Nov 18, 2016

The Super7 Saga

Two days ago, we saw the beginning of the Super7 MOTUC era. My very first Mattel MOTUC was Teela, so is my very first Super7 MOTUC. There have been a few issues, but Super7 is working hard to correct them, especially International Shipping.
They are working on it... based on this e-mail we got.
On the States and Protectorates side the shipping isn't THAT horrible, though people are complaining. In my case 4 figures was $20 for Priority 3 day shipping. On Matty 3 Figures being shipped is $16 and it's the slow ass shipping that takes roughly 2-3 weeks if lucky. (still waiting on Jackalman)
If you're interested in getting the figures, go to and preorder the figs. You have until November 30th to do so...

There is also a rumor that by December the NEW Figures will be revealed.

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