Jul 17, 2022

It came from the Toy Chest: It was me, Barry!

 Reverse Flash, an evil time traveler Speedster from the future who hates Flash so much... I couldn't officially review Flash, so with Reverse Flash I can retcon that...

Thawne is literally the same figure as Barry minus the Head, insignia, and Left Hand. Since this is an older Multiverse body, Articulation can be a bit finicky. It CAN DO running poses, but it's a hassle to get them right. This issue applies to both Thawne and Allen. Their ankles are made of jello and can't hold running poses, even with blu tac assisting. It's worse when using the foot Speed force effect
They're virtually the same figure. The only differences are in 3 pieces that change between Thawne and Barry.

Paint and sculpt
There is very little paint, everything seems to be molded in the appropriate colors, but what little is painted is not sloppy. Barry got some additional paint on his torso that Thawne Lacks.
Sculptwise, the figures are essentially the same. The left hand and head being the main dofferences. Barry has a chop hand, which looks great for speeding while Thawne has an Arthritic grip hand. It's great for dramatic poses, but not for speeding.
Barry's head has a cocky smirk, while Thawne looks angry.

As I mentioned my Used Flash from ebay was missing a Speedforce lightning, specifically the one for his foot. I will use Thawne for the review, since his accessories are exactly the same as Barry's.
-Foot attachment
-2 calf attachments 
-2 arm attachments 
-back attachment
-pointless card
While Kids prefer this theme for Flash, I'm a fan of this one.

The attachments create the illusion of speeding. I kinda wish both had interchangeable hands...
(Chop hands for speeding, fists for punching, neutral hands for Barry and the Dramatic Rheumatism hands for Thawne)
5.0 (just for amount)
Thawne: Remember back in 4th grade when you got pink eye... It was me, Barry! I farted in your pillows...
Barry: But flatulence can't cause infections, Thawne....
Thawne: Normal farts don't, but sharts do... also I used your toothbrush to clean my Balzac.

Both Flashes get a 4.5 as their final score. I'm afraid of updated versions or variants, but sadly, Todd ain't doing Classic versions. Whether it's a DC Mandate or a Todd thing, I don't know. I seriously loathe Todd's unmasked variant, when an alternate head would work. I need to get a Grodd, a Luthor, or other villains that are not connected to El Rata Alada.

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