Jul 3, 2022

Super7 GITD TMNT teaser

 It's an Ooze Canister... in GITD Green. But we haven't received any figure with an Ooze canister...

Yes, I'm well aware that Wave 6 has an Ooze Canister as an accessory for the Mousers. A GITD Mousers  set sounds dumb. It had to be said. I mean if you have to do a GITD Variant,  the ONE FIGURE that would rock the GITD is Muckman...

Unless this GITD Ooze is just the teaser accessory for an upcoming figure that will not be GITD... FIRST CHARACTER THAT COMES TO MIND IS not a turtle. Also if it's that character he had 2 canisters of Ooze... in silver plastic. 
Then again Super7 could make an "Oozed Super Shredder" variant to justify the GITD Super Shredder. Personally, a plain green GITD Super Shredder is kinda lame. (I'd probably would have to paint some parts in purple, black, and silver to create a doused in Ooze look for him. Not to mention buying GITD glue sticks to create ooze globs.)

But the translucent Ooze canisters came with the Mutatin' figures... this could also mean either a Hamato Yoshi or an Oroku Saki figure.
Personally, I'd prefer optional Toon accurate clothing for Yoshi or Saki over the Mutatin' figures outfits.
I'm thinking of all these possibilities when chances are that it's just the Mouser 5 pack in GITD plastic... which is dumb. They won't matxh with the normal Mousers or the Electric blue GITD Mouser from GITD Baxter Stockman.

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