Jul 30, 2016

Tyler Hoechlin in Superman outfit...

You have seen the pic, in any case here it is:
You know what's coming...
And no, it ain't winter.

Sadly, he isn't wearing the red Trunks. Now here's the thing: We have SUPERMAN in the CW DC Universe... We are missing someone... I'll give you a hint: Well Screw Hints, you know WHICH DC CHARACTER I AM TALKING ABOUT... He's so powerful that a rant of Superman's Super Butt has turned into a rant about why we need this character on the CW DC Universe... I'll give you a hint: The Superbutt looks like this Character's Chin... or at least the Snyderverse version of him.

We freaking NEED BATMAN in the CWverse.

Back to Superman: WHY do they keep removing the Trunks on him? The Trunks are there for a reason: To break off all that blue... Not to mention the old timey Strongman look to them, which in today's world could be tied in to rasslin' seeing that Mr. Smallville is from Kansas (illegal alien from Krypton, but raised there), rasslin' is huge in the midwest and modifying a Kryptonian Outfit with elements of Heroes from the Midwest (Wrestlers) would make sense for Clark as he becomes the Ultimate Wrestler for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. I know this is a retread of past rants, but being angry at the lack of trunks makes me repeat myself... In any case, heterosexual ladies and homosexual men, enjoy some objectification of a male character and his Big Round Affleck Chin-esque rear end. Now if I could get some sexy pics of Princess Book Horse in a Harley Quinn outfit for the sake of equal opportunity objectification, of course... that would be Super!
But yeah, Superman has a big butt! (and I cannot Lie!)

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