Jul 28, 2016

It's a good time to be a DC fan now.

While, usually, I lean more towards Marvel, I must admit that DC is churning a couple of films that look good in the trailers. Let's hope the final product ends up as good as the Trailers...
With Suicide Squad coming in roughly a week, DC dropped Wonder Woman and Justice League Trailers at Comic Con... (My lack of posting this week has nothing to do with me being bummed because of Matty)

SO, Justice League:

I had lost my faith in Aquamomoa for some time. The Trailer proves me right. Aquaman = Khal  Drogo who talks to fish. Thank goodness that Flash will add some levity to the Super Dark and Brooding Snyderverse... Still, not to sold on Gal Gadot as WW...

Now Wonder Woman:

I'm not fully sold on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, but the trailer has convinced me 10% more... So, adding 10% to that 30% that I got from SAVE MARTHA it's 40% convinced, but I may be using faulty mathematics... 10% of 30% would be like 3% so it would be like 33% convinced if I use some fancy Mathematics. I would have to see the movie to TRULY see if she can hold a movie on her own.
I AM GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE, BECAUSE I WANT TO SEE IT. The trailer made it interesting to watch, and as I've stated before, I need to see if Gal Gadot can hold a movie on her own. If WW is good, I will be able to eat crow... and I WANT TO EAT CROW because it's Wonder Woman...

We also have the animated feature: The Killing Joke that has gotten mixed Reviews... That one will have to wait until it's on DVD and Blu Ray for me to check out... All I know is: Batman is Kevin Conroy, Joker is Luke Skywalker, it's inspired by The Killing Joke, and Batgirl has a nice badonkadonk. Also, DC made an animated movie about The Killing Joke!!

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