Jul 30, 2016

Am I supposed to be sad?

I did not upgrade to Windows 10. This Morning (30th of July) I had this HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE NOTIFICATION:
 The Free Upgrade Offer for Windows 10 has ended! OH NOES!!

Now the little annoying Windows 10 upgrade logo has left my computer's taskbar... FOREVER!!

Why did I decide to skip on the upgrade?

The very same Reason most of the people who rejected it: Microsoft's "Mafioso Tactics"

Microsoft: We recommend you update your OS to Windows 10...
Me: I'm happy with my OS, I'll gracefully decline...
Microsoft: It's free...
Me: I don't want Windows 10. Many of the programs I use are incompatible or not supported by Windows 10.
Microsoft: We said YOU ARE GETTING WINDOWS 10!!!
Me: No.
Microsoft: Yes , you are.
Me: No, stop asking me to get it!
Microsoft: We're already installing it for you...
Me: Wish I knew how to Linux...

Yeah, I have Programs that would not work with Windows 10 (it's on 7 and they barely work because they are archaic.) BUT, what really turned me off from getting 10 was Microsoft's "bullying" into me getting it. I was debating whether I should update or not, but Microsoft's INSISTENCE in pushing the program on me ended up making me NOT TO.
Also, I'm not a fan of Halo... Why would I want my computer to remind me so much of a game series I don't like because their "siri" is based on a character from said game series?

In any case, I seem to have dodged the 10 Bullet... for now.

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