Jul 31, 2016

Fans do what Michael Bay won't

Generation 1 Hero is a fan movie based on Transformers...

This FAN movie captures the essence of Transformers MUCH BETTER than Michael Bay's movies.
It's not perfect (Logistics, mostly) but it shows that something closer to what fans know as Transformers CAN BE MADE IN LIVE ACTION. Once the Bayformers get rebooted (10 years, probably) I hope we can get a transformers movie more like the cartoons where the Focus lies on Autobots waging their battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons instead of Spike Witwicky wants to get laid... or Romeo and Juliet laws discussions with Marky Mark.

That would also mean more realistic takes on the G1 Designs. The reason for why I want this is simple: To make each Autobot and Decepticon easier to Identify. I'm not saying Make them look exactly like the cartoon, but it would be optimal if the robot looked somewhat like the cartoon to make it easier to Identify. With the toy colors appearing in Robot form and vehicle mode.

I know what's coming now: "But real Jets aren't colored like Toon Starscream!"
My response to that is "something something chameleon technology that can't be used ALL The time because it consumes too much energon to sustain."

The point is that this fan film feels more transformers than the actual movies approved by Hasbro. Sure it's a bit corny and the action scenes are a bit dull (Practical effect Robots and all that) but imagine more Transformer looking Robots with a Hollywood budget and the ability to combine practical with high budget CG and we could get an amazing movie that LOOKS AND FEELS LIKE Transformers.

This fan project gives me hope... Once Hasbro moves on from the Bayverse, we can get a decent movie that feels like a respectful adaptation to Transformers... (Kinda how Devastation was a love letter to the cartoon)

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