Jul 6, 2016

Neitlich Rides again... Just, stop!

Once again, FORMER Mattel Employee, Scott Neitlich posted on he-man.org forums...
I will deconstruct the post and comment my thoughts on it... Current Mattel employees may faint since I may use PG-13 language and it will not be Unicorns and Rainbows... those are reserved for a Hasbro toyline for Little Girls with a weird adult male fanbase.

Thanks Heath Ledger's ghost!
Okay, so I was reading this thread. A lot of cool ideas and a lot of passion. I wanted to post a few thought starters and ideas to at least keep things positive and in a feasible direction (based on my years of experience etc...) I love MOTU and I love you guys. I hate to see any us get tripped up on conclusions and fact jumping. So with that, knowing full well I am NOT in contact with Mattel and have not worked their in over 2 years, here are a few "Reality checks": 
My butthole feels all tingly from all that asskissing, but this also kinda reads like:
"I'm gonna defend my poor choices with the line the best I can just to show that I am the MOTU savior!"

1: It takes thousands of many thousands of people asking for a figure. The same 30 guys asking for Granita (go on this thread and count the number of individual posters) is a perfect example of the internet being louder then it is numerous. Yes, there are a lot of characters left to do, the question is whether or not their is a big enough consumer base to keep producing them. It has nothing to do with the number of Cantina Aliens that have yet to be made. It is the number of customers that count.  
Yet, they are 27 more than the number of people who wanted Nepthu, 30 more than those who wanted Cy-Chop, Spector (both versions), or Sir-Loser-Lot... I know, Scott, I know that I have pulled off over 100 Spector variant ideas and I've said it publicly. But those came years after you crammed yourself and your alterego to the line. Also, something something: sub numbers are the only ones that count and Day of sale items are a cherry on the top? well paraphrasing a quote of yours...

2: The whole idea that the line is on fire because it "sold over 75% of the goal" is a complete facade. It is common knowledge that the line barely sold 100% of the goal the last few years (the horsemen have backed me up on this as fact). So the idea that suddenly the next year the sales jump to 175% of previous years is ludicrous. Balance of probability my friends. 
Or, maybe, the smaller sized sub allowed more people to buy into it WITHOUT worrying about too many extra things tacked on the sub. the Giants, the 3 Packs, those kind of expensive items kinda kept people from subbing. Then again, somebody could be jealous of the New Team doing something good without the line being the show... but what do I know? I'm the destroyer of MOTUC!

Yes they may have sold 175% of "the goal", but the question is, WHAT was that goal and how does it relate to the sales goal from previous years? Was the goal lowered to 25% of the previous year, so that selling 75% over the goal is a way of really saying "we sold the same amount as last year"? That doesn't have the same misleading ring to it as "we sold 75% over the goal!". Again. Think about it logically, not emotionally. 
Well, that information has never been available to us. has it? Since we never had that info, we cannot make any conjectures about it without Jumping to conclusions or getting tripped up on facts, that we do not have. Speaking of Misleading, which is your territory, dear Scotty, weren't you the one who said: "PoP sub didn't make it, but I fought hard to get it made"  then changed it to "Pop sub sold really well?"

On the other hand, I must admit that these are good questions, but being logical about it, I do not fully trust a messenger who is known for using scare tactics, misdirection, contradicts himself, has a penchant for throwing people under the bus. and has an used car salesman vibe to him at times. Now if the Goals are a facade, then does that mean your pants are on fire?

3: It would be awesome if someone like the Sanders Bros. became Brand Managers for MOTUC, but they are both toy and package designers. Not marketing guys. YES, mattel does occasionally move people between groups (I was a writer in Hot Wheels moved to action play), but this type of move is extremely rare. Also, both of the Sanders have been with Mattel for years as designers and prob are making a good salary. The likely hood of moving a high payed designer to a entry level marketing position is a little slimmer (I moved from entry level to entry level when I moved to marketing with no salary change to start Matty etc...).
I will not comment on this point seeing that I don't have all the information and cannot make any conjectures about it without Jumping to conclusions or getting tripped up on facts... but I do detect a hint of sour grapes here... Mentioning the Sander Bros. getting better pay and how poor ol' Scott didn't get a pay upgrade when he moved to start Matty Reeks of Catra Jealousy.

4: So I guess in conclusion, it is awesome to keep asking for and wanting more figures. But try to go into all of this with a reasonable set of expectations. Posting things like "if Mattel ends the line it shows they don't care about all the MOTU and T-Cats customers". 
Could this be a small jab at widdle ol' me? I did say that if Mattel ended Thundercats earlier, they'd be a bag of dicks.  I know, he'll use the whole Fans vs Business defense... But let's face it: Not getting a full Basic Thundercats Roster (Main T-Cats, Mumm-Ra The Ever Living and Main Mutants out) will make customers MISTRUST MATTEL as a company reliable enough for collectors. Thundercats Customers were burned before by Bandai. Now if the World's Biggest Toymaker cannot even make the CORE Characters, then why should customers bother? But let's move on:

Well yeah. Umm. See the big secret is, we (the fans) keep looking at Matty the way we view it. As the source of our favorite hobby and something we love. You need to look at it from the way Mattel sees it. A line that makes no money, costs resources and generates a constant flood of negative feedback and complaints to the BBB.
If you were Mattel, would you keep the line going? 
See? Fans vs. Business Defense: Basically what Scott is saying is Mattel can screw you over every single way available and we just have to smile and beg them to screw us over again and again in order to get some toys. Mattel doesn't want to put in the effort to deliver the best they can. They simply try to quarter ass things and then they wonder: "Why people are angry at us?"
The thing is that the FANS have KEPT BUYING THE PRODUCT DESPITE MATTEL'S BLUNDERS!! (and that includes your blunders, my dear ...)  Were the BBB complaints a bit too much? to an extent, BUT it was the only way Mattel would understand that they made a big mistake. Do you think we LIKE to be complaining about the line ALL THE TIME? The correct answer is no, but some blunders HAVE to be poked fun at. Others need to be pointed out fully and Hopefully, Mattel will try to fix things in order to improve the business/customer relationship. If Mattel didn't quarter ass things, then we wouldn't have that many complaints. Mattel's Least Effort Approach is something that Mattel Culture needs to eradicate.

If they want to keep the MOTU Brand Relevant, YEAH THEY SHOULD. How do you think the Rhode Island competitors keep their brands relevant enough to get 5 Transformers movies? I mean, Mattel quarter assed Max Steel and where is the already filmed movie now?

5: Finally; yes, there are still NA and POP figs to do. But this is why I had always said during my tenure that completing NA was never the goal. The NA figs just don't sell. Just look at Ebay. For every Fisto going for 200.00, you have half a dozen NA figs that barely sell for $10.00 each. If people were complaining that the line is not complete due to an absence of Ram Man or Sorceress that would be legit. But looking t the D list figures on the want list, we really are lucky to be getting anything else at this point. 

Why is this pic here?
We KNOW NA was screwed over from the start. Also, the completion of NA, was a topic that SOMEONE flip-flopped constantly on it, but I'm not going to say any names here, my dear Superkamitoyguru... you can rest easy.

Yeah, let's mention a MOTUC character who had a shipping issue where people received a Sorceress in a Fisto Mailer instead of a Fisto... Or Ram Man, one of the KEY characters from wave 2 of the Original line... But sure, NA sucks donkey balls and all that!

I looked at a few of Scott's "Darlings" and would you look at that, the resellers are barely breaking even on these...
Also, WHY DOES eBay matter to Mattycollector? Is Matty selling stuff on ebay? There's a huge deal going on on eBay with the Power Con exclusives, if you need any... Green Granamyrs... Don't tell them I sent ya, or else you'll get a price mark-up... I am the Destroyer of MOTUC after all...

But The complete Toy Roster (except variantS) for NA is NEEDED
ON AN ANTHOLOGY LINE, which is what MOTUC is. Some of what Scott calls D-Listers are C-Listers at best... Remember that this is the guy who said Nepthu WAS very Requested... The Totally Un-Requested Dude was a B to C-Lister in Scotty's PoV.

Food for thought from the desk of experience. 
To be honest, it kinda sounds like this came from a guy who SEEMS that is a bit jealous about MOTUC surviving without him. Note: I've called out the Blunders on the New Team as well, for the sake of fairness. Still, I put up with the crap Mattel (whether the Neitlich Era, or the Post Neitlich era) AND the not so competent DR team, as many other MOTUC Collectors do.

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