Dec 31, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Advent calendar bonus round: JEAN!! SCOTT!! BLANKA!?

didn't review the Hulk vs Wolverine 2 pack, so to ammend that mistake, I'll review the contents of a BBTS Pile of Loot order that miraculously arrived before Christmas... but after the Advent calendar was finished.
 this was a small pile of loot thanks again to super7 being super tardy.

You may have figured out from the title I'm going to be reviewing the Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Wolverine 3 pack and Sh figuarts Blanka.

 Scott Summers is a dick. I've already mentioned that his code name cyclops in French is slang for dick. Well this dick shoots energy beams from his eyes.  now he has a bomber jacket.

Jean Grey she can do telepathy telekinesis and sometimes she's a host to a Firebird of Destruction...

Who really needs a birthday clean pair Canadian with anger issues and stabby things that come out of his hands.

Blanka is just a boy name to Jimmy woo crash landed in Brazil and somehow I grew up Green and can generate electricity that shoots out of his body.  originating in Street Fighter 2.

If I go by alphabetical I would have to start with Blanka.

Blanka is built on a slightly larger figuarts body. Unfortunately his larger Mass limits some arm and leg articulation.  don't get me wrong he is highly articulated and can make many of his in-game poses.  it's just that is bulky size Dawson lead his arms to be accommodated properly for certain poses.

Paint and sculpt 
They are very little faint apps on him but they are efficient. He's mostly molded in appropriate color Plastics. While this blank is based on his Street Fighter V appearance he has to look pretty much the same in every game he's been in.
The only tiny nitpick I have is that his head is hold onto his neck by a flimsy looking peg and his head it is a rather heavy piece with his long hair. Other than that he's freaking awesome!!

2 extra hands
1 extra faceplate
1 electrocuted Ryu 2D piece
1 electrocuted Chun Li 2D piece
Stand for the 2D piecezls
Possible breakage point...

Blanka gets a 4.67 as his final score. I got to say the lack of hands and faceplates it hurt him a little bit. Hell he doesn't even have electricity effects. This would be like Ryu not having a Hadouken or Chun-Li not having her lightning leg. So, I ordered the "Soul explosion" effect (possibly a Knock-off due to the NECA Plastic smell on a "bandai" item.) to simulate his Alpha Electricity effect... Might buy some Electric effects at a later date.
Blanka: Awooo!
Ken: My car!!

Previously on X-Men:

Let's keep going!
Cyclops: Jean!
Jean: Scott!
Wolverine: Shut up, Bub!

Wolverine is literally a repaint of  nearly every Wolverine figure that has graced this blog.
Cyclops is literally the Warlock wave Cyclops with the Old Man Logan jacket.
Jean is the sa.e as the other Jean with new heads and biceps...
In other words there is nothing new in the articulation on these guys... except Jean having a bit more range  in their articulation using the ponytail head maybe...
Jean: 4.0
Wolverine: 4.5
Mirror Match brought to

Paint and sculpt:
I mentioned on the articulation review section these figures are basically repaints of previously released figures. Jean is a Mild improvement over the previous one. Kind of makes me mad that I wasted $80 (shipped) on a Rocket Raccoon wave Jean via eBay. On cyclops and Wolverine I'm a bit more torn. I hate that the colors don't match between Cyclops figures. Personally I prefer the color scheme of the Warlock wave Cyclops over the color scheme in this one. On Wolverine I wish he was this yellow bird with the blues of the previous release Wolverine. Well being brutally honest I wish I wish that this Wolverines color scheme would match the first appearance Wolverine color scheme... that would be the closest I could get to a Capcom Wolverine.

 putting my preferences aside Cyclops looks amazing will bring looks good but the weakest of the three is Jean Grey
It was at this moment Wolverine realized
that Charles Xavier hated his guts...


Jean has an alternate head
Scott has 2 heads and 1 hand
Logan has 2 heads, 2 hands with adamantium claws and a hanging mask
I kind of wish Jane could have gotten a second pair of hands maybe a mind effect Cyclops I wish you would have gotten an optic blast and maybe an extra pair of hands Wolverines okay I would have preferred the X-Force Wolverine claws but they are not accurate to the tiger stripe look.

Since this is a multi-pack I need to tell you the scores of each figure and then give you the final score of the package in general. Normally I would pop in the scores first and then the explanation but I need to make some things clear here.

While Jean Grey is the lowest scoring figure she's the most important piece of the 3-pack. Even if you have the previous release of Jean Grey this Jean figure is an improvement over that one. I honestly wish she had come with a little bit more extras to make her pop a bit better but it is what it is.
She gets a 3.67 as her final score.

Cyclops is a decent figure and many of my gripes with him are just minimal nitpicking on things like color palette.
He gets a 4.5 as his final score.

 The same thing applies with Wolverine but I kind of wish we had gotten a different unmasked head. Hell, the screaming head from the Cowboy Logan figure would've been an improvement over the Weird "Byrne head".
He gets a 4.67 as his final score.

The pack gets a 4.28 as its final score.  if we were to get a pact with an improved Rogue and Gambit I'd be up for it. Wild Rogue is a great figure I would like to have a version of her closer to her 90s cartoon look and Gambit really needs a new head cuz the one we have is a bit messed up.

And I guess this is it for 2019 and I'll catch you on 20/20.

Dec 27, 2019

Saw The Rise of Skywalker the other day SPOILERS

I wasn't impressed. Don't get me wrong it wasn't a complete train wreck... but it wasn't great either. It was better than the force awakens but worse than the Last Jedi.
 spoilers after the hyper speed jump

Dec 26, 2019

Top Marvel Legends triple dipper ideas for Walgreens exclusives

Since Walgreens is interested in triple dipping on their Marvel Legends exclusives, here's a list of possible ideas:
Using the parameters from the 2 Triple Dippers, Moonstar and the Cuckoos where the heads and 1-2 accessories are new:

Basically the same Doom as the upcoming F4 Doom, but the differences lie in the heads:
Doom with battle damaged face with the masks broken partially revealing the Doombot. (Terminator style)
Full doombot head with the hood pulled back
Doom head with glowing doomnot eyes.

Peter Parker:
Literally a Stan Lee repaint with Spidey hands  (Thwip, wall crawling) extra gripping hands for the Camera.
Heads would be Peter, Ben, and a newly sculpted head for Kaine.

The Sisters:
The X-23 clone "sisters" Zelda, Bellona, and Gabby, who could use the Teen girl buck. (I know slight height issues should pop up, but the MOONSTAR triple dip ignores height differences for the characters.) They just need to be a smidge shorter than Laura. The new parts would be the hands, mainly for Gabby, since Bellona can reuse Laura's.

Kraven the Hunter:
The Last Hunt and the Rhino wave Kravens are decent representations of Kraven... well Sergei.
There's a Wundagore Clone known as the Last Son, there's Alyosha, and obviously, Sergei.
The heads would be the main new pieces.

Green Goblin:
The two heads would be Osborns... add an extra hand and an mask that can be held in said hand. Instead of the more "modern" version that the Sandman Goblin is, he should be in a Classic 70s look.
(This could also apply to Hobgoblin and use the heads of Kingsley and Ned Leeds)

Like the Rhino wave figure, this one is meant to triple dip... The Rose and John Jameson could round up the set.

Black Queen:
One body, 3 heads: Jean, Selene, and Reeva Payge.
Third head is to entice fans into requesting a Shinobi Shaw Hellfire Club inner circle.

Black Widow:
This figure would be Yelena Belova (or her clone if we want to be more precise.) And the extra heads would be the Natalia clone, and Monica Chang.
I KNOW that it's not "accurate for Yelena" but triple dippers have to make small sacrifices at times.

Bruce Banner:
This one would require a new torso with removable right arm for the multi-dipper gimmick
The heads would be:
Banner, Curt Connors, half lizard Connors.
The arms would be, normal arm for Banner, Rolled up sleeve Stump for Connors, Semi reptilian right hand to use for the half Lizard Connors

Shenmue 3: The review

Since I've beaten the game, I can review it noe.
But before I start this review, I MUST STATE the following:
-I am a backer of the game ($100 tier) and my name is in the end credits. This obviously means I'm a Shenmue fan. (You could've guessed this via my 2018 PRCC rant, where I cosplayed as fat Ryo...
Despite me being a huge fan of the series, I'll try to be as unbiased as possible in the review.
-Shenmue 3 is not a Triple A game, but a crowdfunded project... meaning the budget was barely 10% of a Triple A game.

The game practically continues where shenmue 2 left off and now let's dive into the ratings part. Since this is a video game I'll be using the tempo scale instead of the 5-point scale I use on toys.

The game picks up straight after the end of Shenmue 2.
Shenhua's dad is MIA  and we're trying to locate him. A group of thugs had targeted stonemasons and that's the only clue Ryo and Shenhua have.

 Basically the plot of the game is Ryo trying to locate Shenhua's father. Some tidbits about the mirrors, Ryo and Lan Di's fathers are discovered along the way. Ryo's search begins in Guilin and ends up in Niaowu...

My only gripe about the story is that this episode feels like Filler.

Many people have complained about the graphics particularly in the character models. They say they look unrealistic cartoony or like a caricature. And in that part they're absolutely right! The thing that they're not taking into consideration is that many characters since the first game had a little cartoon caricature-esque unrealistic look to them. That is shenmue art style. In that area Suzuki Suzuki's team nailed it! with that said they are not perfect! Small budget and stiff animations do hurt the game a little.

I'm not sure if it was on purpose or not but somehow they replicated Dreamcast issue that characters popped up out of nowhere.

My main minor nitpicks would be on Ryo:
 the jacket looks off. It looks like a brand new polyblend imitation jacket.
His jeans look off.
His running animation is waaay off. He no longer has the hypnotic rhythm like in his Dreamcast self.
Again, these are my main nitpicks.

Music and sounds:
Hoo boy! Here's where everything goes to crap. We lost a lot in the music and sound effects:
QTEs no longer feel or sound the same.
Smeagol lost his leit motif.
But in all fairness, the music still feels Shenmue-like.
Then we have the voices... Cam Clarke is Master Sun... wait, Cam Clarke is in Shenmue 3 and I'm a Shenmue 3 Backer whose contribution earned me a spot in the end credits... MASSIVE EGO BOOST!!!

Speaking of voice actors: They changed pretty much everyone... Returning characters sound way different than the originals.
Guizhang no longer sounds like Piccolo.
Tom no longer sounds like Tommy Wiseau attempting a Jamaican accent.
Fukusan no longer sounds like he's on the verge of tears or sropping a deuce.
 Nozomi now sounds like, uh, totally a valley girl!
But despite the voices being different the new Jamaican Tom sounds pretty cool... but still I miss Wiseau Tom.

The only saving grace on the voices is Corey Marshall who still sounds like Ryo.

But your mileage may vary because some people won't like the 70s kung fu movie English dub.

Somehow the theme managed to capture the awkwardness of the Dreamcast shenmue controls. I know that by today's standards the shenmue controls are awkward but we capturing the essence of an eighteen-year-old prequel is a bit hard. Once you get accustomed to them they are pretty intuitive... the only problematic areas are:
QTEs and fighting.
For some reason, in fighting, the game doesn't detect certain inputs for example: you input: x,x,o,o
Sometimes the game misreads your inputs as:

Which happens with QTEs...  and it's frustrating.
Other than that, the controls rock.

Shenmue is a bit strange game to describe. It's a bit of a mix in genres: it has heavy RPG elements, some beat-em-up elements combined with an actual fighting game. Also it's a point and click game at times. And a cargo delivery game at times... suck it, Kojima! Sadly, this entry in the series forces the player to do some heavy grinding that can be repetitive. Don't remind me

Fun Factor:
Here is where the mileage may vary. Shenmue 3 is not made for casuals. It is made for the hardcore Shenmue fanbase who have been molded by Forklift Racing, locating Sailors, playing Lucky Hit,  catching leaves, cleaning temples and LEFT, LEFT, LEFT!!
Obtaining money is a necessity to progress, and that means grinding for money:
Chopping wood, fishing, herb gathering, gambling and pawning off items, or working at the Docks again and again.
Then there's the whole practicing your Kung Fu... This is MANDATORY, or else you won't be able to progress at all.

All these chores are fun in small doses, but the gsme kinda makes you overdo them until you begin to hate them.

Shenmue 3 gets an 8.25 as its final score. Despite its low budget issues and being a niche game. And that's the most unbiased rating and I can give to the game.
Because like that scam artist said something about enjoying media but being critical about it you know who I'm talking about.  I just won't say her name

Dec 25, 2019

I am Jesus Christ: The Jesus Christ videogame rant...

I don't know where to start with this:

It's a videogame where you play Jesus Christ.
It's literally a Jesus Christ simulator.  I can't even I just can't even!

I don't know if this is the most Blasphemous thing ever, OR if this is the smartest Christianity marketing tool ever...
The game is according to Steam:

"I am Jesus Christ" is a realistic simulator game inspired by stories from the New Testament of the Bible. Get into old times and follow the same path
of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. Game is covering the period from Baptizing of Jesus Christ and to Resurrection. Have you ever wondered to be like Him - one of the most privileged and powerful people in the world?

Check if you can perform all famous miracles from the Bible like Jesus Christ. It is a simulation game and you can try to save the world as He did. Are you ready to fight with Satan in the desert, exorcising demons and curing sick people? Or calm the storm in the sea?"
Sadly, it's for PC only, so I won't be able to play it.

Super7 Thundercats wave 2 teased

These past few days have had a couple of teases regarding Thundercats.
Wave 2 will be Pumyra, Tygra, Grune and Mumm-Ra the Everloving...

Supposedly Mumm-Ra is coming with Ma-Mutt and  tygra is coming with Wilykat. If this roster is true I'm going to be skipping Pumyra  and Grune. At 45 for figure I'm going to be a bit more picky with these. And I'm willing to bet that Tygra and Mumm-Ra will be more expensive do today pack in mini figures. And then there is a February turtles wave which I have to be on the lookout because I'm more likely to get that entire wave.
About being brutally honest it's more me being a bit too worried about super7 and their quality control. And I just want to get the core core core-core because I don't know for how long they're going to have the license.

 same thing will apply to the turtles where I'm going for the four Turtles, Splinter, Casey, April, Shredder, Krang, Rocksteady, Bebop... maybe Leatherhead, Rat King, Tokka Rahzar... since I already ordered fly Baxter.

 I'm skipping the Conan movie figures because Kona looks bad and if I can't get Conan there is no point on me getting Tulsa Doom. Maybe I'll end up getting Doom via a third-party but I just couldn't do it right now.

Speaking of Thundercats Thundercats Roar will Aaron Air in 2020. I thought they cancelled that shit!!

New He-Man cartoon... not the Silent Bob MOTU series... ANOTHER SERIES!!

Right out of the bat you can see why I'm a bit worried about the new series and it's 3D CGI...  so the worrying has been doubled!!!

While computer-generated animation has improved from the Reboot era, He-Man is better suited for traditional animation. The only reason I can see them doing this in 3D computer-generated animation is because Mattel can use the character models from the cartoon for making the toys. So basically it's just Mattel quarter assing stuff again.
There is very little info about this new project just that it's not the Kevin Smith Revelation series... that pic I posted which worries me even more. His sword looks a lot like Shit-Reee's... which means that this show could be connected to that bastardization.

 I will give it a chance but if it's half the stinker I'm predicting it'll be I'm going to have a lot to rant about...

Dec 24, 2019

Advent calendar ICFTTC 24: It's Neeson Season!!

don't know who you are but release the Kraken!!
I see you can see it's Qui-Gon Jinn from Star Wars The Phantom Menace. The only reason he's coming out of the toy chest is simply because he's from episode 1 and episode 9 came out a few days ago.  sadly I didn't have a Jesus Kenobi so Zeus is the best we've got.

Qui-Gon Jinn is the reason why we have the entirety of the Star Wars saga. If he hadn't stumbled into Anakin Skywalker in tattooing none of The Saga of whatever actually happened. Stupid Jedi that talks to a Venus razor...
Qui Gonn: You will let me pass.
Logan: Do I look like Gandalf to you?
Qui Gonn: Is this even working?
Logan: Listen, bub! I've met Jedi before and I know about their little mind tricks... Don't even try to use your glowstick, because my bones are tougher than Beskar.

As a Star Wars Black Series figure he's very articulated; slightly less so than Marvel Legends or the lightning collection figures. His articulation is functional but some Jedi poses cannot be made due to the sculpt.

Paint and sculpt 
Thankfully his likeness is pretty good. It's not perfect but  you can clearly see it's Liam Neeson...  I mean Qui-Gon Jinn. Sorry I've got the  Neeson season song in my head... especially the part where they're dissing Phantom Menace.
I'm surprised to not see any cloth Parts in this figure. I mean actual cloth for the robes Etc but everything is sculpted which is cooler in my book.

Extra hand

I gotta be honest here I kind of wish he had an extra hand with the Venus razor sculpted in it. Honestly there isn't that you could add to make him pop.

Qui-Gon gets out 4.17 as his final score. Honestly there's not that much I can say about the figure. So far he's the only prequel character I own. Unfortunately I missed out on mannequin Skywalker and the Jesus Kenobi. But there isa character that I definitely will get if hesa made.

Is Qui-Gonn going for a
Jesus Challenge?
With this I end up 2019's Advent Calendar... and I still got a few toys left... Oh well, sone of them might become 2020 AC ICFTTC reviews... others will get the standard review...
I wanted to do some MOTUC reviews, but Super7 was late... again!

Dec 23, 2019

Advent calendar ICFTTC 23: Dragon, Dragon, Enter the Dragon: SH Figuarts Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is a man who needs no introduction. Known for his prowess in wing chun and the creator of Jeet Kune Do.
I reviewed a previous figure of Bruce Lee before.
This one is the Iconic Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee, inspiration to other characters like Liu Kang and Fei Long.

Most of the pictures I took of the figure are all him doing Bruce Lee poses or Fei Long poses. For an older sh figuarts figure he is very articulated and I dare say that he's more articulated that the street fighter figures.

Paint and sculpt
This figure manages to capture the essence of Bruce Lee. His face was recreated digitally based on scans taken from the movie Enter the Dragon. They are in a bit of an uncanny valley territory but they have a better likeness signed figma Bruce Lee figure.

Bruce has:
 3 extra face plates
9 extra hands
2 escrima sticks
1 nunchaku
1 bo staff

Mr. Lee gets a 5.0 as his final score. Again same issues that apply to the previous Bruce Lee about being close to perfect but my grading system not being accurate enough still apply here. Sadly is a bit too small for the street fighter figures so no Fei Long substitute for me.

Speaking of Fei Long, this Bruce Lee figure shows us how a theoretical figure of Fei Long would be made.
He'd end up having 2 extra faceplates: screaming amd sideways woo! Face)
4 extra hands (relaxed palms, chopping hands) to complement the fists
Dragon kick effect
If we're lucky an extra gripping hand and a nunchaku.

Dec 22, 2019

Advent calendar ICFTTC 22 Tiger Apricot! Spamming One Eyed Sagat...

Sagat, main boss of the Original Street Fighter and Third Boss on SFII. King of Muay Thai, scarred by Ryu  in the First Street Fighter. And Sagat has been trying to have a rematch with Ryu. At first it was for Revenge but now it's more for testing his mettle.

Sagat is a highly articulated figure. He can do most of his game poses... except the crossed arm victory pose.
Sagat: Tiger Knee!

Paint and sculpt 
It's a good thing he is inspired by his Street Fighter to look and he's not extremely bulky like his Alpha look.  While Guile's size was a bit to his disadvantage in comparison to Street Fighter 5 figures,  in Sagat's case the scale difference Works to his advantage.
Sagat Towers over Ryu...

3 extra heads
6 extra hands
Tiger shot
Collapsible stand for Tiger shot
Sagat: Tiger!

 Sagat gets a 5.0 as his final score. Aside the little Victory pose issue, I have no complaints about Sagat. He met and surpassed all expectations. I definitely love how he towers over Ryu.
Sagat: You will pay for my scar!!
He's a fun figure to play with and pose!
Sagat: Damn! He's stromg!
I have to wonder how will the SH Figuarts match up to this behemoth...
After seeing all the figures together it seems that M.Bison is the one that's slightly too small.

Dec 21, 2019

Advent calendar ICFTTC 21: Tyranno Red Ranger... Why couldn't I get him before the 13th!?

Finally a normal
Male MMPR...
That's not Tommy,
or has a Tommy
Jason, the Red Ranger would have been a perfect figure to review for Friday the 13th. Sadly he arrived the 14.
Jason original Mighty Morphin Red Ranger, leader of the group until Tommy showed up. He was replaced by Rocky, the second Red Ranger. Eventually Jason returned as the Gold Zeo Ranger. But I don't have the gold Isaiah Ranger by hospital because it's part of an sdcc 2 pack with Dragon shield red.


Jason has the same standard articulation as most male figures in the line. There is nothing new to write about here so basically the same articulation we've seen them Tommy Zack and the party is the same articulation we get with Jason.

paint and sculpt
Sculpt wise the figure is the basic buck with the only differences being the head and belt.
Sadly there are some slight differences between the Reds on the molded plastic parts. The fear kind of looks like Austin St John but it's not exactly a 100% faithful rendition of him. It's not pink Kimmy Gibbler bad but it's not as good as say Zack's likeness to Walter Jones.
Next one is Trini... or Lord Drakon,
Who is an older Evil Tommy...

Jason has:
2 extra hands
Extra head
Power Sword
Lightning effect for sword.

The sword can combine with the Axe and Bow.
He-Man: I let you call your blade, the Power Sword
I even let you use lightning on it...
But My Pose!? That's where I draw the line!

Jason gets a 4.5 as his final score.  he is a decent figure. I just wish his secret identity had looked a bit better... I may be a couple of extra hands his Blaster in Dagger mode you know the usual. I'm going to come out and say that I'm liking the articulation of Power Rangers more than the articulation on their Marvel Legends.

Dec 20, 2019

Advent calendar ICFTTC 20: Guile's theme goes with everything except DCSHG Starfire

I honestly don't remember why the heck I bought the superhero girls Starfire.
I have her and it exists.

Okay Starfire something something alien something something Force marriage something something she loves Dick... Grayson, something something skimpy outfits for superpowers something.

 And of course she's overdressed... because sexism or soggy knees... I keep forgetting that this toy line was made for a little girls and skimpy outfits are a no no.
Theoretically speaking the articulation is similar to the other superhero girls action figures. But the problem is that Starfire has a rather large skrt. The funny thing is that the script is made in segments so it can allow for more articulation range,  but they glued the skirt shut.

 paint and sculpt:
The sculpt is very similar to the style of other is super hero girls action figures and for a softer girl toyline it works. While minimal the paint applications are very effective here.

 unimpressive energy blast

Starfire gets a 3.17 as her final score.  I'm surprised she scored that high. She had the potential to become a kick-ass action figure despite being a superhero girls figure but... Mattel.

I need something more manly to wash down this Advent calendar entry...
Something with Discipline, Justice, Commitment!

Nah... gimme something more Guile...

God damn it Spike you know that the only Street Fighter live action movie things you can post are M.Bison references or Zangief quick change the channel!!

GUILE: Air Force Major, hellbent in avenging his fallen brother in arms, Charles Nash, Charlie, as Guile used to call him. Guile was introduced in Street Fighter 2 and this toy is based on that iteration.

His articulation is Similar to the one in other storm Collectibles Street Fighter figures.  Almost every post that dial can make in the game he can do with the figure although some poses require a stand that is not included here. The closest thing to a nit pick would be that some extreme poses can reveal the insides of the figure.
Guile: Bison's ass is mine!

Paint and sculpt 
 by the way these figures are not exactly compatible with Street Fighter V figures since they change the scale. The sculpt is supposedly inspired by the original Street Fighter 2 artwork and game sprites. Well I can see some resemblance it's not super mega faithful to the game.  his abdominal sculpt kind of looks like he has a bit of a beer belly. Other than that he's the best Guile representation in plastic. The Street Fighter 4 inspired guile by Neca looks a bit too caveman-ish  for my tastes. And the Sota guile is too tiny to use with the storm Collectibles figures.
NECA lools tiny!

6 extra hands
3 extra heads
Charging a Sonic Boom set of effects
Sonic Boom projectile
Summersault effect
Stand for the Sonic Boom or Summersault effects.
Bison: Over the top Biblical verse!
Guile: 3D Animated Series based on SEGA's mascot!
Bison: They gave you the actual
Sonic Boom!?

Guile gets a 4.67 as his final score.  I got to be honest some minor nitpicks like the sculpt and the too light green paint in addition to the awkwardness in the torso of articulation damage score a little bit... but my main complaint is the changing sculpt between both lines (sfv and usfii)
Storm Collectibles is very far off from completing any of these rosters and at $85 a big plus shipping and handling I'm seeing a decrease in amount of collectors getting them.
Don't get me wrong at their price there a better deal than figuarts in the amount of stuff that they come with and size.

But since they are not compatible with Street Fighter 5 Collectors who started getting Street Fighter 5 are back to square one in collecting Street Fighter figures. Meanwhile see you Arts has over half of the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo roster.

Guile being taller than Street Fighter 5 Ryu doesn't bother me that much since Guile is supposed to be taller than Ryu in the first place... but him being a bit taller than M.Bison bothers me.

Dec 19, 2019

Advent calendar ICFTTC 19: this pterodactyl is not a Kat... it's a Kim

Go Go Power Rangers!! Okay and if the title of the rent says it's Kim not cat pterodactyl and there's Go Go Power Rangers I can guess that you probably know that it's Kimberly from Power Rangers... she's one of the original teenagers with attitude that Zordon requested.

I believe Kimberly is the first female of the line and she sports the articulation that future figures may use. It is very similar to a female Marvel Legends figure but she has butterfly shoulders. Also her main right hand has the correct articulation hinge to fire an arrow (referencing the Moonstar review)

Paint and sculpt
If we were to only use the the helmet head and the body she would pass with flying colors. Problem is that she has a second head which is  and unmasked head.  That head is problematic. While the heads for the black, red, and the Green Ranger have been stylized interpretations of the characters; (Probably due to Thuy Trang's untimely death) they were in 3D scans like Rangers from recent seasons... qhere was I? Their heads were stylized but they resembled the actors. On Kim's case she looks more like Kimmy Gibbler had a child with Overly attached girlfriend than she does Amy Jo Johnson.
3.5 due to the head likeness.

Power Bow
Power Arrow
Power Arrow effect
Overly attached girlfriend head
Extra hands

The power bow can combine with the power axe!

Kimberly gets a totally styling 4.33 as her final score! If it hadn't been for that messed up head sculpt she would have rated a lot higher.  2 down 4 to go... and no Dragon shield of Zack does not count. I need a normal Zack, dammit!!