Nov 28, 2016

Odds and Ends 11/28/16 товарищ Сигал

Well, guess what American Police Officer is now a Russian Citizen?
I'll give you a hint:
He's Hard to Kill, Above The Law, Out for Justice, On Deadly Ground, Half Past Dead, and Against The Dark, In the Belly of the Beast... Yup! That's right, the self-proclaimed god is now Comrade Seagal! Putin made Seagal a Russian Citizen and gave him his Russian Passport a few days ago.

Holy crap! Guess WHICH Member of the Breakfast Club is likely to go to jail...

Anthony Michael Hall is going to be in deep water if he gets the full sentence for beating up a neighbor. I mean, everyone expected Judd Nelson to get in trouble. I mean, he was Rodimus Prime, so he brought in the Trouble... Or maybe Emilio Estevez... Who's related to Mr. Tiger Blood, but nope! It was "The brain" who got in trouble... Didn't you learn anything from The Breakfast Club?

Y' know there's a rumor about MVC4 floating around the interwebz. Right Now I don't care much for it... (but I care enough to mention it.) I mean, look at how Underwhelming SFV has been. I fear getting a 1/4 complete game... And, looking back, I'd rather have a MVC game that has a Roster at least as big as MVC2 but with Classic 6-button fighting and with Sprites... Kinda like back in the Capcom Glorious days... (I know this last one will never happen because everyone loves 3D looks, but a guy can dream)

Ivan Reitman claims more Ghostbusters movies are happening. (or at least planned.)This doesn't necessarily mean that the Feig mostly unfunny Ghostbusters Parody is getting a Sequel. Then again,  Where's the Aunt May Movie, or the Sinister Six Movie that Sony was talking about? Exactly. The only good thing I can say about the Reboot is: Ecto Cooler... OK I can also say that for nearly $50 I got The Real Ghostbusters, the complete series... SO that's 2 good things I can say. Other than that, the GB Franchise is back where it was before this atrocious reboot was, but in a worse position, since they have that stinker sullying the name. I bet all this talk will amount to NOTHING!

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