Jul 31, 2016

Top figures Super 7 needs to Vintagize

Super7 will also tackle Vintage styled Figures... We saw their SDCC Exclusive with Mummy-Skeletor and the Three Terrors... I know they are interested in doing He-Ro and Eldor. Well, here's a list of the top figures that need to have a Vintage Counterpart:

Darius, Mara and Crita would need NA-Styled bucks if they were to be made. that's why they are not on this list, or why Sea Hawk is NOT on it.

Castle Grayskullman: is an obvious candidate... in fact 5 out of the 6 figures from the 30th anniversary are perfect candidates... Cy-Chop is the one being left out from this list because He wouldn't look that great.
Sir Laser Lot: Fiber optic plume and that is all. I hate the character, but you have to admit that the Fiber Optic Plume would make him look cool.
Draego-Man: The Vintagizer might be cruel to this figure, making his badass dragon looking a bit wimpy and bootleggy. Flappy wings like Buzz-Off's with a flint like Saurod would make him very vintage and cool.

Fearless Photog: This one is rather obvious on how he would look and how his action feature would work since he has one in classics.

The Mighty Spector: With removable Cloth mask and a head that would be the action figure equivalent to the ecce homo restoration but this time using SuperkamiToyguru's head.

Add a left arm that works like the Kenner Lightsabers of yore and call it a day!

King Grayskull with Rooted Hair and furry cape. No real explanation.

An official, True Blue Wun-Dar. if just to put the Legend to Rest. As a twist I'd give him a more "Filmation-Like" head just to make him different enough from He-Man.

Slime Pit He-Man: This one would need a new sculpt in green plastic that is GITD so it looks like He-Man is covered in slime.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of the idea of 2016 figures being made to fit with the 80s line, but there's plenty of people who would be into that.

Fans do what Michael Bay won't

Generation 1 Hero is a fan movie based on Transformers...

This FAN movie captures the essence of Transformers MUCH BETTER than Michael Bay's movies.
It's not perfect (Logistics, mostly) but it shows that something closer to what fans know as Transformers CAN BE MADE IN LIVE ACTION. Once the Bayformers get rebooted (10 years, probably) I hope we can get a transformers movie more like the cartoons where the Focus lies on Autobots waging their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons instead of Spike Witwicky wants to get laid... or Romeo and Juliet laws discussions with Marky Mark.

That would also mean more realistic takes on the G1 Designs. The reason for why I want this is simple: To make each Autobot and Decepticon easier to Identify. I'm not saying Make them look exactly like the cartoon, but it would be optimal if the robot looked somewhat like the cartoon to make it easier to Identify. With the toy colors appearing in Robot form and vehicle mode.

I know what's coming now: "But real Jets aren't colored like Toon Starscream!"
My response to that is "something something chameleon technology that can't be used ALL The time because it consumes too much energon to sustain."

The point is that this fan film feels more transformers than the actual movies approved by Hasbro. Sure it's a bit corny and the action scenes are a bit dull (Practical effect Robots and all that) but imagine more Transformer looking Robots with a Hollywood budget and the ability to combine practical with high budget CG and we could get an amazing movie that LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE Transformers.

This fan project gives me hope... Once Hasbro moves on from the Bayverse, we can get a decent movie that feels like a respectful adaptation to Transformers... (Kinda how Devastation was a love letter to the cartoon)

Jul 30, 2016

Tyler Hoechlin in Superman outfit...

You have seen the pic, in any case here it is:
You know what's coming...
And no, it ain't winter.

Sadly, he isn't wearing the red Trunks. Now here's the thing: We have SUPERMAN in the CW DC Universe... We are missing someone... I'll give you a hint: Well Screw Hints, you know WHICH DC CHARACTER I AM TALKING ABOUT... He's so powerful that a rant of Superman's Super Butt has turned into a rant about why we need this character on the CW DC Universe... I'll give you a hint: The Superbutt looks like this Character's Chin... or at least the Snyderverse version of him.

We freaking NEED BATMAN in the CWverse.

Back to Superman: WHY do they keep removing the Trunks on him? The Trunks are there for a reason: To break off all that blue... Not to mention the old timey Strongman look to them, which in today's world could be tied in to rasslin' seeing that Mr. Smallville is from Kansas (illegal alien from Krypton, but raised there), rasslin' is huge in the midwest and modifying a Kryptonian Outfit with elements of Heroes from the Midwest (Wrestlers) would make sense for Clark as he becomes the Ultimate Wrestler for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. I know this is a retread of past rants, but being angry at the lack of trunks makes me repeat myself... In any case, heterosexual ladies and homosexual men, enjoy some objectification of a male character and his Big Round Affleck Chin-esque rear end. Now if I could get some sexy pics of Princess Book Horse in a Harley Quinn outfit for the sake of equal opportunity objectification, of course... that would be Super!
But yeah, Superman has a big butt! (and I cannot Lie!)

Am I supposed to be sad?

I did not upgrade to Windows 10. This Morning (30th of July) I had this HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE NOTIFICATION:
 The Free Upgrade Offer for Windows 10 has ended! OH NOES!!

Now the little annoying Windows 10 upgrade logo has left my computer's taskbar... FOREVER!!

Why did I decide to skip on the upgrade?

The very same Reason most of the people who rejected it: Microsoft's "Mafioso Tactics"

Microsoft: We recommend you update your OS to Windows 10...
Me: I'm happy with my OS, I'll gracefully decline...
Microsoft: It's free...
Me: I don't want Windows 10. Many of the programs I use are incompatible or not supported by Windows 10.
Microsoft: We said YOU ARE GETTING WINDOWS 10!!!
Me: No.
Microsoft: Yes , you are.
Me: No, stop asking me to get it!
Microsoft: We're already installing it for you...
Me: Wish I knew how to Linux...

Yeah, I have Programs that would not work with Windows 10 (it's on 7 and they barely work because they are archaic.) BUT, what really turned me off from getting 10 was Microsoft's "bullying" into me getting it. I was debating whether I should update or not, but Microsoft's INSISTENCE in pushing the program on me ended up making me NOT TO.
Also, I'm not a fan of Halo... Why would I want my computer to remind me so much of a game series I don't like because their "siri" is based on a character from said game series?

In any case, I seem to have dodged the 10 Bullet... for now.

Jul 28, 2016

Doctor Strage should have you tripping balls...

and this trailer delivers... I'm still not sold on Tilda Swinton being the Ancient One and Karl Amadeus Mordo being black.

Other than that, I'm curious to see this movie. Right now the question is: Should I see it on theaters or wait until it hits BluRay?

It's like a Marvel Movie had sex with Inception, then pumped enough roids on the baby to make Schwarzenegger look like a wimp! But I guess Election Day will be the perfect day to go see this, IF I decide to go to the theaters to watch it. No, I do not encourage eating mushrooms or doing acid before watching this movie... or Speed Racer.

It's a good time to be a DC fan now.

While, usually, I lean more towards Marvel, I must admit that DC is churning a couple of films that look good in the trailers. Let's hope the final product ends up as good as the Trailers...
With Suicide Squad coming in roughly a week, DC dropped Wonder Woman and Justice League Trailers at Comic Con... (My lack of posting this week has nothing to do with me being bummed because of Matty)

SO, Justice League:

I had lost my faith in Aquamomoa for some time. The Trailer proves me right. Aquaman = Khal  Drogo who talks to fish. Thank goodness that Flash will add some levity to the Super Dark and Brooding Snyderverse... Still, not to sold on Gal Gadot as WW...

Now Wonder Woman:

I'm not fully sold on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, but the trailer has convinced me 10% more... So, adding 10% to that 30% that I got from SAVE MARTHA it's 40% convinced, but I may be using faulty mathematics... 10% of 30% would be like 3% so it would be like 33% convinced if I use some fancy Mathematics. I would have to see the movie to TRULY see if she can hold a movie on her own.
I AM GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE, BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE IT. The trailer made it interesting to watch, and as I've stated before, I need to see if Gal Gadot can hold a movie on her own. If WW is good, I will be able to eat crow... and I WANT TO EAT CROW because it's Wonder Woman...

We also have the animated feature: The Killing Joke that has gotten mixed Reviews... That one will have to wait until it's on DVD and Blu Ray for me to check out... All I know is: Batman is Kevin Conroy, Joker is Luke Skywalker, it's inspired by The Killing Joke, and Batgirl has a nice badonkadonk. Also, DC made an animated movie about The Killing Joke!!

Jul 26, 2016

My top ten character picks for Super7 to tackle

I know that I did a few potential 2017 wants rants before... but that was when Mattel was in charge. I KNOW the previous rant touched what I wanted to see in General. Now I will go for specifics that the more of them in the actual list, the more likely I am to subscribe if the Price is Right...

Come on now! You KNEW that the clip was coming, I even gave it away!

This is a list for CLASSICS, not the Filmation sub-line: That one I'll tackle later this week.
Now I'll use Matty's 7 figure and 3 Extra "Larger SKUs" for the sake of simplicity. I know y'all want your Stridors, but for Super7's Year One, I thought I'd go easier on them. So the "Larger SKUs" would be multi-packs or deluxe figures.

- Illumina: I know she is on a legal quagmire. Apparently, since she hadn't appeared on official Mattel Canon, Mattel may not own the rights to her. (Which makes her appearance on the Neitlichverse mini comic rather strange.) Now that ♠ is out of the way and Mattel put Super7 in charge we may have more chances of getting her. I just want a Female Blue Elf Warrior... Screw the Neitlichverse's version!

- Hoove: Yes, there's a New Adventures villain on this list. He was Karatti's Partner in the Cartoon and to get a heavy new tooling figure out of the way.

- Hawke with Delora Head: A female Avion Warrior with Army building potential... Paint the hair pieces different colors and you have other Female Avion Warriors. Not to mention it feeds the Filmation

- Joya: Yes, the Bubble Carriage Driver girl. She was revealed at a vintage PoP Panel at Power Con and it's a new PoP Gal! This keeps the sub "all inclusive" and delivers "a new character" which Super 7 was interested in doing.

- Lodar: He's rather easy to do, and it's rumored that the Horsemen had him sculpted for quite some time. Not to mention he is more useful than Geldor (he survived his only encounter with He-Man) and it gives some love to Vintage Mini-comics.

- Jetpack (AKA Castle Grayskull Spacesuit):It helps us "fill the gap" from Castle Grayskull and he's literally a new head and armor (with removable Space Helmet). Let's face it, no one will use him as a "defender of Trolla" but they'll pop off the head and use it as the Castle Grayskull Spacesuit

- Skeleteen (Sub Exclusive): I KNOW he's unpopular, but it gives symmetry. King He-Man + Dare vs Gorpo seems unbalanced. Adding Skeleteen brings symmetry and we can close that chapter. Also, him being relegated to sub exclusive can make him more valuable in the secondary market.

The Large SKUs:

-The Three Terrors  Deluxe Figure: This figure being only 3 new heads, 1 armor (in 3 colors) and 3 weapons makes it viable for a "deluxe figure treatment). The Four Horsemen can work their magic and make them look Badass. This one kinda hurts in the wallet, since you'd have to buy 3 of it... It's easier on the subscriber to get one and buy extras separately to have all 3 than get a 3 pack.

-Granita vs Lizorr 2 pack: Yes, I know this match makes no sense. Granita would be a highly new tool figure with rock pieces to act like her comet warrior relatives. Lizorr on the other hand, can be easily made and only needing a new armor. As you can see on the pic of Squeeze with Darius' Helmet, the similarities with Lizorr are surprising. His little need for new tooling compensates for Granita.

-Royal Armor She-Ra (deluxe Figure): The infamous Palace Guard She-Ra from the Neitlichverse. I got to be honest here: The reason she's here and as a deluxe figure is this idea from a Power-Con panel. I'd also add a Light skinned fourth female head, various female weapons (PD Teela sword, Shield, Adora's gun and goddess Spear in Silver). As an Army builder it forces us to buy multiples. Hell, I'd scrap the She-Ra bit and use it to make a Queensguard, but I don't think "Generic Female Palace Guard" has the same oomph! as a She-Ra variant.

While, yes, they are not all necesarily "Top Collector wants" (Skeleteen, I'm looking at you.) it fills gaps in all factions. It adds some new blood into the brand as well.

Jul 24, 2016

Super7 is keeping the Horsemen.

Thundercats is loaded with this
We are lucky in that front. I know that some of the guys who work for SOTA or NECA could rival the Horsemen in skill, but for the sake of continuity, it's cool when the sculpts come from the same team.

Sadly, Thundercats is dead... or in a coma
well, until Super7, Mattel and Warner Brothers figure out all of the red tape with Thundercats.

At least Classics is happening somehow... and the Filmation sub-line.

Now here's the thing:

I EXPECT to see Super7 tackle on the main two and a few core characters. New Company, expecting the release of a few A-List guys is kinda obvious. Why do you think we keep getting Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun Li, Akuma every time a Street Fighter Line is made. I expect a few waves 1-2 to show up. Hopefully these will not be the same vanilla versions we got in Mattel's Classics. Maybe looking at 200X or the DC Comic as a way to refresh the core characters is a good idea... YES, I'm aware that I mentioned the "nu52 MOTU". I just don't want exact reissues of the Mattel MOTUC figures...

What I WANT might be a bit different:

-Completion of the New Adventures roster. There's 11 Toy Characters MIA from Mattel's MOTUC. For MOTUC to be "an Anthology line" we NEED those 11 Characters, and Sebrian.

-For the line to Not be overrun by variants. Too many variants kills lines. I expect a few of them, but not to be overloaded with variants.

-Representatives from the parts of MOTU lore that are currently not represented. Star Comics (if the rights are available), MVC Comics, The Power Tour, etc. (If you need specific examples: Lt. Andra, Illumina, Songster)

-Reasonable prices on these figures. Otherwise they won't sell well.

-Find a way for Snake Mountain to happen.

Last but not least:

Jul 21, 2016

The Matty Vault is open!!

And it truly sucks ass!
Check it out here:
Darius, Masque, Vultak,  pantsless hsss, bs hordak, SA He-Man vs 200X Hsss, hover robots, Laser 2 pack, callix, evil seed, chooblah, prahvus, ceratus, veena, FFHm vs TC skeletor, saurod, dragstor, rio blast, dare, two-bad, flutterina, eldor, battlelion, mermista, arrow, gwildor, double trouble, entrapta, sweet bee, flutterina, NA She-Ra.
Everything at FULL PRICE!! No wonder they can't move these... Then there's everything else on the normal shop...
A small part of me is saying: Get Bow, Sea Hawk and Masque and you'll have MOST of the Fodder parts for a Songster. A large part of me is saying: At full price!? What, are you NUTS!?
They should have saved this for Cyber week.

Mattel may have lost the Disney Princesses to Hasbro, but they took something FROM Hasbro!!

I'll give you a hint:

Yup! Mattel is now basically THE BIG KAHUNA in the Toy Dinosaur Department. I know they own the rights to Dino Riders. Now they have Jurassic Park/World. Wonder what they'll do with the license now?

I'm guessing doing the same thing as Kenner, erm... Hasbro did and release smaller dinos and figures... Part of me would be interested in... wait for it...
Jurassic Park Movie Masters.
You know you want 6 inch Jurassic Park figures...
 And here's the SDCC Variant
Jim'll paint it!

All jokes aside, we have to wonder WHAT WILL Mattel bring to the game... Will they half-ass it? (I expect this will help them cover the budget for the Dino Riders line further down the timeline)

On an unrelated note: I got the Thunderkittens yesterday. If you're reading this BEFORE 9:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, go get the SDCC Items at Matty if you haven't.

Oh My god! They Killed Matty! You Bastards?

Thundercats will be incomplete! Mattel's a bag of dicks!
Read me ranting Read me moan! Mattel's a bag of dicks!
Buncha Buncha Buncha  Buncha Douche!
Bucha Buncha Buncha Buncha Douche!

Ding dong the witch is dead! and all that...

But enough Rambling... Let's put the post up:
To Our Loyal Collectors,
Thank you for being the world’s most dedicated fans and passionate supporters of MattyCollector.com over the years.
We want to let you know that we have been working on something new and different for you that measures up to your loyalty and devotion.
As of December 31, 2016, we will be shutting down the website as we transition to Super7 to manufacture and deliver the Masters of the Universe and adult collector lines. Subscriptions and orders for 2016 will remain unaffected, and the site will continue to operate through the end of the year. For the past two years, Super7 has proven to be a great partner, and we look forward to seeing them continue to grow the Masters of the Universe line. They will unveil the expanded line for 2017 at San Diego Comic-Con.
To help you complete your collections before the end of the year, we’ll be opening the Vault beginning Thursday, July 21 at 9 a.m. PT. All 2014 and 2015 items, and select 2016 items, will be available for sale at that time. They’ll remain in the shop until the end of the year or while supplies last, whichever comes first. For our U.S.-based collectors, any Vault products you buy during San Diego Comic-Con will arrive with free domestic ground shipping.*
We thank you for your dedication and support through the years.

The only thing that helped me cope through my depression during the worst days of my Mom's conditions and the only thing that kept me distracted during the worst moments after her passing has just been yanked from under my feet. She was more excited for Snake Mountain than I was, and I was REALLY excited for it. Now that we are very likely to NOT GET Snake Mountain, I feel crushed.

I know it's silly. This are "Just toys", no big deal... No, I'm not mentioning my depression as a "woe is me" or to gain "victimhood points" kind of thing. Yes, I did talk a lot of smack about the behind the scenes shenanigans at Matty, but I LOVE the figures... I love them so much that I ended up with four more Zodacs to turn into Generic Cosmic enforcers... (Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink) I've been working on some of the Neftyverse characters. As you can see in some recent reviews, I've been catching up on the characters I missed. Only a true Wun-Dar and Goddess elude me...(though Personally I may never buy a goddess because of crackling plastic.)

So, December 31st 2016 will be the end of Mattycollector and Mattel will use Super7 as a middleman to deliver future MOTU and Adult collector lines. Does this mean that MOTUC, the Filmation sub-line and Thundercats will continue, or will all three lines be scrapped in order for Super7 to do something else. The only positive Spin I have for this is No more Digital River.

Hello Matty Collectors!
This is Brian Flynn, owner of Super7, and I just wanted to say how excited we are to expand our relationship with Mattel and Masters of the Universe this year and beyond! We’re looking forward to creating a wonderful array of exciting and unexpected Masters of the Universe products in the years to come.
As some of you may know, we’ve been working with Mattel for a few years now, creating both the retro 3.75” MOTU figures, the M.U.S.C.L.E. MOTU figures, and last year’s SDCC 2015 Skeletor’s Lair special event. Since then, we’ve announced wave 2 of the 3.75” figures, and wave 2 of the M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, which will debut at SDCC 2016.
Speaking of SDCC 2016, our biggest announcement was that while all this was going on, we’ve been working secretly on the first new Masters of the Universe animation in the classic style since 1985 – “The Curse of the Three Terrors”! In trying to be as authentic to the original series as possible, this new animation features original voice actor Alan Oppenheimer reprising his signature role as Skeletor (as well as Mer-Man and Man At Arms) on a new adventure in Eternia. Additionally, we worked with The Power and Honor Foundation to use original backgrounds from the 1984-1985 series, so this new animation is as accurate as possible. We will premiere the “The Curse of the Three Terrors” at 10pm on Wednesday July 20th, at the corner of 8th Ave. and G in downtown San Diego, directly across the street from this year’s Skeletor’s Lair pop-up shop! Afterwards, “The Curse of the Three Terrors” will be available August 1st for download on iTunes and Google Play for $1.99. 
And this second E-mail scares me.
Let's dissect it:
We’re looking forward to creating a wonderful array of exciting and unexpected Masters of the Universe products in the years to come.
So, King Hsss Snake Dildos are possible! Good to know! Clawful Pincer Oven Mitt... that kind of crap... Or, more fake Kenner style toys... Maybe rubbery MOTU figures like the old LJN wrestling figures. Now the curiously good thing is the new "Filmation styled episode" with Alan Oppenheimer as Skeletor, Mer-Man and Man-at-Arms.

The Matty e-mail is slightly more optimistic.

They will unveil the expanded line for 2017 at San Diego Comic-Con.
There MAY BE One more year for either MOTUC:CC OR The Filmation Sub-Line (and let's be honest here: Filmation is the likely one to survive one more year)  The question is: Are the FourHorsemen involved in this? Remember how Ghostbusters lost a lot of support when the Horsemen were replaced by Mattel's in-house team. If a 7 inch line were to be made by Super7, they'd better be able to match the FourHorsemen's sculpts.

Yup, That is the big question... Right after the Horsemen.

Will Mattel screw us over on Thundercats? No Tygra or Cheetara... No Mumm-Ra the Ever Living... Hell, not even Vultureman, Monkian or Ssslythe? We'll have to wait and find out.

I'm ready to receive the awful news about Snake Mountain not happening. This will hurt, because I wanted one for me and in a weird way for my mom... I'm not even sure If I have to be happy or sad about this.

Things are looking awfully bad for the Thunderians...

Jul 20, 2016

Revisiting PokemonGo!

Servers are finally back up in PR and Pokémon Go is, well GO! If you recall, I had a less than stellar experience with PmGo! back when the servers were ultra spotty. Well, they were yesterday.

Well, now that they are working properly, I got to say, it's a rather nice game... Though it makes you waste pokéballs when servers are a bit spotty. (in addition to sucking at tossing pokéballs) Luckily, Pokéstops allow you to restock those precious balls. and if you walk around for five minutes, you can return and restock. Pretty handy if you have 3-5 pokéstops near you. just walk around, do a little bit of exercise, and hope your phone has a decent battery and data plan. While the Data consumption isn't catastrophically huge, the battery drain is. That game really takes a lot of juice (Game + Data + GPS... makes sense. We need better batteries) It was funny seeing people in groups walking and looking for Pokémon. I was walking from a convenience store, near a Pokéstop and decided to check the game as I walked home. A kid and his mom were going doen the same street as I am (in a car.) I stopped for a Krabby. The kid yells at me from the car: "You playing Pokémon too?" I nodded and he yelled! "Have a great day, Mister!!" It was nice. Saw a dude in a skateboard going up and down a street to see if he could speed up the hatching time for a pokémon egg.

I went to the Mall to get my copy of... yes, I went and got MARTHA: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.
I may or may not attempt a play by play rant... It would take me a few weeks, because the movie is long as heck and I have to jot down my thoughts, look for references and possible jokes and it's nearly 4 hours... got an Eevee at the Mall, lost a ton of Pokéballs on a Pidgeot that kept escaping.

I don't think I will not go out at night hunting for Pokémon too much. I'm in an OK neighborhood, but just to be safe, I'll stick to broad daylight. It can get a bit TOO distracting and better safe than sorry.

Jul 19, 2016

It came From the Toy Chest: Riot Gear for your CAWs!!

I did the Knight and Referee Sets... Now it's the Riot Gear's Turn!
Let's go through the items on the set, shall we?

Desert gear vest
Skull mask
Riot Helmet
Police issue Tonfa
Ball and chain...

Small warning: Most of these WILL NOT WORK ON MOTUC... The vest is a bit too small... I broke the strips of my first set while trying to put the vest on Filmation He-Man. Even the WWE Hulk Hogan has the vest not strapped ALL The WAY IN.

don't even think about using Chunkier figures like say, Andre the Giant on it.

The headgear, you can forget about using it on MOTUC or a WWE figure with longer hair, say Hulk Hogan.

The Mask is a funny one... Somehow Hogan's hair cannot fit in, but the biggest schnoz in the WWE fits in nicely... as long as it's the RECENT version of HHH... Longer hair HHH? forget about it!

The Ball And Chain can work on NON-ELITE Figures. The Shackle stretches, but I worry about the flimsy wrist hinges on the Elite Figures. TBH, not going to risk it. I wanted to use it as a part for a MOTUC Custom, but the ball is made of hard plastic, while the chain and shackle are rubbery. Can't replace the fake chain for a real one...

I really like the Tonfa... I will use it on a MOTUC custom that I'm working around...

This one is an easy skip if you're looking for MOTUC Fodder... The Ball and chain isn't worth it. The closest thing to a saving grace is the Tonfa.

Jul 18, 2016

Matty screwed Thundercats fans!! What a surprise!

Thunderkittens were on sale today. Received an email about it today. So I log on to Matty do the usual... Got 2 Random errors. I had the right Captcha, Card Security code, even the agree to terms box checked. Well I have NO Thunderkittens... They sold out in less than a minute.

To make matters worse: these sumbitches are taunting us with this:
We'll just have to wait and see how True this is... I better be able to get one set tomorrow, cause They are already WAY OVER my threshold on third party sites...

Seriously, GAH!! You don't want to hear negativity, but THIS KIND OF THINGS CREATE THAT NEGATIVITY!!

Right now the customers feel like Mattel pulled a Willy Wonka on them.

Of COURSE THEY'LL BE ANGRY!! I'M ANGRY... Not Kylo Ren Angry, but angry...

On a slightly more positive note that is still negative, I'm glad we didn't have a MOTUC Exclusive now!

Jul 17, 2016

That Thundercats/MOTU Crossover has so much potential for Mattel...

But the question is: WILL MATTEL be able to Capitalize on it? I have two words: Retail Release!
I know what you're thinking:
"The DC 2 Packs became peg-warmers!"
"Matty's JUST releasing the Thundercats classics  on their site, WHY would they release them again!?"

Simple: Crossover Synergy or Cross-Platform promotion or something... Releasing a couple of 2 packs per year to specialty stores: (TRU, Hot Topic, f.y.e., etc.)

Virtually no new pieces needed (some cases might, but it's highly unlikely.)

The two packs could be:
He-Man vs Lion-O:
He-Man would be the Classics He-Man with the Vintage Toy head, standard accessories. With brighter Red undies/boots
Lion-O would be the Classics Lion-O with brighter Orange Flesh, Red Hilt Sword of Omens and Reddish Claw Shield. (Based on the LJN toy)

Panthro vs Man-at-Arms
Man-at-Arms would be the vanilla MAA with a reddish brown mustache but in toy colors
Panthro is the Classics Panthro but with Dark Blue Boots (as the 80s Toy variation)

Beastman vs Jackalman
Classics Beastman with Red Boots (I suggest Whiplash shins with Castle Grayskullman feet)
Jackalman would be the Classics Jackalman in 80s Toy colors. (No lighter color on snout, Beastman Lower Legs, yellow left armband straps, brown right bracer, etc.)

Faker vs Lion-O (Evil Mirror)
A Faker that Mirrors the He-Man This time give him a magenta Skeletor armor and accessories, to mirror the magenta armored faker.
Mirror Lion-O is basically Red Armor for Lion-O and they can have the sword and shield in Orange like the other color variation of the LJN toy.

If they were to release these in q2 in 2017, about the time the comic ends, then they could have SOME other characters to release from the 2017 sub, like Mumm-Ra the Ever Living, Cheetara, or Tygra.

Toss in some Mattycollector info and boom!

Jul 16, 2016

Bum Nepthu... Why not?

We could get a classicized Bum Nepthu... Most of the parts are done... He could easily be a bonus item with a vehicle or something...

I know what you're thinking: Wait... "Didn't you call Nepthu the King of Turds, Nefty?"
And I'd say, yeah! But BECAUSE WE HAVE Egyptian Nicolas Cage is WHY we need Bum Nepthu... Then there's also some ulterior motives. (Slender Male Buck needing a Slender human torso... Fabulous Secret Powers... caught my drift?)

A Combination of Modulok and Lizard Man parts could make him possible. All we'd need is head, Torso, vest and "loincloth". This would also give us Generic Rebels as well... Using some extra heads (from Matty or Third party) and you have an army builder for PoP. Not to mention that the new Torso could lend itself for a 200X Adam...

Shame the SuperKamiToyguru isn't at Mattel anymore... He'd totally would have campaigned for Bum Nepthu to be made... We lost a chance at a real Rebellion Army Builder here... Do you understand WHY I',m sticking to MODULOK and Lizard Man parts? The Modular Aspect, of Course. 1 buck, 4 arms (one with painted sleeves, the other bare arms) 4 Legs (one set with pants, the other set bare.) 2 Vests (one pristine vest preferably similar to that of Dare, one Bum vest) 3 heads (bum Nepthu, 2 Generic Male heads, which could be mix and match from already sculpted heads with random hairpieces if tooling budget was limited.) You could mix and match 18+ combinations out of one of these theoretical Generic Male figure.

There you have it, a way to make Bum Nepthu SOMEWHAT DESIRABLE!

Jul 14, 2016

Odds and ends July 14th, 2016

Do you love NES games? Do you REALLY LOVE NES GAMES?

We all know how much James Rolfe loves NES games... Especially the bad games...
Well, Nintendo is allowing us to REVIVE our memories and love for the NES...

in a tiny emulator that looks like a NES... Preloaded with 30 games...
Balloon Fight
Bubble Bobble
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Dr. Mario
Final Fantasy
Ghosts N Goblins
Ice Climber
Kid Icarus
Kirby’s Adventure
Mario Bros.
Mega Man 2
Ninja Gaiden
Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
Super C
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 2
Super Mario Bros. 3
Tecmo Bowl
The Legend of Zelda
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
It can save progress in games, which we kinda need for games like Zelda, Adventure of Link, Star Tropics, and Final Fantasy.
Heck it even has a specialized NES Controller that can work with the WiiU... Also, it's $60!! yay?

Now for the cons:
It's a self-contained unit. Only those 30 games is what you can play with. It won't connect to the internet or work with other Virtual Console games, or ACTUAL NES Cartridges.

It's kinda sad that SEGA DID IT BETTER with their Genesis Emulator. At least THEY ADDED A CARTRIDGE PORT!!

Also, no NES Experience is complete without the console blowj- er... This!

Now a SNES version of this with Mario Kart and a few SNES JRPGs would make me bite...

I saw Ghostbusters... for free... Won a free ticket for A movie and I decided to swallow my dignity and watched it. (I ain't giving it no dough!) It has the same problem as Jem. If you REMOVE EVERYTHING about Ghostbusters and make it about a random group of people who decide to capture ghosts it ALMOST KINDA Works. The problem lies with the throwbacks and nods to the original, which reminds you that there IS A BETTER GHOSTBUSTERS movie out there. While there are some Hamfisted "Feminist moments" in the movie (like the Scene with the not so subtle jabs at criticisms towards the movie. Defeating the villain by shooting him in the dick, etc.) It wasn't as in your face as I expected.
It feels more like a "_____ Movie" version of Ghostbusters THAN a real Ghostbusters movie...
It kinda feels also like Feig took inspiration from the cartoon, instead of the movies.
I can't say it's an absolute Turd... I blame Thor for being the saving grace of this movie. The cast was, well, miscast. Melissa McCarthy was slightly less Melissa McCarthy, but then again, I find her terribly unfunny. Wiig was a bit bland but passable. Jones, well she was obnoxious, but I found her slightly less obnoxious than expected. McKinnon has a few moments, but felt like she was trying too hard. A cast with better chemistry, on the hands of a much more competent director and writer, and maybe this movie would have been good. It's REALLY BAD... It's a Yamcha. It tries hard, but the results are highly disappointing. I'd give it a D, but someone might be offended because giving the D could be considered sexist or something... I should have seen Toy Story with Pets instead... Don't waist over $40 bucks at the movie theater to see this. Wait until they show it on TBS or something.

Male 'Nita... Same thing minus earrings, Plaid Shirts, tons
of make-up...
Nita's done another video, but I will not even bother... But she is not the reason for this quarter assed rant... Her Former writer and puppeteer, J-McIndouche is branching off. He's begging for money on Patreon to make a video series about men, through a Third Waver lens... Funny Thing, the guy is said to be from affluent origins, yet he's begging for money on Patreon to do what?
The exact same crap 'Nita's been doing with videogames, this time with Men...
Paper thin analyses, attacking anything remotely masculine, or fun as evil. Pretty much 'Nita's shtick but this time we must take it seriously, because it comes from a white man... Victim money donations do not work with white men... you need a female to act as a face. Kinda like 'Nita!

His first Episode is a Steven Universe Episode... He points out the excessive crying on the show and how Steven is very unlike other male heroes. The thing is that this show is made by SJW folks, but they PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTHS WERE. The show is pretty good, considering it's made by SJWs... They have the diversity, male touchy feely thing but it doesn't feel like a Propaganda piece... Unlike Other Things. I'm not even going to bother analyzing his videos, because I won't give him any more views.

Expect Delays on the Matty Crita and Despara... Matty announced it on Facebook a few days ago. But this is Matty, I'd say something snarky, but I don't need that kind of thing in my life right now...

Jul 13, 2016

A Fantastic fanmade item kickstarter!

This is another case of The fans do what Mattel won't. Freeman's Mind Toys is doing a kickstarter. What's it for? A three dimensional representation of the Castle Grayskull dungeon sticker, also known as the Dwell of Souls. If you remember some posts about Castle Grayskull in MOTUC, you might have read my complaints regarding the dungeon grate being a sticker. There was a 3D version made by an other artist, but it was sold out and the vendor did not send items to Puerto Rico.

Since that other person's grate is unavailable and there's a desire for it, FMT Answered the call. A brand new 3D version of the grate. This one is 3D printed, but it's not available via shapeways. The reason is most likely, logistics. Also, FMT has other ambitious projects after thus one, like a custom Carcharodon themed Roadster... if you catch my drift.

Now its OUR TURN to answer the call.
The goal is: $5000. As of the writing of this rant, the amount collected so far is $905. We have 29 days to reach the $5000 and get our grates. The highest tier reward is insanely awesome... Enough to make me wish I had $500 to pledge... work with Mr. Freeman to make a unique Playset or vehicle compatible with MOTU Classics...
Lower tiers get you, a custom paintjob of your choice for the grate, the vintage paintjob, or unpainted.
I chose unpainted, because I love to explore the joy of painting... Reference completely intended.
You could even use it to plug the unsightly hole in the castle!!!

Right now, we don't know if Mattel will release the missing stuff from Castle Grayskull... Heck, with the way Matty is right now; we don't even know if MOTUC's going to go for another round.
 a thriving third party custom kits/items can show Mattel that there IS STILL some juice left in MOTUC... and MOTU in general. Remember that the custom War Horse forced Mattel's hand to produce an official Night Stalker...
The grate can open the doors to other projects from both Mr. Freeman and Mattel.
BTW, can anyone donate  $500 to the House of Rants?* The Spectormobile needs to become a reality! That way I can rub it in on Scott's face...
*=I'm joking about the asking for money thing... though the Rub the Spectormobile on Scott's face fund sounds cool and dickish at the same time. 

Now back to seriousness. If you have a MOTUC Grayskull, the Castle, not the King; bought the Barbarossa triangular rack, commissioned a Spacesuit custom, and own other Castle Graykull custom items, then you NEED this one to complete all the stickers made 3D...

There have been some stretch goals added.
Stretch goals: (1) When I reach $5000, EVERYONE will get at least a painted dungeon grate in a color of their choice. (for pledges on at least the $40 tier)(2) For every additional $1000 increase after funding is met, a new piece from the un produced accessories gets added for no additional cost: This would mean- Spirit of Grayskull attachment for the roof.Punching bag for the training of warriors.Weapon rack in the Mark Taylor style.The portal Sorceress often walked through amongst other characters.Plus other yet unknown additions... Again everyone, thank you from the bottom of my heart as a fellow fan and geek for all things MOTU- I have a feeling this will be the first in many cool products I can offer all of you! 
There have been a pair of EVEN HIGHER Tiers 
of Pledges added:
If You Pledge $1,500 to $1,999.99 you could get an Apatosaurus suffering from a Techno Organic Virus...

But if your wallet is deep and is interested in MOTU Stuff Revived in Classics Scale... And happen to live WITHIN the Continental US... Sorry Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico...
Hold on to your butts!
Mr. Freeman is pulling out the big one... and get your mind out of the gutter!

It just got real... Well, if you're the Toy Collector version of Bruce Wayne, of course...

To be honest, I wouldn't worry about the Super Mega Sized Pledges... Part of me is curious to see them if someone coughs up the dough for them. I just want the grates to be made. We're getting Closer... $1,845 but we cannot think it'll pass until we reach the $5000 goal. (I mention WE, since I pledged and want this to be made.)

It Came from the Toy Chest: He needs to pick up some power converters from Toshi Station

You can guess what Figure I am going to review from the Title alone... I could have gone with...

I also could have gone with a Cock Knocker Reference... a Joker reference, a Trickster Reference, plenty of other Star Wars References, but I have to use the Toshi Station reference, BECAUSE THIS IS TATOOINE LUKE From the Original Star Wars, for the Star Wars Black Toyline... Because there's Stormtrooper Luke, X-Wing Pilot Luke, Hoth Luke, Bespin Luke, Return of the Jedi Luke... Wonder when ep.7 Hobo Luke will show up... Damn! I noticed that I lost Vader's Light Saber...

I've had access to other Lukes... regret not getting Empire Luke, since I now own a Jabba, but if I WERE TO PICK ONE LOOK for Luke, chances are that Karate Farmboy would have been the one I'd choose... Well, it IS THE ONE I CHOSE if we want to be technical about it. Damn you Hasbro for making the Old Ben Kenobi a Comic Con exclusive!!

Main Character in the Original Star Wars Trilogy, son of the Main Character in the much hated Prequel Trilogy... a Hobo in the New Disney Mary Sue Trilogy... His hobbies include:
-Shooting Womp Rats down in Beggar's Canyon...  Sounds Mildly Erotic.
-Desire to get Power Converters at Touchy Station...

Just picture Tatooine...
Maybe this'll help
He's got the Standard SWB Articulation... In mine the Ankles are not working properly for some reason. They are slightly more Limited than Vader's. 3.0

Paint and Sculpt:
Remember how mad I was with Cloth Parts on Vader? Well, I'm far more angry with Luke... I know what you're thinking: You hate Cloth Parts, yet you bought this Luke... I wanted a Tatooine Luke, I got a Tatooine Luke. What bothers me is that they could have made his Tunic sculpted, they already have sculpted Tunic Arms with the Prequel Obi Wan. It looks bad, I mean 1980s Toy bad. Cloth Items are not meant for figures smaller than 12 inches. Luke is a prime example of why this is true.
The Face sculpt is meh... It KINDA looks like Hamill, but at the same time it doesn't... The likeness can be perceived from a few angles... just not ALL OF THEM.
maybe squirt some lemon
juice so you can see Hamill
Paintwise, well... I'm glad he's got the light brown, dirty blonde look, vs the brown haired versions of him. His eyes are a bit derpy, but right now he's the ONLY Luke I've seen on the 6 stores I've looked for. 3.0

Macro Binoculars, Lightsaber with removable blade... Lightdaber is Lightsabery, and compared to other figures that get extra hands and stuff, Luke's a bit underwhelming in the accessory department.
Luke gets a 2.5 as his Final Score. He could have been better, but Hasbro's obsession with cloth items, lack of accessories, and a meh face sculpt hurt him in the long run. A Positive is that I don't have to buy the $30 K-Mart Exclusive Rey to get a Luke Lightsaber... I don't NEED another Rey, period. I didn't get the Cool Starkiller Kylo Ren after getting the Vanilla one, so there is no point of getting ANOTHER Rey. Had she been wearing a different outfit, maybe... Ugh! How did a Luke Review end up becoming a Rey Review?

Jul 12, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: Sleeping with the Boss's daughter gets you places...

Do I NEED to tell you who am I talking about? I'm talking about the guy that kills your braincells, the Biggest Schnoz in Sports Entertainment, the walking Water Fountain...

I am talking about Triple H... Terminator Armor Edition:
Which is Basically Triple H with an useless stupid hunk of Metal with Terminator arms that aren't even slightly articulated as the ones from the entrance. Here he has a Rigid, unposeable arms dangling from his sides. The posts that hold the arms to his hands would imply Articulation, but there is none... Fell like a sucker right now... (TBH I was more interested in the arms to make a sort of Sortech but now I'm a bit less than impressed with the armor...) Kinda wish I had bought an older version of HHH with the longer hair.

His Articulation is an Elite WWE Figure Articulation, which allows you to pull off SOME Wrestling moves, but not all... You can have him in Mid-Pedigree pose with another figure... Now is the moment I regret NOT HAVING A CERTAIN FIGURE...  5.0
Paint and Sculpt:
Sculptwise he does look like HHH, BUT mine had a weird gash of brown paint from his eyebrows across his forehead. 4.0
Removable Elbow and Knee Pads, Skull Mask, Armor... 3.0 I blame the Armor being useless and not having the proper paintjob hurting it.

The Cerebral Assassin gets a 4.0 as his final score... but since he's married to the Boss's Daughter he gets an Extra Point... Anything to avoid me joining Vince's Special Club! I think Mattel blew it with the Armor... Seeing that this is an "ELITE" Figure, I expected A LOT MORE and ended up being Underwhelmed... Seems that MOTUC isn't the only line suffering from Mattel's least amount of effort ethos.

I could have sword that cross was supposed to be black!

Jul 11, 2016

Pokémon go #$%^ yourself!!

A videogame that wants me to go OUTSIDE!? Last time I tried that was with a Hideo Kojima game... Now... If I want to be the Very Best... Like No one ever Was... I'll need a phone with a super long lasting battery and a high cap data plan... Pokémon go! is where it's at now!

You see the problem right at the start there... It's a "free to play" game but you WILL PAY!! Via buying emergency chargers, eating up your data, buying the items needed to upgrade your pokémon, even with your life... Though the game gives you a small heads up while it's loading to be careful. Other than that, well...

Once it loads... I was able to play a little bit yesterday because the servers kept crashing. so I caught a Charmander at K-Mart... Wandered around for an hour and I got nothing... Tried at night again and NOTHING... Will try again one more time today and I'll let ya know... But so far, my first impressions aren't that great.

Update: So I tried again for two more hours before heading to work. Found a Homeless man, a prostitute, and a stray dog. Found out the server to PR was down and not ready until the 15th.

Update II: I was about to hit the sack... when a Facebook Notification tells me that the PR Server is working. So I put on a Shirt and some pants suitable to go outside in the middle of the night... (He-Man Underoos are not exactly Grown-Up that needs to be taken seriously while walking around in the middle of the night.) So, I'm looking for an Abra that was nearby, but this old lady wanted to call the cops on me. To be fair, I don't blame her. a 30-something guy walking around streets looking at his phone at midnight CAN BE A BIT SUSPICIOUS... Cue the sadly, not satire piece by the SJW that is claiming that Pokémon Go will kill him because he's black. Now, the cops were not called thanks to her neighbor who took out his 10 year old son outside to catch Pokémon. He explained to her the situation... She's going to be pissed when she realizes that there's a PokéStop and a Gym near her house. Kid got the Abra. I went home empty-handed until a Doduo showed up... Caught one! Then Mom's dog heard me arriving and started barking madly. (She's been overprotective of me ever since Mom passed.) I opened the door and went straight to the backyard where she's at and ANOTHER Doduo... Naturally, I caught it, cause Pokémon, bitches!

So, as I was retelling my story, the servers are down again...

I suppose it'll come and go until the 15th... In the meantime, I'll waste my time with He-Man and the Tappers of Grayskull... a Mindless MOTU game where you tap the screen like a moron as you defeat Oversized Evil Warriors and Hordesmen. Reminds me a bit of Final Fantasy All The Braves.

My friends in the US have been way luckier... Tons and Tons of Pokémon... Meanwhile I only have a Charmander and a Doduo... and Servers are down again! I should've been asleep over 1 hour ago... Damn you Pokémon Go!!

Jul 9, 2016

It came from the Toy chest: Would the real Force Captain of the Horde please stand up?

I committed a sin, that I must correct: reviewing the Original Adora... I wasn't originally intending for the house of rants to become a sort of MOTUC Review site. It sort of happened as I was dealing with writer's block at the time. So, most of the time I opened up the figures and posed them, then forgot about using them as topics for rants/reviews... Hence the stock photo of Adora in card... I bought a Second Hand loose Adora for her head... Despara II needs a longer haired head... and I may use the buck to make a Lt. Andra stand in with the Other Marlena head (non-queen head) as a placeholder.

So, Who is Adora? I discussed that in the Despara Review! Let's see what she's got.

I must point out she's an EARLIER MOTUC Figure, which usually meant less accessories, or more depending oh the character and she uses the Fembuck 1.0, which is in some ways more limited than the 2.0 buck.

As I just stated, she's a Fembuck 1.0 (think Queen Marlena, Evil Lyn, or Original Teela) That means she'll look weird when she turns since her leotard is now a one piece tunic.

Paint and Sculpt:
Her sculpt is basically Filmation but with more realistic hair. The "leather areas" have small scoremarks to give it a leathery texture and other areas have slight detail to make the pieces look like they were stitched together. There is some slight paint bleed on the left bracer, but this Adora is slightly better than the one I got from Matty in 2010, so I may make this one my default Adora and use the other for Either a Horde Adora by repaint or make Andra... still debating on that one.

Removable Holster and gun (Gun is based on Teela's Gun from Masters of the Universe, the Dolph Lundgren one...) Also, the Sword of Protection.
this is what I meant about
Despara's thick sword handles.
Adora gets a 4.17 as her final Score. It's a decent score. There is not much I can say seeing that she's an early figure when Mattel was somewhat experimenting. The Tunic didn't work as good as they hoped and Adora was the figure that coined the "Granny Panties" issue. Would be nice if somehow we got a "twins of Power" Release of an Adora on the 2.0 buck (preferably with a sword aloft hand) and an Adam with a sheath on his back and the capability of holding the Power Sword Aloft as well.
Now for some bonus Despara Mash-ups.
 Her head looks nice on the Despara buck, but it's unmoveable... like Michael Keaton's Bat Cowl unmoveable.

Jul 8, 2016

By the Power of Thundera I have the HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Hold on to your butts! a MOTU/THUNDERCATS Crossover is happening on DC Comics...
Mattel, don't be a bag of dicks and can the TCC line... Especially now that a MOTU/THUNDERCATS CROSSOVER is happening!

What we know so far is that the story might be an overused Thundercats plot...

Mumm-Ra needs a sword powerful enough to fight off the Sword of Omens and defeat the Thundercats... Hachiman's Thunder-Cutter was the first, then Mumm-Ra tried with Excalibur, now the Power Sword of Grayskull is next. I guess this will involve the Masters fighting the Thundercats, stopping to realize this fight is wrong, then bringing the fight to their respective villains. We may even see a duel between Skeletor and Mumm-Ra and a tag team battle conclusion between He-Man and Lion-O vs Skeletor and Mumm-Ra. Wouldn't be surprised if He-Man is somehow worthy of using the Sword of Omens or Lion-O being able to summon the Power of Grayskull to defeat Mumm-Ra. Hoping for a Panthro and Man-at-Arms discussion on using a Samoflange.

Odds and ends 8th of July, 2016

I ain't afraid of no bad reviews, but SONY IS CRAPPING THEIR COLLECTIVE PANTS!!
There is a review embargo for Feig's Bridesmaids 2: Ectoplasmic Boogaloo! Apparently, there's a movie review embargo until July 10, the release date for the movie in the UK.

It makes sense for them to have that embargo, seeing that the movie looks like a giant steaming piece of crap that makes The Adventures of Pluto Nash look good... Was that a bit too much? I mean, which other Nerdy movie property was hit with a review embargo... Think, think!
Some people say MARTHA!! Others mention Trankt4stic... Point is, the only reason a Movie gets a review embargo is: Word of Mouth will kill this movie and we need to make most of the cash ASAP!! (Can't wait to see MARTHA!! Bigger Longer and Uncut to see if they fix some of the errors the Theatrical Release had)

Speaking of more SJW antics: Iron MAN is now a Teenage Black Girl... Iron MAN is a 15-year old black girl... Again, IRON MAN is now a GIRL... that happens to be black...

I think this is a load of BS... It's not Female Thor bad, but it still is bad...
-Ultimate Spider-Man was killed in order to have Miles Morales as Spidey.
-616 Nick fury was replaced by his bastard Black Son...
-Hulk is Asian now and not Banner.
-Cap was depowered and turned into an old Man so Falcon could take up the reigns as Cap... Then Cap became a Nazi and it was NOT a gimmick until it WAS a gimmick.
-Now Tony ends up being replaced by a 15-year old black girl who "Reverse Engineered" Iron Man tech... The legalities of that can be questionable... Especially since this is dealing with Iron Man Tech... Is this a set up for Armor Wars III?

Now let's talk Riri Williams... This cover kinda sexualizes a 15-year old black girl... Your move perennially offended...
Now the fact that this girl is black and built her armor out of STOLEN MATERIALS... kinda plays to the stereotype of Black people are thieves. Whatcha' gonna' do now SJWs? Your new female of color Ironman is a thief who will be sexualized in covers... Also, does anyone see the impracticality of that hair? Now, SJWfolk, it's not a racist question. Hair is hair, but when you have too much of it and have to cram it into a Metal Helmet with moving parts it could become a liability. Straight, curly, or wiry if you'r hair's too long and you need to fit it INSIDE the helmet, it won't be easy. I'm still trying to figure out how the invincible Mullet from the 90s fit inside the helmet.

New Sulu is now gay... Wanna know who is against this? I'll give you a hint:

Yup! The Original Sulu, George Takei, who happens to be gay and gay disagrees with making the Straight Sulu into a gay man.
His comments on the issue highlight my main issue with SJWfolks getting into fiction and tweaking established characters to fit an agenda.

"I’m delighted that there’s a gay character. Unfortunately, it’s a twisting of Gene’s creation, to which he put in so much thought. I think it’s really unfortunate."

"I told him, 'Be imaginative and create a character who has a history of being gay, rather than Sulu, who had been straight all this time, suddenly being revealed as being closeted.'"
"I said, 'This movie is going to be coming out on the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, the 50th anniversary of paying tribute to Gene Roddenberry, the man whose vision it was carried us through half a century. Honor him and create a new character. I urged them. He left me feeling that that was going to happen,"

This Hijacking of established characters and turning them into something else is wrong! Making the Doctor a woman, Sulu gay, or Stripping THOR of his identity... (Beta Ray Bill was NOT THOR. He had the POWER OF THOR, but wasn't Thor.) I mean look at Static. Instead of hijacking another hero, the team behind Static's creation made their own character. Electric Powers are somewhat common in comics. Virgil Hawkins is an average kid who was "cursed" with powers and now has a responsibility to do the right thing. Caught the Spidey influence? Did you catch the part where they replaced Peter Parker with a black kid? No, because they didn't... (not because Pete is Marvel and Static was created on DC, but that they took inspiration from the more mundane aspects of Spidey's life.) Marvel's approach to these new characters has been: REMOVE WHITEY FROM POWAH! Add minority or a woman! Miles was a FLUKE... Usually Replacing Peter Parker as Spider-Man doesn't go too well... Remember the time Peter Parker was replaced by... wait for it... PETER PARKER? Well, It alienated fans and right now, comics can't afford to lose fans, just because a loud group of NON-FANS are bitching about it.

Jul 6, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: Nu52 has arrived to Eternia!!

Now we have someone WORTHY of being a Force Captain of the Horde that looks Pantscrappingly good! I think I should have said EVIL!! Of course I am talking out of Despara...
I know, I know there haven't been any shipping notifications for Despara and Crita... I just stumbled upon this Despara before her time.
Who is Despara?
NU52 force Captain Adora! Do I need to explain who is Adora?

While the Despara I have may have "fallen off the ship". It apparently passed Mattel's QC, since she came in packaged. This is NOT a fruit of dumpster diving like the King He-Man I got. With that said, this Despara has a few issues:
can't move the peg!!
-Nu-ankle gap syndrome. WHY THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN!? This is the Teela Boot!
-THIS FIGURE, as in the one I got, has a neck peg problem where she's stuck looking down. Until I get my Official Matty one, I cannot comment if this is a normal issue, or a freak accident.
-BGTeela-esque thighs limit articulation, but her "Skirt" blocks the articulation even more.

Paint and Sculpt:
Here it's mostly a hit, but the miss is on her left hand by reusing the Octavia hands made her grip stupid loose... (paired up with packaging her holding her swords which were a bit too thick on the handle... I can blame the Horsemen for this one. It sucks but it's true! I got to say that I'm loving the Modern Miley Head on Adora... but She Hordak Head looks even better.The Paintwork is super cool, there's a few instances of paint bleed, but with all the "tigerstriping" that Despara has between her arms, legs and armor, a little bit is expected.

way wrong!
This is wrong!!
Two Swords with a slightly too thick grip, Alternate Miley Head... She-Hordak is the head that should be default, period. Her Cape... remember kids, Capes are accessories too! told us... and a Staff made for Male figures... Seriously, Darius, who has the wider grip NA He-Man hands holds that thing super tight! I have to blame the Horsemen for this since it's THE Sculpt that is too thick.

SOTS got Real... Filmation He-Man has no chance against Despara
get the blaster here!
Nu52 Evil Adora gets a 3.5 as her overall score... Now if the One I get from Matty is DIFFERENT ENOUGH from this one, I may change the score accordingly. I'm kinda FRUSTRATED that some basic things like making the staff with the appropriate girth, reusing the appropriate hands, wondering WHY THE WRONG ANKLES were implemented, when we had PROPER ANKLES since 2009 (seeing that she's reusing the Teela Boot) She could've been a contender!