Nov 26, 2016

Odds and ends November 26 2016

Holy crap! This Time Fidel Castro has died for real... you know this guy...

Which, BTW I'm feeling like watching a certain movie, mang! But there's no way in Hell that I'll replay this game:

Yes, el Loser Guevara's sidekick has kicked the bucket. According to Fidel's brother Raul Castro (who is rumored to be a flaming homosexual in a very anti-gay Regime... Just pointing this out as something that doesn't make sense... Heck even his Daughter is a LGBT Rights Activist in Cuba. Obviously not killed, since she's the President's daughter.) Fidel died. No cause of death was given.

"La Mafia Miamense" as Fidel used to call some of the Anti-Castro exiled Cubans living in Miami celebrated the death of the former Cuban "Leader".

Florence Henderson...

Yes, Spike THAT Florence Henderson has passed away. She died on Thanksgiving. She was in the hospital due to Heart Failure Issues. OK Haley Joel, I can appreciate Fidel, but taking Mrs. Brady? dick move, Sora!

It's the Final Rogue One Trailer... We're 20 days away from seeing an Official Star Wars "Side Story" in Live Action!

Are you Excited? I know I am!

Looks like I will be able to review WiiU Games soon and Eventually I will attempt a Super Mario Maker Feature at the house of rants. Still working on the details.

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