Nov 30, 2016

WiiU First Thoughts.

I won't review the WiiU as a console. It's a bit harder, knowing that it's a lesser console in terms of Raw Power next to the PS4 and XBOne.

Finally Nintendo has a console that can play PS2 Games without having weird missing button issues.
The Touch Screen... Feels Clunky in my hands. Kinda like how a Gameboy Player felt the first time he or she held a Game Gear. There I said it: The WiiU Remote reminds me of a Game Gear.

On some games *cough* Super Mario Maker *cough* I tend to forget about the TV and look at the Controller screen. On others like Mario Kart 8 I use the TV Screen. Seriously, playing SMB1 Levels on an HD TV seems a bit disturbing to me. I'll be honest: The Switch didn't sway me. I want to play Breath of the Wild, and the only switch-less option is the WiiU. (I may need to get a nunchuck and both Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword for some Zelda action until the Breath of the Wild shows up.) Never been fan of the nunchuck so Pro-Classic Controller it is for me.

I haven't tinkered with the console much. Most of the time I've spent playing solo grand prix on MK8 and playing some levels fit for Dashie in Mario Maker. (I can see why you rage, Dachie.) I did make a kind of a test level with the most basic tools just to get a feel. Need to play the game on maker mode more often to unlock everything. I wanna make a few MOTU Themed Levels.

Need to get some Wii Games to test backwards compatibility... No, Hannah, nor Bear will be there.
Thinking of Zelda games as stated above, and SSB Brawl because reasons...

I definitely need to get a classic/pro controller to play SMM because, the WiiU controller feels a bit weighty and clunky in my hands.... maybe to reduce my suckitude by 20%

Nov 28, 2016

Odds and Ends 11/28/16 товарищ Сигал

Well, guess what American Police Officer is now a Russian Citizen?
I'll give you a hint:
He's Hard to Kill, Above The Law, Out for Justice, On Deadly Ground, Half Past Dead, and Against The Dark, In the Belly of the Beast... Yup! That's right, the self-proclaimed god is now Comrade Seagal! Putin made Seagal a Russian Citizen and gave him his Russian Passport a few days ago.

Holy crap! Guess WHICH Member of the Breakfast Club is likely to go to jail...

Anthony Michael Hall is going to be in deep water if he gets the full sentence for beating up a neighbor. I mean, everyone expected Judd Nelson to get in trouble. I mean, he was Rodimus Prime, so he brought in the Trouble... Or maybe Emilio Estevez... Who's related to Mr. Tiger Blood, but nope! It was "The brain" who got in trouble... Didn't you learn anything from The Breakfast Club?

Y' know there's a rumor about MVC4 floating around the interwebz. Right Now I don't care much for it... (but I care enough to mention it.) I mean, look at how Underwhelming SFV has been. I fear getting a 1/4 complete game... And, looking back, I'd rather have a MVC game that has a Roster at least as big as MVC2 but with Classic 6-button fighting and with Sprites... Kinda like back in the Capcom Glorious days... (I know this last one will never happen because everyone loves 3D looks, but a guy can dream)

Ivan Reitman claims more Ghostbusters movies are happening. (or at least planned.)This doesn't necessarily mean that the Feig mostly unfunny Ghostbusters Parody is getting a Sequel. Then again,  Where's the Aunt May Movie, or the Sinister Six Movie that Sony was talking about? Exactly. The only good thing I can say about the Reboot is: Ecto Cooler... OK I can also say that for nearly $50 I got The Real Ghostbusters, the complete series... SO that's 2 good things I can say. Other than that, the GB Franchise is back where it was before this atrocious reboot was, but in a worse position, since they have that stinker sullying the name. I bet all this talk will amount to NOTHING!

Nov 27, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: Putting the Girl on Batgirl.

Yeah, it's time for another DC Superhero Girls review... This time I'm doing Batgirl... Wait, that doesn't sound right!


Well, now she's a Teen... AGAIN and she goes to Superhero High... and stuff.

Head on a ball joint, but I can't move the head. Feels like I'm twisting the peg connected to the torso. that's a bit scary
Pseudo Balljoint shoulders, Balljoint elbows, rotating wrists
Pseudo balljoint thighs, hinged knees and boot rotation.
You may have guessed that this issue is VERY COMMON IN ALL FIGURES (The head one) and that this part of the Review was copy/pasted from the Supergirl review.

Paint and Sculpt:
If it wasn't for the lame backpack and hoodie combo, the outfit could totally work as a Batgirl Outfit. Just add a real cowl and cape to the design. There's no paint issues on my Batgirl.
Batman is going to grab her backpack
not her ass, you perv!

Dumbass Removable Hoodie and Backpack. Yes, she has TWO ACCESSORIES!!

All I can give her is a 2.0

Batgirl gets a 3.5 as her final score. Slightly better than Supergirl, but I feel these figures lack stuff...

Like all the Other SHG figures, she'll be repainted to become a Custom Character. Since she has Red hair, she'll be Sea Hawk's Bastard daughter (in my fan continuity, Sea Hawk was a Horde Spy, which could explain the bats on her armor as she is using Horde gear.)

Nov 26, 2016

Odds and ends November 26 2016

Holy crap! This Time Fidel Castro has died for real... you know this guy...

Which, BTW I'm feeling like watching a certain movie, mang! But there's no way in Hell that I'll replay this game:

Yes, el Loser Guevara's sidekick has kicked the bucket. According to Fidel's brother Raul Castro (who is rumored to be a flaming homosexual in a very anti-gay Regime... Just pointing this out as something that doesn't make sense... Heck even his Daughter is a LGBT Rights Activist in Cuba. Obviously not killed, since she's the President's daughter.) Fidel died. No cause of death was given.

"La Mafia Miamense" as Fidel used to call some of the Anti-Castro exiled Cubans living in Miami celebrated the death of the former Cuban "Leader".

Florence Henderson...

Yes, Spike THAT Florence Henderson has passed away. She died on Thanksgiving. She was in the hospital due to Heart Failure Issues. OK Haley Joel, I can appreciate Fidel, but taking Mrs. Brady? dick move, Sora!

It's the Final Rogue One Trailer... We're 20 days away from seeing an Official Star Wars "Side Story" in Live Action!

Are you Excited? I know I am!

Looks like I will be able to review WiiU Games soon and Eventually I will attempt a Super Mario Maker Feature at the house of rants. Still working on the details.

Nov 25, 2016

Odd's and Ends Rebecca Black Friday 2016

Spike, I already made the reference in the title so no need to post the video. so, let's start with:
That's a Mock-Up of the Ultimate MOTUC Cardback...
Now what's the most appealing thing on it?
Red Meteor explosion on a blue Background... THIS IS WHAT MOTUC SHOULD HAVE LOOKED LIKE IN THE PROPER CARD BACK. The "Mini comic" is a card with a Bio. Will it be the Neitlichverse Bio, or something new? I don't know. The back of the card will be inspired in the vintage Toy back of the carback.
Super7 is doing what Mattel should have done since the beginning. I bet Someone who does nocturnal things with his tongue is expecting me to say that he sucks, but I won't do that... No I won't do that! So, sorry! No jab against thee this time!

Sadly, new MOTUC characters will get the lame-ass yellow sky, green brick card that we're used to.

I'mma let you finish, but Britney Spears had one of the best mental breakdowns of all time!
Well, EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE ME, Kanye! I thought yours was better!
Yup, that's right, the insufferable Kanye West-Kardashian was hospitalized after "acting erratically"  which makes me wonder, what is acting "erratically" when you're Kanye Freaking West?

Even though he's an insufferable douche nozzle, I hope he can recover.

Mark your Calendars: December 21, 2018: Avatar II is coming... For reals this time... or is it? Seriously, Will James Cameron Finish Avatar before GRRM finishes A Song of Ice and Fire?

So, I caved in and bought a World of Nintendo Metroid Figurine by Jakks Pacific. Normally this would warrant an It Came from the Toy Chest, but since it's an Unarticulated Statue, it fits the Odds and ends.

Yes, I got it just to be a random creature hidden within Beastman's menagerie IF Snake Mountain indeed happens.
 The Figurine comes with a small stand to have it slightly hovering and not standing by its "teeth"

the curious thing about it is that the membrane covering the nuclei is made of soft translucent plastic and it can be squished.

Since it's a "statue" I cannot rate it as a normal figure. But it makes a great accessory for the Figma Samus... Which I don't have.

Nov 24, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest... He's Jack Allman!

He appeared Last Saturday but I was only able to take the pics today! Now I'm pissed off!
First things first: Look at the mailer box... It has the 2011 Mumm-Ra Insignia and not the 80s Mumm-Ra insignia! *Nerd Rage!*

So, Jackalman... He's one of the Plun-Dar Mutants and comes from a race of Jackal People. He may be Irish... I had to take a jab at the shillelagh at some point! But if you hate the Irish, he has a Pole Ax... He's also the ONLY villain figure that the super short lived Mattel line will have. I guess this should be Mattycollector's new Anthem.

Let's get to the Review Part of the Review, shall we?

Jackhole Mann has the same Articulation as a MOTUC Figure... But with added wrist and ankle articulation.
The Pauldron obviously restricts some Articulation. So does the left bracer.

Paint and sculpt:
He's nearly flawless. There's a slight bit of slop on his greaves, but it's barely noticeable from near distances.
The clever reuse of MOTUC Parts with new pieces makes him pop. It's a shame that his neck piece is loose, but Mattel had to save money somehow.

Note: Mattel sent me a Jackalman with a screwed up left hand. I had to scrape off a lot of flashing to make his left hand move... I SHOULD Send him back, but with Mattycollector closing shop in a month, I don't trust them... 

So, he has his shillelagh, Pole Ax, Removable armor, and 2 extra hands.
IN MY CASE a 3.5 due to the busted hand. If my extra left hand had been flawless, he'd get a 4.0 here. The Armor and Neckpiece should have been two separate pieces. That way you could have Jackalman and a semi Generic Jackal warrior by removing JM's armor and repainting the lackey a little bit...

MY Jackalman gets a 4.0 as his final score. Had his hand been perfect, he'd be a 4.17, but it is what it is.
The Armor flaw hurts me twice because Nefty-kun would have enjoyed sporting a Shoulder Pauldron similar to that of Cloud Strife... Or cutting the pauldron for Duncan to have a more 200X MAA... Shame that Jackalman is a bit expensive... cause he's great for Generic Beastmen.

unfair advantage for the Thundercats.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Nov 23, 2016

Matty's Cyber Week is...

How can I Put this:

40% off sounds nice, Free USPS Ground Shipping sounds nice... BUUUUUT Not all Items have the 40% discount.

Winston and Ray do but not Egon and Peter?
Even though it was a tad lame... I bought a Bow and a Klacky (Who would be used as Songster Fodder if S7 doesn't deliver. If S7 does Songster, I have 2 generic bucks) and a WP #3 cause Nefty-kun needs a few weapons.

but seriously, 40% off? That's not a "We're closing shop next month kind of sale and we need to get rid of all this crap!" sale. There's a ton of product left on Matty and I don't see it moving until the most likely December's "Oh Crap! We have too much crap to sell! 90% off on everything!" Near Christmas sale.


18-buck Oo-Larr...

Nov 22, 2016

More odds and ends Pre-Turkey Tuesday!

I know I have some It Came From the Toy Chest in the back burner like 5 or 6 but I'll be posting those in December (Starting next week) some peculiar news bumped them off...(and me not having enough time to take pics) OK I will do Jack Oldman this week. So, Let's begin!

Guess what Movie Reboot got a new director?

Yup! Mortal Kombat is getting a Reboot... After 2 Webseries Reboots, the movie is attempting to kome back again! Kan it be done? Will Paul Weak Sauce Anderson's Original Movie be beat? Well, Mr. Simon McQuoid, you have a huge burden on your shoulders... I hear that Hardcore MK fans are practicing their splits... in case you blow it.

Zendaya dismisses the Mary Jane Rumors. I still have a nagging doubt about it on the back of my head... Like this weird Tingling Sensation that tells me about lies or imminent danger.

“Well, I’m not Mary Jane unfortunately, but I am in the movie which is exciting. My character’s name is Michelle, if that’s what everybody wants to think. I’m gonna let people think whatever they want to think.”
I don't know this whole Her character's name's Michelle and if that's what everybody wants to think... thing KINDA sounds suspect. Then again it could be the original writer messing up the quote.
It could have also been
“ My character’s name is Michelle. If that’s (her playing MJ) what everybody wants to think, I’m gonna let people think whatever they want to think.” 

Until we don't get a trailer the whole Zendaya ruining Mary Jane thing will not be put to rest. I'm REALLY hoping she's not MJ... Especially when Disney had a Mini MJ dancing along Zendaya in one of their shows. Nope I ain't letting go!

The house used for the Outside facade shot for Boy Meets World is on Sale. Can anyone donate $1.6 Million dollars? Sadly the inside of the house is NOTHING like the BMW house... So what's the point? I mean the Full House House was sold for $4 Million Dollars... Now If I could get The Golden Girls house, now that would be INSANE!!

Nov 21, 2016

Odds and ends Nov.21 2016. Thanksgiving is this Thursday...

And I better dust off that weird video from PedoPatrice.

But that's not why I'm here... It's been a while since I've touched upon my favorite Former Disney Starlet... You know...

Apparently, she's been cleaning up her act ever since Thor's younger brother took her back.
Good for her! The Ridiculously silly: "I'm EDGY!! and Look at ME! I'M A WILD CARD!" phase when she was being a try-hard to distance herself from the Mousey past was pretty much a phase.

Speaking of Mouse related matters: There is a high chance that Girl Meets World ends with the third season being their last. Well, The Topangaborn is trying to change that... (Likely because it's HER JOB on the line) As much as I'd like a Season 4 (and 5, 6, and 7) it's VERY unlikely that it'll happen.
Who's to blame? Disney's to blame. They have interfered with the writers and forced the BMW universe into a Disneyfied version, which is NOT what Girl Meets World needed to be.

So, Richard Simmons is now Retired? Wait What? He closed down his studio after 40+ years!? Whoa... That means that to get your Richard Simmons fix you'll have to rely on "Internet reruns"

But, best wishes to Mr. Simmons and hopefully he can enjoy retirement for a long, long time!

Holy crap! I almost forgot... Wanna know who's an even bigger bitch than CM PUNK (at UFC)?

FOUR MOVES!? FOUR FREAKING MOVES and Brock Lesnar, "The Man who Broke the Streak" went down like a freaking Jobber... Not even Santino Marella has lost as badly as Brock did... I think Punk's UFC match lasted longer than  that. The only thing shorter than this match is sex with the Flash...

It Came from the Toy Chest: WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME!?

Nah, it's the MOTUC Bodied Armored Batman, which was the Inspiration for Armored Batfleck. Of course I'm talking about the Dark Knight Returns Batman.

The armor is for Fighting Superman. If you're not aware of The Dark Knight Returns, there's an animated movie where Robocop voices Batman... Clip Below.

Same as a MOTUC, but due to the sculpt it is limited in some areas (namely elbows, ankles, thighs, and abs) 3.5

Paint and Sculpt:
The sculpt is a bit on the ugly side, but it's faithful to the source material. In a way it's odd seeing baggy body parts on a MOTUC buck. I just wish that the Gun hand had been sculpted to hold the gun better.
There's no visible sloppy paints on my Batman.

The Gun... You know the thing Batman doesn't use except when he does... Doomsday's head, which is completely compatible with MOTUC bucks and Doomsday's crotch... I knew Batman Loved Dick, but that wasn't the Dick I expected... I'm talking about Grayson, not penis... and if he loves penis, so what? Batman's sexuality won't stop him from serving JUSTICE!! but yeah it's a bit odd that they padded out the wave by tossing in Doomsday's crotch on Batman when it could have come with the Torso and Luthor.

Bats gets a 4.33 as his final score. It's not bad, now all I need is the Joker and I won't have to buy any more Mattel Products... Seeing that MOTUC is now under Super7...

Nov 18, 2016

This trailer made me cry.

For obvious reasons, namely me understanding the pain the Elric Brothers suffered before they used forbidden alchemy.

The Pipsqueak is in live action now...
What can I say?
Amestris is supposed to be Europe, yet Edward looks Japanese? I mean, Ishval is supposed to be the Middle East and Xing is obviously China. If I bitched about Justin Chatwin playing Ukog, or Scar Jo playing Kusanagi...

Things I'm looking for:
The Trisha incident
and most importantly:

I don't care about Homunculi, which could show up on the sequel or Bombastus Theophrastus Von Hohenheim... Not Paracelsus, the Other Hohenheim.

I have faith in Japan thanks to


and then there is also this:

The Super7 Saga

Two days ago, we saw the beginning of the Super7 MOTUC era. My very first Mattel MOTUC was Teela, so is my very first Super7 MOTUC. There have been a few issues, but Super7 is working hard to correct them, especially International Shipping.
They are working on it... based on this e-mail we got.
On the States and Protectorates side the shipping isn't THAT horrible, though people are complaining. In my case 4 figures was $20 for Priority 3 day shipping. On Matty 3 Figures being shipped is $16 and it's the slow ass shipping that takes roughly 2-3 weeks if lucky. (still waiting on Jackalman)
If you're interested in getting the figures, go to and preorder the figs. You have until November 30th to do so...

There is also a rumor that by December the NEW Figures will be revealed.

Nov 15, 2016

Patrice Wilson is back but this time it's different...

This time he's not acting like a weird pedophile on a video with a pre-pubescent or a barely pubescent child... This time it's ALL HIM...

He apparently impregnated a pair of twins and they seem to be mad at him. He seems to be allergic to shirts, or he's just showing off that he is no longer "fat Usher"

There's also a lot of paint on the video. One of the ladies water broke but it was paint.
Guy delivers the baby shirtless but at least he knows Safety is Number One Priority and wears glasses.
She then proceeds to pee on him... and no, he does not do a Bear Grylls, but we finally got a Golden Shower on a video involving Patrice Wilson. Wait, she also pees paint? She then gives birth to twin dolls... Spike! don't put up links! That's a hentai reference and we could get in DEEP DEEP Trouble if you put up that link!
So Patrice Raises the twins as he puts himself in a crucified Jesus pose and the video ends, which it's a good thing cause I bet the end would have been him smashing the two babies together.

The video is pretentious as heck with Patrice, for the first time in his career as Music "Producer" is not doing a video with children in which he ends up looking like a creepy pedophile. (He does end up looking like one in most videos. Especially the Alison Gold ones) Seriously, all my mentions of him involve pedophilia in some way... Jared, Hal, Patrice got both of you beat! But have you seen the Third Alison Gold video?

I don't want to watch this ever again!! Seriously, Patrice should be on a federal watchlist or something. Seriously, this validates all the Patrice is a Pedo jokes.

The Final Mattel MOTUCs are on Sale Today

The line started with 200X and ended with 200X (and New Adventures) for Mattel. They now pass the baton to Super7.

It was a wild ride, Matteh. I had moments of joy, moments of sadness, moments of anger... (The anger stems mostly from Digital River incompetence and Mattel's own Least amount of Effort Dogma) This is where we part ways, I suppose, since Panthro comes on a sub and unless you do a super clearance sale for Black Friday...

*sigh* will this happen every time I mention Friday?

Now that I see this... Wonder what Patrice Wilson is up to...
OH GOD! That needs a rant of its own!
Back to Matteh. Well, it's pretty much Over... I started with Teela and was able to catch up to pretty much everyone. Goddess, Wun-Dar and Temple of Darkness Sorceress elude me... Well the OG KG eludes me too, but I can manage. This is the closest I've gotten to a complete MOTU Collection and despite the crap that Mattel put us through (with their assbackwards ways or Digital River) we endured, because we love MOTU. Now it's time for Super7 to shine, bring it on!
Right now we don't know if Matty will do a Cyber Week, seeing that they opened an ebay shop available only to continental US. So, Today may have been my Last Order made manually on Matty.... good since it took them like 13 minutes to get started.
Tomorrow will be Super7's Baptism by Fire. In the words of Abridged Barret

Speaking of passing the Baton to Super7, Geek has a badly researched piece on Super7's MOTUC Ultimates.

Seriously? No mention of Mattycollector, or that the line has existed for 8 years WITH MODERN SCULPTING MADE BY FOURHORSEMEN STUDIOS but with a more 80s inspired style to contrast their 2002 Hyperstylized look. Piss-Poor research is piss poor. It looks like the dumbass who wrote this just used Super7's email that HAS A MENTION OF MOTU CLASSICS. FFS You put MOTU Classics on Google and it points you to the dying Mattycollector site and other sites and blogs that talk about the line or sell products.

*UPDATE* The writer of that piss-poor article pretty much ripped off an article from Comics Alliance that Actually Mentioned MOTUC being a toyline that Mattel had released during these past few years. And that doesn't excuse his piss poor journalistic skills... Seriously, he's on a blogger level not "Reporter" as he calls himself.

Nov 14, 2016

Xenoverse 2: Fixing the flaws of the Original DBXV

A few months ago I reviewed Xenoverse... Made a Mighty Spector Reference or 20.
Well, Xenoverse 2 is more like Xenoverse 1.5 They pretty much fix the issues with the Original Xenoverse, plus has 2 more Team Four Star voices, but Voice 8 is still the champ!

There isn't much that I can say about the game, which bothers me since I was supposed to kinda review it. Problem is that while Storywise it's a sequel, gameplaywise it kinda feels like a retread.
We still go through The Saiyajin, Freezer, Cell, and Buu Sagas. But this time we get MORE references to OVAs!! Not just Bardok, but we get: Tree of Might, Lord Slug, Cooler's Revenge, The Return of Cooler, Resurrection of F... that kind of stuff.

So, it's a sequel and a retread of the first game. Some of the gameplay iissues have been fixed. The controls require a bit more precision than the first game though.

Like the previous game,  you have to be a super hardcore DBZ nut to truly appreciate this game...
Man, I kinda wish we had a game where we visited the Original DB as well... and GT too!

Nov 13, 2016

Odds and ends 11/13/16

Who am I?????

Honorary Academy Award Winner, Jackie Chan. That's it... They gave an Oscar to Jackie... Now since YOU GET AN OSCAR, YOU GET AN OSCAR, EVERYBODY CHECK UNDER YOUR SEATS! ALL OF YOU GET AN OSCAR!! the Award kinda lost its value. Now, I'm not saying that Jackie's Oscar is worthless... It's just that it's a Hand-me down Oscar. Kinda feels like a Participation Trophy. That's kinda unfair for Jackie, but he got an Oscar... Dammit Leo! Why did you have to get one before Jackie!?

Scar Jo's Bastardization of Ghost in the Shell has released its trailer...
ScarJo is not amused.
Yo, Calm your tits! Before you start pouting at me, at least let me finish!

I found it better than I expected. The Trailer Kinda felt like what I remember from Ghost in the Shell...

But I still don't like the idea of Scar Jo as Motoko Kusanagi...

After a bit over a year, Council of the First Ones is returning. The He-Man and She-Ra Podcast that I have the honor of being a regular part of is coming back... I bet a special someone just soiled his pants... Not saying who THAT PERSON IS, but he knows who he is... All I can say is that the Recording was made today and that it'll soon be available.
Remember that Wednesday is the Super7 Pre-Order day for the True MOTUC 2.0s

Characters that deserve the Ultimate Treatment from Super7

It's important to support Super7's foray into MOTUC, because if they fail, we lose He-Man for the rest of our lives... Now, I know that the Ultimates are Pretty much Redos with extra accessories, or just a repaint. For now POP is unavailable and that S7 will do new MOTUC characters as well.

But to bring forth stray lambs or new fans, we need some Main folks... Here's my list of folks to revisit:

Reversed, shoulders, cracking torso, now that we have the Blast Attack Left Forearm and hand we can have a Roboto that Dual Wields. Reason enough. If we can get 1 new piece, then 200X Torso Armor

We know about the Missing Fistos of 2012. If Super7 is Pushing Stridor, then having a Fisto makes sense. If we can get 1 new piece then the Mini comic Long haired head would be welcome.

Another Elusive 2009 figure. I lucked out and was able to get one a while back. Point is he's elusive. We could get him in his 200X repaint colors, but I'd prefer for him to be a straight up reissue. IF we can get a new piece with him, it should be the Mini Comic Armor and we make him Mini comic Tri-Klops

He'd be a literal reissue, but using the same buck as Skeletor and painted in True Vintage Toy colors.

Mini Comics Trap Jaw:
Pretty much same old Trap Jaw but with modified normal shoulders to have Kronis and Trap Jaw. The parts to make the Mini Comics Trap Jaw are available in the parts catalog. If we can get a New Piece, I'd choose the Mechanical arm.

Update: I forgot one
Green Goddess in non-Translucent GITD Plastic... Basically a Repaint of Teela.

It Came from the Toy Chest: Dickless Robin

And I don't mean that this Robin lacks a penis... just that it's Robin, but there's NO DICK Grayson in sight...

To be honest, I only bought the Carrie Kelly Robin to pair up with MOTUC Batman. Normally I'm a Dickhe- wait, what do they call fans who only like Dick Grayson as Robin? I don't think that -head would be the correct suffix to add.

So, long explanation made short. in The Dark Knight Returns, Dick is no longer Robin. Batman is a lot older and this kid, Carrie Kelly convinces Batman to give her a chance as the New Robin. In the Animated version of The Dark Knight Returns, where Batman is Robocop, Robin is Sofia the First. Go watch it!

So that kinda explains who she is let's talk the toy.

I am VERY underwhelmed with her here.
Mattel is attempting to hide the pegs for articulation points like the elbows and knees, but on Ms. Kelly they are severely limited if I were to compare her with a figure of that size, like say the Thunderkittens. To compensate, Mattel added the DCUC Thigh cut, which looks awkward on her. Since she's on a smaller buck, Mattel has no idea how to make an ab crunch.

Paint and sculpt:
I'm a bit disappointed here. She's got these Shaq-hands that can't grip anything. One is on a fist and the other one can barely hold her slingshot... Then there's her Enigmatic Torso. From some angles, it seems to retain some degree of femininity, but from others she looks a bit mannish... Then again, this is somewhat consistent with the art it is based on. Paintwise, the arms are a bit problematic since the flesh paint seems to be flaking off a bit on some areas. Also, couldn't her head have been a 2 part sculpt with the glasses being translucent green to be more accurate to the art? (I can hear my nemesis screaming Logistics!!)

A Doomsday leg that I don't care much about... Not interested in buying Poor Man's Michael Cera and TV Supergirl to complete... and her slingshot.

Ms. Kelly gets an exciting 3.0 as her final score. She's a bit bad on her own, but when you have her WITH Batman is when she shines.
Whether it's a vanilla pose, or a more Action Pose, they complement each other.

Nov 11, 2016

So I saw Doctor Strange...

It was pretty much what I expected it to be. A trippy Marvel movie... and THAT is its strongest point and its greatest weakness.

As much as it pains me to say it, the Marvel formula is beginning to feel a bit stale. Don't get me wrong, the movie IS FUN, especially the visuals, but the paint by numbers Marvel structure can make you feel like you've seen this movie before. Kinda like being stuck in a time loop. The movie feels so familiar ttat it feels like a rerun from another Marvel movie.

The retread and repetition is a slight theme hinted in the movie, so MAYBE, it was intentional, but it still doesn't shake that feeling about Marvel movies being one movie redressed for every character.

Don't get me wrong, it's new, yet familiar and that familiarity can make the movie feel weak at times.
That's why I won't review it.
This movie needs to be seen in 3D.

It Came from the Toy Chest: We are DOOMed!!

No, not THAT DOOM, but in any case, play the Doom theme, Spike!

I'm talking about Superman Doomed, or MOTUC Custom Fodder Nu52 Supes infected with a "Doomsday Virus".

That's pretty much the explanation: NU52 Supes gets infected with a "Doomsday Virus" that makes him into a Hulk Rip-Off.

The Only Reason I bought him was to use as custom fodder. I mean those boots seem perfect for a more Filmation Accurate Bow. Those Shoulders and Biceps seem Perfect for a Meaner Spikor, That head is Perfect for one of the Spare Sunder Bucks. Those forearms and hands could work on a generic Snakeman or Horde Member as a sort of Berserker.

Standard MOTUC Articulation minus Boot cut... For some reason his lower legs are 1 piece. slight hindrance due to shoulder spikes.

Paint and Sculpt:
I'm not sure how close to the Source Material this is, so I can't judge it fairly... It looks like a Doomsday'd out Superman... The Paintjob is minimal, but the new parts are superb... Oh yeah there's slop on one of his legs.

A Doomsday arm... not pictured out of laziness.

This figure is ASS!! It gets a 3.17, but it still is ASS!! the S.O.B.s at Mattel made him with no visible Elbow or knee pegs, so I can't disassemble. I knew I had to cut the Shoulders to swap them (King Hsss Shoulder fix trick) but I have to break the Bicep to be able to swap forearms AND I must break the thighs to get to the shins. Knowing that MOTUC fans buy EVERYTHING with a MOTUC buck due to the versatility of customization, Mattel decides to shoot itself on the foot. Better not screw up Joker that much... I will need 2 or 3...

Nov 7, 2016

Odds and ends 11/7/16 Messed up stuff, yo!

Speaking of messed up! Behold your new Megazord...

 The thing on the left is supposed to be the Megazord... Seen on the right.

Can you guess what's my issue with it?

How did that got up there!? Spike! Wrong clip!

Now we're talking... That gray thing sure as hell AIN'T a Megazord. It looks more like a Monster Rita would make grow with her wand... But in this case Rita makes the Monster's wand grow...
But yeah, it looks more like a Gargoyle than a Giant Robotic Hero. See, these redesigns are turning me off from Power Rangers... I will probably see it, but I need to be convinced.

Now for some good news...

Young Justice Season 3 is happening!!
Please be on Netflix, Please be on Netflix! Otherwise Cartoon Network would kill it for a crappy version of it...


Young Justice Season 3... Oh holy crap! Wonder if we'll get another leap in the timeline.

Oh holy crap! It happened for real... A Monkey Fighting Snake on a Monday to Friday Plane!
Aw Hell Naw... Does this mean that...

I mean, crap! Now I can't travel on planes... curse my ophidiophobia!! That's messed up, yo!

Wp, wp, ►,wk, Fp!!

Yup! Guess who's coming to SFV...

There's the possibility of a remake/reboot...

Alrighty then! Let's see what this Remake Rumor is all about...

That's what you're offering? But you keep the rights to Remake Ace Ventura?

Keeping the rights to Remake Major League? Flying Tigers? Young Guns? The Exorcist? I KINDA get, but ACE FREAKING VENTURA!? Who in their right mind would want to see an Ace Ventura Remake!?

I mean can you get an actor more obnoxious than Jim Carrey for the role?

AW HELL NAW... wait, let me get the pro... Take it away, Fresh Douche of Bel Air!

Jim Carrey is what made Ace, well Ace... Replacing him would be catastrophic... But yeah, we live in a world that thinks we NEED an Ace Ventura Remake/reboot.

It Came from the Toy Chest: Good thing they are Loyal... Imagine if they were traitors.

Of course I'm talking about the Loyal Subjects MOTU Mini Figures. Yes, I'm aware I said I wasn't going to buy them, but I saw them in person and thought: Try to get He-Man and Skeletor.
Got 4 Figures one week (about a month ago.) He-Man, Trap Jaw, MEF, Beastman. 3 weeks ago got some extra cash from an odd job... and got 2 MAAs... DAMN!! Last Week or so, got 4 more and Evil Lyn, Trap Jaw, MAA, and He-Man showed up... Guess you're seeing the problem of these figures being Blind Bagged... Yes, I'm getting this out of the way. While I was LUCKY that there was a small discount on them, the figures are normally $15... I mean this is not a $3 pony figure...
So, in that area, The Loyal Subjects are a bunch of Traitors. As far as I know there is no Blindbag Cheat like Hasbro's MLP Blindbags, hence me being stuck with 3 MAAs.

Now that I got my main issue Out of the way let's look at the little buggers. No, I will not make an it came from the Toy-Chest for each of them.

They have 10 POA: (Trap Jaw is Special)

Which is kinda nice for these tiny (overpriced) suckers. Most of them have easily movable joints with a random limb popping off... (Mostly Evil Lyn) The only figure with a stuck joint is MAA on his right foot (Luckily I have a pair of spares in case of breakage). 4.0

Paint and Sculpt:
The Super Deformed Cutesy style kinda works on them. They are sculpted in a CLASSICIZED FILMATION hybrid. The Figures take CLEAR CUES From Filmation, but have Vintage Toy or Classics Level of details on them. Most of them have nice paintjobs... Beastman has been the worst. his armor was glued on partially and a bit of Red paint chipped off his back. I had to reglue and repaint. He also has a weird strip of beige on his head that isn't supposed to be there.
Other than that they look super Adorkable! 4.5

Each figure has 1-3 accessories. 
 This is where the Collective Review thing would grind to a halt.
But here's the thing:
They have to be on a Case by case basis. Trap Jaw needs 3 Accessories due to his action feature. Man-E-Faces only needs his gun. He-Man is missing his ax, which is a bummer.
3.17 would be the overall score on accessories. (Sounds a bit like cheating, I know)

The Final Score for these figures is: 3.89 but since these are $15 Blindbags, I must remove 1.5 points from their score due to Blind Bag BS. which gives us a 2.39 as the TRUE Final Score. I know what you're thinking. Damn, Nefty, why are you so harsh on them!? Because $15 blind bag figures is a tad Ridiculous. If these suckers were $15 each and came in their own blister card or window-boxed, I'd be fine with them. Hell I kinda would be up for some of the more obscure MOTU figures... Imagine Rio Blast or the Mighty Spector...
 Maybe they could cross-promote it with the Tappers of Grayskull app... Ooh! A non-blind bag Battlecat would be nice!

Nov 5, 2016

So, I saw the new MacGyver pilot...

And I'm not truly feeling it. I tried to jot down as much as I could of my thoughts AS it happened, so it'll kinda feel like a play by play but it won't.
Where do I start: Nu Mac... Banged Nikki Carpenter atop a keyboard. I thought Mac and Nikki didn't get along?
Nick Stokes is Jack Dalton!?(I already knew this, but overreaction is needed for dramatic effect) Who now works for what I presume is the Phoenix Foundation?
Usually Dalton gets Mac in trouble through a weird scheme... WTF? NuMacGyver, do you EVEN MACGYVER!?

You mentioned his ANGUS NAME!? FFS DO YOU EVEN MACGYVER!? At least he has the Swiss Army knife... PETE THORTON'S A THIN WOMAN!? 2 minutes in and I figured WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG HERE!

This is a TEAM Show... MacGyver is about a guy who works most of the time alone, stumbles through situations and works his way out of them in unorthodox ways. The times he has back-up, especially from Thornton, Pete's the only important character and the rest are background characters.

This "team" kinda clashes with what MacGyver was...
Wait, did they just Killed the MacGyverisms? Where's Lucas Till's narration of his reasoning for doing what he's doing? flashing Soot + Adhesive = Cloned Fingerprints is a weaksauce replacement for the explanation on why Mac does what he does. Oh, he does it on the second explanation, but Till's reading sounds like he's just blurting it out just to get paid... Still, flashing words on the screen makes it seem stupid... or like the Audience is stupid.

Speaking of Stupid NuMac activated an alarm when taking the TCRI canister...
He escapes with MR.CSI but Nikki got captured by the badguys... Specifically, The Juggernaut, bitch! Nick Stokes gets KO'd by a masked man. So Vinnie Jones shoots both Nikki and MacGyver. 9 minutes in and NOW we get the intro. Wait... Juggernaut shot Havok! Holy crap! So now we have Mr. Boom boom Clap! Boom de clap de clap! jogging.

Wait, MacGyver has a roomie? Wilt? Wasn't there a Wilt on the old MacGyver? At least
they didn't make this Roomie, Billy Colton. Huh, so this guy is Mac's "Beard"?

So, Mac's being haunted by PTSD and having flashbacks of Training with Nikki, or foreplay. Jury's undecided on that one.
She Pete is waiting for Mac and brings him a mission. DXS... One thing you got right. Start
on DXS and move on to the Phoenix Foundation...
Please move to the Phoenix Foundation ASAP. We need to kill the special agent team dynamic and focus on Mac and his lifehacks. So now Mac and Mr.CSI recruit a new Hacker and MacGyver magically unlocks her handcuffs with a paperclip. (we never see how.)

Now Riley is the new Nikki... How long until Mac Taps that?
Great, Nu MacGyver just taught kids how to skip school by making false fire alarms...
Nikki's ALIVE!? (she's a Traitor!! Bitch!)
Is it me or is the show using the sound effect of the wheel from the price is right. Oh look! Juggy is shooting Mac again! and Mac KO'd the Juggernaut in one blow. Now Nick Stokes is interrogating Juggernaut, bitch! Really, Mac Caught up to an Airplane? He forced it to land by damaging the landing gear controls.

So team Mac arrest Nikki and they still manage NOT TO GET THE VIRUS. Mac figures it out and gets to the bomb. He now has to defuse the bomb while an Evil Assassin goes after him. Pancho tosses a gun so Mac can defend himself, but the dude uses it a s a bludgeoning weapon. He removes the TCRI canister from the bomb and goes for a less than 30-second MacGyver spree. Makeshift Parachute from the Truck's tarp.

He may have saved the day, but he lost the girl... Damn! They moved from DXS to Phoenix Foundation in one episode!? How come when I wish for the Winning Lottery numbers I'm not that lucky? Lemme check... Nope! Still poor! Dammit!
Nikki escaped thanks to MacDoofus.

Veredict: This show gets so many things wrong about MacGyver, but the VERY FEW times they get something right, they GET IT RIGHT. I'll stick to the Classic Mac, thank you very much, but it wasn't AWFUL... It's just that Patty and Selma would give this 2 thumbs down... and I would agree with them.

Nov 4, 2016

It Came From the Toy Chest: PD Teela's Counterpart is here!

And The Final Filmation Figure I wanted/needed... Disappointed that Third Party casters haven't made casts of Filmation Trap Jaw Weapons... Looks like I'll have to use Shapeways then...

So, Filmation Evil Lyn... do I NEED TO MAKE AN INTRO FOR HER? She's like Skeletor's smartest henchwoman and is known for being a bit of a traitor to suit her own needs.


 They actually gave her the hinged wrists!!
But they gave us the BGTeela Hips...
We also got the new ML Ankles.
Aside the Thighs she has ALL THE ARTICULATION we needed on a female figure (aside ab crunch)
She can also Facepalm!

Paint and Sculpt:
Right out of the bat I'll start with the bad:
Neitlichverse has some stupid things in it that gave Evil Lyn
a bad case of Forest Whitaker eye... Ohai, Scott!
Mine has a bad case of Lazy Eye... I'm talking Forest Whitaker levels...
 Now the good, she looks REALLY Filmation... OK, maybe the unhelmeted head looks a bit too chubby, as if she hasn't lost all her baby fat. The Classics EL looks a bit more gaunt than this one. Back to the bad: The Horsemen tried to go for the semi flared cape look that she had at times but since they didn't add too many folds due to "cartoon accuracy" it kinda looks like she has a piece of black foamy stuck to her back.

The good again: She has a butt unlike her Classics pancake butt version!

Accessories:Second Head
Coridite Crystal

This Evil Lyn comes with more accessories than what's usual for Filmation Figures which usually are: Main Weapon + 1 Item.

Evil Lyn gets a 3.83 as her final score. She's close to greatness, but she fell a little short.

 I REALLY WANTED TO LIKE HER, but she's a bit underwhelming with her issues. I found an use for her as a Younger Evil Lyn and the more gaunt Classics Evil Lyn will be the Older Lyn...

She looks Really great with my Keldor (I made a Keldor out of a Filmation Skeletor in order to have a Melty Face Keldor using the Classics Keldor... This combo makes Keldor look younger with Lyn and slightly older when he gets his face burnt.

Loyal Subjects MOTU Review is coming...