Jul 7, 2022

Avaturd 2 hasn't come out yet and James Cameron is already bitching about it.

 Pre-emptive attacks on the audience means one thing: The Way of the Water will suck donkey balls. When James Cameron attacks customers for mocking how forgettable the first movie was... you can deduce the sequel will be more of the same. When he mocks people complaining about the potentially long run time, the movie will be agonizingly long.

He should face the facts: Aside the pretty visuals, Avatar had very little going for it. The movie is Ferngully, Dances with Wolves, and Pocahontas for furries. I remember things, but Avatar isn't exactly one of them... and I don't feel like wanting to watch the first one ever again. Hell, I'd rather watch Zack Snyder rape the DC Universe once again, than watch avaturd. 

Here's the Nefty recap of Avaturd
Jake Sully is a white dude on a wheelchair sent to Space Australia to become a walking furry. Since Jake is secretly a catfucker, he accepted. He got a speech about Space Australia sucking before entering the Furry Mission. Then he was tasked to join Sagat's yiffing tribe in order to find a McGuffin. There he befriends Gamora and they yiff after he fucks a pterodactyl. The humans attack and Jake the furry defects to rhe yiffing crew. They fight the human army! The end.

The movie isn't that memorable. I won't bother with the sequel, Especially if the movie is over 3 hours long. The original Avatar was boring as hell, so why even bother with a bigger, longer, and uncut sequel? But really, why is James Cameron bitching if the movie hasn't even come out? It's almost as if he knows it's crap and he's deflecting and doing damage control. He's mad that it never became this huge tbing outside artificially getting the highest grossing film ever with an 8 month original release and multiple rereleases. Tommy Wiseau's The Room is technically a more  memorable movie than Avatar.

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