Jul 4, 2022

Making a case for an emergency services line.

 With Multiple 1/12 and 1/10 lines, we need some characters that are often overlooked. Police, firemen, paramedics... I kinda made a rant about Mattel doing a vehicle line inspired by the slam mobile and Slambulance. But I want to expand on that. Using the WWE figures as the base scale (since they straddle the line between 1/12 scale and 1/10 scale), Mattel could do a line that will benefit collectors of past Mattel lines and current lines from different companies.

The line would be basically a line covering Emergency services. Police, Paramedics, Firemen Firepersons, Security Guards, etc. The figures wouldn't need to have Marvel Legends levels of articulation, since they will be mostly background props for most diorama display type collectors. Kids enjoy the Basic articulation from the Basic WWE toys. So, the main.line having WWE Basic articulation will mot only make it accessible to kids, but it would also allow collectors to get some cheap figures to use as extras. Like WWE figures a "Deluxe line" for adult collectors could be made. With a bit more articulation and extra accessories. 

The vehicles would be the way to get certain variants... like Police Cruiser gets you a special cop (bonus points if Mattel could score Reginald Vel Johnson's likeness to have as the vehicle exclusive cop.) For the Firetruck you get Steve Buscemi's (since Buscemi used to be a Fireman). Whether the vehicles can receive battle damage or not is up to Mattel.

Assuming the figures and vehicles do well, they could aim for playsets. Like say, a Police Station playset with a holding cell for ciminals and a front desk on the first floor, with the offices of the detectives and commissioner on the second floor and a Rooftop with a spotlight (that could use a nocturnal mammal insignia on some displays). A building that can "catch fire" that has to be put out by the firepeople. An Emergency Room playset with exclusive Emergency Room Surgeon (not going to mention any names but Sr. Second Worst Batman would be a nice exclusive to the playset figure) and a Bank playset with breakable safe and exclusive Bank Manager and Teller figures.

The idea is to have a line that is fun on its own and that can be made even better when combined wth other lines. I'm putting Mattel on the spot, because it's the only company daring to put vehicles and playsets on the 1/12 scale for retail. Hasbro or Playmates could step up to the plate as well, but one would put the good stuff on haslab and the other would not make vehicles, but would force TMNT variants to the line.

Unfortunately, this line would need bad guys. I say unfortunately, because if bad guys are added, certain groups will complain.

"ThIs LiNe GlAmOrIzEs CrIme!"
"It AtTaCkS mInOrItIeS bY sTeReOtYpInG tHeM!"
"GlOrIfIeS cLaSsIsM bY aTtAcKiNg ThE pOoR!"
"MaKeS a JoKe OuT oF pOlIcE bRuTaLiTy!"

But bad guys are kinda needed... and for the sake of being Politically Correct, I would suggest that the criminals have NO physical features that would identify them with any race. For example: the Robber figures would be wearing long pants, plain shoes a long sleeved jacket, gloves, a ski mask with goggles to hide any visible features. The only differences would be:
Slim, pudgy, and Muscular. (All male)
By slim, I mean athletic build, but not big roided out Schwarzenegger-like muscles.
By pudgy I mean slightly chubby, but not Fat... something closer to Dad bod Vin Diesel than say, Chris Farley. Muscular, well, I mean something like Schwarzenegger in his prime, or Lou Ferrigno in his Hulk days.

The Cat Burglars would be wearing "stealthy clothes" that cover their bodies and items that mask their facial features. The variations would be:
Slim and Muscular for the male figures.
Slim and Comic Book for the female figures.
I already defined the male figures, so I'll do the females now.
Slim: athletic build with realistic proportions.
Comic Book: exaggerated Hourglass figure with big boobs and big hips/butt.

The Fat Cat: (only available online)
It's a fat WASPy dude in a 3 piece suit with a brown Pompadour hairstyle  and acts like 1930s mobster caricature. Think a cross between Marvel's Kingpin and Hammerhead, but wears a removable cat mask (hence the name fat cat)

This group is the more "comic book-like" of the bunch, since arson and pyromania have no uniforms. So, instead of body types, I'll use suit descriptions:

These pyromaniacs are dressed like film noir detectives beige short, pants, trenchcoat, brown shoes, brown (removable) Fedora, and a red Ski mask. They come with a Kitchen lighter (the one with the longer reaching tip) and a jerry can. (Both male and female variations.)

Think 80s punk stereotypes with big hair painted in flame colors with gad masks that obscure their faces. Armed with spray paint cans and molotov cocktails
(Both male and female variations)

These Pyros have had fire training and can make things harder for the firefighters. Their outfits are a cross of Firefighter with SWAT and the flamethrower they use makes it obvious that they're not friendly. 
Both Male and Female versions wear similar clothes and this would be the perfect spot to introduce the Muscular Female body.
Think Abby from TLOU2... (this body typewould also be reused for SWAT and Nurse)

Pyro Leader: (only available online)
The enigmatic firestarter cult leader who has been pushing a narrative that the city must burn before being rebuilt better is an enigmatic figure. No one knows who he is outside his unorthodox attire. (Red and orange robes with a helmet that looks like it's on fire).

I know that Fat Cat breaks the not making characters fit a specific race promise, but the only race safe to make an obvious criminal put of and not be politically INcorrect is white. Also, the big Criminals are behind an online paywall to avoid little Timmy getting a figure that might teach him bad things.

Then again, this was a half-baked idea I got while taking a shower.

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