Jul 1, 2016

Fight for Everlasting Peace?

Nope! Not you, Mega Man!! Crapcom has shelved you and forced Keiji Inafune to rip himself off!!

Rock, or X is now Beck...
Doctor Light is now Professor White... who kinda looks like a clean shaven Bob Ross.

Now you can't unsee it!

Heck even the intro stage reminds me of Mega Man... X!

The music also sounds Mega Man-ish... So you get what I'm trying to say, right?
This game is borderline copyright infringement... Almost as if Hideo Kojima made a Tactical Espionage game with a guy named Hard Lizard who fights a Tripedal Nuke Tank called Iron Equipment...

It feels kinda like those Remco knock-off lines that were "Compatible with" Masters of the Universe version of Mega Man.
The question is: Is Mighty No.9 a good game or is it a Mighty No.2? Yes, I've been dying to use this joke ever since I found out about the game.

First we must look at the controversies surrounding the game.
There's the asking for more money after the kickstarter was completed and not delivering the game on time, lots of delays, according to fans. Then we have the whole Red Ash thing... where Inafune was looking for funds for a Mega Man Legends styled game and companion anime when the Original Mighty No. 9 hadn't been released. Then there's this... followed by this trailer...

It'll make your enemies cry like an anime fan on prom night... Let's not forget that MN.9's companion project had an anime attached to it...

Now let's get to the so-called Spiritual successor to Mega Man! Kinda off topic, but my Childhood Rival was a Mega Megaman fan... I wonder if he knows about this game...

This game is made with the Unreal Engine... Yet it looks like a late PS2 early PS3 game... Also, I may risk sounding like a hipster here, but a MegaMan "type" of game FROM JAPAN would have looked far better if it had been a sprite based game. PS2 Graphics on a PS4 game is not a good thing.

What part of Megaman Rehash don't you get? It's pretty much a MegaMan story but with the names changed to make it "original" This is basically the videogame equivalent of 50 Shades of Grey. It's kinda like a mix of Megaman's story with some MMX tossed in the mix.

Music and Sounds:
The music sounds very Mega Man-ish... mentioned it on the intro to this rant. The VAs are known to people... I can't... BELIEVE IT! we have Yuri Lowenthal as Megaman... Beck and my favorite fictional possible pedophile... Vincent Valentine and a version of Wolverine... both characters could be pedos... Steve Blum! We also have Leon S. Kennedy's VA in here... So, mandatory RE4 reference.

It's mostly a MegaMan game so the controls are very MegaMan-ish. Few tweaks on them for the weapon select to avoid the very obvious Megaman comparisons. They are mostly responsive, though Beck feels a bit sluggish to move... when not dashing. The dash is similar to the MMX dash. Some unfair deaths will come from this... and it may not necessarily mean that YOU SUCK ASS at Mega Man.

The game is a bit hard, but MegaMan games tend to be a bit hard, problem is imnsho, is the ridiculously long levels. The length of one MNo.9 level feels like 1.5 to 2.10 Mega Man level(s) and with some frustrating sections that require super precise movement in areas where the Collision Boxes DO NOT MATCH the "background hazards" visually cause some frustrating deaths. In other cases, the "Dash to suck on your enemies' power" dynamic. You need to have PERFECT TIMING for this. Otherwise, you'll far often than not fall to your death. Also, your beck shot is puny as hell and no charge shot to help things, especially for bosses.

Mighty Number 9 gets a 6.7, which is a bit disappointing. I guess I could blame that they bit more than they could chew when trying to make ports for nearly every freaking console available. Inafune took responsibility for the shortcomings. That is honorable. The issue lies in this: The game feels more like a fan-made game rather than a game from the team that Worked on Mega Man for many years. It's not a BAAD Game, it's just that

A so-so Megaman Clone is better than NO Megaman game at all...

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