Jul 20, 2022

4th Thor... thoughts...

 Take a White Titty... reread it with a bad Aussie accent, mate... revitalized Thor woth Ragnarok by adding comedic elements as a form of levity. It was a breath of fresh air, but some people hated it... the question is can Mr. White Titty catch lightning in a bottle twice?

Ehhhh... it depends. Some people are hellbent on hating Thor... Mostly because Mr. White Titty "insulted" Zack Snyder. First by "purposely casting Russell Crowe as Zeus to mock Jor-El and the ZSJL Zeus". Then, Mr. White Titty had the Audacity of saying that most director's cuts suck. He is absolutely correct, from a certain point of view. 

Yes, there are some good director's cuts and Zack Snyder's aren't among those, but using Snyder as an example. Pretty much All his movies have a "director's cut" that supposedly "fixes issues" from the theatrical releases. It's this inability to fully tell a story within the confines of the theatrical release that Waititi is criticizing. The fact that the Snydercult felt that the remarks by Waititi were an attack on Snyder, means that they're close to the truth, but they'll close their eyes and ears to it.

Third, one battle against Atheist Bale takes place in a Black and White section of the Universe, and that section is long, boring, and it's full of pretentious religious bullshit... kinda like a Snyder "film". 

Now enough about Snyder sucking ass... let's talk Thor: Love and Thunder.
Bale was underwhelming as Gorr.
The motivations made sense, but he had little to no presence. The movie was mostly Thor dealing with his issues with Jane. Some of the humor did fall a bit flat, but not all of it. A lot of the criticism against the movie is coming from people who did not see the movie. At the same time, it's not necessarily a movie that NEEDS TO BE SEEN AT THE CINEMA. It's no Ragnarok, but it's better than Dark World... 
GnR soundtrack was OK.

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