Jul 24, 2022

Netflix He-Man has a Merman and Orko...

I believe that we need an explanation here. I thought Orko lived in a pineapple under the sea!! We have a New Orko and it's INCONCEIVABLE!! All I can say about Merman is Oh Myy... yes, Wallace Shawn from the Princess Bride and George Takei from Supah Ninjas are Orko and Merman respectively.
Wait... wait... wait... BOTH Shatner and Takei are working on MOTU Projects!? INCONCEIVABLE!!

Now I'm in a crux... I love when Merman has a gargly voice, because Merman. I hated Conroy's Merman due to the lack of gargles... If I say that I want Merman to have a gargly voice it can be seen as a homophobic attack on George Takei, who happens to be gay. So was Kevin Conroy, so I might have been retconned into a homophobe again... (I say again, because idiots defending the Nate Stevenson bastardization of She-Ra have called me that for me complaining about sexuality and gender changes when they already had PoC and lesbians they could've used instead.) And I got sidetracked. Traditionally, Merman has had a gargly voice. I'd prefer if every voice actor who does Merman, would do him with a gargly voice. No jokes about the VA fellating the microphone or anything like that. I just like the gargly sound for the underwater dude. 

You can watch a teaser for the next installment here... YT for kids videos can't be embedded. The toys teased a Hordak.

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