Jul 1, 2022

Odds and ends July 1st 2022: Noelle Stevenson is no more... and other stuff

 She is now Nate Stevenson and uses the pronouns he/him but hasn't said if he's going to transition like Elliot Page did when going from Ellen to Elliot. So far he's non binary. So, now She-Ra was not ruined by Noelle Stevenson... Nate did it and I need to remember this for futire articles... but hopefully we won't need to since Netflix's bastardized She-Ra seems to be as dead as the Snyderverse.

Mega Bloks Snake Mountain has been leaked...
Well, shit... I may have to get this for reasons that are totally not to appease my mother's ghost.

Capcom, don't bring back Bison for SF6... I've already ranted about this. It has been overplayed so much that is almost as funny as Dan sucking... it needs to stop. Adding him as a non-canonical character might be OK, but to have him return from the dead as the big bad, nope! Nope! Nope!

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