Jul 7, 2022

GITD Turtles... Super7, you're getting lazy.

 GITD Turtles at $65!? What are you smoking? If $65 is the new normal price, I don't think that's a good thing. At $55 I became picky. At $65 I might become even pickier. What makes the issue even worse is this:

They aren't new releases, just the same old $45 Turtles in GITD plastic with less accessories. .. barely a month ago we had the $55 GITD Foot Soldier on preorder. $65 feels a bit too much for a "filler wave".

This is the same Leonardo with Less accessories, but he gets a permutation form and an Ooze canister. 

Like Leonardo, Donatello is stuck with less stuff than his original release. 
Raphael seems to be in the same boat as the others, but at least he got fists now.
Mikey FINALLY Gets a communicator, at the price of losing real chains on his nunchaku.

Not gonna lie, the colored belts look nifty and the turtles being bright green gives off some NES TMNT Arcade Game port vibes. The only off-putting thing is the price tag.

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