Jul 18, 2022

How to make Mirage variants worthwihile for Super7

 I know that this area is better left off with NECA, but a vintage Playmates inspired style of Mirage Variants is an interesting thing. Especially when the toys were hybrid designs with toon and Mirage Elements. I know that they toys would require just a new belt and they would be very Mirage-like... but that would be the easy way. I also know that 100% new sculpts would be a no-go Especially now that Super7 is doing repaints. Also, Playmates wouldn't go for 100% new tooling for "vanilla turtles"... except when they did for a dumb gimmick. The idea is to have something similar in style but different enough from the vanilla release that could enticeowners of the previous versions to get thos version of the figures.

Like The Mirage Turtles, all would be in the same shade of Green and all would have their red Headbands (alterneate head would be the colored bands... in Raphael's case a different expression.) Also, I'd suggest painting the eyes with white GITD paint. All 4 turtles would get new hands with the ninja climbing claws sculpted in them. Their belts would be new and more Mirage-like... or premake the Movie Star version Belts. Special turtle sepecific accessories could be:
Leonardo: slash effects for swords
Donatello: Twirling staff effect
Raphael: special hands with Twirling Sai effects
Michelangelo: Twirling nunchucks

The rest of the accessories could be the standard rack stuff. Eventual repaints with different accessories could be released as pseudo-2003 Turtles vintagized woth vintageized 2003 accessories.)

Shredder is easier: repaint the existing Shredder in Mirage colors with 2 new heads: Mirage accurate helmet and Oroku Saki Head. He should be shirtless with 2 cloth shirts:
Pristine and battle damaged. 
The only new weapoms would be the Thermite Grenade and maybe toss in the knife and Javelin from the 1990 movie in addition to the weapons from the normal rack. Chromed parts are not an option, but in their place, molded silver colored plastic parts painted with a shiny silver is acceptable.

I'm only touching Shredder, because the cloth tunic idea came at me after rereading TMNT#1. 

Splinter would be a repaint with a new sleeved kimono, maybe getting a broken and empty ooze canister.

April would require new lower legs and arms, maybe a second More Mirage accurate head  and as I stated before in a previous rant, mousers. 

For Casey, the swappable heads with an unmasked option would be optimal. Like I mentioned in the previous rant linked above, his weapons should be brown just tonget a brown bag. If Super7 wants to make a new torso for him, even better.

While Highly unlikely, a Mirage Leatherhead would be awesome. I might spend $70 on that figure... Ah gwarantee! 

If we ever get a Rat King, then a Mirage variant could be made with an alternate bald head from the Tales of the TMNT cover with Rat King hiding behind a wall. (Accessories would include more rats)

Of course, I should mention that here we have an excuse to have a Mirage Baxter Stockman.  
I tend to drop the idea of getting a Mirage Stockman because I want a Mirage Stockman.
He can reuse some parts from Fly Baxter and if Super7 plays it smart, they could add an extra head and hands for a Fred Wolf Studios Baxter. 
Not to mention that this also could allow to get some pieces for an Ultimates Vernon made ahead of time.

Of course, this is just a way to "refresh" certain key characters after all we have is the dumb variants... I'd rather have Scaletail than a slightly different Michelangelo.

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