Jul 1, 2022

It came from the Toy Chest: NEIL

I meant KNEEL!! As you might have guessed, I got a General Zod Figure from McFarlane DC Multiverse...

Yes,  Villain that is NOT related to Batman! So, General Zod is a Kryptonian General who had a beef with the House of El, specifically Jor-El. So, While Jor-El preached about Krypton's doom, Zod used that as a way to instigate a coup d'etat, but he failed. He was sentenced to death, but Jor-El pleaded for a more merciful sentence and Zod was banished to The Phantom Zone. Krypton goes Boom! SPACE MOSES lands in Kansas, Jonathan Kent suggest that letting Schoolbus full children die might be a good thing, Kent later commits suicide by tornado... where was I? So Clark grows up and becomes a reporter at the Daily Planet. Zod eventually comes out and starts demanding kneeling in front of him.

Zod's Might is Right approach clashes with Clark's more humanitarian mentaility, not to mention that Zod hates the entire El family because one El screwed him over.
Zod: Son of Jor-El, KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!
Batman: Neil before Zod? But which Neil? There's Neil Armstrong, Neil Diamond...
Zod: I said KNEEL!!
WW: Kal-El no...
Supes: For the last time, Zod, I was under the influence of Pink Kryptonite!
Zod: There is no such thing as Pink kryptonite...
Batman: Yeah there is! It makes Kryptonians gay! Harley Quinn once used it on Supergirl and that juggalette couldn't walk for a month after Supergirl did something unheroic...
Zod: Unheroic? Like torture?
WW: No, Zod, she ate Harley Quinn out... cunnilingus, not cannibalism before you ask.
Zod: Oh, so lesbian stuff ew...
Supes:Before you ask, no I won't kneel to prove your superiority...
Zod: *cries as he flies away*

Zod has standard Articulation including double jointed elbows, which the Son of Jor-El lacks. Unfortunately his cape hinders his left shoulder a little.
Zod: Why won't anyone KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!
Girl VO: I will kneel before Zod!! My Daddy said that to Mommy and she kneeled!
Zod: Finally! Someone who will kneel before me. Even if it's a child, I'll take it!!

Paint and sculpt 
Zod has a very detailed sculpt (because McFarlane) I think this figure is a Nu52 Zod. It nails the lool, but I would've preferred a Terrence Stamp Zod for obvious reasons.
Paintwise he looks good. The metallics are bright and contrast well with the darker matte colors. My only issue is with his face. It looks like he accidentally sharted.
Girl: But do I have to put your thingy in my mouth, because Mommy put Daddy's in her mouth when he said KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!
Zod: Uh, no, child, there is no need for that...
Girl: Then Daddy started saying Oh Jesus, which is weird since he's an atheist...
Zod: Awkward...
Mother: She walked in on us, I'm so sorry... She's been telling everyone...
Zod: This is too weird for me... Back to the Phantom Zone!!

He has the usual stand and card that I ignore on these reviews and 4 extra hands. Including the two he's using he has:
2 punchy hands
2 accessory grabbing hands
2 booby grabbing hands.
I kinda wish we could get open flying hands, heat vision head, but for 19.99 I shouldn't whine much.

General Zod gets a 4.67 as his final score. It's decent, but I wish he had more, thenagaun, this was an impulse buy, because, I still haven't been able to get a Jason Todd. Yes, I did buy it for the KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! thing.

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