will get a new crotch piece for his taunt...

Jada has put their toys out of the shadows and the Street Fighter figures make Playmates TMNT vs SF look like garbage. Also, like their Halloween Cereal lines, they're doing Chester Cheetah... and I kinda want him. Their Dracula looks fine as a cheaper alternative to NECA's...

Speaking of NECA, their Dracula is to die for...
We're getting Xanatos and the Steel clan...
An E.T. figure is coming...
TMNT is getting a shit ton of stuff:
Mirage Splinter, the remaining Shredder Clones... Lawson styled TMNT. (They look like MOTUC-IZED TMNT)
Toon are getting the Toddler Turtles, Mona Lisa, Lotus Blossom... right now Jada and NECA are the big winners at SDCC.

Seems that Snyderverse is dead...

 According to Jim Lee, the Chief Creative Office-Publisher from DC Comics. At SDCC Lee stated that there were no plans for any future projects involving Snyder or his vision. This bit of news came a few days after Rolling Stone magazine published an article stating that over 13% of the Release the Snydercut campaign was comprised of bots... Compared to the usual 3-5% in other campaigns. Then there's the whole allegations of Snyder threatening Geoff Johns. Should I mention the Benito Mussolini quote?

I've already commented on the toxicity from the Snydercult. When you compile all the stuff that keeps appearing, it's obvious that something rotten is going on... also, as expected, Cryborg is already defending his master, Snyder.

The Hashtags, they did nothing because they were accompanied by massive harassment campaigns, especially with Zack Snyder himself manipulating his cult for hype and clicks.

It wasn't WB who killed the Snyderverse, it was Zack Snyder and his toxic fandom...

Jul 20, 2022

4th Thor... thoughts...

 Take a White Titty... reread it with a bad Aussie accent, mate... revitalized Thor woth Ragnarok by adding comedic elements as a form of levity. It was a breath of fresh air, but some people hated it... the question is can Mr. White Titty catch lightning in a bottle twice?

Ehhhh... it depends. Some people are hellbent on hating Thor... Mostly because Mr. White Titty "insulted" Zack Snyder. First by "purposely casting Russell Crowe as Zeus to mock Jor-El and the ZSJL Zeus". Then, Mr. White Titty had the Audacity of saying that most director's cuts suck. He is absolutely correct, from a certain point of view. 

Yes, there are some good director's cuts and Zack Snyder's aren't among those, but using Snyder as an example. Pretty much All his movies have a "director's cut" that supposedly "fixes issues" from the theatrical releases. It's this inability to fully tell a story within the confines of the theatrical release that Waititi is criticizing. The fact that the Snydercult felt that the remarks by Waititi were an attack on Snyder, means that they're close to the truth, but they'll close their eyes and ears to it.

Third, one battle against Atheist Bale takes place in a Black and White section of the Universe, and that section is long, boring, and it's full of pretentious religious bullshit... kinda like a Snyder "film". 

Now enough about Snyder sucking ass... let's talk Thor: Love and Thunder.
Bale was underwhelming as Gorr.
The motivations made sense, but he had little to no presence. The movie was mostly Thor dealing with his issues with Jane. Some of the humor did fall a bit flat, but not all of it. A lot of the criticism against the movie is coming from people who did not see the movie. At the same time, it's not necessarily a movie that NEEDS TO BE SEEN AT THE CINEMA. It's no Ragnarok, but it's better than Dark World... 
GnR soundtrack was OK.

There are some rumors about a Masterverse Playset going on for SDCC...

 It's most likely a Castle Grayskull and after the MOTUC Castle, they'd need to make something far more outrageous to make MOTUC collectors get the new castle. I don't think they'd make Snake Mountain, since the KEY MOTU PLAYSET is Castle Grayskull. This means that Mattel somehow has to:
-Make a more impressive Grayskull than MOTUC to entice MOTUC Collectors.
-Make it more affordable than the MOTUC Grayskull, since it's possible that it would reach retail... and to entice those who passed on MOTUC Grayskull.

Mattel could also "reissue the MOTUC Castle Grayskull" with some modifications to accommodate the Masterverse figures. Roughly a year ago I ranted about a hypothetical Revelation Grayskull/Hall of Wisdom playset. That could also be an option, but knowing Mattel, their first playset WILL BE Grayskull. 

I would rather have an Eternos Palace, since I already have Grayskull and Snake Mountain, but Mattel won't do Eternos for Masterverse or any line. But this is a rumor and it must be taken with a grain of salt.

Jul 18, 2022

How to make Mirage variants worthwihile for Super7

 I know that this area is better left off with NECA, but a vintage Playmates inspired style of Mirage Variants is an interesting thing. Especially when the toys were hybrid designs with toon and Mirage Elements. I know that they toys would require just a new belt and they would be very Mirage-like... but that would be the easy way. I also know that 100% new sculpts would be a no-go Especially now that Super7 is doing repaints. Also, Playmates wouldn't go for 100% new tooling for "vanilla turtles"... except when they did for a dumb gimmick. The idea is to have something similar in style but different enough from the vanilla release that could enticeowners of the previous versions to get thos version of the figures.

Like The Mirage Turtles, all would be in the same shade of Green and all would have their red Headbands (alterneate head would be the colored bands... in Raphael's case a different expression.) Also, I'd suggest painting the eyes with white GITD paint. All 4 turtles would get new hands with the ninja climbing claws sculpted in them. Their belts would be new and more Mirage-like... or premake the Movie Star version Belts. Special turtle sepecific accessories could be:
Leonardo: slash effects for swords
Donatello: Twirling staff effect
Raphael: special hands with Twirling Sai effects
Michelangelo: Twirling nunchucks

The rest of the accessories could be the standard rack stuff. Eventual repaints with different accessories could be released as pseudo-2003 Turtles vintagized woth vintageized 2003 accessories.)

Shredder is easier: repaint the existing Shredder in Mirage colors with 2 new heads: Mirage accurate helmet and Oroku Saki Head. He should be shirtless with 2 cloth shirts:
Pristine and battle damaged. 
The only new weapoms would be the Thermite Grenade and maybe toss in the knife and Javelin from the 1990 movie in addition to the weapons from the normal rack. Chromed parts are not an option, but in their place, molded silver colored plastic parts painted with a shiny silver is acceptable.

I'm only touching Shredder, because the cloth tunic idea came at me after rereading TMNT#1. 

Splinter would be a repaint with a new sleeved kimono, maybe getting a broken and empty ooze canister.

April would require new lower legs and arms, maybe a second More Mirage accurate head  and as I stated before in a previous rant, mousers. 

For Casey, the swappable heads with an unmasked option would be optimal. Like I mentioned in the previous rant linked above, his weapons should be brown just tonget a brown bag. If Super7 wants to make a new torso for him, even better.

While Highly unlikely, a Mirage Leatherhead would be awesome. I might spend $70 on that figure... Ah gwarantee! 

If we ever get a Rat King, then a Mirage variant could be made with an alternate bald head from the Tales of the TMNT cover with Rat King hiding behind a wall. (Accessories would include more rats)

Of course, I should mention that here we have an excuse to have a Mirage Baxter Stockman.  
I tend to drop the idea of getting a Mirage Stockman because I want a Mirage Stockman.
He can reuse some parts from Fly Baxter and if Super7 plays it smart, they could add an extra head and hands for a Fred Wolf Studios Baxter. 
Not to mention that this also could allow to get some pieces for an Ultimates Vernon made ahead of time.

Of course, this is just a way to "refresh" certain key characters after all we have is the dumb variants... I'd rather have Scaletail than a slightly different Michelangelo.

Jul 17, 2022

It came from the Toy Chest: It was me, Barry!

 Reverse Flash, an evil time traveler Speedster from the future who hates Flash so much... I couldn't officially review Flash, so with Reverse Flash I can retcon that...

Thawne is literally the same figure as Barry minus the Head, insignia, and Left Hand. Since this is an older Multiverse body, Articulation can be a bit finicky. It CAN DO running poses, but it's a hassle to get them right. This issue applies to both Thawne and Allen. Their ankles are made of jello and can't hold running poses, even with blu tac assisting. It's worse when using the foot Speed force effect
They're virtually the same figure. The only differences are in 3 pieces that change between Thawne and Barry.

Paint and sculpt
There is very little paint, everything seems to be molded in the appropriate colors, but what little is painted is not sloppy. Barry got some additional paint on his torso that Thawne Lacks.
Sculptwise, the figures are essentially the same. The left hand and head being the main dofferences. Barry has a chop hand, which looks great for speeding while Thawne has an Arthritic grip hand. It's great for dramatic poses, but not for speeding.
Barry's head has a cocky smirk, while Thawne looks angry.

As I mentioned my Used Flash from ebay was missing a Speedforce lightning, specifically the one for his foot. I will use Thawne for the review, since his accessories are exactly the same as Barry's.
-Foot attachment
-2 calf attachments 
-2 arm attachments 
-back attachment
-pointless card
While Kids prefer this theme for Flash, I'm a fan of this one.

The attachments create the illusion of speeding. I kinda wish both had interchangeable hands...
(Chop hands for speeding, fists for punching, neutral hands for Barry and the Dramatic Rheumatism hands for Thawne)
5.0 (just for amount)
Thawne: Remember back in 4th grade when you got pink eye... It was me, Barry! I farted in your pillows...
Barry: But flatulence can't cause infections, Thawne....
Thawne: Normal farts don't, but sharts do... also I used your toothbrush to clean my Balzac.

Both Flashes get a 4.5 as their final score. I'm afraid of updated versions or variants, but sadly, Todd ain't doing Classic versions. Whether it's a DC Mandate or a Todd thing, I don't know. I seriously loathe Todd's unmasked variant, when an alternate head would work. I need to get a Grodd, a Luthor, or other villains that are not connected to El Rata Alada.

Jul 16, 2022

Jada seems to have struck a deal with Capcom...

 First they got Street Fighter... Now they have gotten another Capcom line whise protagonist wears blue... no, it's not Phoenix Wright.

Yeah, the Blue Bomber is coming... I don't have many details, only shadowy pics of Mega Man, Ice Man, and Fire Man... no signs of Cut Man, Elec Man, Guts Man, or Bomb Man... much less Time Man and Oil Man. 

My guess is that they won't be in scale with Street Fighter, so they won't be able to properly display with anything else. Personally, I would be satisfied getting the 8 Robot Masters from Mega Man: Powered Up, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Roll, and Proto Man. The goal would be getting all Robot Masters, some variations of Mega Man, Proto Man (Break man comes to mind), and Roll. I know that eventually Bass and Treble must enter the picture. But I could sacrifoce everything after Mega Man 3 if it could guarantee Everything from 1 and 2.

If they announce Darkstalkers, my wallet will commit Sudoku.

Top 10 Non-SF2 characters that I'd like to see from Jada Toys

 Since Jada Toys is doing Street Fighter, I want to see the 17 Characters from Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Now, I will do 10 characters that are NOT from SSFIIT... Repaints like Evil Ryu or Shin Akuma will not be on the list. 

I will choose characters from SF1, Alpha series, III, IV, and V... I will not choose VI because the game isn't out yet. The other caveat is that Final Fight characters are prohibited.

The old Assassin from SF1. Give him the required hands and a second SF4 styled head.

My favorite non-Ryu alpha character who is totally a Ryu clone, but female and teenaged... FYI, Cammy is younger than her. I expect to see the same accessories as her Figuarts counterpart, but no extra head. Hopefully the pointing hand is added here.

Charlie Nash:
Here I expect the basics: extra hands, Sonic Boom,  head without glasses.

Would be interesting if this Gill has a shimmering paintjob to simulate his glow.
Extra hands, plug in wings for his resurrection/seraphic wing and if we're lucky a robe for the mark of his deity that shall scar my DNA. (This also opens up the path for Urien and Seth figures with creative part reuse)

If Akuma is a thing, we'll need his brother for balance. I don't think we have gotten a Gouken figure...

Crimson Viper:
The only reason she's here is not Boobs... it's that Decapre is a glorified Cammy repaint. 

Being a Ninja is the reason that she beat Makoto or Elena. I expect a second unmasked head and her tanuki as accessories that aren't hands and Kunai.

The "Ken" to Sagat's "Ryu"... I'd expect an extra SF1 head in addition to his hands.

The elder Matsuda Sibling who is more original than Shotoclone Sean. 
I expect static electricity effects in addition to her extra hands.

His whirlwind effects would be the extra accessory aside his hands.

This covers the top 10 spots with basically 2 per game (2 from SF1, 2 from alpha series, 2 from 3 series, 2 from 4 series and 2 from 5). Gloridied repaints and Shotoclones that can be built from 90% of Ryu's body were excluded. (I really want Dan and Sean over some of the choices I made) also, the list isn't as female heavy as I would like... or Final Fight heavy.
Cody, Guy, Rolento, Sodom, Hugo, Poison, Abigail, Maki, Lucia... that's literally 9 out of 10, which is why I had to "ban them". Also, I realized that most of the SF4 Characters kinda suck.

Jul 14, 2022

Mattel has a nifty MOTU SDCC Exclusive

 Sadly, the Mattel Creations website is worse than Mattycollector on 2009. So I can justify skipping it... not because the set is "bad"... but the hassle is not worth it.

It's the 40th He-Man with a Matching Skeletor. There's a Diecast Grayskull Ring, which is pretty cool. The weapons are diecast, which is pretty meh... the good totally outweighs the bad... I'm gonna say that Mattel.might put it on the $70-80 price range because of the diecast and fancy box... but, there is ONE THING that pisses me off.

Notice something? This photo is celebrating He-Man and Skeletor's 40 years as toys by having EVERY MATTEL-MADE vanilla version of He-Man and Skeletor... with one glaring exception...
I'll give you a hint: it was this blog' bread and butter. Yup, Masters of the Universe Classics is surprisingly absent... or unsurprisingly absent because despite their inferior articulation, they make these Masterverse figures look bad. I understand and agree with Mattel's "Fuck Scott Neitlich" attitude, but ignoring MOTUC because it would be giving credit to the Mighty Sphincter is extremely petty... I mean I could understand if the owner of a tiny blog with barely 20 readers was this petty, but this is freaking Mattel...

Jul 13, 2022

Jada Toys is making Street Fighter figures

 I only know Jada toys for two things. Diecast crap and a disgruntled Mattel ex employee used to work for them for a bit. Well, they're now making Street Fighter toys and their first 3 figures are Ryu, Chun Li and Fei Long.

I don't like that they're teasing them in shadows. It gives off a bit of sketchiness like they're hiding something. Personally, I haven't bought anything from them, since they hadn't made anything I like. But I have heard good things from their Universal Monsters line. If they make the entire roster of Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, then I'll be happy. If they also do alpha I'm going to be super happy. Guessing Wave 2 will be Ken, Vega, T. Hawk.

With Ryu, we have Ken and Akuma guaranteed. If they do Alpha as well, we also have Dan. The real tests will be Honda, Dhalsim, T.Hawk, and Blanka. I believe that Jada's 1/12 tous have a $25-ish pricepoint. If so, it would make the SF figures a lot more accessible than Figuarts or Storm Collectibles. I wonder if they are true 1:12 scale or if they're like Storm Collectibles 1:10 scale but we call them 1:12. 

Jul 12, 2022

Super7 is doing a thundercats SDCC exclusive

 And it's dumb as Hell, but it's perfect!

It's a Frozen Lion-O from the episode where he gets frozen on Hook Mountain. It's not essential, but literally the THIRD Lion-O Repaint on the Line (Mumm-Ra Mirror Red Lion-O being the first, Laughing Joking Numbnuts 80s Toy repaint being the second one.) 

This is hiding a deeper issue... have you noticed that the latest waves of Thundercats AND Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been repaints? This worries me, because Too many repaints of the main character(s) has killed teh liens... in the past... especially the musclebound Barbarian Shazam dude... and with the rumor of these figures possibly going up to $65 each based on the GITD Turtles being $65, getting repaints is a smidge insulting. Hopefully I'm fretting over nothing, but back to Thermochromic Lion-O... at least it's not Stealth Tygra or Spirit of Jaga.

Jul 10, 2022

Mattel is screwing over JP collectors again...

 Remember how they canned the Amber Collection when we were only missing Donald Gennaro, Henry Wu, Alex and Tim Murphy to complete the main characters from the first movie? Well it's salting wounds time!

Mattel is dropping a T-Rex and Gennaro 2 pack with outhouse and everything on the Mattel Creations site, which is a worse shopping experience than Mattycollector circa 2009. To make matters worse, it's an exclusive for SDCC.
While there's no official info, I'm guessing it's going to be for the lame 3¾inch line instead of completing the Amber Collection. Also, it's going to be expensive AF... why do I say this?
The MEGAbloks Snake Mountain is $321... Can't do it, Ma... I already lost you to Super7's can't unwillingly trade my bro for this one. 
Dark humor aside the JP set is most likely to be a $100+ item... whoch i could understand if it was on the 1/12 scale, but at 1/18... screw that noise!

Jul 9, 2022

Better Lazy redecos than GITD Turtles

 I already mentioned that the GITD redecos with less accessories of the TMNT were lazy and almost not worth your while. If they wanted to have a "filler redeco wave" they had a couple of options:

Shredder Clone: (GITD)
Using the Homunculus worm colony clone angle in the bio, this redeco of Shredder could be justified. Instead of being an entire GITD figure, it looks like a normal Shredder figure, with a slightly grayish skintone in comparison to the vanilla release. The torso and legs are in dark blue Plastic and the straps on his arms and legs are grey. The helmet and bladed elements are in GITD White Plastic (Including his mouthpiece.) The face would be painted in the grayish skintone but the eyes would have no pupils. (To simulate white out nunhuman eyes with GITD elements) if possible a shimmering blue cape similar to force ghost Kenobi from Star Wars. For accessories, Extra hands, GITD white Swords.

Casey Jones: (Repaint)
Same Casey as wave 4 Casey with a tiny modification: swappable heads... no there won't be new sculpts. Just 2 versions of Casey's normal head. One normal, the other cast in GITD white with the skin and hair painted on.
Red Hoodie, Dark Blue pants, GITD White shoes. Should come with his extra hands. His other accessories should be cast in TMNT weapon brown in order to have a brown bag.

April: (Repaint)
Blue Outfit with dark boots to have a "Mirage Inspired" April. Eliminate all the reporter accessories and add 2 Mousers in their place. 

Foot Soldier: (Repaint)
I know that a GITD Redeco of the FOOT SOLDIER was made recently. But this redeco is not a GITD lazy redeco. It's a lazy Mirage inspired Redeco. Gray mask, red shirt, gray pants, brown straps and armguards brown neck, and the bottom part of the mask that hangs over the torso in red to match the shirt.
Instead of the Foot Soldier weapons, give him the ones from Shredder's rack. Alternatively, toon colors could be used.

Splinter: (repaint)
Splinter in a more "Cartoon-like" color scheme with only the new cane from his previous accessories. Extra pair of green GITD hands, GITD Ooze canister and 4 GITD unmutated Turtles. New Cloth Kimono with sleeves.
I know it's kinda cheating with the new kimono, but it's to make him somewhat desirable. (And it's a cloth item, not a plastic part)

Metalhead: (GITD)
Metalhead but with GITD Plastics.
The greys would be GITD Blue, the torso would be GITD Yellow,  and the weapons would be GITD Green. There are paints that glow yellow use those and green GITD for the rest of his body parts. No light piping head for obvious reasons. While this is a kinda lazy GITD redeco that I would normally criticize, by putting wnough care to match the palette of the original release as much as the GITD Plastics allow is far more interesting than an electric blue Metalhead.

Slash: (Repaint)
Archie Colors repaint of Slash is the most obvious solution. Another alternative would be a lazy GITD version like the turtles that I am criticizing. A cartoon repaint is out of the picture, since it's a lamer version of the Archie repaint.

Bebop: (Repaint)
Take the Headspinnin' Bebop palette and add it to Bebop. Toss in his weapons in blue GITD. If possible add a Triceraton Blaster.

Rocksteady: (Repaint)
Toon based Repaint of Rocksteady
Perhaps giving him GITD Weapons could be an alternative.

I want to make more but the problem is that there aren't that many releases that could warrant a redeco. Skipping the obvious Mirage Redeco for the Turtles and GITD Muckman.

It's not like I could suggest a crossover with Stranger Things.
Playmates is doing one available only on Target... damn it!

Jul 7, 2022

Look how Haley Joel Osment saw my boy!!

 James Caan, known for his roles of Sonny Corleone in The Godfather and JalapeƱo in Annoying Orange... yes, James Caan WAS in Annoying Orange. Look!
Now that my shock, and yours is over, well, James Caan WAS SEEN by Haley Joel Osment's Necrosight...  Yes, mentioning his appearance on Annoying Orange and using an Orange County based site as a news source is intentional, due to The Godfather using Oranges as a symbol of death. It might have been a coincidence in the movie, but I am doing it intentionally...
As I was saying, Caan passed away on Wednesday and no cause of death was given. His family is asking for privacy. My condolences to his friends and family. 

I've seen him in lots of stuff, but My Brain always goes to Sonny Corleone. It's unfair that my brain had him pegged to that iconic role. He's done a lot more roles than Sonny...  may you rest in peace.

Haley Joel Osment! It's time to D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!

 Haley Joel Osment: Draw! I activate Pot of Greed! It lets me draw two cards from my deck! I set two cards face down and end my turn

Nefty: Draw! You're pretty good, Osment! But you cannot win without the...

Haley Joel Osment: The Power of Friendship? Bitch, I'm Sora! I ooze the power of friendship! You are just a weird creepy guy who watched too much Hannah Montana...

Nefty: Your sister is still the better Osment! 

Haley Joel Osment: Gaaaah! You take that back you perverted freak!

Nefty: I summon Goblin Attack Force in attack mode, set 2 cards face down and end my turn!

OK this Long-winded intro is taking far too long... Basically Takahashi Kazuki, creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! Was seen by Haley Joel Osment and his Necrosight. Apparently he died in a veach near Okinawa. His body was found in the water with Snorkeling equipment. As always, my condolences to friends and family.

Farewell Takahashi-san...

Avaturd 2 hasn't come out yet and James Cameron is already bitching about it.

 Pre-emptive attacks on the audience means one thing: The Way of the Water will suck donkey balls. When James Cameron attacks customers for mocking how forgettable the first movie was... you can deduce the sequel will be more of the same. When he mocks people complaining about the potentially long run time, the movie will be agonizingly long.

He should face the facts: Aside the pretty visuals, Avatar had very little going for it. The movie is Ferngully, Dances with Wolves, and Pocahontas for furries. I remember things, but Avatar isn't exactly one of them... and I don't feel like wanting to watch the first one ever again. Hell, I'd rather watch Zack Snyder rape the DC Universe once again, than watch avaturd. 

Here's the Nefty recap of Avaturd
Jake Sully is a white dude on a wheelchair sent to Space Australia to become a walking furry. Since Jake is secretly a catfucker, he accepted. He got a speech about Space Australia sucking before entering the Furry Mission. Then he was tasked to join Sagat's yiffing tribe in order to find a McGuffin. There he befriends Gamora and they yiff after he fucks a pterodactyl. The humans attack and Jake the furry defects to rhe yiffing crew. They fight the human army! The end.

The movie isn't that memorable. I won't bother with the sequel, Especially if the movie is over 3 hours long. The original Avatar was boring as hell, so why even bother with a bigger, longer, and uncut sequel? But really, why is James Cameron bitching if the movie hasn't even come out? It's almost as if he knows it's crap and he's deflecting and doing damage control. He's mad that it never became this huge tbing outside artificially getting the highest grossing film ever with an 8 month original release and multiple rereleases. Tommy Wiseau's The Room is technically a more  memorable movie than Avatar.

GITD Turtles... Super7, you're getting lazy.

 GITD Turtles at $65!? What are you smoking? If $65 is the new normal price, I don't think that's a good thing. At $55 I became picky. At $65 I might become even pickier. What makes the issue even worse is this:

They aren't new releases, just the same old $45 Turtles in GITD plastic with less accessories. .. barely a month ago we had the $55 GITD Foot Soldier on preorder. $65 feels a bit too much for a "filler wave".

This is the same Leonardo with Less accessories, but he gets a permutation form and an Ooze canister. 

Like Leonardo, Donatello is stuck with less stuff than his original release. 
Raphael seems to be in the same boat as the others, but at least he got fists now.
Mikey FINALLY Gets a communicator, at the price of losing real chains on his nunchaku.

Not gonna lie, the colored belts look nifty and the turtles being bright green gives off some NES TMNT Arcade Game port vibes. The only off-putting thing is the price tag.

Jul 5, 2022

Odds and ends Super Murica day Turbo EX plus 1: Twitter stupidity and other stuff.

 Street Fighter 6 MIGHT have a create a character... I know the odds and ends promised Twitter stupidity, but the date format is obviously a Street Fighter reference. So SF6 MIGHT have a create a character feature for the World Tour Mode... which was said to be somewhat similar to Shenmue... I have a confused boner right now... I love Street Fighter, I love Shenmue, but I don't know if they're a Peanut Butter and Chocolate combo... if Create a Character is real, I'd like to know how extensive it is. Will it be restricted to World Tour, or will we be able to use our CAFs in other modes like in SoulCalibur5? The people want to know.

Sometimes, I just hate Twitter. Especially, when so-called social justice minded folks say stupid things like this:
What in the actual fuck?

If you're writing in English and use non-commonly known terms from other languages, it's common courtesy to have a footnote, explanation, or translation of said terms for one simple reason. An author is trying to tell a story, convey a message. If an author PURPOSELY obfuscates the message by hiding it in another language and not delivering the information, that person is a cabeza de chorlito, which literally means golden plover head, or bird-brained.

If you do this, you can't complain about (white) people not being able to understand or empathize with BIPOC authors, if said authors are making their story unreachable to groups outside their own. It's not about "entitlement" it's about conveying the message clearly, so it can be fully understood by the audience. 

Jul 4, 2022

Making a case for an emergency services line.

 With Multiple 1/12 and 1/10 lines, we need some characters that are often overlooked. Police, firemen, paramedics... I kinda made a rant about Mattel doing a vehicle line inspired by the slam mobile and Slambulance. But I want to expand on that. Using the WWE figures as the base scale (since they straddle the line between 1/12 scale and 1/10 scale), Mattel could do a line that will benefit collectors of past Mattel lines and current lines from different companies.

The line would be basically a line covering Emergency services. Police, Paramedics, Firemen Firepersons, Security Guards, etc. The figures wouldn't need to have Marvel Legends levels of articulation, since they will be mostly background props for most diorama display type collectors. Kids enjoy the Basic articulation from the Basic WWE toys. So, the main.line having WWE Basic articulation will mot only make it accessible to kids, but it would also allow collectors to get some cheap figures to use as extras. Like WWE figures a "Deluxe line" for adult collectors could be made. With a bit more articulation and extra accessories. 

The vehicles would be the way to get certain variants... like Police Cruiser gets you a special cop (bonus points if Mattel could score Reginald Vel Johnson's likeness to have as the vehicle exclusive cop.) For the Firetruck you get Steve Buscemi's (since Buscemi used to be a Fireman). Whether the vehicles can receive battle damage or not is up to Mattel.

Assuming the figures and vehicles do well, they could aim for playsets. Like say, a Police Station playset with a holding cell for ciminals and a front desk on the first floor, with the offices of the detectives and commissioner on the second floor and a Rooftop with a spotlight (that could use a nocturnal mammal insignia on some displays). A building that can "catch fire" that has to be put out by the firepeople. An Emergency Room playset with exclusive Emergency Room Surgeon (not going to mention any names but Sr. Second Worst Batman would be a nice exclusive to the playset figure) and a Bank playset with breakable safe and exclusive Bank Manager and Teller figures.

The idea is to have a line that is fun on its own and that can be made even better when combined wth other lines. I'm putting Mattel on the spot, because it's the only company daring to put vehicles and playsets on the 1/12 scale for retail. Hasbro or Playmates could step up to the plate as well, but one would put the good stuff on haslab and the other would not make vehicles, but would force TMNT variants to the line.

Unfortunately, this line would need bad guys. I say unfortunately, because if bad guys are added, certain groups will complain.

"ThIs LiNe GlAmOrIzEs CrIme!"
"It AtTaCkS mInOrItIeS bY sTeReOtYpInG tHeM!"
"GlOrIfIeS cLaSsIsM bY aTtAcKiNg ThE pOoR!"
"MaKeS a JoKe OuT oF pOlIcE bRuTaLiTy!"

But bad guys are kinda needed... and for the sake of being Politically Correct, I would suggest that the criminals have NO physical features that would identify them with any race. For example: the Robber figures would be wearing long pants, plain shoes a long sleeved jacket, gloves, a ski mask with goggles to hide any visible features. The only differences would be:
Slim, pudgy, and Muscular. (All male)
By slim, I mean athletic build, but not big roided out Schwarzenegger-like muscles.
By pudgy I mean slightly chubby, but not Fat... something closer to Dad bod Vin Diesel than say, Chris Farley. Muscular, well, I mean something like Schwarzenegger in his prime, or Lou Ferrigno in his Hulk days.

The Cat Burglars would be wearing "stealthy clothes" that cover their bodies and items that mask their facial features. The variations would be:
Slim and Muscular for the male figures.
Slim and Comic Book for the female figures.
I already defined the male figures, so I'll do the females now.
Slim: athletic build with realistic proportions.
Comic Book: exaggerated Hourglass figure with big boobs and big hips/butt.

The Fat Cat: (only available online)
It's a fat WASPy dude in a 3 piece suit with a brown Pompadour hairstyle  and acts like 1930s mobster caricature. Think a cross between Marvel's Kingpin and Hammerhead, but wears a removable cat mask (hence the name fat cat)

This group is the more "comic book-like" of the bunch, since arson and pyromania have no uniforms. So, instead of body types, I'll use suit descriptions:

These pyromaniacs are dressed like film noir detectives beige short, pants, trenchcoat, brown shoes, brown (removable) Fedora, and a red Ski mask. They come with a Kitchen lighter (the one with the longer reaching tip) and a jerry can. (Both male and female variations.)

Think 80s punk stereotypes with big hair painted in flame colors with gad masks that obscure their faces. Armed with spray paint cans and molotov cocktails
(Both male and female variations)

These Pyros have had fire training and can make things harder for the firefighters. Their outfits are a cross of Firefighter with SWAT and the flamethrower they use makes it obvious that they're not friendly. 
Both Male and Female versions wear similar clothes and this would be the perfect spot to introduce the Muscular Female body.
Think Abby from TLOU2... (this body typewould also be reused for SWAT and Nurse)

Pyro Leader: (only available online)
The enigmatic firestarter cult leader who has been pushing a narrative that the city must burn before being rebuilt better is an enigmatic figure. No one knows who he is outside his unorthodox attire. (Red and orange robes with a helmet that looks like it's on fire).

I know that Fat Cat breaks the not making characters fit a specific race promise, but the only race safe to make an obvious criminal put of and not be politically INcorrect is white. Also, the big Criminals are behind an online paywall to avoid little Timmy getting a figure that might teach him bad things.

Then again, this was a half-baked idea I got while taking a shower.

Jul 3, 2022

Super7 GITD TMNT teaser

 It's an Ooze Canister... in GITD Green. But we haven't received any figure with an Ooze canister...

Yes, I'm well aware that Wave 6 has an Ooze Canister as an accessory for the Mousers. A GITD Mousers  set sounds dumb. It had to be said. I mean if you have to do a GITD Variant,  the ONE FIGURE that would rock the GITD is Muckman...

Unless this GITD Ooze is just the teaser accessory for an upcoming figure that will not be GITD... FIRST CHARACTER THAT COMES TO MIND IS not a turtle. Also if it's that character he had 2 canisters of Ooze... in silver plastic. 
Then again Super7 could make an "Oozed Super Shredder" variant to justify the GITD Super Shredder. Personally, a plain green GITD Super Shredder is kinda lame. (I'd probably would have to paint some parts in purple, black, and silver to create a doused in Ooze look for him. Not to mention buying GITD glue sticks to create ooze globs.)

But the translucent Ooze canisters came with the Mutatin' figures... this could also mean either a Hamato Yoshi or an Oroku Saki figure.
Personally, I'd prefer optional Toon accurate clothing for Yoshi or Saki over the Mutatin' figures outfits.
I'm thinking of all these possibilities when chances are that it's just the Mouser 5 pack in GITD plastic... which is dumb. They won't matxh with the normal Mousers or the Electric blue GITD Mouser from GITD Baxter Stockman.

Jul 1, 2022

Odds and ends July 1st 2022: Noelle Stevenson is no more... and other stuff

 She is now Nate Stevenson and uses the pronouns he/him but hasn't said if he's going to transition like Elliot Page did when going from Ellen to Elliot. So far he's non binary. So, now She-Ra was not ruined by Noelle Stevenson... Nate did it and I need to remember this for futire articles... but hopefully we won't need to since Netflix's bastardized She-Ra seems to be as dead as the Snyderverse.

Mega Bloks Snake Mountain has been leaked...
Well, shit... I may have to get this for reasons that are totally not to appease my mother's ghost.

Capcom, don't bring back Bison for SF6... I've already ranted about this. It has been overplayed so much that is almost as funny as Dan sucking... it needs to stop. Adding him as a non-canonical character might be OK, but to have him return from the dead as the big bad, nope! Nope! Nope!

It came from the Toy Chest: NEIL

I meant KNEEL!! As you might have guessed, I got a General Zod Figure from McFarlane DC Multiverse...

Yes,  Villain that is NOT related to Batman! So, General Zod is a Kryptonian General who had a beef with the House of El, specifically Jor-El. So, While Jor-El preached about Krypton's doom, Zod used that as a way to instigate a coup d'etat, but he failed. He was sentenced to death, but Jor-El pleaded for a more merciful sentence and Zod was banished to The Phantom Zone. Krypton goes Boom! SPACE MOSES lands in Kansas, Jonathan Kent suggest that letting Schoolbus full children die might be a good thing, Kent later commits suicide by tornado... where was I? So Clark grows up and becomes a reporter at the Daily Planet. Zod eventually comes out and starts demanding kneeling in front of him.

Zod's Might is Right approach clashes with Clark's more humanitarian mentaility, not to mention that Zod hates the entire El family because one El screwed him over.
Zod: Son of Jor-El, KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!
Batman: Neil before Zod? But which Neil? There's Neil Armstrong, Neil Diamond...
Zod: I said KNEEL!!
WW: Kal-El no...
Supes: For the last time, Zod, I was under the influence of Pink Kryptonite!
Zod: There is no such thing as Pink kryptonite...
Batman: Yeah there is! It makes Kryptonians gay! Harley Quinn once used it on Supergirl and that juggalette couldn't walk for a month after Supergirl did something unheroic...
Zod: Unheroic? Like torture?
WW: No, Zod, she ate Harley Quinn out... cunnilingus, not cannibalism before you ask.
Zod: Oh, so lesbian stuff ew...
Supes:Before you ask, no I won't kneel to prove your superiority...
Zod: *cries as he flies away*

Zod has standard Articulation including double jointed elbows, which the Son of Jor-El lacks. Unfortunately his cape hinders his left shoulder a little.
Zod: Why won't anyone KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!
Girl VO: I will kneel before Zod!! My Daddy said that to Mommy and she kneeled!
Zod: Finally! Someone who will kneel before me. Even if it's a child, I'll take it!!

Paint and sculpt 
Zod has a very detailed sculpt (because McFarlane) I think this figure is a Nu52 Zod. It nails the lool, but I would've preferred a Terrence Stamp Zod for obvious reasons.
Paintwise he looks good. The metallics are bright and contrast well with the darker matte colors. My only issue is with his face. It looks like he accidentally sharted.
Girl: But do I have to put your thingy in my mouth, because Mommy put Daddy's in her mouth when he said KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!
Zod: Uh, no, child, there is no need for that...
Girl: Then Daddy started saying Oh Jesus, which is weird since he's an atheist...
Zod: Awkward...
Mother: She walked in on us, I'm so sorry... She's been telling everyone...
Zod: This is too weird for me... Back to the Phantom Zone!!

He has the usual stand and card that I ignore on these reviews and 4 extra hands. Including the two he's using he has:
2 punchy hands
2 accessory grabbing hands
2 booby grabbing hands.
I kinda wish we could get open flying hands, heat vision head, but for 19.99 I shouldn't whine much.

General Zod gets a 4.67 as his final score. It's decent, but I wish he had more, thenagaun, this was an impulse buy, because, I still haven't been able to get a Jason Todd. Yes, I did buy it for the KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! thing.