Jul 20, 2016

Revisiting PokemonGo!

Servers are finally back up in PR and Pokémon Go is, well GO! If you recall, I had a less than stellar experience with PmGo! back when the servers were ultra spotty. Well, they were yesterday.

Well, now that they are working properly, I got to say, it's a rather nice game... Though it makes you waste pokéballs when servers are a bit spotty. (in addition to sucking at tossing pokéballs) Luckily, Pokéstops allow you to restock those precious balls. and if you walk around for five minutes, you can return and restock. Pretty handy if you have 3-5 pokéstops near you. just walk around, do a little bit of exercise, and hope your phone has a decent battery and data plan. While the Data consumption isn't catastrophically huge, the battery drain is. That game really takes a lot of juice (Game + Data + GPS... makes sense. We need better batteries) It was funny seeing people in groups walking and looking for Pokémon. I was walking from a convenience store, near a Pokéstop and decided to check the game as I walked home. A kid and his mom were going doen the same street as I am (in a car.) I stopped for a Krabby. The kid yells at me from the car: "You playing Pokémon too?" I nodded and he yelled! "Have a great day, Mister!!" It was nice. Saw a dude in a skateboard going up and down a street to see if he could speed up the hatching time for a pokémon egg.

I went to the Mall to get my copy of... yes, I went and got MARTHA: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.
I may or may not attempt a play by play rant... It would take me a few weeks, because the movie is long as heck and I have to jot down my thoughts, look for references and possible jokes and it's nearly 4 hours... got an Eevee at the Mall, lost a ton of Pokéballs on a Pidgeot that kept escaping.

I don't think I will not go out at night hunting for Pokémon too much. I'm in an OK neighborhood, but just to be safe, I'll stick to broad daylight. It can get a bit TOO distracting and better safe than sorry.

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