Jul 28, 2022

Whatever happened to Ehrgeiz?

 Made for arcades by Namco, ported home by Sqauresoft. No one remembers the arcade version... Hell, many DON'T REMEMBER THE HOME CONSOLE VERSION...

This game... the free running 3D Fighter that had cameos from Final Fantasy VII because Square was beginning their whoring out of FFVII here and with Final Fantasy Tactics. 

The game came and nearly 24 years later, it never got a sequel... I know that aside the FFVII stuff, the game was "forgettable". 
I do remember a few things, like the dude trying to get his leg back and you can see the dismembered leg during the final final battle. I also remember Wolf Girl Jo, Yoyo Yoko, freaking Inoba and his ending...

It's a shame that this peculiar fighter has been relegated as a footnote in history. Personally I believe it should get a sequel to test the waters.  Especially with a create a character feature. The replay value would be on the quest mode and other alternative modes to unlock stuff in-game and the dreaded DLC. 

But I guess this will happen right after Tobal No. 3... or a new Battle Arena Toshinden...

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