Jul 12, 2022

Super7 is doing a thundercats SDCC exclusive

 And it's dumb as Hell, but it's perfect!

It's a Frozen Lion-O from the episode where he gets frozen on Hook Mountain. It's not essential, but literally the THIRD Lion-O Repaint on the Line (Mumm-Ra Mirror Red Lion-O being the first, Laughing Joking Numbnuts 80s Toy repaint being the second one.) 

This is hiding a deeper issue... have you noticed that the latest waves of Thundercats AND Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have been repaints? This worries me, because Too many repaints of the main character(s) has killed teh liens... in the past... especially the musclebound Barbarian Shazam dude... and with the rumor of these figures possibly going up to $65 each based on the GITD Turtles being $65, getting repaints is a smidge insulting. Hopefully I'm fretting over nothing, but back to Thermochromic Lion-O... at least it's not Stealth Tygra or Spirit of Jaga.

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