Jul 25, 2022

Odds and ends 25th of July 2022

 Today is the 70th anniversary of the signing of the Puerto Rican Constitution... but I'm not dealing with Puerto Rican politics. It's just a random fact... Last night Hasbro Pulse had some Dr. Mindbender figures available. FedEx totally rapes Puerto Ricans with their shipping costs.
With Mindbender preordered, all I need is:
Snake Eyes (preordered)
Lady Jaye
Sgt. Slaughter (preordered)
Storm Shadow (preordered)
Tomax (preordered)
Xamot (preordered)
Cobra Commander 
Destro (pimp daddy... need a normal one)
Dr. Mindbender (preordered)

You might have guessed that it's a Ballad of GI Joe reference.

Sadly, Sarge was sold out when I checked... but I snagged him from BBTS. Aside the FedEx price tag issue, it was smooth sailing... but here's an even better idea:

Instead of promoting Attificial Rarity with Products that we won't be getting for 6 months to over a year, how about having a 1 month preorder window? It doesn't make sense to have items that we're getting in 2023 sell out in less than 10 minutes. I could understand if these were ready to ship in say August 1st,  but they aren't... Are you getting the message, Mattel? Yes, I'm using Hasbro to call out your bullshit.

Mattel Creations is worse than Mattycollector in 2009.

With product selling out in seconds and posting figures that should be on retail, it's pointless to buy MOTU Origins, because because having the item in the cart while checking out doesn't guarantee you getting a figure. Especially with a "kid friendly line" like Origins. 

Fuck Teen Titans Go! Even if it has Tara Strong, fuck that show with a rusty spoon...
What can this garbage heap of a show do to make me this angry? How about making an entire episode about a cretin who would use his daughter's death to shield himself from criticism?
Hack Snydurr is voicing himself in a Teen Titans Go! Episode... Now we will have like 14 months of morons chanting with their hashtags... especially aftwr they got egg on their faces after Jim Lee confirmed the Snyderverse's death. 

This might be my very first Mezco figure.
The figure us a CLASSIC Doctor Octopus... fun fact: the SEGA CD game The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin featured Cam Clarke as the voice of Doctor Octopus. He also was Electro, and JJJ. With Peter Renaday as Kingpin (Yes, Master Splinter was Kingpin). Whether I get him or not, hangs on the tentacles right now. Hopefully news on him won't fall through the cracks...

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